Session 16 July 2016


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Thanks a million Laura and the Crew for another fascinating session :) ! :hug:

It seems the PTB are really underestimating the situation, and wishful thinking is getting them....

When applied to an individual psychopath - this would normally be the time where they become more erratic, and the downward spiral begins; where they behave more extremely, and their methods don't work due to usual wishful thinking and being unable to judge a situation," they stomp their feet and throw a tantrum" - and then start another equally unworkable plan/action..

Things are definitely going to get heated up, especially when Turkey starts to work with Russia more. This means that over time, ISIS will slowly be crushed in Syria, and Syrian sovereignty reinstated. The Empire is definitely going to try and prevent that.

Beau said:
Niall said:
A question I meant to ask is; why did they risk having the referendum in the first place?

Maybe some other time!

The answer is probably - wishful thinking! They've fixed elections and referendums before, why should it be any more difficult with the Brexit? It'll give the appearance of "the people have spoken" while maintaining the status quo. Oops!

Have similar views as well. What is interesting in the Brexit outcome, is that markets now all over the world are "shaky" from the outcome, and a lot of central banks are actually lowering interest rates to ease the pain now - which means that the Empire is working behind the scenes now to prevent more serious economic chaos. Probably the opposite of what they have been intending to do - as I think their finger has been on the "economic chaos button" for some time...fwiw


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Thanks for the much to think about. I can't wait to see what happens when we all have our crystals . Take care everyone


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lilies said:
Laura said:
[..] On, say, Wednesday night at such-and-such a time, we'd all gather together with our crystals that provide the link-up. And then, just basically maybe sing some songs to connect chakras just to see what happens? I guess we should experiment with that.[..]

Worldwide Crystal Project Group Synchronized Singing Solution:

The Chateau Chorus Master starts a Skype broadcast along the lines of a Sott Radio BTH or Truth Perspective, but this one is for singing only. Begins with the Chat function LIVE - and everybody is connected and listening in and looking at the Chat screen, but nobody must answer or call in, just listen and read. Only the Chateau transmits the audio and the Audience's - that's us - task is to listen in carefully and **sing in sync with the Chateau Team leading** so everybody is at the same position in the song. Crystals are at hand, keeping the crystals live, "switched on", hands on, etc..

Song is repeated maybe three times. Listeners try to keep up and _only_ the Chorus Master of the Chateau Team is allowed to type some lyrics words into the Chat from time to time, so those without audio reception _know_ where the Group Song being sung is at: everybody can read the written words on Sott Radio live chat and it helps everybody to keep up the synchronized singing. Chorus Master[typing in all these words]: - Okay, 1st song finished, everybody take a few breaths and relax.. [After a couple of seconds..] Now we begin the second song "I come to the Garden".. on One: 3.....2......1 BEGIN!

Maybe its a silly idea that cannot be realized..

This way everybody can easily sing together, who can connect to Sott Radio Live Chat.

Further possibilities:
A Karaoke Typing Script takes away the need to type in lyrics, where a computer program writes all the text - that is being sung - into the CHAT and text appears in Chat as - it is sung by the Chateau Team line by line, timed perfectly - like in a Karaoke video. The script works by the key ENTER, it automatically writes in the next line. (Maybe program in a step one line back-key so you can quickly backtrack a line, if you accidentally pressed ENTER twice so two lines were written into the Chat by accident)

Or just prepare a karaoke video with the exact text of the Cassiopaea Crystal Project "I come to the Garden" and have everybody download [this will bring up tech difficulties with videoplayers for everybody's computer] then on the Chat you only need to type: BEGIN! Everybody starts the downloaded Cassiopaea "I come to the Garden" Karaoke video and starts to sing. Once.
Then the Chorus Master types into the chat: 1st song done. Few seconds rest... and so on, singing it 3 times.

Code in a "Thanks" or "Present" button so everybody can click the button "Present", which updates how many people clicked on it, so everybody can see, how many singers from the Crystal Group are present or joining in real time. Later this way maybe it can be estimated, how 'energetically powerful' a group singing session will be. By design the "Present" button is programmed in such a way that it only accepts __one__ present click from any IP address. So if somebody clicks twice or multiple times by accident[mouse setup/sensitivity,etc], the counter only advances by one for any person[on the IP address] Families or couples count as _one_ of course. Think of 'unified being'.


I think those are very imaginative and creative ideas. I am just thinking about the illusory time zone issues. I have a widget for some cities in different times zones. For instance right now it is 12:45 in New York city
05:45 in London
06:45 in Paris
07:45 in Moscow.

For me personally I am not sure how my singing at odd hours would be viewed by my family. I guess it would be just one more odd thing for me to do since I don't really seem to be quite "normal" enough anyway.

I am wondering if we at least do EE or meditate on the singing or Psalm 91 at the same hour we would have a similar effect.

Also from this session the "la la land" phrase resonated with me since I often think that many around me are living in "la la land" but then I have to include myself in that category as well. I need to reevaluate my own habits and determine what is not reality based or wishful thinking.

Thanks to everyone at the session for the thoughtful questions. And many thanks Laura and those who are working on the crystals and still finding time for another session. And thanks to Ark for wanting to protect Laura in this endeavor.


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Thanks for another great session!

I knew there was going to be a new session, even though I'd forgotten that it was the 22nd anniversary. I finished my morning SOTT reading earlier than I thought, and rushed to the forum to see if my feeling of a new session being up was accurate.

The failed coup in Turkey was becoming more clear as to what it was all about, and sure enough the C's confirmed what was becoming the most probable scenario.

WIN 52

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WIN 52 said:
This is what I did during the last 6 months of my mother's life. I was visiting her daily, in the evening after work. I would walk into her room in the PC unit where she was laying, unresponsive. I would hold her hand, my palms would become very hot and she would soon become very alert, surprising the nurse. We would even have conversations, but towards the end she wanted me to talk about the things that I did throughout my life when I was not around, that she didn't know about, or to talk about things that happened during the 50's and 60's.

I would hold her hand with one hand and turn the palm of my left hand toward her. I would then take in a breath using my diaphragm, hold for 3 seconds and exhale in a controlled manner using my diaphragm while also using my vocal chords. A kind of high pitched yet very raspy hiiiiiiiiiiising sound that I could seem to carry for more than 30 seconds.

I would tell her that I called it Dragon's breath, when she would wake up with a start, catching me in an almost trance like state. It is a nice confirmation that I wasn't just imagining that my efforts were helping her to pass peacefully.

For this alone I am thankful.

As for the rest of the session, which is also packed full of valuable information and confirmations, Thank you!


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Once again, a fascinating session that touched on many different, and important things - thank you!

As for Brexit, here in Canada I talked to an English fellow on the eve of the vote and he indicated that English people want to exit badly (with emphasis) - I guess he was correct. With the U.S. election and Hillary running at I think 22 percent, the machines will need to be manipulated to bring those numbers up, it could go the other way too.

Interesting concerning Egypt Air flight and the Mt. Etna influence and of course the Western coup attempt on Erdogan - this will have expanding ramifications.


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Thank you for a very interesting and hopefilled session. Much to contemplate. We live in interesting times.

Looking forward to the joint crystal efforts.


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Thanks for the session everyone! :thup: It seems that things are really ramping up all over. No better time to stay more focused and vigilant then ever before. Stay safe everyone!

And Laura remember to not go out without your Ark please. :hug:
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