RIP Patrick Rivière


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Sad news today...
Can't believe it!... He will have taught us a lot through all his work ✨ 🤍

If you read some of his books, you can also watch some old videos in french
Patrick Rivière has just left us at the age of 68. To pay tribute to him and salute his memory, here is a presentation that we filmed in his endearing and erudite company in the fall of 2014. Our thoughts go out to his family, his loved ones and his many students.

Alchemy and its internal paths
The enigmatic mention "Solve and coagula" appears in the frontispiece of many alchemical grimoires. And if, instead of the usual translation "Dissolved and reunited", this sentence rather meant: "Blood and coagulation"... ? Patrick Rivière, renowned alchemist and historian of religions, proposes here to make us discover the different ways of internal alchemy, this alchemy which focuses on body fluids and secretions.

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Very sad to hear this. We enjoyed Patrick's visits with us. I guess he knows more now... requiescat in pace.
Laura, yes this is quite sad to learn. I just came here now through Red Pill Press because I felt compelled to contact Mr. Riviere this morning about some matters I feel that perhaps only he could have shed light on. Because I couldn't make the "contact us" feature work there I ended up here and somehow straight to this thread. I was trying to contact you privately as well Laura with no luck. Do you have a preferred private channel of communication? And are you interested in what I have to share?
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