Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann (Announcement of the overthrow of the French government)


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In this video he alerts us: Be watchful for the Great Reset, which would be advertised as a coup d'état and to not fall into this trap made attractive with diverse propositions. Basically, his message is: do not fall for false prophets. He mentions General Flynn and Vigano's open letter to Trump.


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Another video talking about not 'Un coup d'État' but a way that the people can take back their power and get rid of the actual politicians.

It is supposed to be done in France pretty soon and the same pattern could be used in other countries.

It is organized by the 'Centre National de Transition'

Did anyone heard about that?


Another video talking about not 'Un coup d'État' but a way that the people can take back their power and get rid of the actual politicians.

It is supposed to be done in France pretty soon and the same pattern could be used in other countries.

It is organized by the 'Centre National de Transition'

Did anyone heard about that?
Ho ! I knew about the CNT and sometimes received newsletters from them. But I've never heard about the video neither the legal way to get those politicians out.
Weird how quick they have been banned. I'll have a look at the website. Did you get any more information on it?
I have heard Eric Fioril talking from time to time and I have to say that he seems legit. What I thought at the time was that all of this seemed to be impossible to do, I may have been hasty in my conclusions.

Anyway, I think it was the one video I needed today ! Thank you Gandalf !


Well, I've been looking for more information today. Unlike Rémy Daillet, Eric Fiorile is quite known through his website that Gandalf mentioned above, he also has a website called demosophie like the name of the concept he created in 1990 and the book he published in 2010.
First edition : 1605713890026.png Second one : 1605714143657.png

On this one he talks a bit about health and sells zeolite with vitamin C.

Another blog here where you can find events that he organizes :

Here is a description of demosophie :

Ce livre décrit le concept de la Démosophie comme un modèle de société qui, au lieu d’être dirigée par l’oligarchie politique issue de la République, le serait par l’élite intellectuelle du pays, sans aucune sélection par la situation sociale, donc sans partis politiques, ni élections de dirigeants.
Ce modèle mettrait en place des dirigeants sélectionnés par des études, puis par concours, n’ayant d’autres pouvoirs que ceux d’appliquer les directives de l’autorité suprême. L’autorité suprême serait exercée directement par le peuple tout entier, représenté par une “Cour Suprême” composée de 3 à 500 Français tirés au sort parmi la population.

This book describes the concept of Demosophy as a model of society that, instead of being led by the political oligarchy that emerged from the Republic, would be led by the intellectual elite of the country, without any selection by the social situation, therefore without political parties or elections of leaders.

This model would put in place leaders selected by studies and then by competition, with no powers other than to implement the directives of the supreme authority. The supreme authority would be exercised directly by the people as a whole, represented by a "Supreme Court" composed of 3 to 500 Frenchmen drawn by lot from among the population.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

It has been hard to search among so much information and all of it seems fuzzy.
I saw that he has a YouTube channel called Demo Sophie where he or people of his team are online every night.

Also, something weird, here on his channel you can find the same video which he's described as banned as soon as he posted it.

Frankly, I think he deleted it himself, otherwise, how does it happen that the very same video is still online on YouTube after being banned two days before?

Another weird thing is that he was filmed in a video, completely naked "in order to save eternal France". I didn't get the point, no explanation :huh:

According to his team, which is by the way composed of some smart people, he really declared the "Conseil National de Transition" to the United Nations Organization, and he published an article with a pic of the mail attached to it :
— Conseil National de Transition

So, this announcement is not the first he made, during the past years he wanted to make a popular coup on the 14th of July 2015:

then on the 5th of May 2018, he announced the arrest of 4000 politicians !!!

One more event : Another CNTF was created and Fiorile was dismissed of his role of representative of the CNT.
Here is a comment found on this website (an antifa website...) :
Something that he then refuted, saying that people are willing to replace him in an illegitimate way.

CNTF_Officiel 8 février 2019 at 18:39 - Reply

Monsieur Eric FIORILE à été démis de sa fonction et de toutes ses prérogatives personnelles de porte‐parole depuis le 1er Juillet 2018
Conseil National de Transition de France - AVIS GENERAL
Les deux sites conseilnational.fr et conseilnational.org ne sont plus liés au C.N.T.F.

The comments on him are mixed, many people are still following him, some others see in him a complete farce and are saying that all he does is making money by fleecing despaired people.
Here is a video of Eric Perroud analysing a Fiorile's video talking about the popular lawsuit of French politicians organized in December 2019 where he was asking for 220 euros for being present.

And second one called "the admission"

On the second of July 2019 Eric Fiorile decided to give up the CNT as he was very disappointed to see that French people were not enough fighting.
Then he reappeared, I don't know when exactly, probably soon after.

Apparently he had a phone call with Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann about the coup, he invited him to one of his night lives but Remy refused to discuss his plan online.

On Remy's website here is the answer about his links with the CNT :

Etes-vous en lien avec le CNT ? ou le CNTF ?

