Question about abortion

I recently read this piece from Baldwin's Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual. It provides one look at the potential ramifications of abortion. By no means would this be ground to make a general case that 'this is what always happens'. But it does open up the world of possibilities.

Ted was about 45 years old. He had given up sugar, alcohol, smoking and red meat, but could not break his hunger for coffee. Ted described releasing a "demon snake" from within himself with the help of some friends. This occurred at the home of an acquaintance. After that event he was free of the thirst for coffee for nearly a year.

Ted made a visit to the same house at a later date. The host offered him some coffee. Without thinking he accepted. From that moment on he was again addicted. As he described the memory of that night he began to experience a tight sensation in his legs. As he focused on the sensation he described what appeared to be the big front blade of a bulldozer. The feelings were about abandonment, his words described being alone.

After the bulldozer image, Ted described being on some sort of conveyer belt, then being dumped out into an alley totally alone. It was also quite clear to him that this was New York City. He did not experience being in a body. There was no memory of having been born, yet the personality definitely seemed like a lost soul, an earthbound spirit. It described joining Ted when he was young, liking him, and enjoying coffee through him. During the release of the demon snake at the house this spirit also left Ted but it stayed in the house.

When Ted visited there it came in again when Ted was offered the coffee and he took it. The entity was asked its name. It did not know. It was urged to locate a time when it was in its own body. It could not recall a body.Itdid locate an episode which led to the image of the bulldozer blade. The physical body, such as it was, was thrown into a trash can. This was dumped into the rear of a garbage truck. It was the sweeping pusher in the garbage truck which had the appearance of a bulldozer blade.

This was the spirit of a terminated pregnancy, unceremoniously dumped in the garbage. There was no experience of birth. The conscious spirit joins the body at or near the first breath. This was either a stillbirth, a premature birth which did not live, or an aborted fetus. This was not determined. The overwhelming feeling was of abandonment and being alone, and the pleading and unanswerable question, "Why?"

This answered the question of the bulldozer but not the conveyer belt or being dumped in the alley. The initial addiction to coffee was also unanswered. The speculation was that the mother was an addict. She miscarried and disposed of the fetus, dead or almost so, in the garbage can.

There could be no resolution, no answers. Forgiveness finally allowed the spirit to move into the Light. Comfortable and safe after all the years together, the spirit was reluctant to leave Ted. After a loving interchange with him it was persuaded to leave in the company of guiding spirits. Ted immediately felt better.
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