'Random' shootings, car rampages, knife attacks etc.

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An update on SOTT:

Affidavits in published/leaked court documents state that the Asst. Director unknowingly gave Baldwin a loaded gun. That same Asst. Director, Dave Halls, worked on the sequel to The Crow (the first movie of which, in 1993, which was the last time someone was killed on set because of a loaded gun) - Bruce Lee's son, Brandon Lee.

Real-world drama is stranger than fictional drama!

The following opinion piece is found on a probably dubious site named
4p Politically Incorrect

An anonymous 'Hollywood Insider' nevertheless seems to be giving some informed assessment on the regulations at a movie set and technical information about gun use at such a place.

He ends up pointing at Hollywood's satanic background...

1. He was given live rounds. Live rounds, as in bullets with gunpowder behind them aren’t allowed on set because they can’t be used. Let me repeat that. THEY CAN’T BE USED. The only rounds that are allowed are dummy rounds(no gunpowder) and blank rounds(no bullets.) There is no way a live round would make it to set because it wouldn’t have been purchased or stored in the first place. This would only happen if a crime is being committed.

2. Virtually no one nowadays uses blank firing during day scenes. This is because you can’t see the muzzle flash in the day time. You would just fire the revolver and let it cycle. It is pretty much completely unheard of nowadays and for good reason. Insurance is purchased for films and every single thing is scrutinized before it is approved. If you have something that is risky in the slightest, you pay thousands of dollars more for it and the studio tells you upfront to make the cheaper decision.

3. When firing a gun on set, the hired weapons expert, armorer, prop master, or other crew member loads blanks into it. It is damn near impossible to load a series of blanks and also a live round in a six shooter revolver without noticing. Any -flicking-g idiot would hold six bullets in their hand and realize that five of them have no bullet attached to them and one of them does. It’s like holding six dicks in your hand and only one of them has a dickhead. It’s impossible not to notice.

4. It is extremely rare that an actor would aim a gun at a crew member. Actors aim guns at other actors or at empty spaces. Even if they are pointing the gun at the camera, the cinematographer and director are not directly behind the camera or in the way of the gun, they are off to the side looking at the monitors. Even if the camera is moving and the cinematographer is behind it, it is still extremely rare that the actor would aim a gun at them due to all the other angles they could be aiming at. It is a very rare alignment that does not occur.

5. The press are misleading you on purpose. They keep saying he was given a prop gun. A prop gun is a gun that can’t fire bullets. Only a real gun can fire real bullets. He was given a real gun which was a six shooter revolver. They are saying prop gun for a reason. They are trying to diminish the fact that this was a crime.

6. The death falls in line with an occult practice of art predicting death.
Alec is in a movie where he plays a man trying to help his grandson who committed an accidental murder.
Brandon Lee was in a film where he played a man who gets shot and killed and resurrected.
Heath Ledger played a rebooted version of same character that got killed and resurrected.
(Heath Ledger played a character that was directly inspired by The Crow. The Joker. David Goyer and Chris Nolan admitted that The Joker’s entire look and make-up, the way he goes into the gangster meeting, the knives he chooses, the fire symbols and a lot more are directly ripped from The Crow.)
They are all playing characters that they become in real life.

7. The movie is also a metaphor for Satan.
Do you see the connection? Brandon died playing a role. Heath died playing the same role. They were both playing men that were burning society down. They were both playing the role of Satan. They were both murdered as sacrifices. They were both killed at the age of 28.
But what about Alec’s character? He plays an outlaw that is breaking a 13 year old murderer out of prison. 13 is a metaphor for the spirit of rebellion. He is also playing the role of Satan.

8. The deaths all align with occult satanic numerology.
March 31st, 1993 at 1:03. 3311993103 = 33 = 6.
January 22nd, 2008 at 3:33. 1222008333 = 24 = 6.
October 21st, 2021 at 1:50. 10212021150 = 15 = 6.
They all result in 6.

9. All three of those deaths occurred during times of satanic sacrifice on the satanic calendar.
The majority of players in Hollywood are card carrying satanists. They keep it a secret. Their families keep it a secret. They attend black masses. They attend orgies. They attend animal sacrifices. They attend human sacrifices. They pretend to be atheists and christians to the public. But they are full blown satanists operating under disguise. In private if you are at a party with them inside one of their homes you will be able to tell by the artwork they keep. They always most always have some sort of satanic artwork. If you are good friends with them they will tell you that they are a satanist and that they believe that satan is more powerful as God and is going to defeat him in the end times. These people hold sacrifices during certain times of the year. They often come in threes.