Nous avons rencontré en effet le CNT qui a initié un bon mouvement. Il y manque l'action programmée et, si le CNT joint ses efforts aux nôtres, nous y parviendrons ensemble. Depuis, hélas, M. Fiorile a commis de très graves erreurs publiques et privées, ce qui l'a définitivement disqualifié (nous ne voudrions pas ici attaquer les personnes ad hominem, à chacun de chercher). Il a par ailleurs menti au sujet d'une invitation qu'il a faite par téléphone à Rémy pour participer à un "zoom" auquel Rémy a très clairement dit non, ce qu'Eric Fiorile a passé sous silence, affirmant partout qu'il aurait renouvelé l'invitation et que Rémy aurait fui la discussion (preuve que Rémy a refusé ce "débat" avant l'événement, ci-dessous). Enfin, contrairement à ce qu'il dit, ce n'est pas Rémy qui a copié le CNT mais Eric Fiorile qui a pris à Rémy beaucoup de ses propositions, couchées par écrit en ligne bien avant que le CNT n'existe... [note de GF]
Message reçu:
"Je suis Responsable opérationnel au sein du CNT de XXX. (...) Eric Fiorile ne fait que cumuler de graves erreurs.
J'ai vu le Fiasco qu'il a généré lors de votre soi-disant rdv programmé; le mensonge aux adhérents du CNT et le portrait lamentable qu'il vous a fait ! Sachez que cela n'est pas passé inaperçu auprès de moi.

Are you connected with the CNT? or the CNTF?
We have indeed met the CNT which has initiated a good movement. It lacks the programmed action and, if the CNT joins its efforts with ours, we will succeed together. Since then, alas, Mr. Fiorile has committed very serious public and private errors, which has definitely disqualified him (we would not want to attack people here ad hominem, it is up to each one to look). He also lied about an invitation he made by phone to Rémy to participate in a "zoom" to which Rémy very clearly said no, which Eric Fiorile passed over in silence, claiming everywhere that he would have renewed the invitation and that Rémy would have fled the discussion (proof that Rémy refused this "debate" before the event, below). Finally, contrary to what he says, it is not Rémy who copied the CNT but Eric Fiorile who took from Rémy many of his proposals, written online long before the CNT existed . [note from GF]

Message received:

"I am Operational Manager at the CNT of XXX. (...) Eric Fiorile is only accumulating serious errors.

I saw the Fiasco he generated during your so-called scheduled appointment; the lie to the members of the CNT and the lamentable portrait he made of you! I want you to know that this did not go unnoticed by me."
Rémy confirms by whatsapp to Eric Fiorile right after their conversation, that he will not go to his debate. The CNT however continues to affirm it during 24 hours...
This above is not really convincing to me either.

So all of this is quite a mess and I don't know what to think about this man. His purpose seems to be of value, but he seems to have many things to hide.
And I still don't know more about Rémy Daillet.


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Here are some translations of his videos in diverse languages:
The more I listen to him, the more I am impressed. He is lucid, smart, brave, no scandals found yet. His message goes straight to my heart, and I am not the only one. It really seems to be a legitimate initiative with no obscure design behind. He clarifies as much as possible the many questions people have on this page: Les réponses en direct à vos questions - Polémique ! (pour le Royaume)

Having watched some more videos of him, one can really sense this. He responds to attacks with temperance and (superpower) common sense, he is motivating, humble and reassuring. He invites us to be courageous, fearless and responsible.

I was listening to this Mindmatters show today, which was quite relevant because it talked about the necessity of criminals during revolutions. It comforted my impression that he is far from that profile. Funny that later in the day, he published a video where at one point, he discussed some examples of false flag revolutions.
Join us this week on MindMatters as we take a gander at the criminal minds at work all around us; from popular culture, Mao’s China, and the hallowed halls of government, to the streets of Portland, the boardrooms of multi-national corporations, and your next-door neighbor. Criminal minds and thinking are all around us - but we can learn to see the signs of them lest we get infected by their poison.
The following speech that Remy gave in the video Lys posted above has really impacted me. I find it fantastic. It reminds me of Charles Chaplin's speech.


Traduction faite par Gilbert J. Noé -gilbertjnoe@protonmail.com

France is coming back, Volume III

And you, People of France, foreseeing your end, I am calling to you. I have addressed my first call to the French government, and now is your turn. You have no choice. Do not believe that I came to you with flattery, for I have not come to give you a speech. I have come, not to please you but to speak to you in truth.

From now to February, many things will happen : the number of businesses that will go bankrupt, as the number of poor People who will be thrown in the streets, as the number of People whose health will collapse because of the sanitary measures, as the number of committed suicides or of assassinations in the hospitals, all of this will worsen the situation, to a level which has never been so. This State must be cleaned up.

Purification is a very old process in our countries. The very name of February means purification, from Februare, declined from the Latin “Febris”, “Fever” which implies “heating, burning”, or in Greek, “Puretos”, derived from “Pur”, “Fire”. The fire purifying everything.

Candlemas is celebrated forty days after Christmas, in February. Forty Days...This is the same delay of purification, away from the world, that some newborn were following in the ancient times.

I cannot force the upcoming things on you, they will happen. We cannot change this country without you, for this is your country. What do you want ? You thought this would be done without you ? If you do not free yourself, as I am inviting you to, then your foes will tear you down.

