Russian astrologer Svetlana Dragan

In one of her recent interviews Svetlana left a hidden gem, which she never did before as far as I know. You can watch the video from the timestamp if you know Russian, but I made a transcript and translation for general audience here.

So, there is such a story. Take it as you want. I've never said that, but I'll try to say it.

There was one of the civilizations that we often mention. It is believed that it resides here and tries to conduct experiments on us. But it, too, was conquered in its time. And there were such technical devices that gave energy, gave some exaggerated emotional factors thanks to some technical devices. But these technical devices consumed energy from natural [sources]: from plants, from animals, etc. And when all this was exhausted, the spoilage of these pseudo-emotions was already great, civilization simply did not know what to do. It simply lost interest in everything and was dying because it was not interested in anything, nature died, they themselves stopped finding this potential in themselves. They disconnected from the source, because these attempts to artificially create any worlds, emotions... And this process, which is offered to us, has another source, not divine. And with whom we are going to argue, I want to say...

Вообще, есть такая история. Воспринимайте её как хотите. Я никогда этого не говорила, но попробую сказать.

Была одна из цивилизаций, которая нами часто упоминается. Считается, что она у нас здесь пребывает и пытается проводить с нами эксперименты. Но она тоже была в своё время завоёвана. И там были такие технические устройства, которые давали энергию, давали какие-то преувеличенные эмоциональные факторы благодаря некоторым техническим устройствам. Но эти технические устройства потребляли энергию из природных [источников]: из растений, из животных и т. д. И когда всё это было исчерпано, уже избалованность этими псевдо-эмоциями была велика, цивилизация просто не знала, что ей делать. Она просто потеряла интерес ко всему и погибала, потому что её ничего не интересовало, природа погибла, сами перестали находить в себе этот потенциал. Они отключились от источника, потому что вот эти попытки искусственным образом создавать какие-либо миры, эмоции... И вот этот процесс, который нам предлагается, он же источник то другой, не божественный. И с кем мы собрались спорить, хочется сказать...

In one of her recent interviews Svetlana left a hidden gem, which she never did before as far as I know. You can watch the video from the timestamp if you know Russian, but I made a transcript and translation for general audience here.
It seems like she described the fate of Atlantis, which is about to become the fate of TPTB!
A: Not necessary but it is not necessary for you to have a million dollars either. Get the correlation? Atlanteans were power hungry the way your society is money hungry.
Q: (T) Was the accumulation of this power what brought about their downfall?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Did they lose control of this power?
A: It overpowered them the same way your computers will overpower you.
Q: (V) Is it similar to them gaining a life and intelligence of their own?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) You mean these crystalline structures came to life, so to speak?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And then what did they do?
A: Destroyed Atlantis.

The euro may get a tendency to weaken, especially after 4.01.23. But closer to the second half of February, the Euro may begin to strengthen. And it is very likely that in the area of 15-16.03.23 the Euro and the Dollar may strengthen, in any case, it will seem so. By the end of March 2023, it may seem that the Euro is taking a boost at all. Even the first half of April 2023 can pass under the sign of strengthening the Euro. With the Dollar, things may not be so simple. The dollar in early April 2023 may give unexpected jumps in the trend, especially in the area of 4.04.23. But later, to the area of 15.04.23, again famously going up. It seems that the Dollar can set a very uneven trend in April. But ultimately, despite the sharp jumps in price, it can go up. And yet, despite some dollar excitement, especially around 5.05.23, closer to 12.05.23, this growth will be suspended and there will be a fall in the Dollar.

At the same time, the planets will prepare not the best configurations for the Euro. Yes, maybe after 20.04.23 there will be a vector on the complexity for the Euro with some form of its reboot. And it can be felt around 4/20/23. Yes, for some time, especially in the vicinity of 28.04.23, the Euro may be somewhat held in a relatively optimistic fairway. But very important things for the Euro will happen around 2.05.23. Then there may be reasons for serious optimism about the Euro. And it may very well be that for some time the Euro will again begin to lead in its value against the Dollar.

