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Can you recommend books explaining the green environmentalist scams? My wife is suddenly interested in reading books about them. I recommended The Vegetarian Myth right away, but I don't know really good books covering the global warming scam and the green energy scam.

I just saw this book being advertised on FB and it's launch is today. It's titled "Bright Green Lies" and one of the book's authors is Lierre Keith, the other two are Derrick Jensen and Max Wilbert.
A brilliant ray of hope, "Bright Green Lies" is one of the most important books of our time. Ordering now from the bookseller of your choice, and join the authors for their launch event tomorrow evening. "Bright Green Lies" tells the story of how our environmental leaders--the "Bright Greens"--twisted "saving the planet" into serving as a lobbying service for "green" industrialists and billionaires. In stunning, epic detail the reality that so-called green, renewable energy is just another form of death to life on earth is presented. Like "Planet of the Humans" except in the far greater detail possible in a book, "Bright Green Lies" reveals that those machines made by industrial civilization cannot save us from industrial civilization. This is the most hopeful book possible: only by being in the RIGHT story aka reality is there any real hope for humans and non-humans alike.
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