Everywhere, you are being destroyed, pushed back to slavery. I am quoting an article from Caroline Galactéros, published on the website of the French Army Support Association: “What to do, facing the deep administration of our country, which forces the political leaders silent and holds the reins of our foreign policy ? Against such a clever and tentacular virus, what we need is a shock therapy : a physical expulsion of those individuals from the system they have been clogging up until France fell to the disdain of the whole world. Unbearable to the one who still has faith in what we can be.

In addition, we must expunge from our hearts this spirit of submission that these maleficent heroes are whispering to us, in the name of a crooked realism.

To achieve this, the impulsion must come from the head of the State.” - End of the quote

Expunging from our hearts the submission, expelling physically those individuals… As you see, I am not the only one to say this. In a few weeks, I realized France agrees with me : Artists, Militaries, Officials, Craftsmen, Farmers, Retired, lone Moms, Families, disgusted Employees, ruined Entrepreneurs… All of you, a few exceptions aside, agree with what I propose. Fine.

Did you think that we were going to do what is yours to claim ?

For all of this, it takes at least People’s will, which nowadays can only express itself through the overthrow of the government. Not by the cleverly locked elections which are distrusted by every rational being, aside from the ones who have not seen what happened in France for forty years. Trusting the elections is naivety. No, by the overthrow. Yes, it takes courage. You have been all so well put to sleep with these past elections, it was so convenient to not carry the burden of taking care of your country. We have subcontracted this ! And now this is over. You will conceive the laws, you will run this country whether this pleases you or not, or simply die from not doing it. You have no choice ! What is expected by the Constitution, which is the very foundation of our institutions, is the uprising of the People’s will, gathered in a sovereign action, which is the overthrow.

I say the law. I say the People’s will. I say moral necessity. And I also say the Divine Law who requires Justice. I am not making this up. I am saying the exact same thing as some great leaders from the Yellow Jackets. I am just gathering all the rays in a clear and precise beam: the overthrow of the power. The People, you do have genius in you. But you also have laziness. I must summon you, make a call to you as well ! Genius you still have as I was listening just yesterday to an organ improvisation from Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer in 2015: admirable, fantastic. In these times of nightmare, there is still light. This country always had genius.

But it also had languor and procrastinations, a lot of easy thinking. I do not have to yield to your submissive instincts, neither to the pleasure you take by thinking you can judge the events. Judging is an easy thing that can be left to journalists for it is nothing but speaking of others. This is not for this I am there; I am not doing politics. I am coming to repair some broken things you left aside. Exception of the few persons who cherish freedom, it has been forty years since you are voting for your oppressors. For forty years, you have voted for the liars and the falsifiers, and nothing has changed your vote: no scandal, no dispossession, no treachery of the electoral law, no self-amnesty, no misappropriation of funds, no lockdown, no forced vaccine, no children placing, no church destruction, no additional tax, no war funded with your money. Nothing of this have moved you away from your masters and your voluntary slavery. We have been waiting for you to wake up, but you chose to let yourself die slowly, in a miserable comfort.

I have spoken to you about the rightful heirs of the country: they are the ones it deserves. There is an antique legacy, waiting to be raised. But it will not be raised if the men stay down.

French People, this timespan will purify you, for you are now facing yourself. You must be there: sovereignty will wake you up. Do you know why we have not moved yet ? Some are saying to me “Is it not done yet ?”. That would be too easy. Bringing you freedom, while you would not deserve it ? What would you do with it, if you have not first raised yourself to the moral level it takes to reach sovereignty ? In such a scheme, in twenty years another one comes and throws you back to prison, without any response from you ! Do you think I just want to change the President ? You have not heard me. This is a deep change that we must achieve: this is not politics !

A coup from the sole military forces would have no legitimacy, as it would be lacking the People : I told you! It must be the People’s coup. The time of debates is over : State violence and its threat require a resistance geared with efficiency, organization, funds, discretion, fighting spirit, training, ready to hold the line, even if some comrades were to be arrested or taken down. We must be spiritually prepared for war : if we are ready for it, then it will be less hard and shorter. May it last for only one day. You know the saying : Si vis pacem, para bellum, “If you want peace, then prepare war”. I ask that the French People gather and make itself ready, for at least a sufficient part of you. The armed one will be there, on the first line, but People must still be there ! We already have many brave and fair men with us, but there are still too many of you locked into waiting. Your executioners are not waiting, believe me !

Some of you are not standing the littlest flaw to their vision of a romantic savior and are quick to criticize, ironize and insult. They are losing the social pact that was bounding them with their compatriot and are turning opposed to him. The one who is coming to give you freedom does not need to negotiate, to go with the fears, the sensibilities, the laziness, the doubts or the cowardness. I am no politician. I do not race for campaigns. I am going with you. People of France, you are procrastinating while you are being doomed : you need to evaluate, to doubt, while the blades of your execution are getting sharper.

