Session 12 July 1997


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July 12, 1997
Frank, Laura, Alice

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Deotton.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: In this underground bases book I have been reading, there are two old miners telling a story about falling through a hole in a mine into a city of gold with mummified soldiers sitting around a huge table, and a 98 foot tall, solid gold statue. I would like to know if this was just a story these guys made up?

A: Fable.

Q: So, they did not fall through a mine shaft into a city of gold in the Panamint Mountains?

A: The area around Death Valley does have many underground mysterious mysteries, but many have heard the legends.

Q: Okay. Just a general legend being repeated and embellished. I thought so. Now, I noticed when looking at the map that there is a place called "China Lake Naval Weapons Center" right next to Death Valley. I mean, aside from the fact that it is a NAVAL station nowhere near water, is this connected in anyway to these underground bases or cities?

A: In a circuitous way.

Q: I also notice that Edwards Air Force Base is a little to the South of there, and my guess is that these bases are connected to this underground tunnel system, these underground bases or cities. Am I going in the right direction?

A: Draw a line on the map to connect Death Valley, Edwards, and the Antelope Valley. Then connect with Mount Shasta, Mount Rainier, Back to Las Vegas, on to Sedona, over to the Archuleta Mesa, then on up to the Denver Airport.

Q: Well, speaking of the Denver Airport, Chloe may be going there soon because Samantha NOW has cancer to top off her lifetime of ongoing miseries. So, Chloe may be going out there. So, she will be close. Any comments?

A: Then have Chloe go to that airport, observe carefully, then report back her findings. Very important, because the murals there are directly connected to what you are studying carefully right now. Superclues to be found there, which can point to monstrous future plans of 4th density STS and much, much more. Be wary if Chloe resists the idea... This means something! Obviously it is not a hardship for her. But strongly suggest you keep your findings to within the group!

Q: Well, then, is it safe to go? I mean, has Samantha suddenly developed this "condition" just to lure Chloe out there? Does she really have as serious a condition as she says? Will she lose her nose?

A: It has been "blown out of proportion."

Q: Very cute! Well, I think that since Chloe talked to her about her bad choices, and she has had to admit that she is repeating these bad choices, that now she needs another excuse to perpetuate her choices, and that she can't otherwise complain about all these men being bad to her.

A: More or less.

Q: So, it could be a way of sustaining control of what SHE wants, while still getting sympathy?

A: Maybe.

Q: Is there any chance she will lose her nose?

A: No.

Q: Does she have cancer?

A: Yes. But, it is a good opportunity for Chloe to observe the murals, the atmosphere of the airport, and report back.

Q: Okay, in this relief painting done by Berenger Sauniere in the church at Rennes le Chateau, Mary Magdalene is depicted as gazing hopefully or reverently at a tree branch formed into a cross, stuck in the ground. What kind of tree is it?

A: The "tree of life."

Q: Well, I had a different idea... some people say it is an acacia tree. Are you saying it is not a genus, horticulturally?

A: Genus is family tree.

Q: And what family is it a family tree for?

A: Check your Magna for lesson.

Q: My magna? What in the world? Okay, "blue apples:" Stones or grapes?

A: Why not both?

Q: Okay! I can accept that! What was Berenger Sauniere collecting all those rocks for?

A: What about conductor?

Q: What do you mean?

A: What conducts.

Q: Was he building a little Stonehenge?

A: Have you researched the power of Stonehenge, and how it relates... where it fits in?

Q: Yes, we are bit by bit collecting things...

A: Well? And crop circles? Amazing connections... And what of "The Rosy Cross?"

Q: Well, this is what we are looking at! I have even discovered that Sir Francis Bacon's name is even derived from "beech," and that his Latin signature has the gematria number of 17 - and January 17 is the feast day of St. Anthony, who replaced St. Augustine in this affair somewhat... and I have connected the Rosicrucians all over the blasted planet, for crying out loud! And, who is who here? Just who are the good guys?

A: Airports are used by both.

Q: Well, what is THAT supposed to mean?

A: Transdimensional Atomic Remolecularizer.

Q: You mean there is a TDARM at the Denver Airport?

A: Not that simple... and much, much deeper meaning. Did you catch the latest report about Neanderthals and DNA and how it relates to you?

Q: Yes, I read it. But it seems that they have decided that this proves their screwy theory about the origins of mankind in deepest Africa.

A: Not "so screwy." Just the relating of the info.