The ruble in the area of 23.01.23 may be in a weak position. And almost until the end of the year, it is unlikely to strengthen against the Dollar
. But, most importantly, after 20.04.23 there may be stressful options for resetting the ruble. It may very well be that at some points it may seem that the Ruble behaves very anxiously and even falls. But there is a serious restructuring of the Russian economy, especially after March 2023. The area of March 6-10, 2023 is special for Russia: on the one hand, a very critical situation may be created, and on the other, a complete reboot of Russia may begin. Pressure on Russia may be eased, but the situation may be difficult on other issues, including financial ones. Nevertheless, on 4.04.23 something very radical is coming for Russia (April – May 2023). This will completely overturn the entire financial system of the country and not only. This will be a difficult period when the government will change and in general a lot of things in the country. On the one hand, it will be a crisis, on the other hand, the degeneration of the country in all forms: managerial, economic, ethical and ideological. It's an ambivalent time. When something complex, evolutionary happens. But the destruction of previous algorithms can qualify as extremely pivotal and sharp. Yet this will only be the next stage of change. More serious and irreversible events will occur, as I have already written, in early 2024. In the meantime, everything may look like another stage of turbulence.
Interesting developments:
  • The Euro is strengthening against the US Dollar since November 2022.
  • The Russian Ruble is weakening against the US Dollar since July 2022. We are back to pre-Ukraine war times (1 USD ~ 80 RUB).
  • The US Dollar Index is rising since Jan 2021, but is in a downward trend since November 2022.
  • The US markets (Dow, S&P 500, and NASDAQ) are rising and masquerading the financial crisis.
The fall of the US Dollar is imminent thanks to BRICS+.
Dragan has published the first part of her new forecast on her Telegram channel. Here is a machine translation of this forecast with my hints in square brackets.

FORECAST 2023-2026

(The forecast was written in April 2023)

The forecast was written in April 2023, and here I am writing as seen from that time point. But now that I have decided to transform it from handwritten to text format, I see more clearly the root causes of the events taking place, and I hope you will be able to catch it too.


After 20.04.23, the critical separation of everyone and everything begins (parties, opinions, mass resistance, seismic activity). It's as if contradictions are intensifying on all fronts and a months-long scenario of radical changes is being launched.

The map of the head of Russia looks interesting. It seems that he seems to be out of sync with the processes in the country and even disoriented. Although in the vicinity of 24.04.23, secret and very strange ideas are seen. Many will not understand his behavior and secret plans.

Amazing changes are planned in Russia as prerequisites for a change of power. On 01-07.05.23 it's like an uplift of spirit, as if the country lives by its own breath and aspiration, and the government is just like an untuned piano. And the overall impression is a cat's concert. And as never before, there is a huge discrepancy in the scenario of the country and the government. Interestingly, religious institutions are on the verge of breaking down. But in order to strengthen themselves, they will manifest themselves more in military matters, using this as a way to keep relevance. And, I must say that in the next 2-3 years, these institutions will be destroyed: not as a source of faith, but as a form of its socialization.

In the meantime (17.05.23), something will happen in the country that will change the very idea of power, like the willingness to create prerequisites for mass demonstrations. Betrayals are seen inside the country. It's like two people in power. Displacement from the highest posts is under special consideration. On 18.05.23 the growing confrontation is at all levels, in all spheres: natural, technical, the confrontation of the people themselves.

In the global world plans and already in the implementation mode – the creation of a cluster concentration camp. In May, the first stage of the destruction of the financial system begins. Powerful bursts of cosmic energy, especially in the area of 18-21.05.23. The time of the rise of prerequisites for superconflicts, everything is very dangerous. I must say that all these dangerous configurations can be calculated for the fact that during the half-year (until October 2023) a very hot plot will have to unfold, which may not immediately reveal the whole idea. But it leads to forcing the Russian authorities at the highest level to undergo a radical restructuring and will force them to start changing administrative apparatuses at the highest level. This will especially apply to law enforcement agencies. But it can manifest itself most vividly to the area 5-10.07.23.

It must be said that radical changes are unlikely to be made to the issues of SMO until late autumn. I think that the situation may be difficult, with increased pressure on the country, starting in July, with an increase in tension by 14-28.10.23. Signs of this will be the turbulence of the Dollar and the next step towards an attempt to update this currency and the financial system itself. This will also affect the Euro, but to a slightly lesser extent.