When you are hesitating and doubting, you are still in the Matrix : each passing minute is lost, including the ones that you spend learning about what Mr. Biden and its clan, who are about to start the war in the USA. Do not get distracted from what you must do for your country. Feeling sorry for yourself is preventing you from a free action. Do not lock you down in your own history : make it. Achieve your duty and your fate. Turning everything into a reasoning destroys your ability to act. You are comforting yourself every day with worsening observations. Does this change anything ? A vain reasoning comes from an ordinary man. You have been given social networks mainly to destroy your will. You are not focused on your life anymore, for it has become a mean to consumption.

There is one thing that is doubtless : if you do nothing, you are going to die. What use will there be for your doubts, when you will be down the ground, bathing in your blood, or in your deathbed ? Hospitals are full of reasoners, who were lonely in the truth all their life long. I am giving you a picture : you are in a cell, waiting for your execution tomorrow, and the jailer comes to bring you your last meal, carrying the keys on his belt. What do you do ? Do you waste your time in vain reasonings ? No, you do not ! If you are a man, you knock the jailer out, and even more if an unknown hero opens the cell door to you, offering you freedom. In this case, do you waste your time wondering who he might be, if he is from your country, your relatives, if he is from left-wing or right-wing ? No, you fly away with him, for he is your only chance. We will see where it carries you, since what matters is that you may run away from your doom. You have no choice.

You are afraid of joining me ? But the braves ones who are holding the line with me, are they saying that I lied to them ? No ! On the contrary, they are getting impatient and are waiting for you, telling me “Let’s go, let’s go !”. And I say to them, “Let us wait for a little longer, especially for the People to come”. The ones who are with me are split into action groups: combat, logistics, procurement, information, foreign relations, links with army forces and other services in order to rally them to us, international and national funding, physical presence, et caetera. Every day, we are getting stronger.

Do you think there is another solution ? There is none. I have not been offered any realistic alternative. Now, do you have someone as advanced as I am ? No. You have many People who all did many things in many scopes, but who cannot pretend achieve success by their own means, or have already failed trying too many times, lacking the methods and the discernment. Gustave Thibon says : “The actual wise man is neither realistic nor optimistic, he is the one who paid a high enough price for his optimism.”. I, too, have faced the theft, the lie, the insult, the lawsuit, the treason : we all have been injured, and yet we are holding together our bloody hands, for mine is firm and does not shake.

Come if you want, and if you do not, then stay away. A People cannot be freed against its will. If you must die, die then! At least, the brave ones will have achieved their duty, with only God to judge them. Men of this country, how many of your women are shaking of fear alone, without anyone to defend them ? Do you think they are not anguished enough ? Three days ago, a group of voluntary-called men came back to me and told me that they were renouncing an operation because they were afraid of jail! I have told another group to cross the border during nighttime through the mountains, they told me that the lockdown would block them. But how has it been done in 1943 to cross the boundary line ? Were the men of that time asking for authorization ? Come on, 3 police vehicles are crossing the road and you cannot go further ? You are afraid of wind blows ! Of online monitoring ! What a team, how heroic is that ? While you are afraid of being taken to court, seventy years earlier, People were afraid of being executed ! Where are the men ? Virility is not a matter of speaking ! You are doubting me ? But who has ever been into a fight holding a weapon, who is taking the biggest risk here ?

I am not here to fit with your standards of political morality. I have a very short time, the last light between the clouds. This small life that still breathes on Earth must awake, it must be saved, and it is your responsibility. You, People of France, you cannot remain in the negation of change : those critics you are pleasing yourself with, are one fourth of intellectual comfort, one fourth of laziness, one fourth of pride and one fourth of fighting instinct. Half of the world still believes that France will show the way, half of the world is waiting for you. You used to have a wonderful country, you used to have reasons to be proud, one of the most proficient and troubled history of the world, that the movies never tell. You admire Hollywood. You admire Oxford, who did exist before the Inca Empire, but you ignore that your Cluny Abbey existed 250 years before Oxford and a thousand years before Hollywood ! France has carried more stones in 300 years than the whole of ancient Egypt ! When an American man comes to France, he admires what you are not even giving a look to, all kinds of things he does not have in his land. You used to have antecedence on the others. You have been kept ignorant of all of this. You have been ripped off your treasures. See what your despicable TV throws out in your living room for it is only mediocrity. You used to have the prodigious French Language, both precise and intelligent. You had all the landscapes, all the climates, all the architectural treasures, countless rivers, a land which was good, with mountains and plains, shorelines and bays. You had unique know-hows, masteries ! Your country was a paradise. All of this has been thrown down and you are just grumbling ?

You are putting more energy in criticizing my action than you do in responding to the policemen who are forcing a muzzle on your face. You used to have strong industries, you were protected by institutions, you had freedom and justice. I told you : everything you had has been broken, and you just accept it. You are exhausted, you are not sleeping enough nor well. You are not eating well, you are not exercising enough, you are listening to the silliest things, you are being poisoned. We will put you back on tracks. You are worthing way more than what you think. You say that you suffer, but suffering is not enough, it is not an exploit. You want to escape? There is only one way, and it is a way up. You are telling me what should be done after the battle, yet the battle has not even started, and nothing tells us that this will be a victory. Stop at once, and start to work solely for the chosen day, which will be one of the greatest battles in history, a battle that will overthrow five centuries of treacheries and restore everlasting liberties. Victory is near, it is almost a matter of will now. The terror climate will vanish with our victory.

