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When I looked yesterday, the comment was not there. Probably it has been deleted by an editor.

But I went this morning and the comment was there. Maybe a question of hours? Here was the morning, in your country the night? Strange.


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I'd like to highlight this general comment on an article :

The answers are:

The contact form works fine for me, both logged in and not, in English and French. Might be privacy-saving features of some modern browsers that block the stuff that makes either reCAPTCHA or the contact form JavaScript work.

The RSS feeds are still there (there's a blue RSS button at the top of every page on SOTT that opens a pull-down menu listing all the feeds), but neither Firefox nor Chrome have a feed reader built in anymore. So, if you want to view the RSS feeds in your browser, you need to add an RSS feed reader add-on to the browser. Then you'll see the orange RSS button in the address bar of the browser, which will show the RSS feeds.
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