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Follow up,

I read this article this morning; US nuclear sub docks shut down over ‘seismic’ concerns

US nuclear sub docks shut down over ‘seismic’ concerns​

Four drydocks in Washington state have been idled amid worries raised by an earthquake study
US nuclear sub docks shut down over ‘seismic’ concerns

FILE PHOTO: The guided-missile submarine USS Ohio (SSGN 726) arrives at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard © US Navy / Jason Kaye
The US Navy has announced the shutdown of four drydocks in the Seattle area, citing safety concerns if a major earthquake strikes the region. The service is already struggling to keep up with the maintenance needs for its nuclear-powered attack submarines.
Three nuclear-certified drydocks at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington and one slot at the Trident Refit Facility in nearby Bangor, have suspended submarine docking for further evaluation and upgrades, the Navy said in a statement.
Officials didn’t specify what the recently completed seismic study showed; nor did they offer an estimate as to how long the affected drydocks will be out of commission.
The seismic assessment “identified potential issues associated with the remote possibility of a large-scale earthquake occurring simultaneously with a submarine maintenance availability,” the Navy said. “With this new information, the Navy is taking additional measures to further ensure the safety of the shipyard workforce, sailors, the local public, the environment and the submarines.”
The Pacific Northwest lies near the Cascadia subduction zone, a fault line that runs 700 miles along the coast, from Vancouver Island to northern California. Scientists have warned that the fault is capable of unleashing a “megathrust” earthquake registering a magnitude upward of 9.0 on the Richter scale, as it did in 1700, and that it has a 37% chance of causing a quake of at least 7.1 magnitude within the next 50 years.
First nuclear-propelled torpedoes for Russian mega-submarine are ready – media READ MORE: First nuclear-propelled torpedoes for Russian mega-submarine are ready – media
The Navy knowingly built the Puget Sound shipyard in an active seismic zone, but some of its drydocks weren’t adequately girded for a major earthquake. For instance, one of the slots included in the suspension order was reportedly built on “unconsolidated earth and fill,” putting it at bigger risk of liquefaction during a big quake.
Although the Navy insisted that the drydock shutdowns won’t affect the nation’s “strategic deterrent capability,” the move comes at a time when 36% of US attack submarines are either undergoing maintenance work or awaiting service. Even before the suspension, the Navy had only 18 drydocks to tend to all of its submarines and aircraft carriers. Over the past decade, only 20-30% of submarine maintenance projects were completed on time, the Navy said last year.
The Puget Sound shipyard is more than 130 years old, and upgrades to just one of the suspended drydocks will cost an estimated $667 million.

They knew for a long time that Puget sound was sitting on a fault line, as all of the west coast, so my question is why now suddenly seismic activities are becoming a big treat.

Second there was this article on the 29; As the Pentagon’s favorite think tank calls for a swift end to the Ukraine conflict, is the mood shifting in Washington?

As the Pentagon’s favorite think tank calls for a swift end to the Ukraine conflict, is the mood shifting in Washington?​

The RAND Corporation believes the fighting must end sooner rather than later
As the Pentagon’s favorite think tank calls for a swift end to the Ukraine conflict, is the mood shifting in Washington?

US President Joe Biden © Drew Angerer / Getty Images
The RAND Corporation, a highly influential elite national security think tank funded directly by the Pentagon, has published a landmark report stating that prolonging the proxy war is actively harming the US and its allies and warning Washington that it should avoid “a protracted conflict” in Ukraine.

What are the US' interests in Ukraine

‘If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning’: How a landmark speech paved the way for the US to unleash death and destruction
Read more
‘If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning’: How a landmark speech paved the way for the US to unleash death and destruction
The report has an unequivocal title, “Avoiding a long war: US policy and the trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine conflict,” which provides a strong indication as to its contents.
It starts by stating that the fighting represents “the most significant interstate conflict in decades, and its evolution will have major consequences” for Washington, which includes US “interests” being actively harmed. The report makes it very clear that while Ukrainians have been doing the fighting, and their cities have been “flattened” and “economy decimated,” these “interests” are “not synonymous” with Kiev’s.
The US ending its financial, humanitarian and particularly military support promptly would cause Ukraine to completely collapse, and RAND cites several reasons why doing so would be sensible, not least because a Ukrainian victory is regarded as both “improbable” and “unlikely,” due to Russian “resolve,” and its military mobilization having “rectified the manpower deficit that enabled Ukraine’s success in the Kharkiv counteroffensive.”
From the perspective of US “interests,” RAND warns that while the Kremlin has not threatened to use nuclear weapons, there are “several issues that make Russian use of nuclear weapons both a plausible contingency Washington needs to account for and a hugely important factor in determining the future trajectory of the conflict.”

Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with Sergei Shoigu and Valery Gerasimov, orders to bring the nuclear deterrent forces into a special combat duty mode. © Kremlin

And what are the risks for the US​

The think tank believes the Biden administration “has ample reason to make the prevention of Russian use of nuclear weapons a paramount priority." In particular, it should seek to avoid a “direct nuclear exchange” with Moscow, a “direct conflict with Russia”, or wider “NATO-Russia war.”
On the latter point, RAND worries that US general Mark Milley’s demand that the conflict stay “inside the geographical boundaries of Ukraine” is on the verge of being disrespected, as “the extent of NATO allies’ indirect involvement in the war is breathtaking in scope,” including “tens of billions of dollars’ worth of weapons and other aid” and “tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance support,” along with “billions of dollars monthly in direct budgetary support to Kiev.”
NATO's best tanks are going to Ukraine, what will it mean on the battlefield?
Read more
NATO's best tanks are going to Ukraine, what will it mean on the battlefield?
Such largesse could, RAND forecasts, prompt Moscow to “punish NATO members…with the objective of ending allied support for Ukraine; strike NATO preemptively if Russia perceives that NATO intervention in Ukraine is imminent; interdict the transfer of arms to Ukraine; retaliate against NATO for perceived support for internal unrest in Russia,” if the Kremlin concludes the country’s national security is “severely imperiled.”
These outcomes are “by no means inevitable,” but still represent an “elevated” risk, particularly in light of incidents such as a Ukrainian air defense missile striking Polish territory in November 2022 – a situation exacerbated by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky falsely claiming it was a deliberate Russian strike. While this event “did not spiral out of control, it did demonstrate that fighting can unintentionally spill over to the territory of neighboring US allies.”
Another incident like that could mean “the US military would immediately be involved in a hot war with a country that has the world’s largest nuclear arsenal.” This, as well as a conventional conflict between NATO and Russia, is a prospect Washington should avoid at all costs, RAND argues.
A clear implication is the US could lose such a conflict, one key reason being, as pointed out by RAND, “the intensity of the military assistance” being given to Ukraine by its Western backers is already approaching an “unsustainable” level, with US and European weapons stocks “running low.” This consequently means a longer war equals more Ukrainian territory reunified with Russia.

A Russian servicemen speaks over walkie-talkie near a BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket system in the course of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, at the unknown location. © Sputnik / Konstantin Mihalchevskiy

Is there a solution?​

On the subject of territorial losses, RAND is unmoved by arguments Ukraine should attempt to recapture all that it has lost since 2014, as “greater territorial control is not directly correlated with greater economic prosperity” or “greater security.” Land having been retaken by Kiev since September means “Russia has imposed far greater economic costs on the country as a whole.”
RAND also considers the worth of arguments that “greater Ukrainian territorial control” should be assured “to reinforce international norms, and to foster Ukraine’s future economic growth” to be “debatable,” as even in the “unlikely” event Kiev pushes “beyond the pre-February 2022 line of control and manages to retake areas that Russia has occupied since 2014,” the risks of escalation from Moscow, including “nuclear use or an attack on NATO” will “spike.”
The Kremlin would likely treat the potential loss of Crimea as a much more significant threat both to national security and regime stability,” the report warns.
All these factors make “avoiding a long war…the highest priority after minimizing escalation risks,” so RAND recommends the US “take steps that make an end to the conflict over the medium term more likely,” including “issuing assurances regarding the country’s neutrality,” something that Moscow had requested before the conflict began, to deaf ears, as well as “sanctions relief for Russia.”
The Kiev Purge: What has spurred a wave of resignations among senior Ukrainian officials?
Read more
The Kiev Purge: What has spurred a wave of resignations among senior Ukrainian officials?
However, the report warns against a “dramatic, overnight shift in US policy,” as this would be “politically impossible – both domestically and with allies,” instead recommending the development of “instruments” to bring the war to a “negotiated end,” and “socializing them with Ukraine and with US allies” in advance to lessen the blow. This process should be started quickly though, as “the alternative is a long war that poses major challenges for the US, Ukraine, and the rest of the world.”
What this proposal ignores is that Western leaders have consistently proven they cannot be trusted to respect or adhere to treaties they have signed and brokered with Russia, such as the Minsk Accords, which former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted were never intended to be implemented, but rather to buy time for Kiev.
It may be the case then that Moscow won’t be interested in RAND’s solution at all, and choose instead to finish the war on its own terms.

Why would Rand bite the hand that feed it. Why would they leak that document that goes again all the neocon thinking. Is it a ruse or is it an indirect message to Russia that the west (some part of it) are ready to negotiate because prolonging the war will only profit Russia. But do Russia trust the west anymore is the big question and won't it look for the west like a defeat that risk breaking there hegemony.
As I said this defeat can only be swallow by a bigger treat, a diversion that would dwarf the Ukrainian conflict and I think that it as to hit home (U.S) .

Here is what the Cs as to say about Puget sound in this session

Session 4 July 1998​

A: In Florida now, where to next? How about a shattering subduction quake in Pacific Northwest of U.S.? We estimate 10.4 on the Richter scale. We have warned of Rainier. Imagine a 150 meter high tsunami in Puget Sound...

Q: (L) Does this subduction quake have anything to do with that UFO that buried itself in the Pacific?

A: All are interconnected.

Q: (L) The information I got on that was that it was about 600 mile north and east of Hawaii. A couple of submersibles were sent down and disappeared or were destroyed or didn't come back... it is supposedly giving off a lot of energy. Any comment?

A: No.