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One of the women killed in the attack, was Andrea Meyer haugen (Nebel/ nebelhexe) a neo-pagan shaman and activist. She openly spoke about many of Norway’s issues concerning religion, politics, and culture. She showed some gift to awaken ppl, and raise spirits.
She was the youngest victim, and the most 'high-profile' in terms of her background in art, music and writing. Her fans created a Wikipedia entry for her after the incident.
Norway as Sweden has proved to be the perfect ground for greys…
I don't see how that follows, although I do note her 'indulging in the dark arts' from some of her past interests.

The immediate politicization of this tragedy set off my spidey sense, and although there's little to suggest that this 'mass-shooting-cum-mass-stabbing' attack was anything more than the act of one madman, the 'confusion' experienced by intervening police on the night - and the 'update' several days later regarding the manner in which the victims were killed - are suspicious.

BBC News, 16 Oct 2021

Police first received a report of a man shooting at people with a bow and arrows at 18:12 local time (16:12 GMT) on Wednesday. Shortly afterwards, officers arrived on the scene.

The officers were then shot at with arrows before the attacker escaped. Attacks were subsequently reported in different locations.
Police have said the victims were most likely killed after officers first confronted the attacker.

The suspect was arrested at 18:45 - 35 minutes after the attack began. Warning shots were fired during the arrest, police said.

Norwegian media questioned why it took police more than half an hour to arrest the suspect after the first reports of an attack. [Police spokesman] Mr Ole Saeverud said it had been a "confusing" situation.
Recall that the Norwegian government announced that police would be armed as a result of this incident - and yet, armed police responding to this incident couldn't prevent it. And what was 'confusing' about it? The involvement of other perpetrators, perhaps?

Arne Christian Haugstoeyl, counterterrorism chief of PST, Norway's intelligence agency, yesterday warned that "this kind of thing will definitely happen again because we live in an open society" - which I find a creepy thing to say. When asked about the 'delay' of police encountering the perpetrator, before he escaped 'because he shot arrows at police' (police armed with guns?!), he became cagey:

He was hesitant when asked by [Norwegian newspaper] Aftenposten if PST could have done something differently to prevent the Kongsberg attack and said he would wait for the conclusions of an ongoing independent investigation into the police’s delay in capturing Andersen Braathen amid criticism that the response was too slow.
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Unknown projectile shuts down Hy 17 near Scott's Valley California ..🤔

October 23, 2021 at 7:09 pm Filed Under: CHP, Highway 17, Police Activity Video


The Nashville bombing and Thermobaric weapons.

Streamed live on Oct 22, 2021



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An update on SOTT:

Affidavits in published/leaked court documents state that the Asst. Director unknowingly gave Baldwin a loaded gun. That same Asst. Director, Dave Halls, worked on the sequel to The Crow (the first movie of which, in 1993, which was the last time someone was killed on set because of a loaded gun) - Bruce Lee's son, Brandon Lee.

Real-world drama is stranger than fictional drama!
Gets stranger! According to this Steve Crowder report, here was the armorer responsible!



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Gare du Nord station, in central Paris, France has reopened after it was evacuated for hours due to a potential bomb threat, and train travel from the hub was suspended. The alert was sparked by reports of unattended luggage.

Hundreds of people were left standing outside the station on Wednesday, after police ordered its evacuation. It was reopened shortly before 6pm local time.

The operator Transport Express Regional tweeted that travel from the station would be interrupted for a period due to the ongoing investigation, while the company responsible for the Paris Metro announced that trains were not running in either direction between Paris Gare de Lyon and Paris Nord. The Paris Metro group confirmed that the incident was related to an item of unattended luggage.

The station, one of the largest in the French capital, also receives the Eurostar train from London and serves Charles de Gaulle Airport.

27 Oct, 2021 15:56
Over a dozen vehicles were left burnt out on Tuesday night in France's Alençon and police and firefighters came under fire from incendiaries and other projectiles, after a 16-year-old was arrested on suspicion of selling drugs.

A group of some 20 young people took to the streets in the town of Alençon in Normandy, torching cars and attacking emergency-services personnel with an array of projectiles and fireworks.

"We deplore this night of urban violence in Perseigne, in Alençon, in which there were a dozen vehicles set on fire," Françoise Tahéri, prefect of the Orne district, told BFMTV. Tahéri added that the police intervened quickly to stabilize the situation and were reinforced by gendarmes.

Firefighters and police officers intervened around midnight, after being notified that several private vehicles had been set on fire. Upon arriving at the scene, they came under fire from around 20 youths positioned in different places around the neighborhood, according to BFMTV. Thirteen gendarmes were sent in as reinforcements, and the clashes concluded around 3:30am.

