Questions on fluoride detoxification


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These questions are pulled out of the original C's questions thread, with addition information added for background data.

Question: What are the best ways to detoxify fluoride from the body? In the past the C’s have mentioned goldenseal, garlic and exercise. Are there other better methods? I am particularly interested in how to detoxify from many years of exposure to fluoride in the drinking water. If fluoride has accumulated in bones and the pineal gland, what are the best methods for detoxifying it? So, besides what we can find on our own with research, do the C's have any suggestions in terms of better ways to detox fluoride that are not widely known?

Background / Research: There is some data out there on fluoride detox. Here for example: I see Boron, tamarind and saunas mentioned quite often. The methods we can find on our own may very well be enough! :)

Thanks again for the opportunity to suggest questions :)
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