Q: (L) Should I follow that direction?

A: All directions lead to lessons.

Q: (L) Now, you have mentioned this earthquake. I know that you don't usually give predictions, why have you done so now?

A: We do not give time tables.

Q: (L) Anything else other than a tsunami in Puget Sound and a big subduction quake... 10.4 on the Richter scale is almost inconceivable.

A: Rainier... caldera.

Q: (L) What about the caldera?

A: Expect one.

As well, I was thinking of how may high tech companies as left that area (west coast) in recent time, most moving inland away from the coast for what ever reason. Coincidence, preparation hum! let see.


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Thank you for the session,
Can you tell me what is "OPs" or "PTB" or is there any place in this forum where all these shortcuts are translated? Thx
There is a wiki that can be quite helpful:

thanks for that link, broken.english. You can find a list of the abbreviations on page 19 of that document. You can also find lots of helpful information on the Newbies Forum. Welcome!


A "real" shock and awe no doubt when the world thinks that Russia would not dare to attack a NATO member.


NATO-U.S. Military Presence in Poland
I think Poland has quite a large territory. It is comparable in size to Ukraine (and there has been an intense battle against NATO for a year now). In addition, Poland has a small border with Russia (in the region of Kaliningrad) and does not really threaten the main territory of Russia.
"Shock and awe" suggests rapid suppression and conquest (Georgia in 2008 is an example). This role is suitable for the small Baltic countries, NATO satellites and well-known centers of neo-Nazism (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), which have humiliated and banned everything Russian for the last 30 years, which are not so far from St. Petersburg and pose a danger in the current political situation.
One of the key places in the Baltic - Suwalki corridor -

By controlling this piece of land, you will connect Kaliningrad with Belarus and completely cut off the Baltic states from the EU, expel NATO from these places, secure St. Petersburg and get significant reinforcement in the Baltic.

And to add more drama when the world thinks everything is going to hell an "unprecedented" cosmic/geological event happens and the stage is set for our celestial "saviors"
It is also impossible to exclude the emergence of another theater of military operations, not connected with Ukraine, and even more fierce.
A video is actively viral on Russian Telegram -
, in which Zhirinovsky says the following:
- By 2024, a conflict will break out in the Middle East, everyone will simply forget what Ukraine is, because Iran is not North Korea or Vietnam or Kosovo. Here will be the most terrible events. We are talking about the 3rd World War, - the words of the politician are quoted by the LDPR-TV channel.

PS Let me remind you that Zhirinovsky is the guy who predicted the beginning of the NWO in Ukraine with an accuracy of almost a day. He made many other predictions that came true.


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This quote reminded me of the book Darwin's Doubt by Stephen Meyer, detailing how the Cambrian explosion some 539 million years ago brought about new phyla, species etc. with anatomical functions that previously didn't exist and just emerged out of nowhere. Evolution of species seems to happen in conjunction with explosive/cometary events along with the accompanying viruses and EMPs, acting as big stressors to the planet and its inhabitants. Wonder if something similar applies to the emergence and evolution of languages?

Ditto! Even Chomsky, who is very materialist when it comes to language and thinks that all there is genes and brains, admits that the language capacity must have involved a huge evolutionary jump, and that it can't have been gradual.

And as for languages evolving, there is some of that that happens for sure in a fairly short period of time. But other "jumps" seem to coincide with cataclysms, as far as I can see. When they get put into a chronology (Latin-->Romance languages; Proto-Germanic -> Germanic languages, etc), it always seems to match a period of darkness. So, it's difficult to say whether the languages "evolved" and divided, or whether new language "sprouted", within groups of survivors, survivors moving to safer areas, etc. Add to that striking similarities among languages spread across the planet which are NOT supposed to be related, and it sure looks like an mixing and matching of traits from 4D engineers, together with different "antennae" (or coding in the genes?) for language, just like in evolution, and post-cataclysmic scenarios.

That Indo-European language ‘emerged’ is a really strange way to put it if it came from another planet. ‘Emerged’ as virus do? Or 'emerged' as when some Kantekkians have been transferred by natural portals, then the ones that have not been brought to Earth by ships?

But both came with the same language, no matter the way they came to Earth, did they? Or were there several languages on Kantek at this time in their history? This 'emerged' word in this context makes me wondering...

I don't know either, but I can easily imagine the Kantekkian arrivals having different languages. If us, "Terrestrians", went to another planet, languages in a ship could be as different as Chinese and English, so... Maybe the same happened with Kantekkians.

"Emerge" sure is an interesting use of words. I took it to be a hint about the capacity for language having been present in the human design, but the "learning" of language having been helped by Kantekkians, or even "aliens" in several cases. We don't have a clue of what reality was like at the time, but I can imagine a sort of technology, sound and visual "phenomena" that taught language. In that sense, "emerge" could be referring to language "manisfesting" in front of humans for the purpose of teaching. No idea!