Tahéri said she was delighted that nobody was injured and praised the intervention of law enforcement. Town major Joaquim Pueyo described the events as "extremely serious." In footage shared online, passing cars can be seen coming under attack from mortars.

Images posted on social media on Wednesday morning show the extent of the devastation, with numerous burnt-out cars being transported for scrapping.

The unrest was apparently prompted by the arrest of a 16-year-old boy who was allegedly caught selling drugs to a woman in the area. During a press conference on Wednesday, Tahéri stated the authorities believed the violence was related to Tuesday's arrest of a suspected drug dealer.

Meanwhile in Mexico:
With persecution and shooting, that is how they were shooting around the city until some hitmen


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29 Oct, 2021 19:37
Tunisian forces have dismantled two extremist cells linked to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) active in various parts of the country. At least one of them was plotting terrorist attacks, according to the Interior Ministry.

One cell was uncovered by the Tunisian authorities in the southern city of Tataouine, the ministry said on Friday, adding that the extremists sought to attack the military and security forces.

“They planned to carry out terrorist attacks targeting the security and military units in the region (Tataouine), using explosive devices,” the ministry said in a statement.

The authorities did not provide any details about the number of cell members involved, or the measures taken against them. The ministry also did not reveal how security forces detected the extremists.

Earlier, the spokesman of the Tunisian National Guard, Hossam Eddine Al-Jabali, said in a Facebook post that the authorities had arrested members of a “female cell” active in Tunisia’s western regions, between the provinces of Kef and Tozeur.

Its mission was reportedly to attract other women online and make them join Islamic State. The group was “linked to terrorists affiliated with the so-called Caliphate Soldiers Organization settled in the Tunisian mountains,” Al-Jabali said. The Caliphate Soldiers Organization is itself an IS affiliate, he added.

All members of the female cell were arrested and put into custody, the national guard spokesman said.

The authorities did not provide any details about the number of cell members involved, or the measures taken against them. The ministry also did not reveal how security forces detected the extremists.

Earlier, the spokesman of the Tunisian National Guard, Hossam Eddine Al-Jabali, said in a Facebook post that the authorities had arrested members of a “female cell” active in Tunisia’s western regions, between the provinces of Kef and Tozeur.

Its mission was reportedly to attract other women online and make them join Islamic State. The group was “linked to terrorists affiliated with the so-called Caliphate Soldiers Organization settled in the Tunisian mountains,” Al-Jabali said. The Caliphate Soldiers Organization is itself an IS affiliate, he added.

All members of the female cell were arrested and put into custody, the national guard spokesman said.


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Fifteen people were reportedly injured after a fire started on a Tokyo train on Sunday. Following the incident, a man with a knife was arrested and police are investigating whether hydrochloric acid was involved.

おい日本のテレビ局!!選挙より京王線が大変なことになってるぞ!!京王線の車内で刃物男が刃物を振り回し、液体に火をつけて火事になってる、これはテロだ、テレビ局!メディアとして大事なことを忘れていないか???頼むよ報道してくれよ、、、、泣ネットしか信頼できないのか??? #京王線pic.twitter.com/qrK2YDKI04
— k (@kikuzaka46_Bay) October 31, 2021
The suspect doused parts of the train car with an unspecified liquid and set it on fire at around 8pm local time on Sunday, according to Japanese state-owned news organization NHK citing witnesses.

Police are currently investigating whether hydrochloric acid was also used in the incident.

The Metropolitan Police Department has arrested a suspect in his twenties and is investigating the situation in detail. (The video was taken around 8:50 pm) https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20211031/k10013329441000.html#nhk_video

Around 8 pm on the 31st, a man swung a knife around in a car on the Keio Line running in Chofu City, Tokyo, slashed it to the passengers around him, and sprinkled liquid to light the inside of the car. At least eight people have been injured, one of whom is unconscious, and the Metropolitan Police Department has arrested a suspect in his twenties to investigate the situation in detail.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, a man swung a knife around 8 pm on the Keio Line, which was running near Kokuryo Station in Chofu City, Tokyo, and cut it to the passengers around him.

According to investigators, the man also sprinkled a liquid like oil inside the car and ignited it, causing a part of the seat to burn.

The man was in his twenties and was soon arrested and arrested on the scene.

Also, the fact that there are at least eight injured people means that a man in his 60s is stabbed with a knife and is unconscious.

The Metropolitan Police Department and others are investigating the detailed situation at that time.

Stop driving on the Keio Line up and down lines

According to the Keio Electric Railway website, as of 8:17 pm, the Keio Line is not operating on the up and down lines.