Q: Well, I notice that there is a LOT of heating up of things lately. Gerald Ford admitted to altering the Warren Report, the Mars probe is admitting that there was once a LOT more water on Mars than could be "locked up" in permafrost as Sagan suggested. Good grief! I said that over 10 years ago! Yes, it took about 40 days for all the water on Mars to settle out of our atmosphere after Mars took a close swing and the Earth grabbed it's water.

A: Admissions of such types can be made when it is "convenient." Expect a veritable plethora... And massive numbers of UFO documentaries to be seen on TV....

Q: Okay. I have been looking for a "Percy" in the paper, but the only one I have found was the attorney for the Shabazz kid who killed his grandmother by setting fire to their apartment.

A: Keep eyes and mind open.

Q: What was the Eleusian mystery? Is this what we are supposed to be tracking back to? I mean, this is sort of where I have ended up?

A: One leg of the table.

Q: Okay, what is this P-S related to that appears on the stone slab from the Rennes le Chateau churchyard? Everybody is talking about the "Priory of Sion." But, what does this P-S mean? Is that it?

A: Look into ancient tongues...

Q: Ancient tongues? Get me a little closer to it!

A: Swords, daggers pierce...

Q: Is this P-S something about "Percy?" Swords, daggers, pierce... Damascus? Damascus steel?

A: Search for learning.

Q: Okay. Now, I have got this "Et in Arcadia ego" rearranged to "Tiena arca Ida geo." Am I onto something here, or am I nowhere near it?

A: Close.

Q: And we have the Rho-Chi for Rosy Cross, and we have the Ida, which is Tejeda on Tenerife, and we have the REDDIS, which I am interpreting as Rhedae, or Rhea, which is another name for Ceres or Demeter, and REGIS as Dionysus, one being the earth and the other being the spirit, and the CELLIS being the feminine principle, and the Arcis being the masculine principle... and then we have this Prae-cum which is above the spider image. Why is the arrow pointing from the P-S down to the spider? What is the spider?

A: You know of the spider!

Q: Well, yes, but I know what I know, but I don't know if I am getting anywhere!

A: You will when you connect "the dots."

Q: Connect the dots... My God! Swords, daggers.... I GET IT!

A: It is the "destiny!"

Q: Yeah! I just got the image of the "Piercing of the spider," rather like pinning it to a piece of paper as a specimen where it can no longer spin its web and entrap!!!

Q: Okay, here is Ark's first question: “if the general view of the situation that I wrote you, "bird's-eye view" is correct?”

A: Why not? The thought would not be so "nagging" if were not so!

Q: “Or, perhaps, I am missing some important point(s), and if so what is(are) this point(s)?”

A: When one is on a quest for true learning and higher knowledge, there are no "missing points," only those not yet discovered!

Q: “How ‘long’ will they still be able to use the Cassiopaean transmitter, should we start to take some steps thinking of the future when the transmission point will have to be moved? Or, perhaps, this is not something we have to worry about in advance? I would like to know.... I do not like to be taken by surprise”....

A: No need to worry!

Q: Is there anything that you can say to help him with his worries? He is probably gonna worry anyway...

A: "If one has the will of a Lion, one does not have the fate of a mouse!"

Q: Very cute! I liked that one! But, now, you took the wind out of my sails with the answer about the destiny. But, in my perception of this arrangement on this stone, is it that the two sides need to be united, is that correct? Or is the Arrow from the P-S pointing at the spider a divider of two opposing groups?

A: Open for your discovery!

Q: Oh, you guys are BAD to me tonight!

A: No, we be berry berry goood to Lawra! {Multiple letter o in “goood” as given.}

Q: Okay, the night before last, I heard a noise and something was trying to push me out of my body. I more or less "threw" mental force and it went away, and at that exact moment I saw a lizard run across my window. It really freaked me out! Who was in my room pushing me out of my body?

A: Who do you think?

Q: Well, obviously, it was a Lizzie because the universe gave me that clever little sign. But, what was the purpose of that little exercise in mental domination?

A: Needs no purpose, just is!

Q: What was the influence that caused our little "event" of the past few days?

A: S waves.

Q: What is an S wave?

A: Look it up.

Q: Who was being subjected to the S waves?

A: Ark.

Q: Was this having an effect because of the events in Dijon?

A: Semi.

Q: Well, what other factor is involved?

A: Arkadiusz is strong willed. Must be to be seeker of worlds. To paraphrase: "I am become ONE... Creator of worlds." And, on that contemplative note, good night.