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As well, I was thinking of how may high tech companies as left that area (west coast) in recent time, most moving inland away from the coast for what ever reason. Coincidence, preparation hum! let see.
Current sightings in California from the UFO Reporting Center: "2022"

California is officially the best place to spot a UFO in the USA
Written by Scott Snowden Wednesday October 26 2022
According to data from the National UFO Reporting Center, the state of California has been named the best place to visit for a chance at spotting a UFO. Since 1998, there have been 15,457 UFO reports, from saucer-shaped objects in the sky to strange lights flying erratically at night.

The data was collected and analyzed by online travel publication Travel Lens and in second place was Florida, quite some way behind the Golden State with 7,790 reported UFO sightings over the last 24 years. Perhaps extraterrestrials enjoy bathing in the glow of our modest yellow dwarf star.

A spokesperson for Travel Lens said in a press release, "It may come as a surprise to some that California takes the top spot by some distance when it comes to the number of UFO reports. There have been almost 5,000 reports worldwide this year and counting, which shows that there is still a very clear belief in UFOs.'

Number of UFO reports

California, 15457
2. Florida. 7790
3. Washington, 6885
4. Texas, 5805
5. New York, 5618
6. Pennsylvania, 4769
7. Arizona, 4735
8. Ohio, 4244
9. Illinois, 4111
10. Michigan, 3485

The idea of UFOs and alien abductions has always given rise to intrigue, mystery and inevitably conspiracy theories. Our imagination has created all manner of ideas about what visitors from another planet may want from us, ranging from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to Independence Day all the way to the scariest alien abduction in cinematic history as seen in Fire in the Sky.

The state of New Mexico is usually what most folk think of when it comes to flying saucer sightings and reports of little green (or grey) men. The small town of Roswell, with a population of just over 47,000, is something of a legend in the UFO community as it was allegedly the site of a UFO crash in 1974, which in turn gave rise to all manner of tales regarding autopsies of alien creatures, weird other-worldly technology and of course, velcro. But as you can see, New Mexico hasn't even made the top 10.

The thing to remember is that the state of California borders on the state of Nevada and not too far from that state line is the Groom Lake testing facility, home to Lockheed's "Skunk Works" — a prototype aircraft development facility and more commonly known as Area 51. So is it possible that many of these sightings are simply experimental aircraft flying over the Mojave Desert, Death Valley, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains? Yes. Yes, it is.

That said, only this week NASA announced it will form a team to investigate UFO sightings. Using unclassified data, the team will "lay the groundwork for future study" of UFOs by examining how the data is gathered by the public, local government, law enforcement and other sources. The aim is to have something resembling a roadmap for future analysis on unidentified flying objects and ultimately determine which events are natural and which are not.

Flashback: Apr 26, 2017


Finally made it through the thread. Thank you for sharing the session with us. Much to ponder as always.

In regards to the aliens-making-themselves-known-but-not-really-showing-themselves topic, I've been thinking - as others here - along the lines of AI being presented as the intermediary. I'm theorizing that the "good guy" Elon Musk will play some kind of pivotal role in the times to come. My theory goes something like this:

I think he will become some kind of poster-boy for the new (which of course are not new) overlords convincing the masses of their benevolence. Some kind of story will be spun around implantable microchips/neuralink/starlink and that the technology somehow has "made contact" beyond the dimensional veil to a race of humans that have developed time-travel technology and they can - because of their outside-of-time vantage point (introduction to the masses of 4D) - see that we're heading for catastrophe (comets, global warming, pandemics, you name it) and they are offering to save our sorry asses by sharing with us their secrets.

Here of course there will be some fine print caveat which will enslave the ones who take the bait even deeper (if at all possible).

Time will tell how it all plays out, either way I believe we're in for an eventful year..


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Thank you so much for this session!

It brings hope in these otherwise very challenging times. The advice to work on the psychological and spiritual parts of ourselves for the coming times goes right home with me. I am humbled to be a part(even a small one) of this group. The part about adding some humor was nice to read also. There is no need to be all grim all the time ;-):-D
No "part" is ever small! :)


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The right and the left
In this session there was:
Q: (Ryan) Are the majority of US Christians sympathetic to Russia?

A: Not majority, no. Many are as brainwashed as the "woke" people and the Neodarwinists.
Christians would on average probably vote more to the right than "woke" people and the Neodarwinists. The response of the Cs indicate that in spite of outward differences, many share underlying similarities of being just as brainwashed, which then could translate to many on the right being as brainwashed as many on the left. It is not the only similarity, as a dive into the transcripts revealed.

Controlled opposition
Both the left and the right can fill a role of being a controlled opposition. Below are two instances:
Controlled opposition, a center-left case
Session 16 July 2007 had comments about Segolene Royal, who ran for the center-left Socialist Party, and the Cs noted: "Let us just say she was picked to run to lose"
Q: (Joe) Was there any election fraud in the 2007 French elections?

A: Of course!

Q: (Joe) Is there a percentage we can have of fraudulent or stolen votes?

A: Believe that the percentage is over 20 percent.

Q: (Joe) So 20%?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) That would suggest that only 30% of people voted for Sarkozy. (H) Did Segolene get more votes than Sarkozy?

A: Yes.

Q: (S) So that pretty much means that the feeling that Laura and I had that maybe Sarkozy wasn't quite so evil was probably fairly wrong?

A: Probably, but remember that Sarkozy is not in charge. He just doesn't fully realize it yet.

