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Hi purplehaze - usually it's best to post a small intro as well as a link - I've copy and pasted the start of the article below so forum readers will have some idea of the topic, without having to click on the link...

cyberpaths said:
He is lonely, sad and says he has terminal cancer. Do not believe him.

That is the message from the police and a string of generous women who have given him money, love and sympathy.

Richard Nunnick, 46, a hunting guide, last month returned to Christchurch from Auckland where seething benefactors claim he left them broke and broken-hearted.

Police are also investigating complaints of fraud against Nunnick who has a list of dishonesty convictions, including stealing from a Ranfurly petrol station where he worked.

His family, who has virtually disowned him, says the cancer claims are a myth designed to get board and money.

Sara Wright, of Auckland, said she started talking to Nunnick on a dating site on the internet about four years ago, but only met face-to-face in February.

His profile on the dating website claimed he had cancer and said: "I have dealt with it, and I expect you to as well."

Over a few months she fell for him, and he moved in.

Wright paid for everything as Nunnick said he had only six months to live.

However, she grew suspicious when she caught him out, telling lies.

"I think people just need to be aware of him. Anyone who comes across his path should not believe him. He can set up fake dating sites and start over. He just home-hops. Everyone feels incredibly sorry. I lost my house and have had to move in with my parents from me giving him money."
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Got this today:

Peter Lowndes, Barrister - From : NZ
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wrote :

I am a Barrister and I am ***** ***** legal representative in New Zealand. One of your members has cut and pasted a story from the, that not only contains errors but is defamatory. The in NZ has removed the story please could you do the same.
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Peter Lowndes
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We have removed **** *****'s name from the text of the cut & paste. She was a victim who, apparently, either has been persuaded that she was not a victim by the predator, or thinks that being a victim is shameful, or is not interested in telling her story so as to save other women from victimization, or, possibly, wasn't a victim at all, but a willing participant. Whatever. However, the fact still remains that Richard Nunnick is still a predator. See another news item on the guy:

The former wife of a man who has claimed to be dying of cancer while receiving financial support from vulnerable women says she is shocked by his new tactics.

In a story in The Weekend Press, several women accused Richard Nunnick of having lied about being ill with terminal cancer while he romanced them and gained their help worth thousands of dollars. He has stolen from former employers and police are investigating the transient New Zealander for fraud.

Nunnick's former wife, Michelle, agreed to talk to The Press on the understanding that neither her surname nor specific details about her life were published.

"I have moved on," she said. "And I don't want him knowing anything more about about me."

Michelle lives in Australia but was visiting her parents in Christchurch when she spotted her former husband on the front page of The Weekend Press. She was married to Nunnick for six years from 1993.

Michelle said she met him through family connections and was immediately impressed by his "friendly and charming" personality.

"He was smart," she said. "Not intellectually, but in a crafty way. He would find out what matters to you and push those buttons.

"Everything he says is very plausible he's a believable guy."

The cracks started to appear over finances.

Initially the pair shared costs but Nunnick stopped paying rent and Michelle, who was in a higher paying job, took up the slack.

"Then he got into watches. He really wanted a Tag watch I think it was about $2000 I said `no' but he stopped talking to me.

"That was what he used to do if he didn't get his way, he'd go into this emotional manipulation and he'd withdraw social communication from me.

"Eventually I bought the watch and he started talking to me again. Things like that happened a lot."

Nunnick's father died in 1996 and Michelle said this was a catalyst for him to "go off the rails".

"He was very emotional around his father's boat and car so I bought them for him. In the meantime, he had credit-card debts of about $10,000 or $11,000. He owed another friend money and I was having to pay back that debt at about $1000 a month.

"I was just putting money hand over fist. He spent my money and then some."

Working for a telecommunications company in the late-1990s introduced Nunnick to the internet. Michelle said he was working night shifts and was alone in the house during the day racking up phone and internet bills of between $800 and $1500 a month.

"I started getting phone calls in the middle of the night from women in Canada and the US. Some would hang up. Later I'd get women telling me I was a witch and possessive and that we were getting a divorce, which was news to me."

She also found hidden photographs of women in their underwear, but Nunnick claimed they were sent to him unsolicited.

"I can count about $20,000 that I spent on him for things like the car and the boat but if I consider that we were together for almost six years and that I was a professional woman with a reasonable salary and had nothing to show for myself except a $10,000 debt, then what does that say? I had to start again from scratch."

Michelle's company offered her a post in Australia and she took it.

About a year ago Nunnick called Michelle to tell her he had terminal cancer a story he has repeated to other women since and to ask if she would take back the two cats they shared when they were married.

Michelle ended the call but said she immediately felt like a terrible person for not believing him.

"Then I talked to my sister and she asked if he had apologised for the hurt he had caused me. He hadn't.

"If someone was on their deathbed, they'd be trying to make their peace, not getting me to look after their cats. Every time I've felt like he's been out of my life, he pulls the strings," said Michelle, adding that she did not want to see anyone else fall for his stories.

"It's time he took accountability for his actions and stopped what he was doing."


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It goes to show you the LENGTHS some predators go to whitewash their actions... and how clueless many of the spouses truly are.


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Maybe the victim was embarrassed because she was cruising the online dating sites? Maybe she didn't want any hassle from more whackos. I did some checking around and she was, kinda, out there advertising herself. But she's taken all that down now. Maybe she has a "career" to protect?

I hope she's learned her lesson and will read "Women Who Love Psychopaths".


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Re: Richard Nunnick - The \

We just heard from yet another woman who said he called her last week to say goodbye -- because he was dying soon. And she bought it!!
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