Session 15 August 2020


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At the risk of saying something very stupid, I think I understand something now:

IF: Quantum gravity => Time doesn’t exist.


A: Please name something that is not gravity.

Q: (L) Well, if gravity is everything, there is nothing that is not gravity.


Imagine you have to travel from point A to point B. The distance between the two is 100 kilometers. You get into your vehicle and drive straight ahead, at a constant speed of 100 km/h. Next to you is a companion who pays no attention to your speed or how far you have travelled. However you know that it will take only one hour to travel.

When you arrive at your destination you and your companion get out of the vehicle, and your companion who was very distracted, comments: Wow, I thought we were further away and that the distance was greater.

As you can see, most think in terms of time, but some in terms of space and speed, completely ignoring time!

If light/photon is the energetic expression of gravity, what else is even more basic and observable as an energetic expression?


Then something becomes clear: Gravity is space in motion. Gravity is space and motion in unison. They are two aspects of the same thing, and the separation between the expression of material forms and energetic expressions is only possible when movement and distance play a role of symmetry/asymmetry. If for example you say that: zero space is zero time, it implies absolute symmetry where A = B and B = A.

Motion and space can be represented mathematically and geometrically as constantly fluctuating symmetry and asymmetry. Fluctuation is the unstable gravitational wave. a.k.a EM

If gravity is everything, and you remove time, what you have left is movement and space interconnected and quantified by bits of the information that arises from the relationship space/movement - symmetry/asymmetry.
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Thank you very much for this wonderful session! The name given, Quinnilln, is very interesting, given what others already commented. For me it was too first the name Quinn I saw; then the "illn" ending, well it added "ill" for me. so it is the ill wisdom, the wisdom that suffers? May be suitable. Don't know.
I realized by reading this session that the C's became more and more a kind of a confirmation for me. the "second wave", the damage by the mask to the brain, the thing in Beirut as being a made thing and so much more... I could already see it. And I am so thankful to the C's to confirm that. Because, you know, it is like swimming in an ocean....
The romantic fiction books thing, well I will give it a try. It is a field of literature I've never engaged in - besides some Berte Bratt novels I read as a teenager (and they were by no way showing a new way of life or reality, they were mostly showing how you can cope within this system and do well enough although you are not from a rich family - showing poor girls that you can marry a rich guy and be happy this way. Yeah that was the gist i think) and was not convinced of them.


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Living in a western country myself, I wonder if it would be worth travelling to Russia solely to get some kind of certificate saying you’ve been vaccinated? The PTBs may not like that vaccine, but the amount of people living with it in the west are likely to be small edge cases the authorities wouldn’t bother about.

As for chips, if one could identify where in the body it is maybe a large directed magnet field would be able to draw it out of you?

One idea I thought of was, if I am forced to take an mRNA “vaccine,” I would like to have a few 1 gram intramuscular injections of vitamin C right at that exact same spot, to try and oxidize the petunias out of the payload and hopefully neutralize it. I know RNA is also particularly vulnerable to alkalinity so maybe sterile, pharmaceutical grade bicarbonate could also work? These are extreme measures of course.
A: Hello. Quinnilln of Cassiopaea here to serve tonight.
So at least Joe safely made it to the future...

Was the Beirut explosion an accident?
A: No
Q: (L) Is there any connection to other fires and explosions in the Middle East within a few days of that event?
A: Yes, all connected in terrorism of populations.
Q: (Joe) So how did the ammonium nitrate explode in the hangar in the port of Beirut? How was it detonated? Well... What was the cause of the explosion?
A: Sabotage.
Q: (Joe) By Israel?
A: Your favorite!
Not sure how to feel about the fact that this is exactly what I thought 3 seconds after reading the first headline. It's exactly as Joe says, they just have a monopoly on that. It's so ridiculous that it's 100% predictable and yet most people don't see it.

Q: (L) Okay. Is the Russian Covid-19 vaccine safe as they say?
A: Safe enough. Safer than what Gates is planning.
Hi, @SOTTREADER! I hear there's a vaccine and it's 'safe enough' and it's not even mandatory!
Hope the past 4 months of your "ERRYONE WILL GET VACCINATED!!! THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!!! THE VACCINES WILL DO HORRIBLE DAMAGE!!!!" panic was worth it. :)


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Thanks for the new session! As for the name the C's used, Quinnilln, it brought to mind penicillin and quinine. And of course, Joe!

The mask mandate is even worse than I suspected. Brain damage!!! I wear one very little, but will use it even less now. My god, the evil being perpetrated is beyond words.