End of Session


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This section of the transcript piqued my curiosity.

Laura said:
July 12, 1997
Frank, Laura, Alice
Q: Okay, what is this P-S related to that appears on the stone slab from the Rennes le Chateau churchyard? Everybody is talking about the "Priory of Sion." But, what does this P-S mean? Is that it?

A: Look into ancient tongues...

Q: Ancient tongues? Get me a little closer to it!

A: Swords, daggers pierce...

Q: Is this P-S something about "Percy?" Swords, daggers, pierce... Damascus? Damascus steel?

A: Search for learning.

Q: Okay. Now, I have got this "Et in Arcadia ego" rearranged to "Tiena arca Ida geo." Am I onto something here, or am I nowhere near it?

A: Close.

Q: And we have the Rho-Chi for Rosy Cross, and we have the Ida, which is Tejeda on Tenerife, and we have the REDDIS, which I am interpreting as Rhedae, or Rhea, which is another name for Ceres or Demeter, and REGIS as Dionysus, one being the earth and the other being the spirit, and the CELLIS being the feminine principle, and the Arcis being the masculine principle... and then we have this Prae-cum which is above the spider image. Why is the arrow pointing from the P-S down to the spider? What is the spider?

A: You know of the spider!

Q: Well, yes, but I know what I know, but I don't know if I am getting anywhere!

A: You will when you connect "the dots."

Q: Connect the dots... My God! Swords, daggers.... I GET IT!

A: It is the "destiny!"

Q: Yeah! I just got the image of the "Piercing of the spider," rather like pinning it to a piece of paper as a specimen where it can no longer spin its web and entrap!!!

After searching for "stone slab from the Rennes le Chateau churchyard", I found this image that seems to be what Laura was deciphering.


retrieved from this site:

After looking at the "spider" for awhile it actually looks more like an octopus, to me.

So did a little searching about octopus, and a hit for illuminati came up and found some interesting connections put together on the BeforeItsNews site.

The Sign Of Leviathan
Saturday, December 6, 2014 4:24

[snipped...Very interesting correlations the author makes regarding Hollywood's incorporation of the octopus symbolism in heroic movies]
From the ancient writings of the prophets, including the Book of Enoch, and from many books of the Bible, we read about the old serpent, the multi-headed dragon, the Hydra, the Leviathan. In Jewish cabalism and esoteric mystery schools like the Golden Dawn, the Great Beast from the depths of the underworld is understood to represent the evil empire of the elder gods from a “time before time,” the so-called “kingdom of Edom,” that was defeated by God’s angels and cast into the Abyss so that the children of Adam could rule over the present reality.

However, these same ancient energies are implied to be lying dormant beneath the seas of chaos, and are nonetheless being tapped into by those humans who choose to do the bidding of the serpent. Moreover, we know that these servants of Hell are channeling these energies to put themselves into power, and then using their earthly powers to summon the Great Beast up from the depths to rule existence directly through them in a “New World Order” that is simply a replication of the old.

The symbol of this new order anciently was a leviathan. Leviathans had been depicted in many forms, in some cultures this idea was shown as a gigantic sea serpent that was under the power of Neptune or Poseidon.

It also was depicted has a huge octopus and eventually was seen as a symbol of the Demiurge. The Demiurge was the subordinate or substitute of the divine. There was the kingdom of the Supreme Being, and then there was the subordinate kingdom that was raised from the depths and used as a substitute or perhaps even a counterfeit to the divine kingdom of God.


The Octopus as a symbol of the Gnostic Demiurge, from Alpha Galates

The kingdom of the Demiurge or Leviathan was based in the material and not the spiritual. Therefore was seen as the kingdom of Satan or Saturn. The symbol of the octopus has been linked to Gnostic sorcery and the notion that a new world can be forged in the guise of a godly kingdom.

This new world or new dawn of time is to be the Age of Aquarius. It promises to be a time of the revelation of the method, the unveiling of Isis, and the eventual messianic legacy of fulfillment which for some means the second coming or incarnation of the messiah.

According to the followers of the occult, there are three gates that need to be opened to usher in the Age of Aquarius.

This will include a new world order, and a new messianic prophet who will unite the world after a possible global collapse. This collapse could be economic, political, religious, or a combination of them all. This new messianic prophet will be called counterfeit by those who know the sign of his coming.

Before he arrives there is to be a time of a great purging of human beings. They will be caught up in war, famine plague and pestilence.