Passengers get off the platform and evacuate

According to Keio Electric Railway, the owner of the limited express train bound for Shinjuku on the Keio Line near Kokuryo Station in Chofu City, Tokyo, said, "There is a man with a knife in the car."

For this reason, an emergency stop was made at Kokuryo Station, which originally did not stop, and passengers got off the platform and evacuated.

The limited express train departed Chofu Station at 7:54 pm and was heading for the next stop, Meidaimae Station.

Posting videos and images on Twitter

There are multiple videos and images posted on Twitter of the vehicle that seems to have had the incident.

Of these, the video posted after 8 pm shows the people fleeing inside the vehicle, which is believed to have had an incident, along with a sentence stating that a fire broke out on the Keio Line.

In the middle of the video, a fire suddenly rises in the back of the vehicle, and passengers are escaping toward you. After that, the passengers are also photographed escaping from the window of the stopped vehicle.

In addition, passengers are shown escaping one after another. Passengers were also seen escaping from the vehicle and landing on the platform, holding hands and helping each other.

In the video taken by NHK

In the video taken by an NHK cameraman after 8:30 pm, you can see a large number of police officers and firefighters gathering in front of Kokuryo Station on the Keio Line.

In addition, the ticket gate is covered with a green sheet so that the inside cannot be seen from the outside. A large number of people gather around the area and watch over the situation with anxiety.

At around 8:50 pm, an NHK helicopter shot the scene in front of Kokuryo Station, showing that people who seemed to be rescuers outdoors in front of the station could not be seen by people passing by with green sheets. We are working side by side with emergency stretchers.

Many police and fire trucks are parked on the road in front of the station, and you can see a lot of people gathering outside the regulation line.



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Mysterious death of a Mexican actor in a shooting. The police are suspected of the murder.

On October 30 was announced that Octavio Ocaña died at the age of 22. Undoubtedly, the news that the actor who played "Benito in Neighbors" shocked the entertainment world in Mexico; however, several versions emerged about what had happened to him and the cause of his death.

It was speculated that he had suffered an attempted assault and that two people tried to strip him of his truck and that they had allegedly shot him.

In the first investigations, the Attorney General's Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) revealed what happened officially.

Two men who were traveling in the truck with Octavio Ocaña, and who were arrested, declared that they had known the 22-year-old actor for a long time and that they had met for a few days to drink alcoholic beverages. In their testimony, they added that while passing through the streets of Cuautitlán Izcalli they were intercepted by municipal police, who stopped them, but Octavio Ocaña did not stop the march and began the chasing.

The witnesses assured that in the chasing Octavio Ocaña drew his weapon and that he lost control of the truck that ended up crashing on the side of the road on which it was circulating and denied that there was an exchange of shots between the police and Benito's interpreter.

The actor was killed by a gunshot to the head and a percussion shell and ballistic evidence were found on the roof of the vehicle "just at the height of the driver"; while the municipal police denied that a shooting had occurred.



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Karma comes full circle.

The development of violence in #Schweden is unprecedented in Europe. Last summer was marked by bomb attacks and shootings. Even Social Democrats now admit that uncontrolled migration was a mistake. (€ )



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California and beyond:


Updated 1934 GMT (0334 HKT) November 5, 2021

Dramatic new details are coming to light in a homicide that happened in a San Francisco neighborhood, popular among tourists.

The incident occurred around 1 p.m. Thursday along Haight Street and not only left one man dead but another badly injured.

RELATED: 1 dead, 1 injured after shooting in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury in broad daylight

Myzhelia Rose says she heard "duh, duh, duh, duh" re-enacting gunshots and then "went outside to see two people hurt."

Multiple sources tell ABC7 News Anchor Dion Lim the man who was shot and killed is 21-year old Samuel Jessop-Burciaga and known by his friends and family as "Sammy." Sources say he and another man tried to rob someone else.

A struggle ensued and that would-be robbery victim was able to wrangle a gun from Jessop-Burciaga and shoot him in the face. Jessop-Burciaga fell on top of the man, as another person fired shots. The person who was being robbed was injured, Jessop -Burciaga was pronounced dead.

RELATED: Good Samaritan stabbed while helping older woman attacked in San Francisco, police say

I spoke to those who knew Jessop-Burciaga -- and were adding flowers to his memorial. They said they didn't want to comment -- and requested privacy.

There have been a number of high-profile shootings in the area in recent weeks.

Resident Matthew Hay-Chapman said the violence has "been going on in the last couple of months...I suspect the worst."

RELATED: 2 older Asian women stabbed in broad daylight while waiting for bus in downtown SF

This includes a gunfight that broke out along Haight and Central just a few blocks away. Several days ago, bullets riddled businesses and homes in the area. Police say it was gang-related.

