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These question are copied from the original question thread, with additional information added for background and research.


Are the chemical chelation methods to detoxify heavy metals from the body safe? Specifically EDTA, DMSA, and DMPS? Are there safety concerns that are not cited in the research? Kidney function tests and replacement of minerals are recommended safety precautions...are there other precautions that should be taken? Are there other chemicals that are safe and effective chelators?

Background / Research:

My original questions also asked about the effectiveness of these chemicals. I think there is enough data to conclude that these chemicals are effective.

There are quite a few chelation chemicals. I’ve focused on EDTA, DMSA and DMPS because they are the most widely used and tested, and the ones that would be available to most people. There may be other chemicals or natural substances that are effective and safe.

General information on chelation:

They cite articles that point to deaths supposedly caused by EDTA IV therapy.

General overview of chelation for use in treating Autism

Sherry Rogers, author or “Detoxify or Die” specifically recommends EDTA and DMSA in her book “The High Blood Pressure Hoax.” She recommends that anyone taking these chemicals should have their doctor’s supervision and get periodic kidney function tests (specifically a GTT rather than the usual BUN). She seems very knowledgeable and the caveat that people get kidney function tests is a bit concerning.

Data on EDTA:

EDTA can be administered 4 ways: via IV, pills, transdermally and via suppositories. The IV administration is extremely expensive and I think outside the budget of most people. So the question of safety applies only to the other delivery methods.


American Heart Association questioning the safety of EDTA IV therapy:

Most studies link safety concerns to IV administration of EDTA, not the other methods of administration.

Based on the research, EDTA is not as good as DMSA and DMPS at chelating mercury. All chelation chemicals remove useful minerals as well, so it is standard procedure to take additional minerals after and/or during chelation,

Data on DMSA

DMSA is only available in pill form and transdermal form.



Dr. Mercola does not recommend the use of DMSA due to possible side effects. He recommends DMPS for mercury chelation.

Data on DMPS

DMPS is available in pill, injection, transdermal, and suppository form.



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