Regency Jewels

It is certainly a networking effort, but it is your own antennae that have the ability and talent through these videos to convey a great sensitivity with such great strength of mind and heart. And this generous approach in return allows us to see new shades of colour and sound that teach us valuable things, as we ourselves have gone through these palettes of novels.
Your videos Alejo are indeed real jewels.

So nicely put, Zak.
Hi everyone!

I have just uploaded the next one in the series for Someone to Honor, I hope you guys like it, for your consideration and feedback, here's:

Someone To Honor: The transmutation of tragedy into life​

AWESOME! Super good analysis.

I'm putting in a request in case it inspires you: some videos on the "Simply" series. I found those as good or even better than the Wescott one. But only it you love them too!
AWESOME! Super good analysis.

I'm putting in a request in case it inspires you: some videos on the "Simply" series. I found those as good or even better than the Wescott one. But only it you love them too!
Oh yes, they're in the pipeline... after Survivors I think :D

My idea, or my goal.. is to see if I am able to finish Westcott... then create a playlist, and move on to another series, so Survivor's Club, Simply quartet, and even that one called Longing that was so splendid, and the horsemen.

I lost a lot of my notes on Bedwyn, so I might pick them up once again and make a series for them as well.. :)

So, hopefully, you'll see me update this thread for a little while yet, should things workout as I intend them to.
After some review (briefly scanning), you have at least one male competitor discussion the Westcott series, however the fella does not even come close - from the little bit reviewed, the male characters are all just alpha males by his telling, with little depth, and little to no psychological nuances.

Your recently uploaded was very good (no bias), so well done once again!

As sometimes has Best of The Web designations, from what you are doing and what can be seen 'out there,' your reviews so far have been Best of The Romance series video reviews. :-D
I really like your videos, they are getting better and better. I hope some day you will discuss also other authors. For example, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Merridew series by Anne Gracie.
Thanks a lot Lukasz,

I haven't read anything by her alas, but I can add her next in line after finishing up Jennifer Ashley perhaps.. I am about halfway through the McKenzie series.
Wow. What a treat. Having read the series, I am loving going to each one and experiencing the video and verbal synthesis of key takeaways. It really is a great platform that you have created here and I find myself very inspired. I love the directness and the focused messaging that is achieved here through the way you are doing it. Very exciting and well done!!

For the past 3 years I have been writing songs where I have been including a lot of the great themes that we discuss on the board. I have not released any of these songs yet but I am hopeful to start trickling them out next year. But honestly, as a platform for getting ideas that need to be in greater circulation out and about within the world, I think what you have created here can be a lot more effective than a song. Some people ... oftentimes yours truly ... don't pay much attention to the lyrics ... lol. So once again I say ...well done!!!!
I liked the blog idea as well ... anything that strengthens or gets the ideas you are highlighting in greater circulation could be a great thing:-)
I watched all your videos and I must say they are amazing!

You have a very pleasant voice, maybe if you could make it a bit louder? Or decrease a volume of music for about 20%?

Sometimes I struggle listening to your voice over music, but maybe it is just me.

All in all great job and looking forward to the next one! :thup:
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Merci pour ces dernières vidéos que j'ai beaucoup aimées et que j'ai partagées sur mes réseaux sociaux...
C'est toujours un plaisir de les voir, de vous entendre et comprendre avec la traduction en Français... MERCI

Thank you for these last videos that I really liked and that I shared on my social networks...
It's always a pleasure to see them, to hear and understand you with the French translation... THANK YOU
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