Session 18 May 2019

Thank you, that was a wonderful session to read! Like many, the cap incident has brought me up short. ..still digesting that a merge can manifest in a physical object...

Like Scottie and Konstantin, the last month has been akin to trying to drag myself out of a well full of treacle...sitting in front of an easel all day pushing paint around is a solitary existence, to the point that when my family return home, I almost resent the interuption to my endless musings. A very dangerous place to be. That and my son no longer living at home, my daughter turning 18, I suppose I am drenched in self pity and confusion as to my role, which I know is not defined by me being only a Mum.

I used to work in one of our two pubs in the village. I left just before Christmas, but was asked by the new landlord of the other pub 2 weeks ago if I wanted any shifts. I agreed to one 8 hr day a's helped, for sure. I missed witnessing people interacting with each other and I missed interacting with them. But I have also done so much reading this year, re-read the Wave and explored subjects I have never entertained in the past I feel my capacity for wider thinking has developed a little. The only way I can describe it is when your told to keep balance, imagine there is a piece of string attached to the top of your head and you have to keep it taut, straight up...I feel 'lighter' but more purposeful.

Thank you again!


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Hello all. Interesting session as always. Physical evidence of a reality merger! That’s really cool.

This might sound strange but Laura have you edited or deleted any of your posts from the first three pages in this thread during the past 8-9 hours?


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Thanks for this session, there is much to think about and reflect upon! I want to comment on this part:

Q: (L) Well, alright... I've made a list. To protect oneself against hyperdimensional manipulations and harm, I'd say one of the primary things is to avoid dissociating.

A: Yes.

Q: (Artemis) And don't feed negative thought loops.

(L) Yeah, if you're dissociating, number one is you're in a fantasy, which is not paying attention to reality. Number two, you're having negative thoughts and getting into negative thought loops. That seems to me to be one of the most important. Am I right on that?

A: Indeed!

I could be wrong. But what I also got from this is that dissociating is litterally dreaming away, as in, drifting (choosing) another reality (timeline?) where things are much more in line how 4STS desires it to be. Because you choose fantasy above reality?

While not choosing to dissociate, and instead doing the work that lies ahead of us (which includes working on ourselves / accepting our lessons), means creating a reality where things are more favorable for humanity?


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I was thinking about what several of you posted along these lines, and I think that there is much more everyone can do to nourish the connection, even if it has to be done at a distance. If you look at BrendaH's list (thank you, btw!), think of all the ways you can do those things.

Sharing, for example, can take many forms, and this forum is our main way to do that. You can share your thoughts, your observations, your feelings, your process, etc., and help others who do the same. That can create more ties than we perceive at first glance.

It can also be learning and sharing what you learn, which also takes many forms.

Making amends can also take many shapes and forms: helping people out in the right context, here and in your immediate environment, and even posting something on social media that just may help someone in a way you weren't able or didn't want to help someone in the past, for example.

And obviously, some of the items on the list are going to develop, and we'll do our best to create more possibilities. It is mostly done within the Fellowship, so being a member would be a plus, even though we try to keep things as open as possible.


I'd like to add that we shouldn't underestimate the power of ripple effects that result from our actions and even our very thoughts. For example, if you put some things into your own words here on the forum, or open up and share etc., you kind of add to the groove and make it more easy for others (including you in the future!) to do the same.

Also, as someone who lives "out there" and takes part in "normal life" in many ways, I think it's important to remember that it's not about where we are, but who we are and what we see, as the Cs said. Yes, it's easy to get sucked into the traps of what is considered "normal", but if you can nourish that higher place in you no matter the circumstances, you can avoid it. Also, normal life can take many forms, some more toxic than others - we often have a choice in what we engage in, with whom we engage, where we live, what we want to give to life every day etc. I think it's the little things that count most - like if you are in company of people who all bury their brains in their smartphones, don't. If people always go the easy way, don't follow. If people are gossiping, don't engage and so on. It's an uphill battle, but every little decision in the right direction strengthens our "antennae" and our connection to the group. Because it nourishes this place in our psyches that is "not normal", i.e. "in this world but not of it".



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I thought the timing of this session was pretty interesting for me personally. This past week or so I have also been having a few intense dreams and I made the decision to open up more about my thoughts and feelings to friends. Although it was not really easy there was something inside me that was pushing me to do just that. It meant shedding a few tears and showing my vulnerability without resorting to my usual armour and afterwards it felt as if this healing force had descended upon me. It was a very eye-opening and beautiful experience.

At the same time I have been doing more NeurOptimal sessions and I could sort out my troubles and negative thought loops during the sessions themselves. I wasn't able to do that earlier and I think it is rather astonishing!

Thank you so much for this session, lovely Chateau people, don't know how I could handle my life and inner landscape without you.:love:


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Then I felt in such depression without any specific reason

I had a similar experience Thursday before last during most of the day, but pulled out of it by evening. But then again the following morning on Friday, not as bad though, and then it went away. I thought it was because I had become too loose with my carb consumption but maybe there was more to it.


