RIP George (my best pal)


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Liam, je suis navrée d'apprendre votre peine, petit Georges nous a quittés... Je m'associe à votre chagrin car c'est toujours une atroce déchirure de perdre un de nos petits compagnons d'amour... Il est magnifique...
Il sera dans mes prières dès maintenant pendant quelques temps pour lui faciliter son passage...

Liam, I'm sorry to hear about your grief, little George is gone... I join in your grief because it's always a heartbreak to lose one of our little love buddies... He is magnificent...
He will be in my prayers from now on, for some time, to ease his passing...


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You and your other friends will miss the intense eyes and strong presence of your friend George.
You were there and it still makes sense... Take care in these times

Les yeux intenses et la forte présence de votre ami Georges vont vous manquer ainsi qu'à vos autres amis.
Vous étiez là et cela a du sens encore... Prenez soin en ces temps


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Really sorry for your loss @liam1310. George in those pictures looks beautiful and full of life. I am sure you gave him the best possible life he could ever have and hope he didn’t suffer too much during his last moments. It was the right call to have him put down given his condition and he would be thankful and watching over you from the other side.

Take care now and let it sink in for few days. You will be hurting but try and think of all of the happy memories of George and it will help ease the emotional pain.:hug2:


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I held him and told him how much we loved him and thanked George for his companionship for the last 9 years.
I am so sorry Liam. Heartbreaking this is but thank God you had a warm and loving goodbye.
George had undoubtedly a wonderful life with such a loving human as you are. No wonder he looks so happy in the pictures.
Lots of strength to you, it will be difficult but you'll meet again. ❤
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