It is believed that the period of transition between the ages extends many years,. Then comes the period of transcendence, which will bring forth great commotion and trouble from the depths of the underworld.

And we are living during one of these periods between the outgoing Age of Pisces and the incoming Age of Aquarius. That is the time when the Beast will arise and completely reveal himself from the murky depths of the many waters.

When the Earth progresses into a new age, there is a precipitation of incoming energies, causing significant variations in terrestrial occurrences. We can expect strange weather patterns, an increase in earthquake activity, and natural disasters unseen on this planet for thousands of years. The possibility of an asteroid hitting the earth is not out of the question.

We are on the threshold of a new era, but the birth of the Age of Aquarius will be attendant with toil and pain. All the prophets and messengers of light warn of cataclysmic Earth changes and an immense global catastrophe heralding the advance into Aquarius.

Of course, the ending of one age is also the beginning of a new one, but we should not expect overnight transformations. The supposed “dawning of the Age of Aquarius” in the 60s, like all false dawns, quickly fizzled out. The belief that we entered Aquarius and are now in a new era of universal love, peace and brotherhood is a delusion suffered by many adherents of the “New Age.” The grave mistake of believing that on a certain date the Earth, along with all humanity, will be automatically transformed to a new level is a serious misinterpretation of astrological cycles.

In the new world, with the coming of this new dawn of enlightenment that we have all taken part in, those who kill in the name of preserving an agenda make history. The surviving victims live in fear of the next time those in power go on a murdering spree. We are all looking for someone to save us from our peril. But we can’t be saved in ignorance. We have been programmed to be stupid.

Unfortunately, people have learned that it is best to play dumb and criticize those who try to be inquisitive. “Stupid is as stupid does,” you know. “Life is a box of chocolates,” and if you take a bite out of a couple of pieces, you can eliminate the caramels from the nuts. That’s the way they want it, and most Americans feel obliged to allow it.

Is anyone going to reveal that the zeitgeist has been hijacked by some demonic mindset, and that we are so caught up in anger at each other that we have no way of turning back?


Symbol of NROL-39, a satellite launched by the National Reconnaissance Office

In Thomas Hobbs book Leviathan from 1651, that classic work on the philosophy of statecraft asserted that people will always fight with each other to their mutual ruin (what he called “the war of all against all”) unless an all-encompassing absolutist sovereign can take over and save us all from ourselves.

Hobbs proclaimed that this dictator must control both the power of the sword and the power of the crown and the mitre (the military power of the state and the ecclesiastical powers of the clergy). He will subsume every single aspect of society, including the people themselves, into the gigantic body of his empire, with himself as the head. This creature he likened to the monster Leviathan from the Bible. This man-beast was illustrated in the frontispiece to the book, above the words from The Book of Job 41:24: “There is no power on earth to be compared to him.” A special copy given to King Charles II showed the creature with multiple faces.

Now what does it say to you that a work of philosophy like this was presented to and eagerly accepted by the King of England, who is also a direct descendant of many of the power elite today? Do you realize that this book is still considered a classic and studied in colleges today as a legitimate ideal of how a state should be run?

[continued on next page]

I couldn't begin to analyze anything else on the stone slab and its relation to Rennes le Chateau, the Priory of Sion or Octopussy club (i must say though, there are many folks out there attempting to decipher this slab)

Anyway, this whole octopus symbolism was new and surprising to me and thought I'd share it.
It seems to fit the "destiny" reference even more so.

Sott search brought up this thread regarding Casolara's octopus provided by Laura back in 2007.

*yawn* g'night


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Merci de m'avoir fait découvrir cette session de 1997... Je vois aussi une pieuvre et non une araignée... Belle recherche très instructive, encore Merci...
Merci aussi à Laura, son équipe et aux Cassiopéens pour leur transmission... Je suis étonnée qu'il y ait peut de message concernant cette page...

Thank you for making me discover this 1997 session ... I also see an octopus, not a spider ... Beautiful very informative research, thank you again ...
Also thank you to Laura, his team and Cassiopaeans for transmission ... I am surprised that there may message about this page ...


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Found this interesting:

of Dame Marie de Nègre d’Ables, Marquise de Blanchefort.

The inscriptions on the tombstone of Dame Marie de NEGRE D’ABLES, d. 17 January 1781, were meticulously removed with a burin by the Abbé SAUNIERE during his nocturnal investigations in the cemetery of RENNES-LE-CHATEAU*; after, this the slab was used to cover the cemetery's new ossuary.