Q: (H) Will there be some sort of event that will sort of bring it home to him?

A: Most likely. There is a grave aura of danger spreading over France.

Q: (L) Danger from where?

A: Conflict is between those who want to put France in the bind and those who do not and know it will be like sparks in a powder keg.

Q: (L) Why would it be like sparks in a powder keg?

A: The French mentality: arrogance etc.

Q: (Joe) They're worried about another revolution. (L) And who is pressing to put France in the bind?

A: Your favorite Zionazis.

Q: (L) And who is against it?

A: Sarkozy among others. Though he is trying to appease in some ways.

Q: (H) Was Segolene more closely aligned with the Zionazis?

A: That is an interesting question: Let us just say she was picked to run to lose.

Q: (H) So is this Julien Dray character who is close to her one of the key players?

A: Indeed. Sarkozy thinks he can handle it, but he will find he has a tiger by the tail.

Q: (Joe) So essentially, both Sarko and Segolene were picked, and Segolene was picked because she would be a plausible loser, but the whole thing was rigged anyway so Sarko would win.

A: Good analysis. See? What do you need us for?

Q: (S) So they picked him because he's kind of the dupe. So he's kind of against the Zionists, but he's going to discover very soon that it doesn't matter because they put him in power and they're going to make him do whatever they want...

A: Not against, just thinks he is smarter.

Q: (H) So the supposed reconciliation with some of the socialists that Sarko is proposing is in fact a building of the Zionist front within the French government.

A: More or less.

Q: (Joe) Does putting the French "in the bind", was that code for a terror attack?

A: Not particularly, just recreating same conditions as in US and UK.

Q: (L) In other words, fascism. That's what the word fascism means: something bound together, like a bundle of sticks. (H) So, uh, are there any good guys?

A: Most of them are dead.

Q: (sighs) (L) So in short, we're screwed!

A: You be the "good guys."

Controlled opposition, right
The second example is from the Netherlands. For context, FvD or Forum for Democracy is a right wing populist party.
Session 17 July 2022
Q: (Bo) Is Thierry Baudet, a Dutch politician, leader of FVD, one of the good guys?

A: Not exactly. Controlled opposition.
The purpose of a controlled opposition might be to find out who supports it for then later to splinter it in order to maintain control, or to make a stir that necessitates measures for more control in general, or to divert and waste the energy of people who spend their time on a project that is set up to be derailed, like in divide and conquer. Controlled opposition could also serve as a board for oppositional but reasonable views. These views getting pinned on a figure that many would not accept because of other less reasonable views or their own programming, so the reasonable ideas get suppressed. Another function of controlled opposition could be to attract people excessively to ideas of the moment, even some countering the lies, but which have little to offer that can help people prepare for the future.

For an idea of what the Dutch party leader was about, see this SOTT article: Deranged former Dutch intelligence officer implies people who don't condemn Putin or the Ukraine 'invasion' should be hanged or executed, which includes this passage:
Headlines read: "Baudet fully understands Putin, even after the invasion", "According to Baudet, Putin is an 'amazing guy', in which he is increasingly the only person who thinks so", "Thierry Baudet deals in conspiracies about 9/11 and Russia", "Time to deal with the Putin-accomplices on our own soil". These are the usual smear attacks that Baudet has been facing for a while now, including during the Covid-19 scamdemic when he expressed his concerns over vaccines and disproportional measures that have worsened or cost the lives of many, and have left many businesses destroyed.
In December 2022 there was FvD data leak leaves 93,000 members and former members exposed. Allegedly, the membership of the party dropped following the leak. One thing is that the intelligence agencies have access, but that your next door neighbour and employer should also have access makes matters more complicated.

Fascist tendencies left and right
Similarities between the left and right do not stop with the degree of brainwashing, or the possibility of controlled opposition. Above there were allusions to fascism in "put France in the bind" followed by "recreating same conditions as in US and UK". The US was at the time headed by George W. Bush, and the UK had just completed ten years with PM Tony Blair. During their time and after 9/11, they increased control and initiated wars in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003).

The following excerpt from Session 9 June, 2018 begins with a discussion of the ideological underpinnings of the modern left, and the Cs comment: "Think of the strong fascist trend of the modern left" followed a little later by "the right has similar tendencies":
Q: (L) Well, is it accurate or correct to derive from this Jungian business some of the philosophical or psychological foundations of the current American liberal postmodern movement?

A: Indeed!

Q: (L) So some of Jung's ideas of the anima and animus and the hermaphroditic nature of the soul and so forth were foundational to the current liberal paradigm of sexual fluidity?

A: Yes. And notice well that this conflicts directly with objective reality.

Q: (L) Well, according to the postmodernists, there is no objective reality. They say that everything people think is completely culturally conditioned, and one truth is no more true than another truth or whatever.

A: That will backfire tragically. Think "Tower of Babel."

Q: (L) So, in other words, this whole postmodernist conception of there being no objective truth is similar to the attempt to build a Tower of Babel?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) The Tower of Babel was to be unable to speak the same language.

(Andromeda) It was to reach heaven.

