Sequel to enemas? The world of suppositories


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I like this, yet I have issues with coconut and cacao butter intolerance so have been using gelatine caps (works great with olive oil lubrication) or low volume distilled water to 'take' probiotics. I use 50ml of water, much more makes me want to go, even if I stand on my head for 10 minutes.
I too am experimenting and think may be bone broth in low volume is another good method for those who have fat like coconut oil and cacao butter issues. I haven't tried it yet but tallow or beef dripping might be another good fat substitute.


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Nico said:
I've tried green coffee enema which is purposedly without parasites and fungus, I can't make the difference between my will to relax while doing enema and its effect. I will retry roosted coffee to compare.

Oh, green coffee?

The coffee that I use is this one (it's lightly roasted): _


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The superman diet website by Alex Bloom looks really interesting but it looks unfinished and abandoned. He does not respond to emails. Does anyone know what has happened?
Thank you.


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Healthnut123 said:
The superman diet website by Alex Bloom looks really interesting but it looks unfinished and abandoned. He does not respond to emails. Does anyone know what has happened?
Thank you.

Hi Healthnut123,

His instagram account has gone quiet too.

I wonder what happened. :huh:

By the way, since this is your first post on the forum, we would appreciate it if you would post a brief intro about yourself in the Newbies section, telling us how you found this forum, how long you've been reading it and/or the SOTT page, whether or not you've read any of Laura's books yet, etc. You'll find examples in that section to get an idea.

Welcome :)


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Recently I came across this article:

I'm sure members here will forgive the bits of crudeness and hyperbole in order to read the very interesting post this guy Alexander Bloom has produced. In his quite detailed part 1 article he talked about detox, particularly of heavy metals, and he seems to be clued up on the newest methods out there, particularly the work of Chris Shade.

This part 2 is something entirely new to me though, and there is very little information out there on it. The basic idea is that many supplements are somewhat or entirely wasted when going the oral route, particularly those geared towards the killing of baddies and detoxification of substances such as heavy metals. Instead, he says, we should melt them into oils and take them through the back door.

He gives 2 main recipes. The first one is a suphur based detox suppository for which you can use glutathione, R-ALA and other such things (adding NAC to this also causes an almost instant bowel movement when used). This appears to be a very good way of getting these substances into our body without them being destroyed by the GI tract. The second consists of many different essential oils which are geared towards killing resident parasites, mold etc., which apparently are much more effective than any standard parasite cleanse.

Apparently many people report seeing all sorts of nasties come out of them after using these methods in high doses, as well as feeling much better physically and emotionally.

I've been trying this out, as have a couple of friends, starting small and upping the doses to test. Although it's still too early to say the results look quite promising.

hi Carl,
like some other friends here mentioned, Alex does not respond to emails. I found an email of mine to him from 2017 and never got a response to that one either.

I am mostly interested in the suppositories for heavy metal detox. from your post, I gather the suppositories are made to contain glutathione and R-ALA , and optionally NAC.
would this be true? can you elaborate more on the combination of supplements for heavy metal detox?

thanks a lot in advance for your kind help.
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