The presence of this stone was duly attested to by E. CROS, and it was placed horizontally on the tomb in 1781 by the Abbé BIGOU, who had retrieved it near Les Pontils.

The tombstone showed a certain number of inscriptions, grouped and judiciously spread out in a symmetrical order. We find here words in Latin and, oddly, a few Greek letters.

Vertically we can see, on the left and right of the slab, two groups of letters that have to be taken as the inscription in Nicolas POUSSIN's painting:


In the centre of the slab are four Latin words, grouped two by two, and which can be read horizontally as well as vertically.

At the top are two capital letters, "P" and "S". Wound around these letters is a curve that starts before the "P" and ends in front of the "S".

At the bottom of the funeral slab an animal is depicted, surmounted by the inscription "PRAE-CUM".

The two inscriptions, top and bottom, are linked by a two-way arrow that separates like an axis the four words in the centre of the slab.


It is made up of four words that can be read in two directions.




P-S are the initials of "PECUNIA SUA", an inscription found on burial places containing a precious deposit.

In this case, the letters "P-S" indicate the presence of a TREASURE behind the HOLY SEPULCHRE.
The curved line starting before the P and returning to end before the S indicates the nature of the treasure.
The letter of the alphabet preceding the P is the letter O, and that preceding the letter S is R. Thus we obtain the letters O and R (OR), specifying that the treasure is composed mostly of GOLD.***

The animal represented is not an octopus as some have assumed.
It depicts a spider, and we affirm that this is one of the representations of the Ark of the Covenant.

The spider lying in wait at the centre of its web, which is a mortal trap, perceives information coming from every direction.

The Ark of the Covenant, hidden from view on an elevation, emits its mortal rays in every direction, condemning the imprudent person who comes into its cavern... ("Shepherd, no temptation...").

"CUM" is a Latin word translating as "WITH".
"PRAE" translates as "BEFORE" or "BESIDE".

* IS means JESUS (from IesouS).
** See Portal of the Initiates in Chartres Cathedral (ARCHA CEDERIS reads JESUS WILL REIGN BY THE ARK).

The central, superior and inferior inscriptions, between which the four central words are found, all geometrically and symmetrically arranged, mean:

JESUS, King of Rhedae, hidden near Arques, reigns by the Ark.
Behind him is the TREASURE composed of gold.
Not far from him, and in front, is the Ark.

This refers to a "situation plan" from the Templar era:

- After the creation of the Order of the Temple, since it is the Ark (Spider) that can be seen, brought back in 1127 from Jerusalem, an exploit which was the origin of the creation of the Order of the Temple.

- Before the fall of the Order of the Temple, since JESUS, OR (gold), and ARCHE (Ark) are gathered together, which would not be the case after 1307.

The anagram discovered is simple, and its meaning explicit. If we write from end to end the central inscriptions:


The anagram is:


In this case, P.S. must be read "Pierre Sacrée" (Sacred Stone), and designates the menhir of Peyrolles, still called "Pierre dressée" (Standing Stone) on the French IGN map.

We still had to clarify the P and the S, with the help of the name of neighbouring villages.
- The origin of the name Peyrolles (P) is reported by Patrick FERTE on page 307 of: "ARSENE LUPIN SUPERIEUR INCONNU".

For Louis Fedié, this megalith owed its name to the territory in which it lay, Peyrolles, whose etymology is:

"Stone-funerary urn".

- The origin of the name Serres (S) could, according to Messrs HIVERT and MURAT, come from the Sanskrit "Sar", which means "star" (ser in Celtic). In our view, this could be an allusion to the Holy Grail, one of whose denominations is "The morning star".

P. FERTE (pp. 140-141) reports the opinions of several authors concerning the Peyrolles menhir:

According to historian Louis FEDIE:
"The menhir of PEYROLLES is only some 200 metres from the road, across from milepost 65 km. It is in ancient (sic) limestone, inclined S.S.O. and raised 2m50 above the ground. Its greatest width is 0.75 m, its thickness 0.60 m. It is said that a VAST EXCAVATION EXISTS UNDER THE MONUMENT, the earth resonating hollowly at the foot of the megalith (note of the late Abbé ANCE). But here we are finally across from the château d’ARQUES."

"We should mention a circumstance that struck us greatly. Around this and almost at the base of the monument, the firm terrain, which seems encrusted with pebbles, presents a singular phenomenon. It sounds hollow under horses' hooves, as if the rider were passing over a vault. Is there, near the Celtic stone, a cavern hollowed out by nature? Or is it the hand of man that has dug the ground at this point and hollowed out a cavity of some size?"