(L) They were joining together to build this tower in order to reach heaven, and then God made them all speak different languages and scattered them all over. So the “unification of the masses” under the umbrella of Postmodernism has its own seeds of destruction of society contained within?

A: Right. Think of the strong fascist trend of the modern left.

Q: (L) Like the anti-smoking thing and trying to force vegetarianism, and “cultural diversity” and so forth. They have decided that they will arbitrate what people shall and shall not do under the guise of accepting all and anything that people might or might not do. It’s utterly bizarre. I'm trying to get through this Detmer book I'm reading about it but it’s difficult to imagine people coming up with things that are so retarded; I think it’s safe to say they are schizoid psychopaths because the thinking style is so characteristic. And they miss the big flaw: If everything is culturally conditioned or if there is no objective truth, then what a leftist says is equally culturally conditioned and as subject to the same conditions that what they say is not true either...

(Andromeda) Right. It should be...

(Pierre) The similarity with the Tower of Babel is that those people got together to become gods. It's the same as what the left is doing because they deny nature and the objective nature of the universe. And then they create “their” truth, and what they say is the truth, so they replace god.

(L) So in other words, this whole left attempt to take over our world is sort of what 2nd Thessalonians referred to as man attempting to take the seat of god in the temple, so to speak?

A: Yes. The Beast.

Q: (L) Okay, well that's pretty interesting; there’s a lot of beastliness in our world today. I was reminded when I was thinking about all of this postmodernism and this Jungian business about something that was said in a session back in 2002 or 2001 or whenever; it was about frequency resonance vibration. And then there were mentions in the transcripts about frequency resonance robots and frequency resonance pied pipers. Basically, then it was said that the plan was to get bodies to resonate in such a way that 4D STS could download directly - if only temporarily - into this reality. So, is that what is happening with a lot of these groups of leftists and postmodernists inspired by Jung and the postmodernist philosophers and sociologists?

A: Indeed. But do not get misled by labels because the right has similar tendencies.
When the right has similar tendencies to "these groups of leftists and postmodernists inspired by Jung and the postmodernist philosophers and sociologists" and "the strong fascist trend of the modern left" it should mean then that the right also has some representatives that are or move in a direction where 4D STS could get bodies to "resonate in such a way that 4D STS could download directly". More on that later, because the next excerpts from Session 10 February 2018 compares radical leftist ideology with the Nazis.

Like the Nazis, on the left
There are two excerpts, and the first sets the stage for the second.
Q: (Pierre) Another question: Years ago in a previous session, you mentioned that Nazi Germany was a rehearsal. Next time, who is going to play the role of the Nazis, and who is going to play the role of the Jews?

A: That should be obvious by now. The objective, as we have said, was/is to eliminate true Semites from the gene pool.

Q: (L) Well... The question I have - and I'm not sure that I ever really asked it in such a direct way, or if it was ever really answered - is: What is a Semite?

A: Central Asian genetic type formed from two main lines.

Q: (Chu) Which lines?

A: Kantekkian and Homo Sapiens.

Q: (Artemis) Didn't they say that Kantekkians were the ones most filled with light and superpowered energies inside them?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) So they want to get rid of superpowered energy?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Evil!

(L) Okay, next question?

(Artemis) Are we Semitic?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) So we're going to be the Jews?

(Artemis) We are.

(Joe) None of us have Central Asia in our DNA, do we?

(L) I think we all come out of Central Asia ultimately.

(Joe) Not in our DNA results...

(L) Uh-huh! If you do all our mitochondria and stuff, you always end up there. [...]
(Joe) Pierre asked about the trial run and who will be the Nazis and who will be the Jews this time. They said that should be obvious by now, and the objective was to eliminate true Semites from the gene pool. Does that have anything to do with the radical leftist ideology that's taking over in the Western world?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) The true Semites, do they have the extra moral taste buds?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) I knew it!

(Joe) Are they really suggesting that this whole radical leftist ideology is going to go to an extreme in Western society?

A: Like the Nazis, they will try.

Q: (Pierre) Will they succeed?

(Joe) No dice!

(Pierre) A cataclysm will stop them.

(Joe) Well, it wasn't a cataclysm that stopped the Nazis. It was Mother Russia.

A: Wait and see!
Like the Nazis, on the right
In Session 14 May 2014, it is said that "There has long been survival of Nazi ideology in various places"
(Horseofadifferentcolor) I was kind of curious about Ukraine: the Cs once said in the past that Nazi Germany was a test run for everything that is happening today. Since the Nazis are kind of back in action over there, I was wondering if this is a continuation of what that was, or if it's just the US and their greed and their normal games? Or if there was something different about this Ukraine issue?

A: A combination. There has long been survival of Nazi ideology in various places. It has been encouraged by similar forces in the USA and Israel.
A note on "similar forces", there was in Session 19 July 2014:
(L) There was some control by MOSSAD in Kiev, and that whole Nazi business going on there...

(Kniall) They've been there for DECADES!

A: Yes!

