Religious expressions in the age of Revelations.

Saudi Arabia’s deserts turn green around holy cities Mecca and Medina in ‘proof of Judgement Day prophecy’

THE dusty dunes of Saudi Arabia's deserts have miraculously turned from sand to grass confirming what some believe is a thousand-year-old prophecy.

Surprisingly heavy rainfall and flooding throughout December have led to the striking scenes of green desert hills surrounding the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

Videos and photos circulating on social media show animals grazing on the grass which emerged out from the flooded lands in the west of the country.

Nature has taken over from once deathly-dry landscapes across Saudi Arabia to create blossoming green vegetation that can be seen from NASA satellite images.

For some excited locals, this is a clear sign that the Day of Judgement or the end of the world is coming.

The prophet Muhammad is reported to have said 1400 years ago that "the last hour will not come till... the land of Arabia turns into meadows and rivers".

Others have questioned just how unique this phenomenon is, citing recent times in the kingdom's history that luscious vegetation has sprouted in the desert.

Leo Meyer, director of ClimateContact, said: “You cannot necessarily say that one extreme rain shower in Saudi Arabia in December is due to climate change.

"After all, the weather is always erratic, but the chance of these kinds of extremes is increasing all over the world," he told Dutch newspaper, Postsen.

Mecca, known as the holiest city in Islam, has summers that average 41°C and a average monthly rainfall of only around 2-3 millimetres.


Condolences of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill over the earthquake in western Turkey​

Your Excellency, dear Mr. President,

With pain in my heart I have learnt about the destructive earthquake in the Izmir Province. The element has taken the lives of people and many of the victims happened to lie in hospitals and caused a considerable damage to apartment houses, city facilities and infrastructure. Please accept my sincere condolences.

I am grieving together with the Turkish people and the relatives and loved ones of the victims. Please convey them the words of consolation and support, and my wishes of a speedy recovery to the injured, and physical and spiritual fortitude to those who are working to remove the debris.

With profound condolences,

Pope Francis' message on the earthquake in Turkey

Devastating Earthquake Hits Turkey and Syria: How to Pray​

●. Pray for God to fill his people with peace.
Many have lost loved ones. Homes and possessions are destroyed. And the repeated aftershocks can have a profound psychological effect. But we believe God is with his people and can provide them with a peace beyond understanding.
● Pray for local civic and church leaders to have wisdom.
How do you respond to a natural disaster of this magnitude? How do you counsel the hurting, mobilize volunteers, assemble resources, acquire funding, coordinate with partners, and prioritize needs? The task is daunting, and it requires leaders with calm heads and clear thoughts

Pray for Turkey and Syria​

7.8 magnitude earthquake is worst disaster since 1939​

More than 3,500 people are dead and thousands buried beneath buildings that collapsed before dawn on Feb. 6 in a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey's southeastern province near its border with Syria.

Please join us in praying for the people of Turkey and Syria.

Urgent prayer: earthquake in Syria and Turkey​

Please pray for all who have been affected by a huge earthquake that has caused widespread destruction and deaths in Turkey and Syria.

"Please we ask you to pray for Latakia, to pray for Syria, for those who are suffering from the earthquake."

Is it an omen?

A divine sign? Lightning struck the head of Christ the Redeemer, the story behind the viral photo

More than 9 years have passed since a lightning struck the representative statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). This past February 10, a Brazilian photographer was fortunate enough to capture the moment when this natural phenomenon affected the face of this tourist attraction, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Fernando Braga, who is characterized in his personal account in capturing photographs of this place, was the one who told how he managed to record this historic moment. To obtain this result of lightning striking the face of Christ the Redeemer, he had to shoot with his camera for more than three hours and choose among 500 results.

The photograph was taken at 18:55 this February 10 using a Nikon D800 with a 70-200 lens. "I hope you liked it. A big hug to everyone and sorry if by any chance I couldn't respond to all the comments and messages I received," he concluded.


I wasn't sure where to post this and I didn't want to make a new thread for it.

Most of us have heard the passage in Mathew 24:40:

Matthew 24:40-41​

New International Version​

40 Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. 41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other

Talking about the 'end times', Is this predicting "died suddenly"? There was some debate, and still may be, but some Christians believe that this is talking about the rapture - Saved people being lifted up to heaven before SHTF basically. Most articles I found online recently interpret the passage to mean people dropping dead. The C's have told us that the Book of Revelation was channeled to John by the lizzies. We know that Mathew was probably written with the intent to replace the gospel of Mark, an attempt to obfuscate the truth. Not all altruistic love and light in the gospels after Mark, and I wonder if Mark wishes he could do some editing.

Cosmic irony, coincidence?
Talking about the 'end times', Is this predicting "died suddenly"?

Well, I had to read all of Chapter 24 to get the context. It does indeed seem to be describing these times. And as for the rapture or died suddenly it seems to me more like he is describing a culling.

reduction of a wild animal population by selective slaughter.

Which reminds me of this:

(Joe) Well, that was back then. Are there chips in any of the vaccines they're administering?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Which ones? Pfizer?

A: Selective and specific.

Q: (Joe) Can they have an influence on people's thoughts and behavior?

A: Not thoughts, but physiology.

Q: (L) So they don't need something like that for controlling thoughts. They've got other things for that. But they could probably put something in there that could trigger something that would go off in your body and like create an illness, or...
Well, I had to read all of Chapter 24 to get the context. It does indeed seem to be describing these times. And as for the rapture or died suddenly it seems to me more like he is describing a culling.