You are now almost all gathered. The battle is coming, let’s put a smile on our faces and go fight it. Let us go to the struggle, let us knock, slice and overthrow with joy in our hearts, and finally set this country free once and for all. Let us throw in jail and suspend the false kings and their treacherous ministers ! May they be 10 to come, for you will be among 300 comrades. They are already shaking, growing higher walls, but they will not resist the assault, for they cannot push away 30.000 men.

French Man stop talking : your words will not save you. Prepare for the antique war, the one that your ancestors fought. I do not like war, no one does : but a thousand men dead on the battlefield are not worse than a thousand suicides committed. This war, our opponent is forcing it on you: this is not a choice anymore. Come to us, I am walking towards liberation. There is no other way, it is a win-or-die battle that is upon us. For twenty centuries, nothing has ever been more necessary. The occupying troops will force the vaccine in your flesh : you have been told that the world population needed to go down, do you still not get it ? The day you will wake up in a camp, you will regret the time you wasted with discussions. Enlist with us, you will be given tools, you will be in your region with your siblings, you will have comrades, you will be trained. Let go of the commentators and the talkative: when dictatorship knocks

To you, military forces, you are legitimately summoned by the People. I have with me enough French People to mobilize you rightfully, you cannot step back. To you, former politicians, local representatives, servants of the State who are sorry for this dictatorship : support our efforts. Movement leaders of any importance : individual resistance does not work, so gather your forces as well and join your forces with ours. I am not trying to control you or to shut you down, I want to coordinate all our actions so everyone can be doing the right job at the right place, until the liberation day. Firmly silent any dissension and give us a chance to reach victory by working together. Association leaders : the governors of this country will not spare you any of the hits they are blowing on us. Let us all agree to overthrow this power, nothing more.

To you, Policemen of any troop, Military Forces who would be mobilized on the chosen day : most of you agrees with me so when the time will be right, keep neutrality and your weapons down. No one will judge you for this as you have your free will. But if you turn against us, you will provoke a massacre against the People, which will never be forgiven. In addition, you will
be facing a battalion of experienced and well-equipped soldiers. Do not interfere this is the best thing to do for you, your families, and the People. The day of the coup, you will have a new leader, a specialist of the French army. Any commander who would refuse to rally would be overpowered and arrested to be judged. Every ministry will have at once a replacement leader to keep the country running : Defense, Interior, Justice, Foreign Relations… All the ministers will be immediately replaced by actual professionals, leaving your job unchanged.

I conclude by saying this to you : French People, love one another, do your best to reach it. Do not forget that Caesar and many others after him have defeated you because of your inner dissension. Re-build this nation, together, be kind with your relatives, and adamant with our opponent.

People of France, with Strength and Honor : Stumble out of your grave, Rise, and Walk !

Video here

If I listen to my Heart, I want to follow that guy. I might be naive, but my heart is telling me something strong. I wonder what the Cs would think about him. Is this the Help ? Is this the time ? His determination is real and he is honest. He is proposing an alternative, he offers a choice.

Hence, having a legitimate choice, not choosing would be choosing cowardice and fear. Materialistically.
Guy Fawkes's quotes as well as "First they came..." come to mind.

Let me know your thoughts about my emotional state. :lol:


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Received that this morning from a friend:


Nous, réunis en qualité de Collectif de citoyens du CNTF, avons adopté la décision commune et déclarons ce jour, en assemblée générale exceptionnelle :

  • Ne plus pouvoir maintenir Monsieur Eric FIORILE en qualité ou dans sa fonction officielle de porte-parole officiel du C.N.T.F;
  • Le remercier pour tous ses efforts et initiatives utiles mais devoir procéder à son remplacement, et ce de manière officielle et démocratique;


A défaut de démission volontaire actée, Monsieur Eric FIORILE est démis de sa fonction et de toutes ses prérogatives personnelles de porte-parole à compter de cet instant.
Interdiction lui est faite, ainsi qu’à quiconque de s’exprimer publiquement au nom du C.N.T.F, quelque soit le moyen ou le support.

Link: Conseil National de Transition de France - AVIS GENERAL

Translation by DeepL:


We, gathered as the CNTF Citizens' Collective, have adopted the joint decision and declare today, in an exceptional general assembly :

To no longer be able to maintain Mr. Eric FIORILE in his capacity or in his official function as official spokesman of the C.N.T.F;
To thank him for all his efforts and useful initiatives but to have to proceed to his replacement in an official and democratic manner;


In the absence of voluntary resignation, Mr. Eric FIORILE is dismissed from his position and all his personal prerogatives as spokesman from this moment.
He and anyone else is forbidden to express himself publicly in the name of the C.N.T.F., whatever the means or the support.


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Another video talking about not 'Un coup d'État' but a way that the people can take back their power and get rid of the actual politicians.

It is supposed to be done in France pretty soon and the same pattern could be used in other countries.

