Religious exemption from flu shot mandate?


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Interesting way to force a population to do something that's ineffective and potentially harmful. Just do it via with holding financial support.

Here is the danger of letting our governors solve our problems and desires for us; we get used to the easy ride. They always have the power to pull the rug out from under us, individually, institutionally or even regionally. One see this happening at every level.
Being rugged, simple, strong and independent is the way to go. Our leaders appear to encourage everything except this approach.


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Thank you for this thread. I'm going to be applying for EMT positions in NJ soon and I remembered reading about religious exemptions for vaccines. I've been doing everything I can to strengthen my immune system!


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I just want to mention here that one of my daughters is a nurse and joined the Fellowship several months ago. She was successful in using the religious exemption in the Principles which forbid putting toxic materials of any sort into the body to receive the exemption from the mandated flu shot. This may not work in every locality, depending upon differing local laws and their interpretations by their agencies, but it may be very helpful for most of us.


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I wanted to report that I successfully exempted myself from my employers flu shot mandate this season. It was a simple form I had to fill out didn't even need to provide any "proof" of my beliefs.

Now our daughter needs to get an exemption for volunteering at a hospital, but the form needs a "Religious/Spiritual Leader Name & Signature". How could I get this signed? Thanks --
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