Which reminds me of this:
I remember pastors in country churches referencing Mattew 24:40-41 as 'the rapture'. From reading some mainstream Christian articles recently that idea is not as popular. Today it is interpreted as people dropping dead. The passage is describing a plague or pestilence, but 'culling' sounds pretty accurate too.

So not getting airlifted out of this mess, looks like a DIY thing after all.

edit: The C's did say something about rising up with wings of eagles, which sounds cool, so maybe there is a DIY option of sorts with maybe a little external help after some initiative is shown. :P

Ukraine orders Russian-aligned Orthodox church to leave Kyiv monastery​

March 10 (Reuters) - Ukrainian officials on Friday ordered a historically Russian-aligned wing of the Orthodox Church to leave a monastery complex in Kyiv where it is based, the latest move against a denomination regarded with deep suspicion by the government.

Kyiv is cracking down on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) - which accepted the authority of the patriarch of Moscow until after Russia launched its full-scale invasion last year - on grounds that it is pro-Russian and collaborating with Moscow. The Moscow patriarch, Kirill, has strongly backed the invasion.

The Ukrainian culture ministry said the UOC had been ordered to leave the 980-year-old Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra monastery complex, where it has its headquarters.

The monks of the holiest Orthodox site in the country have decided not to obey the eviction notice issued by the Ukrainian authorities and are taking the case to court.

Doubts surrounding the immediate future of the spiritual and administrative center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), historically affiliated with the Moscow Patriarchate (MP), have been alleviated. On Wednesday, March 29 (the deadline for an eviction notice issued by authorities in Kyiv), the Orthodox monks of this church, accused of having links with the Kremlin, ultimately decided not to leave the Ukrainian government-owned Lavra monastery cave complex in Kyiv, and instead to engage in a legal battle. In mid-March, the government agency in charge of managing Ukraine's holiest Orthodox site notified the UOC-MP that it would terminate its lease on the grounds of "violations [of rules] in the use of state property." The bishops dispute this claim, calling it a pretext.

Repetition of history

Crazy/cruel times ahead🤦‍♂️

Religious unrest in northeast India

Over the past few days, violent clashes have been going on in the Indian state of Manipur in northeastern India between representatives of the larger Meitei tribe and the Kuki minority.

Kuki members protested about a week ago due to regular harassment by local authorities, the destruction of Christian shrines and churches by adherents of Hindutva ideology - Hindu nationalism promoted by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

In response, supported by the paramilitary nationalist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, sponsored by the BJP in Manipur, members of the Meitei tribe began to set fire to the Kuki areas, forcing them to flee their homes.

The oppression of ethnic and religious minorities by the dominant Hindu nation is a standard practice of the policy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The support of nationalism at the state level allowed the BJP party to come to power, since almost the entire electorate consists of Hindutva supporters.

The pressure on minorities will continue, which may seriously affect the situation in the most turbulent Indian states, where there are more than a dozen different paramilitary groups.
#video #india #terrorism

Pope Francis invites Catholics and others to pray and fast for peace in Middle East

Pope Francis via X

I have decided to declare Friday, 27 October, a day of fasting, penance and prayer for #peace. I invite the various Christian confessions, members of other religious, and all who hold the cause of peace in the world at heart to participate.

Pope Francis via X

War does not resolve any problem. It only sows death and destruction, increases hate, multiplies vengeance. War erases the future. I exhort believers to take only one side in this conflict: the side of peace – not in word, but in prayer.

Pope Francis via X

The situation in #Gaza is desperate. Please let everything possible be done to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. The possible widening of the conflict is disturbing. Let the weapons be silenced; let the cry for peace be heard from the poor, from the people, from the children!
Pope's appeal: Repudiate the madness of war, it sows death and cancels the future

"Pacem in Terris. Peace in a "convulsed" world, torn by the lacerations caused by divisions and the poison of hatred. Torn by the "madness of war" that "erases the future". Once again, Francis returns to the feet of Mary, Queen of Peace, and as in the past for Syria, Africa and Ukraine, now looking at the river of violence taking place in the Holy Land, he implores the "Mother" for the gift of peace. An urgency in "these times torn by conflicts and devastated by weapons".

In St. Peter's Basilica, the Pope is presiding over the concluding celebration of the Day of Fasting and Prayer that he himself called for at the Angelus on Sunday, October 15. An occasion to gather the people of God scattered throughout the world with the sole intention of silencing weapons and inspiring "paths of peace to the leaders of nations".

Prayer for peace communicated via X by the Pope


At the end of the Day of Fasting and Prayer #PopeFrancisco : "Shake the souls of those trapped by hatred, convert those who foment conflicts. Dry the tears of children, open glimmers of light in the night of conflicts."
Netanyahu in 2021 hosted Nikki Haley and "End Times" preacher John Hagee at the Israeli prime minister's residence

Hagee is now mobilizing Christians to support Israel in a final battle for Jerusalem

Haley is demanding total, unconditional US support of Israel's war effort.

His web site HageeMinistries states that his church mission is "to fulfill the commission that Jesus Christ gave to His followers to go into the world and make disciples of all people. Our purpose is to save the lost and to build up and encourage those who are already believers. We pledge to our viewers & supporters to take...​

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"Jesus" must be proud without doubt. Every penny is well used by Israel

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