"We are justified in believing that a cavity lies under this peulvan, a natural grotto or cavern dug by the hand of man, a good place for excavations."

According to Monsieur G. SICARD (1926):
"The ground resonates under foot around the monument and it is said that a fairly wide cavity or excavation exists underground."

According to Monsieur MAZIERES:
"M. COURTEJAIRE had established that there, where can be seen the raised stone of Les Pontils, near the village of ARQUES, hence north-east of RENNES-LE-CHATEAU, there is a fault. By deduction, he was persuaded that in this place there was an ancient Iberian-Gallic temple, volque, and perhaps caches..."


The tombstone of Dame Marie de NEGRE D’ABLES contains a perfect anagram, which authenticates the reconstitution carried out by Ernest CROS, engineer and former Ecole Polytechnique student.

There are 46 letters for the anagram and 46 letters for the slab if we count the "e" of PRAECUM and G for the Holy Grail (spider), while the two Templar crosses form the two (+).

According to Jean ROBIN ("LE ROYAUME DU GRAAL", p. 254):
"It was rear admiral CAGGER who found the text of the anagram."
Unfortunately, his erroneous interpretation misled generations of searchers.

It indicates the hiding place where the Tomb of Jesus Christ was moved:


Our translation:

CELLA = PETITE PIECE, CAVE... (CAVEAU, if a burial place).
ARCHIS: comes from ARC = ARCHE = VOUTE = SECRET (arcane): = HIDING PLACE
PAGO = PAYS = CITE (CITY) (means surrounding country as well; the city is the "urb").
R + C + C = ROSE + CROIX + CABALISTIQUE. (The Catholic Rose Croix of PELADAN, founded in 1891, was a symbol AND a decoy...).

Our interpretation:


This city is ALET, because it contained a sizeable Jewish community (it has a "rue de la Juiverie" and a house said to be that of the prophet NOSTRADAMUS), and was designated as chosen (élue) because it was the residence of the saviour.


Patrick FERTE showed that NOSTRADAMUS came from CARCASSONNE, through his paternal ascendance (converted Jew), but until the recent past it was assumed he had come from ALET ("ARSENE LUPIN SUPERIEUR INCONNU", pp. 276-279).


The ROSICRUCIANS who moved the Holy Sepulchre to the City of Alet encoded their message on the "Pontils" tombstone, on which the Templars had engraved the Great Secret.

The process, using the already existing letters, which combined genius, beauty and harmony is, strictly speaking, divine.

We are going to show that the mysterious inscription "ET IN ARCADIA EGO" in the paintings of GUERCHIN and POUSSIN was not created "ex-nihilo", but based on supernumerary letters, resulting from the difference between those of the anagram on the finished tombstone containing the hidden message, and those of the primitive Templar inscription.

Let us write end to end the words of the initial Templar inscription, and those of the R + C anagram.

- Templar inscription (32 letters)


- Hidden message (anagram) of the funerary slab (46 letters)


Let us count the letters for each expression:

2A5 3C4 1D2 4E6 2G3 1H1 4I6 2L2 1M1 0N1 0O1 2P2 4R5 5S5 0T1 1U1

The surplus of supernumerary letters is as follows:

3A, 1C, 1D, 2E, 1G, 2I, 1N, 1O, 1R, 1T, i.e. 14 letters.


AAA, C, D, EE, G, I I, N, O, R, T.

These 14 letters were assembled in order to compose the expression:


This EXOTERIC inscription means literally:


and applies perfectly to the Holy Sepulchre hidden in the region of Arques.

We will discover how each of the letters was used, in order to give it an ESOTERIC and more precise meaning.
The 14 letters were divided into two groups of 7 letters, into which it was necessary to incorporate the two pluses (+).


The "P" and the "X" are two Greek letters (P being the sign of the Ro, and X the Chi), which were pronounced "R" and "C"; they were substituted to form the monogram of Jesus.

The Templar cross placed intentionally in the centre of a triangle, A + PX, allows several readings:
- The inscription can be "pronounced":

- The inscription can be read:

- Its hidden meaning is:
ET IN "A + XP" or ET IN ”A + PX”

"A" could signify Aleth or Arques, or any other locality whose name starts with the letter "A".
"+" could signify the symbol for "TOMB". (As in R + C).
"XP" was the monogram designating CHRIST(Xpistos) in the time of the Emperor CONSTANTINE (fourth to sixth century).


