Putin's Logic - What was his training?

If we think of the problem more in terms of the ideas presented in the book "Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection" though, couldn't it be that Putin and Co. (consciously or unconsciously) did actually the best in that regard (so far!)? What I mean to say here is; how much more would have humanity attracted comet/earth changes destruction if Putin and Co. wouldn't have stepped on the scene and basically created a big and much needed counter balance to all the lies, nonsense and wars globally?

What you're describing sounds a lot like the Chinese Mandate of Heaven. That when rulers bring peace and prosperity to their people and work towards bettering the lives of everyone they are elected to govern, that this pleases the 'gods' and staves off destruction, and that corrupt leadership brings on inevitable destruction in the form of natural disasters. Considering where the people of Russia were in the 90's and the state of world affairs and how many potential disasters have been mitigated, Putin and his team are doing as a good a job as possible to bring some measure of balance to the world.

I think that remark was made in the context of Putin seemingly playing along with this or that mundane crazy/trivia going on in the world right now a bit too much, while not putting the focus on real dangers such as comet threats, ice ages and the like, which could very much be the real threat people should be aware of and prepared for, that could be just around the corner.

Certainly an interesting question. If we assume Putin and gang know more than they tell in that regard (which I'm not so sure about actually), you do have to wonder.

Have you had a chance to see this? Putin knows what's up but it's like what was said in Pierre's book about acting as a transducer of cosmic energies and rather than running around trying to deal with all the material threats of the cosmos, which like he says in the interview is so vast and varied that we couldn't possibly account for everything and fully prepare ourselves, he's dealing with what's right in front of him. And that's not to say he isn't preparing in some way, and maybe it has to do with his Christian background but there's more a sense of humility in this approach accepting we are subject to forces beyond our control and reckoning. It's actually a very Stoic approach and probably a way that does, like you said, in a non-linear way, help stave off cataclysm's.

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