It is organized by the 'Centre National de Transition'

Did anyone heard about that?
Like Lys, I think I've heard of him several years ago, I think I must have seen an interview of him on MetaTV but I don't remember much about it.

Well, I just listened to this video, and frankly, he seems totally delusional for me! My god, maybe it's the messiah and we don't realize it, cause like he said, he knows it all about what's going on and will save France from it, and the world too while he's at it...

At least Daillet seems more balanced and pragmatic.


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(...)It is organized by the 'Centre National de Transition'
Did anyone heard about that?
Not about what they propose now, but I've heard about CNT and Éric Fiorile (founder / former leader) for a few years. He's a complete mytho, from my PoV, I never took him seriously.
They planned to "take the Elysee palace" on May 5th 2018 (yeah, seriously !), but they failed.
According to the police, they were only 300 people. According to a guy that I know and who were part of it, they were thousands...
Cf. eg. :


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It might not look very serious as an initiative. But he is and reading the many comments he gets, people are taking him seriously.
In this video he talks about surveillance specifically at 17:00. A translation of the relevant part below.

...and I remind you, when the state has reached the threshold of dictatorship and has gone beyond it, you are legally entitled to fight against it, this state and even you are duty bound to do so, the law, the true law, the superior law, the founding law, the constitutional bloc requires you to fight against tyranny, so what I am doing is perfectly constitutional and in conformity with the law.

Excerpt from Rémy's previous speech
He is very aware of the existence of the files but he needs your help and invites you to follow them and register on his site etc...
Excerpt from Rémy's previous speech...
Have you forgotten the digital side of this world? So before you think about joining it one way or another, before you sign up right or left, don't forget that all your actions on the web are scrupulously saved, before it manages to do what it announces, you are still and always in this system.

Yes, so what?
Do you think you can get out of it? Do you think that by making your video you escape the system? Well no, you're still in it. How do you manage to get out? The only way is to overturn the system.
It is to prohibit mass and individual surveillance, it is to put an end to all these control systems.
And how do you do that? Except by taking power? Explain to me how you do it.

Find out what tools are available to help you keep your online security at a minimum. That should have been his first message.

Of course you need to have tools that protect you as much as possible. You have applications like this that are fine... phone applications that guarantee you "relative" anonymity, for example, applications, tools on the internet that allow you to do that, but for now, registering and watching videos on the internet is not yet a crime. Registering on a site that lists good wills is not yet a crime.
Now when you say it should have been my first message, no.
You don't start telling people that it's about freeing themselves and doing something by saying "Hello everyone, well, first you're going to buy yourself some protection tools because you're all being watched, well, and then once that's done, well, we'll get back to you and I'll explain that there's a problem in France and that you're going to have to free yourself. »

Well no, first we make a public appeal as wide as possible, you start by gathering people and then little by little you build your edifice, these people joining us they also join a system in which there are powerful tools. It's funny because yesterday someone was telling me that too, having a regular job on the site of Equality Reconciliation [The YT channel of Alain Soral has been banned, and he is the creator of ER] well, he tells us: if you go to this gentleman's site, you risk being put on file. He comes from Equality and Reconciliation, which is certainly one of the most listed sites there is!!That does not make sense! When you yourself make a video talking about me, you yourself are under surveillance! And all the people who are underneath and who certainly made a comment are under surveillance.

What's the big deal? So what's the problem? Do you think that this should prevent you from exercising your citizenship?
In fact, does it take away your courage? Does it actually scare you that surveillance is happening?

It doesn't scare me, it doesn't scare me. Quite simply. It doesn't frighten me because I know the situation, that I've had my head put on a price tag for 30 thousand Deutschmarks. Well, that's how it is, you live with it, eventually, you have to be careful, you have to watch where you put your feet, but eventually you have people who would be candidates to get 30 thousand deutsche marks by shooting you down.

But if you don't know how to live with that, how are you going to fight and bring down this dictatorial regime?
Do you think they're just going to stand there waiting and sleeping, waiting for you to come and get them? But at that moment you're delirious, you're delusional anyway.
To say "you have to change the regime and at the same time say, but be careful, you have to be afraid of surveillance" is to be in complete contradiction. It's fear that makes you say that. I'm not afraid of surveillance.
Stop being afraid of surveillance. Stop being afraid of surveillance! You know that you have enemies who are watching you. Of course you do. You are going to fight them, it has always been like that since the beginning of time!
The enemy has spies and is watching you. What's the big deal? Does that stop you from acting? No.
Stop being cowards. Leave fear to those who are afraid and who have no choice but to be afraid. You're supposed to be men... live with that, the threat of the enemy, and when you get used to that then you might be able to do things.

If you don't integrate the fact that you're already being watched you're under the illusion... saying that I'm the one going to bring more trouble to people. I think it's an illusion and it's an illusion that makes you de facto demobilize, so de facto you're working for a system that doesn't want us to mobilize against it. So I don't formally accuse you of that, I understand very well your caution, which is quite natural and which I would probably have in your case as well, but once again what are we doing?
If it is a question of saying we are all being watched, so we don't move, well then we are cooked, and we are waiting to die from being shot at home because the surveillance of the adversary, of the enemy, is only increasing. Tomorrow it will be much worse when you have nanoparticles in your body, it will be much easier to file you. Are you going to wait until then to react?