"A + XP"

Certain Latin letters were replaced by Greek letters, with a very precise aim, and attracting attention:
- The representation on the right ending with the letter "OMEGA" invites us to consider that the first "A" should read "ALPHA".

"ALPHA and OMEGA" symbolises GOD (Revelation 22.(13))
"I am the Alpha and the Omega"

- The representation can also be cut up into three words that could read, from top to bottom, "A DIA EGO", homophonously "ME TO GOD" or "CREATURE OF GOD".

- In this second lateral inscription, the Templar cross is no longer in the centre of a triangle as before, but in the alignment of a DELTA and an "I", indicating a rectilinear reading direction.

The replacement of the "D" by a D has no aim other than phonetic:
The D is pronounced DALETH in Hebrew.
"I" is the first letter of the Hebrew word IESHOUAH.
The inscription should be pronounced in Hebrew:

"D + I"

This reading confirms brilliantly our interpretation in Greek and in Latin (R + C = Area-Tomb-Christ).
It recalls the key that the initiate PARACELSUS (friend of the Rosicrucians) had inscribed on the pommel of his sword, "AZOTH", which represents the trilingual translation of the Symbol of Jesus (Apocalypse 22.(13)).
The body of JESUS CHRIST, perfectly preserved, lies in ALETH; hidden King, sleeping King, he awaits, according to the Prophecy, his second resurrection which will announce the golden age and the establishment of the Kingdom of God:

"I am laid low in the dust; resuscitate me according to your word."
Psalms 119.(25).

The left and right vertical inscriptions, put end to end, are pronounced:

and mean:

This is the Great SECRET, contained in the three paintings of GUERCHIN and POUSSIN, of which the last, the most elaborate, expresses to perfection the message of the painter, as we will show.

- In all likelihood in at least the sixteenth century, given the mention of ROSICRUCIAN, "heir" movement of the hidden tradition of the Order of the Temple.

- Obligatorily anterior to the most ancient of the inscriptions mentioning the inscription

Patrick FERTE in fact reports ("ARSENE LUPIN SUPERIEUR INCONNU", page 136) that:
"This formula recalls a German engraving of the sixteenth century representing "THE KING OF THE NEW SION dethroned after inaugurating the Golden Age "." (This would be an allegory on the defeat and torment of John of Leiden, head of the Anabaptists, who had tried to found in Munster a New Jerusalem in the form of an egalitarian republic).


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Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces informations très intéressantes...

Thank you for all these very interesting information ...


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Sorry about the mis-print in my last post on this thread...should be Casolaro, not Casolara.
Must not have editing capabilities yet.

Also the link for Casolaro's Octopus didn't work either. Here's the link for the thread regarding,7401.msg52558/topicseen.html#msg52558

Casolaro was gathering information on the great conspiracy of the Early Bush Regime of the 1980's. The book was to be titled "The Octopus"
After he died of an apparent suicide (suspected murder), jounalist Kenn Thomas and David Keith wrote a book about Casolaro's work he compiled and the mystery surrounding his death. That book is titled: The Octopus: The Secret Government and Death of Danny Casolaro
A provocative analysis of the mysterious death of journalist Danny Casolaro discusses the link between the death and high-level government conspiracy involving the Iran-Contra affair, the October Surprise, BCCI, and other political scandals and cover-ups.



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Mary Magdalene
Q: Okay, in this relief painting done by Berenger Sauniere in the church at Rennes le Chateau, Mary Magdalene is depicted as gazing hopefully or reverently at a tree branch formed into a cross, stuck in the ground. What kind of tree is it?

A: The "tree of life."

Q: Well, I had a different idea... some people say it is an acacia tree. Are you saying it is not a genus, horticulturally?

A: Genus is family tree.

Q: And what family is it a family tree for?

A: Check your Magna for lesson.
Magna could be seen as the feminine form of the adjective "magnus" which means great.
Magna is also a female given name used in Germany and Scandinavia.
While tree of life could mean the Kaballist tree of life, this is not indicated by the "Genus is family tree." In a family tree the great are the ancestors and when it is "Magna" it could relate to a female, either a great woman in general, or to someone in the line of the grandmother or great-grandmother's line.