By the middle of June, a certain union of Russia is seen, which can very well support it, including economically and strategically. All this may begin to take shape from 18.06.23. At the same time, financial issues may be resolved somewhat differently than before, according to a new scenario.

But at the end of June, and I am more inclined to the fact that closer to 5-10.07.23, I see a military intensity. For Russia, this looks extremely serious and pivotal. In addition to the fact that it will even be dangerous, events can put management issues both in the power structures, and outline the dismantling of the former government and regrouping in the management ranks. I do not exclude that in these times Ukraine may try to use some kind of a new weapon. There is a possibility of the death of one of the most important people in the military structures. July can be difficult. But August may become even more pivotal for Russia!!! 5-14.08.23 there may be a categorical change in the strategic and economic vector. In general, a forced historical turn. This is the time when the main person of the country will be forced to make very serious decisions.

Against the background of these decisions, the whole team can completely change both in the circles of general management and in the military sphere, including key personalities.

For the head of Russia at this time, a lot of things stand out. And he seems to be striving to finally synchronize with the general vector of the country, with its spirit. It seems that this may be preceded by the danger of displacement, strange actions, decisions. For many, this will seem strange and incomprehensible, but it looks like secret plans. But it is clear that he will understand the divergence of the vector of the country and his activities. This desynchronization will be obvious. Thus, he can be thrown out of historical relevance, in any case, he can be close to this. And the current imbalance in the country will already force [him?] to realize the contradiction between the general historical course of the country and the actions of the authorities. The discrepancy between the rhetoric and the spirit that is being created in a new type of country and the actions of the authorities. A very dangerous time for Putin: 24.06.23, 05.11.23. Here he either needs to change everything, or leave, although there is nowhere to go. There may be explosions [or underminings?].

The cardiogram of the country's leader's card seems to be starting to lose its rhythm and from the warm times of 2023 to the spring of 2024 it becomes extremely chaotic.

There is a feeling that an alternative union government is being created in the country, which invisibly develops and supports the country, makes it possible for new ties, alliances, agreements to arise outside of high structures. It's weird, of course, but it looks like this. Apparently, the first ones [officials] lose control levers. At first it's all behind the scenes, by autumn it becomes more obvious. Closer to 18.08.23, it seems like a new management idea, new priorities, probably new characters.

October is a time of key changes. Here is another, more radical leap towards dismantling the old world in the context of Russian reality. Another blow to the old government. But the leader, realizing that his actions do not fall too much in time, can begin to move in a more relevant, consonant with the time and situation mode.

October is critical for Russia, it is categorically difficult. Especially the second half, starting from the area of 21.10.23. These are very serious claims on Russian territories, especially on Crimea. The pressure on the country will be extreme, including economic. It looks like a blockade. And this is a time of manifestation of the will of the President, his decisions. They [decisions] will be ringing. The issue of his initiative will be the key one. But before that happens, it's like he's going to ask for help from Higher Powers. There will be some doubling back. But everything will look unprecedented, on the verge of good and evil. A difficult decision! It may seem to many that he has lost his mind. But the situation will be extremely serious. It was as if he had been given a check [chess].

But by 25.10.23, he will already find moves, take steps, be supported by partners, with the manifestation of special forms of initiatives. There will be a situation in the country when it will be necessary to determine the economic and strategic course, since the situation will be uncontrollable by political opponents. There will be a feeling of returning to normal.

Many of the opposing countries will be put in very difficult conditions, will be forced to return to the search for solutions in the economic and other spheres, where the horizons may look very unsightly. And what seemed possible in the spring of 2023 may end in failure. Planning can be difficult.

In the meantime, Russia will be in a zone of turbulence around 21.10.23. 26.10-13.11.23 is one of the most difficult times for the country. Everything looks like an inevitability and permanent change of power. From the sharp peak, Russia will begin to exit around 13.11.23. And even then, I'm afraid that these deadlines may shift slightly to a later time, since in the area of this date, the pressure of the planets is just beginning to weaken, so it's not all at once. But until that time, the pressure on the country may be unprecedented. These are claims, attacks on Russian territories, including Crimea, increased sanctions, economic pressure, and even something similar to a blockade. For some time, many processes in Russia may be slowed down, especially economic ones.