I don't denigrate this person who says out loud what many people think in a low voice. However, I agree with the following analysis and I strongly advise you not to forget that you are exposing too much... in short, understand who can. The important thing is: take care of yourself and your loved ones. See you soon here or elsewhere, take care of yourself.

Rémy : Thank you very much. So you see, you heard my argument and I think it's an unstoppable/irrefutable argument. It's not because we're being watched that we should stop ourselves from acting because we'll be watched more and more. It's not a solution. The solution is to really find a way to bring down this universal global totalitarian regime financed by dark powers that we see everywhere, not only Soros, not only Bill Gates, but worse than that because these people themselves have superiors and have had superiors for a very long time.
See you soon.

Another anwer from the Q&A here: Les réponses en direct à vos questions - Polémique ! (pour le Royaume)

Exchanges not encrypted? Are you an agent and am I going to be followed by the cops by registering on your site?
We are indeed some to engage here, Aude, Pyrénées Orientales.

However, at first, we fight with our women who are rightly concerned about the confidentiality of our exchanges, because everything is listened to on the web!

Confidentiality is ensured on the one hand by encryption or invisibility tools and on the other hand ... by the use of mass means in which exchanges are made invisible due to lack of processing capacity. Paradoxically, it is in the world of encryption and in more secret messaging that control is most acute. In the billions of innocuous exchanges, with an insufficient number of monitors, the Services are forced to apply algorithms and use machines that only allow special words to be detected; these words will not appear in this type of exchange. No one is going to come in and say there's equipment [tons of it!] in their garage, unless they're crazy, in which case we'll just throw it out.
Then there is a philological analysis in the services that will say nothing, for example, about your message, since you don't describe any specific operation or intention. Thus, the machines will have to analyze, with the necessary processing time, billions of banal messages in the world without any convincing result. This is why all services are forced to concentrate their efforts on predefined targets according to the criteria I mentioned above. They apply parameters.

This is why the approach messages, which are harmless, are made this way. You will notice that nothing in what you say or in what we say is extraordinary or worthy of interest in a court of law. We then move on to absolutely perfect and undetectable tools.
If you walked into an encrypted blockhouse right away, you could be sure that the people at D/G-S. E. and D/G-S+I+ would work hard to break it down and put all the entrants on file.
Finally, since the Services are aware that the tools are imperfect, they put means on infiltration which is much more efficient.
I hope this brings you an answer.
I would comment here, that there's little doubts that we are already listed knowing the wide variety of websites, media, we do consult and the type of information we do share on social networks since many years. Miviludes has been looking at the Forum years ago, the sessions had to be offline at one point. Can we even conceptualize this many-tentacled monster?

Another answer on another topic which I found relevant too.
Catholic Discomfort

Dear Sir, while listening to your videos I feel a discomfort. An unclear political philosophy, a demagogic hand extended to the people who must take their future into their own hands. Sentences here and there that give the impression of an insufficient Thomist and Aristotelian doctrine. I don't want to abandon you because I know how much the critics are not the payers. But of course you don't give your life for solutions that don't hold up.
I believe that the only way to overthrow the Illuminati is to have very powerful military means; a natural solution that does not replace but succeeds the first cause of victory, our union with God through the authentic practice of the virtues. I don't know what you've been up to with the Modem people. It's really in the past and it's useless. I am willing to meet you to exchange in person. If my first email was not validated (it does not appear in the comments) it is probably because we will not be able to get along. However, I am ready to exchange with you because I like your project even if its content seems to lack a backbone.
Respectfully in Jesus and Mary. L.

Sir or Madam, your uneasiness is strictly indifferent to me, because during this uneasiness, 60 million souls are lost. They are always zealous, those who claim to have doctrine and who have never saved even one lamb; those who evoke saints who would tantrum them on the spot; those who consider that such a statement is imperfect and who are reluctant to fight because the soldier at their side has bad breath.

What do you think the Judgment will be like? A comparison of speeches? You will be judged by your actions. Who said, "You will pre-empt the future and refuse to fight until perfection is of this world"? No one did. For the time being, we need strength. The absolute is not of this hour. I have, I think, more Thomism in me than you do and much better than Aristotle, who is not enough to do what I do. I have exposed it to you on this site. I have to coalesce all kinds of creatures, all imperfect, like you, who will be accused of being ultra-extremist, but who nevertheless are very picky and disdain those who fight for them and urge them to fight. You don't want to move because you want it all, right now? Then let yourself be slaughtered, for your enemies will not even see you. Stay at home and heal this discomfort, for it will rain arrows. My children will remember that I exposed myself. What will you tell yours?
My imperfection makes me less blushing than that of those Catholics who would refuse to save souls on the grounds that the rescuer is imperfect. "We won't be able to get along"? But by God, do you think that will have any effect on me? Do you agree, then, with the Lord who shows you today what to do, since He sends you someone who comes in His Name. That will be good enough for you, I believe. If not, enlist, shut up and fight. I won't allow you to discourse, by the way. Who allows you? Would you have gone and chew this fat with Joffre or Pétain? That's what democratism is all about! It criticizes the people and acts as a communist! Go and join your ranks. Pride and the idea that one has of religion have absolutely no interest next to your actions. Before me, Jeanne, the little shepherdess, expressed it masterfully.