And the relief painting could be this one, from Apartments "Maria Magdalena" in Rennes le Château
In the heart of Rennes le Château, near the famous church dedicated to Maria Magdalena and the Bérenger Saunière Museum, there are two apartments. The former private garden of Bérenger Saunière, now the garden restaurant "Le Jardin de Marie" is right next door.
Meanings and roots of the word "Magdalene":
From Etymonline:
magdalen (n.)
"reformed prostitute," 1690s, in reference to "Mary called Magdalene out of whom went seven devils," disciple of Christ (Luke viii.2), who often is identified (especially since 5c. and especially in the Western Church) with the unnamed penitent "woman in the city, which was a sinner" in Luke vii.37-50. See Magdalene.

Entries linking to magdalen

fem. proper name, from Latin (Maria) Magdalena, "Mary of Magdala," the companion and supporter of Jesus, from Greek Magdalene, literally "woman of Magdala," from Aramaic (Semitic) Maghdela, place on the Sea of Galilee, literally "tower" (compare Hebrew migdal "tower," from gadal "be great or high"). The vernacular form of the name, via French, has come to English as maudlin.
From Abarim Pubication , there is under Magdala meaning
The name Magdala: Summary
Tower Of El
From (1) the noun מגדל (migdal), tower, and possibly (2) the word אל ('el), God.
Related names
• Via גדל (gadel): Gedaliah, Giddalti, Giddel, Haggedolim, Igdaliah, Magdalene, Migdal-el, Migdal-gad, Migdol
• Via אל ('el): See the 'browse by form' menu for a long list of 'el-names.

The name Magdala in the Bible

The name Magdala may not actually be a Biblical name. The evangelist Matthew may mention it as the destination of Jesus, right after he had fed the 4,000, but many manuscripts read Magadan (MATTHEW 15:39). In the parallel version told by Mark, neither Magdala nor Magadan appears and Mark has Jesus go to Dalmanutha (MARK 8:10).

Neither Magadan nor Dalmanutha are mentioned by any other writer in antiquity, which leads scholars to believe that in neither case Magdala is meant and both names refer to something else than a physical location. Please refer to our articles on either name for a discussion on that idea.

But even if Magdala isn't mentioned in Biblical Scripture, it's known through the Talmud and in the Bible through its famous native, namely Mary Magdalene — or so it is supposed ...

Etymology of the name Magdala

The name Magdala is thought to be a Hellenized version of the Hebrew name of that same town, namely Migdal-El, which occurs in Joshua 19:38. That name consists of the name אל, El, the common abbreviation of the word אלהים, Elohim, the genus God:

אל אלה​

In names אל ('el) usually refers to אלהים ('elohim), that is Elohim, or God, also known as אלה ('eloah). In English, the words 'God' and 'god' exclusively refer to the deity but in Hebrew the words אל ('l) and אלה ('lh) are far more common and may express approach and negation, acts of wailing and pointing, and may even mean oak or terebinth.​

The first part is מגדל (migdal), which is generally translated with tower, from the verb גדל (gadel), meaning to become strong or great:

Excerpted from: Abarim Publications' Biblical Dictionary​


The verb גדל (gadel) means to become strong or great, particularly by combining many ordinary elements into a big strong strand or collection of some sort.​
The noun מגדל (migdal) or מגדול (migdol) literally describes a place or agent for greatness. It's the word for tower, and a tower is not only a big strong thing consisting of many bricks, it also formed the center of a community around which all houses and all activity unfolded. From their tower people kept lookout over the community's territories, and launched offensives when the community was attacked. A tower could carry a fire and from it folks trumpeted signals. Towers drew its people from wherever they might roam. Over time they developed into central storage houses, banks and seats of government. Towers are buildings around which the greatness of a people forms and in which it becomes manifested.​
Participle or adjective גדל (gadel) means a becoming great or growing up. Noun גדל (godel) means greatness or pride. Plural noun גדלים (gedilim) refers to tassels or festoons made from twisted strands. The very common adjectives גדול (gadol) and גדולה (gadola) mean great. Noun גדולה (gedulla) means greatness or great one.​

Magdala meaning

For a meaning of the name Migdal-El, from which the name Magdala is thought to derive, NOBSE Study Bible Name List, BDB Theological Dictionary and Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names all read Tower Of God.
Q: The Rosicrucians? So, what does that have to do with this bloodline and Holy Grail business, and Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene... I mean, did Mary Magdalene exist as a person?

A: Yes.

Q: Was she the wife of Jesus?

A: No.
The mystery of Mary Magdalene remains. There is a possibility that myth, symbol and reality intertwine; one interpretation might not exclude another. For the general history, see the Wiki.
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