Session 10 December 2016

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Thanks for the update.

What has been going through my thoughts lately is that we are due to see our second sun and that this was going to happen fairly soon. If so, we truly are on the doorstep of change. I will have to wait and see on that.

Glad to hear that the crystallization of the Cassiopaea nation is about ready to move forward.


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Some factions are becoming so desperate I wouldn't be surprised to see another 9/11 type of attack, and Marshall law, before Trump takes office on January 20th, all that combined with some seriously cold weather that brings large parts of the nation to a stand still and worse.

Added: I've seen 9:11 on the clock three times in the past week without having it on my mind, simply wondering what time it is.


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Thank you for another insightful and interesting session you all! :flowers: It will be interesting to witness the next 40 days.

It is wonderful that your leg has gotten so much better, Laura!


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[quote author= Saša]I didn't get the impression that it's about the (final) End of the World, in the exact meaning of that phrase.
Instead, maybe due to religious upbringing, this "40 or so days" reminded me on lent; time period of "preparing our body, mind and soul for the most joyful event of all".[/quote]

lol, no, I wasn't celebrating that. I just meant the World in it's current form. I think I got a bit to excited. And it doesn't has to get any better. But I am hoping it will be the start of it.

I am hoping they will miscalculate in a big way and it will reveal the man behind the curtain.


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Thanks for the new session. Seems like a lot of exciting things are ahead, especially on the political stage. I always thought taking Iran was part of the endgame for the Western elite. That part of the session made me think of what Wesley Clark said about "7 countries in 5 years" (although it didn't turn out that way for the elite; they're behind schedule).

I'm looking forward to the Crystal Connection Project. And it was a good idea that you finally addressed the Keshe technology stuff via the board - hopefully the answers are taken into consideration by said member. I'm also glad to hear that your leg is recovering, Laura, and that you're feeling better.


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Thank you very much for conducting this interesting session and for sharing it with us. Indeed, it sounds like some ride in front of us! Let's wait and see...

Glad, that the Reiki has been helping your leg getting better, Laura. Onwards and upwards :flowers:

I am also looking forward to the deeper connection via the Crystal Network :wizard:


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Million thanks for this wonderful session!
I am glad Laura is feeling better and hope health problems will not bother the crew in these times.

Anyone here still not Reiki attuned? There aren't many Reiki masters in my country and I don't know if there are negative consequences for being "bad" attuned.. is it even possible?
What are your experiences?


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I am glad that your leg troubles are (almost) gone after this very long time, Laura. Thank you for sharing this session.

Interesting time we are living and "promising" to get even more interesting.

I am also looking forward to the Crystal Connection Network shows and other developments. Thank you all for your work in this! :flowers:


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Thanks for the new session! Glad you are on the road to full recovery, Laura, and looking forward to the next step in the Crystal Connection Project. :thup: :headbanger:


Yesterday I had a strong feeling of upcoming transcript so I checked yesterday and today.
I also got the impression that is in preparing some drama in the next 40 days, because they desperately want to prevent Trump to become president. The last is the CIA investigation and the announcement on repetition of the elections.


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Thank you for the wonderful session! :flowers:
Laura said:
Session Date: December 10th 2016
Q: (L) Today's date is December the 10th, 2016. {Review of those present} So, hello!

A: Hello to all! Exciting times ahead! It is time to rock and roll!

(L) Fillonah. Alright then. I guess we have some questions. We'll save the politics until later. I know you made that interesting intro and that was supposed to cue me to lead into political questions. However, we have a smaller list of questions that we'd like to get done before we get launched into that. The first thing is that we've been having our regular Reiki Nights. I have had almost a full recovery of my horrible leg as a result. That's been helped along with some massage and some cupping and rolling and few other things. But basically it's when we started the Reiki that I made the BIG leap of improvement. So we're proceeding on with the Reiki activities. So, we have a couple of further questions about Reiki and the first one is: Do the symbols in and of themselves have any power other than what people imbue in them?

A: Indeed, however, it requires the attuning to connect to the symbols and "drive" them.
I am glad to hear you have good improvement. :hug: I was doing Reiki twice a week, if not every day, I see improvement in flow and calmness.

(L) Okay, the second symbol you gave us years ago, the Ohnh tu shayti sunehn, I'm gonna break the question down into parts starting with: How to use it?

