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Yeah, usually it was Scottie on his Scottie's Tech youtube channel that discussed that, can't remember if the last one was that Ursa Minor mentioned or something like or...


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Just got duckduckgo. And thanks!

Happy to start finding alternatives to the Google's, YouTube's etc of the world.

These organisations now brazenly going full evil mode.

Can't wait for Bitchute to pick up... YouTube is painful nowadays. Keeps on force feeding me mind numbing endless sports related stuff and never the content I'm really keen on, which is now getting censored!


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I've started using, learning about, and experimenting with Presearch. I haven't used it too much, but so far I like it a lot.

Presearch is a crypto related decentralized search engine - "Presearch is a Decentralized Search Engine. Search privately, receive better results and get rewarded with the Presearch decentralized search engine, powered by blockchain technology." Presearch - A Better Search Engine For We The People


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Does anyone know what good search engines can be used other than Google or Bing?
Try this one:

Check this out.

By Sven Taylor - March 10, 2022


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I've started using Brave Search, because Brave's CEO, Brendan Eich, publicity fought with the Plandemic narrative. He resigned from CEO position at Mozilla because he was pressured due to his opposition to same-sex marriage (via political donations). Also, he's a declared Roman Catholic, so I suppose he has higher moral integrity than other Big Tech CEOs. After the recent DuckDuckGo fiasco, a lot of people asked him if Brave Search manipulates search results due to some agenda:

Zrzut ekranu 2022-03-11 o 20.24.33.png

Search results for most of my queries are decent, and I'm really impressed that they managed to do such a complicated undertaking by themselves.


The Living Force works well too. It is the most popular search engine in Russia and has websites of all languages indexed as well. has an English interface, while uses a Russian one.


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Not really a search engine per se, but this has been published in odysee:

We've gotten flack lately for standing up for freedom of the press, specifically for platforming RT and Sputnik.

Here's the thing: what's happening to the Ukrainian people and their country is horrible. But to punish all Russians (and people simply associated with Russia) for this is simply absurd.

Like, Russian hockey players are losing sponsorships

just for being Russian. What sense does that make?

The above is obviously crazy, what's a more difficult sell is what we've been attempting to say:

We are a video platform. We want to allow competing voices in journalism, whether they're CNN, Fox, RT, Sputnik or anyone else, and we aren't interested in telling you what to think. And not in a "it's an important to be a free thinker" way, but in a "no, seriously; we don't care about your political views" way.

Believe it or not, but RT and Sputnik journalists are people too. They not only lost their jobs, but had their reputations as journalists come under fire, being characterised as "corrupt journalists receiving memos directly from the Kremlin."

Is this true? Well, we don't really know anything about the inner-workings of RT or Sputnik, so that's not for us to say.

But even if RT or Sputnik are completely biased and get their talking points directly from Putin himself, we would still consider it important to allow them to be heard, if for no other reason than to have a better understanding of the propaganda being disseminated to the Russian people.

For these reasons, Odysee will not be removing any journalists affiliated with Russian networks or Russian news networks themselves. We support freedom of the press, and this will not change.

Julian Chandra
Chief Executive Officer
Odysee, Inc.
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