Someone reports to us the words of someone who calls himself a Catholic, but who does not hesitate to judge hastily. He dares to write:

"Rémy Daillet, as a good conciliar Catholic, influenced to his body by this humanism that has been transpiring in the Church for 40 years, reasoned in exactly the same way".
then: "People who will want to retoiled Babylon, because they feel that she is living her last moments, that she is on the brink of the abyss, there are plenty of them", and again: "All these people in reality do not want to see the root of the evil. They explain that the tree has grown badly, that it has grown anarchically, and that it needs to be cut back completely. No. It must be pulled up completely, including the roots, it is the tree that must be cut down, not the branches to be trimmed, etc.".

You certainly have to look for the yards to get beaten. Rémy does not deprive himself of this:


I know these people, who perorate. The unrepentant talkative are Mr. Bergoglio's objective allies. They are useless for the Lord, for the Kingdom, for their families, for their country, for themselves. We always see who fights and who comments. Don't let me know, they already have their reward.

Ask this gentleman where he was when we were fighting in Croatia? Where was he when we were fighting in Lebanon? Where was he when we were fighting where Christians were slaughtered as bad flocks?

I will be glad to know his answer.

What did he do to make the Revolution so victorious, he who says that the roots of the Revolution must be torn out (a banality that anyone properly brought up can say at the age of 14, by the way)? What roots did he himself pull out, this teacher? In my presence, he would certainly lower his voice. Who are these people to judge the one who is sent to them and who comes in the name of God?

Did he go beyond the lessons my youngest child would give to his classmates and turn them into some kind of political act? From the bottom of an armchair, one can be right: it is nothing. Winning is something else.

"All these people really don't want to see the root of the evil." Ah! Lady, but yes, they do: in this cowardice of people who call themselves Catholics and who in reality have as their glory only chatter, as their uniform only cowardice, as their flag only vague hopes devoid of hope. They were told: "Straw and beam", they heard nothing. They have worn out their buttocks more than the palms of their hands.

On Judgment Day, what will become of them, those who did not know how to recognize the signs given to them?

And above all, if this sort of thing does not come to the battlefield, it would be foolish, it would put the troop in danger, it would shoot them in the back: all they have ready is their tongue. I don't want those people from the rear! Jeanne de Domrémy didn't want any more.

Friendship in Christ, and may France regain some of its old faith and modesty.
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"Loup divergent" participated during a YT live on November 21st. There was much fluff during that live. He has been kind of put aside during the debate, which was 3 hours long. He insisted on Rémy's father pro-European stance, and Rémy said it had always been an opposition between them two. LoupDi's point was to say that such a personality as Remy's tend to admire and emulate their father, so he looked into the subject of who was his father.

During this live, something stood out. Rémy said at 1:28:00 that Trump knows what Remy is doing, he has seen the videos and is in favor of it, he will not interfere... ! :shock:

I would agree with most comments below LoupsDi's first video : LoupDi's arguments are not that convincing. Even though he has monetized his channel and has found different ways of making online businesses, that doesn't bring much to the table.
Rémy responded with two responses in the comments section of the first video:

Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann 1 week ago
The proof that my chain is not monetized ;-) Capture d'écran 2020-11-25 02.46.10.png
We'll have to try something else. Good luck.
Second message:
I didn't know, thank you, I'm delighted! Otherwise I have never earned a penny with Youtube. And my chains are not monetized. Sorry! Otherwise, almost everything is wrong in your video. Notably, home schooling will continue: Loi au sujet de l’école à la maison | Actualité mise à jour

The second video talks about his aliases with which he has written books. He mentions it on this page: Son CV - Pour un Renversement du gouvernement de la République

The Max Montgomery thing is a red flag, I agree. I mean, creating an alias doesn't imply allowing yourself to be haughty and mean.

About Max Montgomery

Writing is at the center of my vocation. I have been writing since the age of 19, when I lived in Japan. But I have also had the opportunity, in the meantime, to practice a few dozen professions. I am not going to tell you why I write, nor how. If you want to know more about me, don't rely on the media, I refuse them; Wiki is silent and nobody knows anything. Those who know don't talk. On the one hand, know that I'm not in the mood to confide to the all-commers, and on the other hand, there is no other way, that's the way it is. If you really want to talk, you'll have to give me 20 lines of handwritten presentation and letters of nobility (something complete. Go back a long way in your genealogy, I want to be sure. Here, what was the function of your ancestor on Noah's ark? Moss, Petty Officer?).

Here is another thing he said which I found no confirmation elsewhere:

Max Montgomery, author crowned with the Grand Prix de la Renaissance and flattering appreciations from Jean d'Ormesson, Marcel Jullian or Michel Tauriac, offers you this evening story at the ideal time, that of your child's bedtime.

My other site that offers very short news for parents is here (be careful, these are not stories for children).

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