But the historical turns in Russia will not end there.

So at the beginning of January, around 02.01.24, and, more obviously, near 20.02.24, there will again be a historical need for a change of power. This can happen quite unexpectedly and with abrupt events. But all this will entail very powerful ideological changes. But, again, outwardly it looks like a coup.

Meanwhile, December 2023 – March 2024 is the time for the country's leader to either change power, or completely unexpected turns by April 2024. But his re-election is seen.

Before all this happens, on 02.12.23 and 28.01.24, the sine wave of events will reach its highest point, as if it would be possible to say: "The bear has woken up." The country is awakening to a new life, to its power. But the real turn to a new era for both Russia and the whole world will have a starting point from about 28.01.24. Maybe it will not immediately become clear, but mathematically it is the beginning of a new historical scenario. For Russia, this looks like an exceptionally strong advance, the beginning of strengthening. A new ideology, a new economy and financial policy will be launched. It sounds loud, but in fact it is more of a direction assignment, since the year is not yet ready for the full implementation of new plans, but is just beginning to adjust to a new vector of life. Even the restructuring of the country itself is ahead, closer to spring, but this is the line of separation of historical processes. Yes, it may very well be that even the current situation will be such that Russia will suddenly begin to be more attractive as an economic partner; and I do not exclude the possibility that some potential willingness of investors may also suddenly become possible. But the change of government in the country (January – February 2024) can bring down all the settings, as it is difficult to determine the political stakes. And the current potential will not receive its economic development yet. The country will be on the verge of key changes in the government and in general in the very concept of statehood.

In the area of 23.01.24, the question of categorical restructuring in the country, the need to create a new structure, including the economic one, will arise like an edge. And in fact, this is the need to choose a new vector in which the country will now move.

Apparently, in the third decade of March 2024 it will be clear that the head of state has remained the same. And this despite the fact that it will seem that this will not happen and everything is about to break.

In the meantime, in February 2024, the situation in Russia is on the edge of the blade. A particularly sensitive time for Russia will be the area of 20.02.24. It looks like a coup, like some unexpected move. Here you can expect various disturbing moments, danger to the authorities at the highest level! But what surprises and focuses my attention is a very powerful internal upheaval in the state and mood of the President of the country. I must say that for him at this time everything is on the verge. But he will suddenly become extremely active, proactive, as if a second wind and an inner readiness for decisions and struggle will open up. Yes, it is at these times that the receiver's figure will become more and more apparent, and at some point it will seem that he will be ready to leave someone in his place. In any case, this is the time of special agreements on the topic of succession. Moreover, there is a feeling that two will rule at the same time, especially this may catch the eye in March – April 2024.
Dragan has published the first part of her new forecast on her Telegram channel. Here is a machine translation of this forecast with my hints in square brackets.
Thank you Aimarok for this update.
I've been trying to look for her updates but unfortunately, they are not available on her website. And her Youtube videos are all in Russian, and of course, I don't speak the language.

So again thank you for reporting this new development. Lots to read and think about.
I recall the C’s saying that the important thing is the interpretation and ability/power of the astrologer and not Astrology itself that matters. Anyone can know that Venus may be conjunct Pluto at x degrees in that house under this sign (or whatever) but the interpretation is where the art is. There is no hard and fast rule. And Who goes back and looks at the track record? Oh, some right on the money and some not so much. Astrologers are followed for anticipation. But also awareness. Perhaps awareness of possible cosmic influences helps prevent some things from happening. But is the info right or wrong? Do you make decisions based on astrology or is it for entertainment purposes only? Do you trust astrologers more than your own intuition? I do find it interesting. But it’s a total crap shoot as to its accuracy and usefulness.

The chart of Putin in one thing. The chart of Russia or UK or Britain is quite another. What birthday to use? The Russian Revolution? Romanovs? Perestroika? Ivan the terrible? It’s problematic.
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