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Wow, so many comments that add to the learning. Thanking you for sharing. The timing of this session was on point, for me personally. I just recently lost a family member and in the wake of the funeral some conflicts came back to the surface and I was fighting hard not to get sucked back in into the routine of wanting to be nice to everyone and be rewarded for it by an absence of conflicts.
With all that changed in my life after starting reading and learning here on the forum one consequence was to cut ties with someone in my patchwork family. It was one of the hardest decisions I have made and at times I thought I was crazy and overreacting but with what has been thrown at me during the funeral from that side of the patchwork construct, I am more than ever convinced that I made the right choice. And that decision made me reevaluate the relationships in my life and what family and community mean to me. And there are so many routines are already in place that help to feel connected and care for people you have hardly met but shared thoughts and ideas with.

What also struck me was the concept of the "normal life" because that is a topic that pops up in my life, especially when I am under pressure due to changes in my life. Like those moments when I feel drained by the conflict in my family and there is that part of me that, in those moments, just wants to go back. Go back to stick by my routines, go back to just buy the crap food in the supermarket, go back to postponing decisions and take the lazy, easy road. Go back to fit in.

But by now I manage to take a break from this useless self-pity-routine, I go for a walk and I realize: I can't possibly go back. Even though it is an ongoing struggle not to give in and to stick to learnings and fight against flaws and delusions it also makes life so much more intense and therewith so much more beautiful. I am lucky to be married to someone who brought all this into my life and we have lively discussions that kind of translate the learnings into our daily life but I just wanted to say that all the comments I read, even if you might feel lonely in your current situation, your insights and experiences are important and we all see them and acknowledge them. Thank you for sharing them.


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That’s an incredible session, the C’s seemed to be very responsive and eager to provide guidance to the list of items created. And that closing remark was very endearing, albeit so much effort and endurance is implied. Which makes working and staying alert and sharing all the more important.

Thank you very much for sharing it!

I myself have had a rough two months as well, very exhausting and eventful but in the end things seem to be falling where they need to be at home and work.

Regarding the false heroes and connection to ancestors. I found it curious that recently we’ve had the discussion about the Spanish black legend, and there’s a lot of push back given the implications for the people’s of Latinamerica, but it seems like a necessary effort, particularly because the people hoisted upon the heroic thrones in the history of the region were more than likely spies and traitors.

What happened then, as far as I can see, is akin to making Juan Guaido the liberator of Venezuela after a successful US regime change invasion. And then for centuries teaching this as fact, people would connect to that type of being as their role model, and that could be so detrimental. So this type of effort is connected, sort of like what has been done here before with the figure of Julius Caesar for instance.

It’s also very interesting as I was having a discussion recently with someone about religion, and we reached a conclusion that regardless of the deity, what religion really means is values, much like the C’s have said, how do you live your life? How do you relate to other people and the world at large? That’s the importance of it.

Some of the things that are happening today in the world shows an effort to squash any connection to tradition and religious beliefs by poking fun of it or calling it archaic or primitive and so on. And if you take some religious beliefs and interpret them literally a la Sam Harris, you logically wont be able to escape feeling like they’re kind of silly.

But I feel that such approach misses the point, (not that it should never be considered) there are certain values shared by a community that are accepted by all that then become tradition and perhaps evolve into law, and some of these are designed to keep people alive and well. Dismissing it all leads to what we’re seeing in the world today in its dionyssian state, where anything goes, moral relativism and so on.

And as far as above so below, I wonder if in realms above our own there’s the same kind of chaos and loss of tradition, the desperate effort of elites to control their lower classes to ignore impending doom, and I wonder if that is both the reason for all of our chaos, which makes it harder on all of us, and at the same time the reason things might become easier as within all the chaos mistakes are bound to occur, unexpected consequences and unintended outcomes.

Thanks again for sharing


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Thank you Laura and Team for this great and valuable session. I feel that that this session is and will be a real booster for me to get real and be more faithful to my true self since in the last couple of months i've been caught in some pretty nasty energy draining dynamics by my own fault and stupidity. Though i feel that i've learned some important lessons and all this wandering in the la la land made me realize how much i was missing this great community, contributing on Sott, following my true destiny... Thank you once again for the session, it was the wake up call that i needed so much. :flowers:

Edit: clarification.


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Wow ! Thanks so much for this incredible session. :love:

A few notes: "Qigong" is not actually Qigong. It's something that Ark and Chu formulated, and have been doing for about 1 year. It's a combo of Qigong, yoga, 5 Tibetan Arky Exercises, stretches, and some normal exercises for building strength. They do it every day first thing in the morning.
For mass consumption, we need to work out the details of how to share it... Video? Descriptions? Illustrated guide as a PDF? Must ponder...

Stay tuned!
We may take pictures or do a video at some point. It's not that it's professional or anything (if any of you do yoga very well, you'll probably laugh at some of us:lol:). It's the persistence, the combination of different exercises and the act of doing it together that has been really positive. I think it would be really cool to have people do it all over the world, even if they want to modify it a bit or whatever.

Looking for it.


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About fasting, do they mean intrermittent as a routine or 1 day a week?

As a routine, I think. That's where you confine your intake of nutrients to a window. For us, (me and Ark), it is between 9:30 a.m. and around 4 p.m. (16:00) We may occasionally have a bite or two of something after 4 in the afternoon, but usually, no. So, that is a 6.5 hour window in which we eat our two meals of the day, then 17.5 hours without eating. It's easy to do and we never feel hungry.

Hello all. Interesting session as always. Physical evidence of a reality merger! That’s really cool.

This might sound strange but Laura have you edited or deleted any of your posts from the first three pages in this thread during the past 8-9 hours?

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