Craig Simmons

A Disturbance in the Force
When it comes to what the PTB have planned relating to lock down and mandatory vaccination, its seems obvious to me that the concept of a vaccination passport of sorts is coming to restrict travel around the world and within the US. There have been many articles about "Immunity Passports" for COVID for those who had already been infected, but since the science of how long the anti-bodies give protection, that was shot down pretty quickly. As of now, the restrictions are coming in the form of mandatory quarantine from particular states to others. Hawaii is planning on requiring documentation of a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to departure to allow travelers to skip the 2 week quarantine period, but the time frame for this is in flux. What this will all bring about is a digital "Vaccine Passport" which will show if a person is current on all of their vaccines or negative tests to be able to travel. As we all know though, this will not stop with just travel, it will be used to access mortgage applications, insurance rates, etc because obviously you are more at risk of dying because you are not following the proper protocols, so you will either be denied or assessed higher rates. In case you did not know this, your social media has been used to years to assess your credit worthiness. They look at friends and family and use that to determine how much of a risk you are. This is not conspiracy theory, a family member works in that industry and advised my years ago about it and be weary of who I friend on social media.
Some may ask, how is this "Vaccine Passport" legal with HIPPA restrictions in place, its not like they are going to call up our doctors to check or make us get a physical stamp or card because people would not go for that, not convenient enough. Also, it would seem that we would not want anyone just poking into our medical records to make sure we are up to date on our shots. Well, thanks to the ACA (Obamacare) and "Meaningful Use", health records were mandate to become electronic. Which on the surface seems benign and beneficial to have access to your data, if seeking a second opinion or changing doctors, and it is. Where it is not beneficial, is that now it is easier to assess whether a person has had their vaccines or not. And the latest wrinkle in this is layered roles and responsibilities data acquisition into our medical records. For example, if vaccinations are deemed non-PHI (Protected Health Information) or limited to certain governmental bodies, it is easy to flag that data as such and only those pieces of information are visible to them, thus not a HIPPA violation. You can then see the progression for this like I mentioned above about loans, insurance, and maybe even employment will require this.
Again, this is just speculation from readings and experience over the years. Judging by how quickly people fell in line for the masks and lock downs, it does not seem like a stretch for this to be the next thing implemented. Think about how easy it will be to spin this. You are doing this to help others by doing your part and because of that, you are rewarded with loans, employment, and travel. Those who do not comply will be isolated and possibly without employment and no need for cops to show up at your door to enforce it. Keep an eye out for legislation about this kind of thing and any related news articles. Remember, these people have thought this out further than most of us. They know an armed conflict makes for bad press and breeds martyrs. They need everyone to force everyone else to comply. Reminds me of the logic on how to implement gun control. They do not have to stop people from buying or possessing guns, just make the ammo impossible to get. They have not infringed on your right to own a gun or manufacturers to make them. You will just have no ammo to be able to use them. This is the type of thinking we are up against. They play the long game and we need to understand that to survive.


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Thanks for the new session! As for the name the C's used, Quinnilln, it brought to mind penicillin and quinine. And of course, Joe!

The mask mandate is even worse than I suspected. Brain damage!!! I wear one very little, but will use it even less now. My god, the evil being perpetrated is beyond words.
I barely wear a mask, only in supermarkets and only maybe once or twice a day for a few minutes, but I dont have my nose covered and just breath with my nose, I see quite a few do the same and noone objects. They sure are dirty and stink after a while.


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Carl, your message reminded me of an experience I had many years ago. At one point in my life I used to get dizzy regularly, so I would rush to a couch or chair for fear of falling. After consulting a doctor who told me that despite this problemI was fine, I changed my attitude. Every time the dizziness came, I would stand up and say "Ah! again ! you do what you want, but me I don't have time to deal of you" and I would stay up (pitching a little) and go about my business, very determined not to give in. One week later everything was over, no more dizziness.


The Force is Strong With This One
Thanks so much for share and for to help to keep waking state.
With a little faith and enthusiasm, it would be good to be on the lookout for all possibilities to avoid the vaccine. I wonder how aggressive the control measures could be for people within the U.S.
Indeed I think it is a good idea to network, debate and search on how to avoid, neutralize this vaccine/chip project. There will probably use this project also to try to indentify dissidents and put them away, quarantine them, isolate or whatever you want to call it.


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I know RNA is also particularly vulnerable to alkalinity so maybe sterile, pharmaceutical grade bicarbonate could also work? These are extreme measures of course.
Oh... :lol: ...sounds interesting at least.
Maybe we could elaborate in another thread if this would be a good idea and then ask the C's.
And for what their vaccine might do to us we're probably in for some extreme measures


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Hi, @SOTTREADER! I hear there's a vaccine and it's 'safe enough' and it's not even mandatory!
Well, it's not over yet, as I see it.
Who says that we can get a hand on it not being in Russia. But at least we can try which is good in case we have to.
And even if a vaccine won't be mandatory in the beginning I see a lot of people here including myself working in medical professions and they've already zoomed in on us.


The Force is Strong With This One
It seems we're at the final stages of dark activities brought on us by STS. Chipping is their wet dream.
Society is very divided regarding coronavirus. I wonder are they planning to release a stronger virus to justify vaccination. Right now the virus is weak and most people aren't afraid of it, people will rebel if they try to impose mandatory vaccination on all of us.

1. For those who will get vaccinated, what will be, except control, the purpose of chipping?
2. What do you think how they can create an illusion regarding to plan a new lockdown? MSM can still operate in overdrive, but for how long? Will it be enough to successfully chip us during the next year? I don't think so. PTB will have to try a lot harder, the virus is too weak and people are waking up.
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