Sasquatch Ontario and Mike Paterson - Best evidence of ongoing Bigfoot interaction ever documented


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Obi posted a few videos from here and it is without a doubt the best and most detailed account of ongoing interaction with Sasquatch I have ever seen in my life. For some reason the videos Obi posted aren't available to me even though all of the videos take place in the northern part of the same province I live in, so I searched out his youtube page and was blown away by what I found. So I decided to start from scratch and have watched more than the videos plus his posts in the comments section from the beginning in order to get a better understanding of what exactly was going on there.

Personally, I think this deserves its own thread because what he details is head and shoulders above any other researcher in the field and the reason I've separated this post from the one on Todd Standing's work.

His youtube page where you can see all his videos is called Sasquatch Ontario and his name is Mike Paterson. I've only watched up until April 2013 and a few of the newer ones and have no reason to believe that any of it is a hoax and that everything you see and hear is real. I'll give a general breakdown of what I've discovered so far:
  • He was invited by a couple who own a cottage and property up in Northern Ontario about ongoing activity and went to interview them and investigate what was going on
  • His first night camping, he had what he described was aggressive and threatening behaviour by something outside his tent that screamed at him, broke some branches and basically attempted to scare him off but he stood his ground and not be intimidated - after that one night things calmed down
  • His approach is passive as he went into it wanting to establish some form of communication, respect and trust with the Sasquatch so it's been a long-term habituation in the same location for the last several years - similar to Jane Goodall's approach with apes
  • He's been super-secretive about where exactly the location is and will not invite anyone else in the fear that it'll erode the trust he's built up - It's just him and the couple who's property it is
  • He believes it's a family that lives up there and that the adults don't bother with him, but the younger Sasquatch's do, particularly an adolescent male that he named Nephatia - although they had one glimpse of the large male which they show a photograph of in this video (near the end you see it)
  • Almost all of his documented evidence and audio recordings is of Nephatia
  • It started out with discovering markings, things in the forest that look like they've been manipulated or broken on purpose - he thinks they are territorial markers and a way for them to indicate they are there and let people know that as well
  • He doesn't install any trail cams or anything of that nature because it's his belief that Sasquatch have psychic and telepathic abilities so that they essentially know what the intent of the person is so that anyone who attempts to 'blow the lid' off the phenomena or outsmart them is basically wasting their time (i.e. Todd Standing) - he's adamant they reveal themselves only when they want to and on their terms
  • He admits that any time there are interactions with them there is definite high strangeness surrounding the encounter - strange orbs in the sky, things appearing and disappearing, Sasquatch appearing in his dreams, etc.
  • As the video series progresses starts to bring up the topic of how they are connected to the ET/UFO phenomena, eventual telepathic communication with them, their ability to literally appear and disappear at will leaving no trace and hyperdimensionality as being the only explanation for what he's observed and the things they can do
  • This is highlighted in the numerous footprints that have been purposely left behind for him to find where they start and stop, him leaving things behind for them like gifts and presents only to see it disappear and show up right behind them not long afterwards
  • In one video he goes out to measure a set of prints left outside the cottage, goes back in to change his battery and when he comes back a fresh set of prints that weren't there before appear
  • There have been a number of other things happening that he alludes to - they have also appeared to him in dreams in the city where he lives, that he's felt them touch him even though he couldn't see them, that they have come to his home in the city, one story of his roommate thinking it's all a hoax but going out for a smoke only to find footprints just outside of their place - so they have the ability to extend past the woods and forest if they choose - although I wonder if because he's 'opened that door' it's sort of like inviting them in?
  • He's made mentions as to why he thinks no one has found a dead body and why that's the case as well as knowing there are caves in the area but again, he hasn't said much more and has fully admitted there is a lot more going on then what's seen in the videos but hasn't disclosed what that is (up until the point I've gotten to)
  • Him, the owners and this family of Sasquatch have continuously exchanged gifts - they like peanut butter, jam, apples - and they have left behind weavings, silk flowers and other things
  • This has progressed and been ongoing and some of the later videos which I've only seen a few of, you can hear full-on vocalizations, language patterns, them speaking English and having conversations with Paterson, it's unbelievable
  • I've only watched a few of the latest videos, but in it you can see he's gotten to the point of pictures and possibly video evidence, but I still haven't gotten there yet - but I'll post some interesting ones
As much as this is breaking down the door to an understanding of Sasquatch and bridging the gap between myth and understanding, I'm also wondering if and what kind of interference might be occurring, considering what Ra and the C's have said about Sasquatch essentially being slaves to 4D STS. Going through his accounts, it's remarkable! A much different take than what normally has surrounded Sasquatch. With David Paulides work and so many disappearances occurring in National Parks and in some of those cases, there being a connection between Bigfoot with those disappearances, it leaves a lot to consider. Are ALL of them subject to overlords, or is it like with human beings where you have a mixture of those that are more in-line with the machinations of STS while others, like what's been observed with Mike Paterson's videos, simply live and let live, and by the very nature of what they are, high strangeness surrounds them regardless of the fact. It's hard to tell.

Unlike Todd Standing, which looks at it from a materialist standpoint as the whole giant ape theory is pretty much hogwash, Paterson sees that there is much more going on here and is peering through the veil, so to speak, which means he also needs to be careful.

I did see in one of his later videos (can't remember which) a brief picture of a person hugging a grey alien which I thought quite strange to add in there. So even though I'm not doubting his sincerity, passion and patience in the ongoing research he's done, there is likely some naivety surrounding all of this, especially when hyperdimensional denizens are in the mix. He is planning on writing a book or coming out with something about his experiences which I'd be very interested to read and hasn't posted a video in about two years although he still responds to comments.

Full-on conversation with Sasquatch:

More vocalizations and clips taken around 2012 (early on) you can see the young adolescent Nephatia clearly behind a tree on one pic

More audio recordings and conversation:

Another Compilation:

Here's the last one I'll post for now. Really, the last 3-4 minutes are of interest. Essentially, they left the camera for Nephatia to use and what they found was pictures taken at night, although it showed daytime in the forest. Many of the pics are difficult to make out, and haven't been tampered with, which makes it all the more unusual:



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For some reason the videos Obi posted aren't available to me even though all of the videos take place in the northern part of the same province I live in

Okay I just figured out the reason why. When you click on the embedded links to watch his youtube videos on the forum, it won't allow you so click what I've highlighted in blue and it takes you directly to it on youtube. :whistle:

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