A: Inscribe over heart chakra 4 times.

Q: (L) Okay. That's how to use it. When to use it?

A: For those who are ready to receive advanced lessons and insight. Use with caution.

Q: (L) I guess the key there is "advanced lessons", because advanced lessons can sometimes be extremely painful. Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Of course, it's a matter of perspective.

A: Yes

Q: (L) But still.

(Joe) So how would we make that determination?

A: Choice.
Is the "Advanced lessons" are essential for learning 3D lessons. Obviously I am scared of making choice.

Q: (Joe) On the first question about do symbols have power in and of themselves, the answer was "yes". What power do they have?

(L) Well, we went through that. It's like the car that can be driven, but you have to be connected to drive it.

(Joe) Well, that's just an analogy, but in what way do symbols have power?

(Data) The car has power, but it's turned off.

A: Connectors to information.

Q: (Pierre) So, that reminds me of something. I was thinking along the line of the meaning of those symbols. It seems that at least those few symbols, and maybe others, having a universal meaning. The way they connect or interact with the information field is universal. It's not subjective or arbitrary.

(L) Right.

(Pierre) It's universal. I guess that's the case, so my question is: Is the fundamental language of this information field geometric shapes?

A: Yes
Nice . That's how Mathematics is universal language?.

(L) Right. Okay, next question: What type of belief do you need in order to effect positive change?

A: Full understanding of the nature of your connection to all that is will get you there.

Q: (L) That's a pretty tall order. I mean, you have to really... How do you get there, that is, gain an understanding of your connection to the All?

A: Meditation.

Q: (L) And we can refer back to previous discussions on meditation which include seeded meditation. Alright, this is an interesting question: How come people experience short spurts of inspiration and then depression and hopelessness return?

A: It's all about balance. The measure of creativity can be approximated by the depth and duration of the plunge. Note however, the effort required to pull in inspiration is high at present due to massing of negative energies around your planet.

Q: (L) So it takes more of whatever it is to get it, and then you not only have your balancing plunge, but you have the piling on of the negative energies of the planet on top of it. Is that sort of what we're saying here?

A: Close

Q: (L) Alright then. Next: How do we maintain that energetic vibration for longer periods?

A: Networking works wonders.

Q: (L) In other words, having a network and being able to talk about it or to express it or to exchange or share or get support when you're down... Is that it?

A: Yes
Good to know that Networking helps the process.

(L) So, what's the ultimate outcome?

A: We have discussed this in the past.

Q: (L) So they want war with Iran. They want to take over Iran?

A: Just hang on and observe what happens in the next 40 or so days. It will give you chills up your spine.
What ever may be the mechanics, this is scary with all this rocks and rolls, thrills and chills, dirty nukes and Israel in between, PTB going desperate with Trump.


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PerfectCircle said:
Anyone here still not Reiki attuned?

I think that there are not much people here who are Reiki attuned, so far.

There aren't many Reiki masters in my country and I don't know if there are negative consequences for being "bad" attuned.. is it even possible?
What are your experiences?

I would say that "no attunement' is better than "bad attunement". There are also "fake attunements" that just don't work. I don't know where are your Reiki masters getting their attunements, but if they are getting it from my country then I wouldn't want to go to them. ;)

Having said that, I'm glad that Laura started this Reiki project and I'm glad that even she got a lot of benefits from it. :)

(L) We can use the network to maybe send healing energies to any members of the network that need any kind of healing. That's one of the things I'm planning on doing. Is this a good plan?

A: Excellent and so much more will develop.

Sounds very promising. :)


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On Thanksgiving day we were driving back home from spending the day with my husbands family and I was griping about people putting there plastic trash on the road side trees to decorate for holidays. It started off in one part of town and has spread like a disease to other places. It is bad for wildlife and is just plain tacky. They never come back and clean it up. While watching these families spread there holiday trash I observed one family violently kicking over a sign that said drain the swamp. Seeing there smug faces as they walked away leaving the sign laying crumpled on the ground I felt like that scene truly embodied the atmosphere that we are witnessing. So when the C's say
Things are about to get VERY interesting. We cannot say more! Well, I thought things were already very interesting. Good thing I enjoy Rock n Roll :headbanger:

Thanks for sharing the session. I am so glad your feeling better Laura and it is great to hear about the progress on the crystal project.
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