Q: (L) I think that was answering Kniall there.
Might the other similar type be along the lines of the CIA? See for instance these articles by Cynthia Chung:
Fact checking the fact checkers: Why does Ukraine seem to have so many Nazis nowadays? and Bought and paid for: How the neo-nazi Ukrainian nationalist movement was nurtured by the CIA post-WWII and Operation Gladio: How NATO conducted a secret war against European citizens and their democratically elected governments and CIA, NATO and the great heroin coup: How Miami became the center of international fascism and the murder of President Kennedy

The political left and right - a complicated game
If many Christians are as brainwashed as many Woke people and neodarwinists, if both the left and the right can act as controlled opposition, if both the left and the right can become an instrument for policies that are comparable with historical precedents of Fascism and Nazism, then it is a complicated game, to which there was the issue of 4D STS wishing to create bodies into which they could download directly, as in:
Session 10 December 2022
Q: (L) So, humans are trying to get some kind of a... So, does that mean that some humans are suspicious of the aliens?

A: Oh yes. But clearly others are exactly as described: hosts of "walk-ins".
And from in this session:
A: Main prep should be psychological and spiritual. As to appearance, nothing like what you would expect. Most will be done via proxies as invaders do not fit earth's FRV. [Review of answer] Some dramatic displays of power and control are possible.

Q: (Joe) Who are the proxies most likely to be from our perspective?

A: Heads of government who are "plugged in" or replacements.
(L) So we have no idea what we're facing. And you can't help us out any more there?

A: To do so would violate learning directive. It is good that you know that prominent figures are already preparing the ground. Such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab.
See also Session 22 July 2012
A: It is more than just one species involved here!

Q: (L) What do you mean, like animals and stuff, or...?

A: Partly but think of the planet and its entire biosphere and which species is behaving like a virus.

Q: (L) Human beings?

A: Not all, but most are carriers.

Q: (Perceval) Psychopaths.

A: Yes and those that "infuse" them.

Q: (L) So, you mean 4D STS?

A: Yes.
But of course, some would not acknowledge an alien element any more than the idea that there can be similarities as to the degree of brainwashing between some Christians and some woke people.
We do not all perceive our reality the same way, and perhaps a part of it is due to deeper differences. The following excerpt discusses the case of people that deny the existence of viruses, but comments on other beliefs are made too.
Session 13 March 2021
(L) So why are people going off on this thing about there being no viruses?

A: They have the virus!!

Q: (L) Are you being facetious there?

A: Only a little.

Q: (Joe) It’s a very materialistic viewpoint. It's similar to the people who have decided that in terrorist attacks, it was all actors. Confronted with this idea that the government might actually harm them, willingly kill innocent people for their political agendas, they just shut down and cannot accept it. ...

A: Knowledge truly protects.

Q: (Chu) From viruses?

A: It can.

Q: (L) It's like we were talking about the other day... It's like Pavlov's experiments in transmarginal inhibition. You can bombard a creature with confusing or torturous signals or whatever to the point that it breaks something down in them. Then they can be altered mentally or emotionally. At the same time, many methods can be used to do this, including deliberately breaking down their health. These kinds of things are being directed at human beings continuously. The stresses of ordinary life, the propaganda, the contradictions... Those things are a constant. Another thing is that they're using various means like waves – a frequency fence, it was called once - and so forth like cell phone towers. And the Cs already said YEARS ago that those things turn your brain to Jello. And then you start believing things that are false. If you start believing things that are false or thinking a certain way, then your terrain is gonna be completely messed up and then you'll be more susceptible.

(Pierre) Yes, there is this beaming and this influence, but some people embrace those lies and some don't. There's a free will component which we discussed previously. But there's also from the recent session the fact that our connection to the information - to our thoughts basically - is connected to our proteins which are coded by our DNA which is composed in great part from viruses. When you see the No Plane theory, or the No Deaths at Boston Bombings theory, you see the same pattern of mass denial and SOME people embracing it. So it suggests that behind the virus thing, there might be a specific viral sequence that makes people prone to perceiving this kind of information again and again.

(Joe) Yeah. I don't know if you have to go that far with it, though. They've said before about the Actors theory that it's basically pattern recognition run amok.

(Andromeda) Or the Flat Earthers. They just don't have what it takes to comprehend the concept.

(Joe) They take it to an extreme. Black and white thinking. It's ALL a conspiracy - everything! Most people in the Western world today live in a materialistic paradigm. We can take a step back and see the bigger picture because we have a bigger cosmological or philosophical understanding behind it. But people who are focused only in the material world and they SEE correctly that there's something not right about this pandemic thing, they ascribe it ALL to material or worldly powers. Then they naturally decide that then everything is false - even viruses.

A: As we have said, it is not where you are, but who you are and what you see.

Q: (L) When you say, "what you see", you mean seeing the unseen, the truth underneath the lies?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And yet is it also true sometimes that where you are can make you more subject to being bombarded by external elements that are trying to change your FRV?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And in those cases you need to take extra precautions in order to maintain who you are and what you see with greater accuracy?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, there are many components to that little statement.

(PoB) These people have no respect for truth and reality and they prefer to be kind of exceptional or unique or whatever they think they are over what is real.