Sources say Jessop-Burciaga was a known gang member with an extensive criminal history including multiple burglary and gun charges as recently as late October.

As questions remain on why Jessop-Burciaga was out on the streets, residents in the Haight-Ashbury community are worried about the future of the neighborhood.

"Unfortunately the city doesn't have a good reputation," says Rose.

SFPD's homicide unit is investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call the SFPD Tip Line at 1-415-575-4444 or Text a Tip to TIP411 and begin the text message with SFPD.

Boise Mall Shooting: At Least 2 Killed and 5 Injured - The New ...

https://www.nytimes.com › 2021/10/25 › boise-mall-shoo...

Accused gunman in a Boise mall shooting dies in hospital
October 27, 2021

One Injured In At Southland Mall Shooting
Published Oct. 25, 2021 Updated Oct. 26, 2021. San Leandro Ca.




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Three people seriously injured in knife attack in ICE
November 6, 2021

Seubersdorf A man attacks other passengers in an ICE with a knife and triggers a large-scale deployment of police and auxiliary staff. The train is cleared in a train station in Eastern Bavaria.

Three people were seriously injured in a knife attack on the ICE Passau-Hamburg on Saturday.

The alleged perpetrator, a 27-year-old man, had been arrested, said the Bavarian police after a major operation at Seubersdorf train station in Upper Palatinate. It is apparently a lone perpetrator. "The background of the act is currently still completely unclear," said a police spokesman.

According to information from the German Press Agency, the suspect comes from Syria and last lived in Passau. The victims are three men aged 26, 39 and 60, according to security sources.

It was a lone perpetrator

The ICE 928 was halfway between Regensburg and Nuremberg on Saturday shortly after 9 a.m. when, among other things, an emergency call was received at the Upper Palatinate police headquarters: “Knife attack on passengers”, as police spokesman Florian Beck said. The ICE with 200 to 300 passengers on board stopped at the small Seubersdorf train station. The spokesman could not initially say whether the 27-year-old was overwhelmed by other passengers or by police officers.

"It was definitely a knife attack," he said. Because the situation was initially completely unclear, the police moved in with a large contingent and evacuated the train. A little later she was able to give the all-clear: there are no indications of further perpetrators, there is no danger for the population: "We are no longer looking for anyone."

Big effort for the assistants

The Bavarian Red Cross cared for the three seriously injured people on site and transported them to clinics. It was also a major operation for the auxiliaries and the fire brigade: around 200 to 300 passengers evacuated from the train are currently being looked after and provided with food and drinks in a hall near the Seubersdorf train station, said spokesman Sohrab Taheri-Sohi at noon. 110 Red Cross forces are on site, including crisis intervention teams to care for shocked people.

The Regenburg-Nuremberg railway had been closed since the morning. Other trains on the route were initially held back at suitable stations, said a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn at noon. In the meantime, long-distance traffic is being diverted via Ingolstadt. For passengers, that means 30 to 60 minutes longer travel times. When the route will be released again is still open.

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer expressed his horror and called for prudence. "The cruel knife attack in the ICE is terrible," Ministry spokesman Steve Alter quoted him in the short message service Twitter. He would like to thank the police forces and the train crew "for their brave efforts". The background to the cruel act is still unclear and needs to be clarified. "Only then is an assessment possible."

Several people ‘severely injured’ in knife attack on German train​

Police in Bavaria arrest man after incident with reason for attack ‘still unclear’

A knife attack on a high-speed train in the German state of Bavaria has left three people “severely injured”, with the alleged perpetrator quickly arrested.

A spokesperson for the Bavarian Red Cross, which has 110 responders on the scene, said the organisation processed three “severely injured” people. In addition, 200 to 300 people were removed from the train and were being taken care of at a nearby location.

Horst Seehofer, Germany’s interior minister, said the background behind the “terrible” attack was “still unclear.” He said people in Seubersdorf, a municipality 473 km (294 miles) south of Berlin, faced no “acute danger.”

“I hope that those injured and those who witnessed this will recover quickly and completely,” Seehofer said.

Police said multiple people were wounded but were unable to provide a specific number.

“According to preliminary information, several people were injured,” police in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz said in a statement, assuring that “there is now no more danger”.

The Bild newspaper said at least three people had been hurt, two of them seriously. A police spokesperson said that none of their lives were in danger.

Police said that a man had been arrested, but did not give any more details.

The ICE high-speed train was brought to a halt at Seubersdorf station, and a large police operation was deployed to the site.

In June, three people were killed and several others injured in a knife attack committed in Würzburg, in southern Germany.
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