(L) Yeah, that's true. I've found myself to be wrong in my own thinking so many times that I came to rely on not just the Cs but on networking and kind of being ruthless about trying to peel away what's going on even in my own head. While it is true that when you hear something promoted by the media or even alternative sources that have not done any work on themselves, you can almost assume that the truth is exactly the opposite of what they are saying. But that isn’t always true. They are tricky. Think about “Protocol 17” – there’s a program for everyone.

(Joe) Yeah.

(Andromeda) People fixated on ideas like that don't have any ability to question, especially not their own thinking.

(L) At this point with their track record, I tend to give the Cs quite a bit more credibility - even more than my own ideas if I come up with something that's contrary or contradictory. The Cs have said that yes, viruses exist and are agents of change. I think I’ll stick with that.
There is a program for everyone, by extension whether Christian or not, whether rooting for the left or for the right.

Tuatha de Danaan

The Living Force
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The right and the left
You've done it again thorbiorn. Thank you so much for finding the sessions that make us see "there's a program for everyone" and we have got to be very careful about our own thinking. I also feel because we, on the forum, certainly know more about the hidden workings of the world than most people we have got to be very careful how we interact especially with family and friends. The temptation to divulge little nuggets without being asked is so strong sometimes we must practice external consideration.
I find this aspect so difficult but I hope I've not crossed the line.

Great finds thank you.


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"Emerge" sure is an interesting use of words. I took it to be a hint about the capacity for language having been present in the human design, but the "learning" of language having been helped by Kantekkians, or even "aliens" in several cases. We don't have a clue of what reality was like at the time, but I can imagine a sort of technology, sound and visual "phenomena" that taught language. In that sense, "emerge" could be referring to language "manisfesting" in front of humans for the purpose of teaching. No idea!
I just finished The Master and his emissary by Ian McGilChrist. The author explains how our ancestors (mainly the pre-Greek civilizations) seem to have been more reliant on the right hemisphere of the brain, or at least were using the two hemispheres with more harmony than we do today.

In the chapter about language, he makes the theory that the first mean of oral communication may not have been language, but singing. That language may have emerged from songs in order to bring structure, certainty, details to communication. In the same fashion, prose may have emerged from poetry to do away with ambiguity and metaphor.

I guess it's impossible to say with the few scraps of data we have from time the Kantekians arrived, but if it's true, then it could explain why the Cs used the term "emerge".

My two cents.

Natus Videre

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There is a program for everyone, by extension whether Christian or not, whether rooting for the left or for the right.
Yes, worshiping the left or the right is still... worshiping a pyramidal, totalitarian system. I used to be very confused about the Extreme Left vs Extreme Right, but now I see it as two sides of the same coin.

The Woke first try to 'include' everybody and give everybody some 'well-deserved' rights.
Diversity is strength. The more differences, the better. If you identify as a dog, we still love you for who you are. Don't be afraid, be proud of expressing yourself in our wonderful inclusive society. Show us your beautiful colors!
Then, in order to justify the 'freedoms' given by these abundant 'rights,' the Woke impose strict rules based on the 'greater good,' which everybody must follow. This is an attempt to diminish or even erase individual qualities and create a uniform pool of 'slaves.'
Even though Jimmy is 'leg-deficient,' he will run the marathon. We know you are 'foot-capable,' Mark, but you will have to run at Jimmy's pace and cross the finish line with him. Just imagine how bad Jimmy would feel if he saw you outpace him. Make an effort, Mark, it's not just for you, it's for everybody.
The last phase of the Woke ideology involves 'purification' where the goal is to aggressively 'fix' any supposed 'defect' in a person by technological means. Many people do not survive this step.
There is a pandemic of 'leg-deficient' people! We must address this problem immediately! Everybody must take the vaxx so that we never have to deal with this again. Look, Jimmy is already walking better after 3 doses. Mark, where are you? 'Foot-capable' people are hesitant. Find them and inject them with the cure. You can run, but you can't hide, Mark! Oh, Mark is unconscious on the floor...

The Fascists first convince the population that there is a 'parasitical' sub-group that is the reason for all their misery. The differences between that sub-group and the general population are overblown. This is the start of a witch hunt.
There are rats among us. They steal our food, run our factories and endanger the survival of our Pure race. We must act now. Find them before it's too late!
The hysteria reaches such a point that the elimination of the 'parasitical' sub-group becomes a 'moral' duty in the crazy minds of the fascists and their influenced minions.
These rats were hiding in the basement! Their party is now over! Look at how many we managed to kill. Glory to the Pure race!
And thus a state of 'purity' is reached when the 'parasitical' sub-group is annihilated. Every member of the 'Pure' race is a copy of its leader. New, stricter rules are not met with much resistance as only 'sheep' are remaining.
Victory! Glory to the Pure race! From now on, every Pure member must...

Ultimately, both ideologies lead to a defenseless, uniform society that is incapable of rebellion—a treat for 4D STS. In my opinion, the Woke ideology is harder to pull off, because people's sense of morality needs to be progressively undermined over many generations. The 'benefit' is that people will 'unconsciously' destroy each other at some 'desirable' point. Perhaps this is why the 'Fascist' method was first used as a testing ground, i.e. to 'practice' overt mind-control and forceful sub-group elimination, both of which are also components of the Woke agenda.


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