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diligence said:
Zarcos said:
I've read the wave series, Ra material, bringers of dawn, in search of the miraculous, several other/loads of info on this site, and aside from raising my own frequency (knowledge protects) i haven't found any way of countering this drain… Oh and from getting rid of the person (10 more days!!)
There are threads that helped me realize I should make a stand for myself - though within reason, and not to act out a drama unaware of what's behind it. Cutting ties could help to recharge and understand past dramas with a more objective view. Waiting for the person to leave sounds right as far as I got from your situation. Then reflect, but not necessarily ruminate (Timothy Wilson).

It seems like nothing in particular brought up these feelings in you, that you can describe? Have you considered that you feel this way about these people for no reason? That it is your decision? That may or may not be true, I do not know your history with these people.

I apologize for mislabeling, it's not a feeling but a sensation. If i had to describe it, it feels like your essence/soul/energy is forced to vomit in a certain direction. And no matter how much I sleep I feel like I've been run over by a train the next morning. I've considered many times that it was just my mind, and i even tested the location (left the house and the draining receded, came back and it also came back) but I've positive he's an OP and what I am feeling is what it is. I've encountered this two other times (just remembered another one) and both times it was with people who I would describe as being psychopaths (as the C's describe them, without higher centres and lacking empathy) and I know this because one used to be a friend I lived with for 6 months and another is a half brother (not blood related) that I've knows all my life, also I tend to study people and have a decent judge of character (not that it's hard once you know what you are looking for). Considering half the population are OPs and they drain your energy, then it's very likely this is the case.

He's gone now and immediately i feel clear and light again, and even though it was an exhausting experience i have learnt much from it.

Yay knowledge protects!
I am happy that you've considered mundane possibilities on your own, and that you are free from feeling drained. :) A radar for some sorts of personality types would be useful. There are some that might bring up 'stay away' feelings in me, but in those cases it is probably because I can tell one of us is stressed out. It is probably more like a 'keep things calm' feeling, for me.

If I am constantly nervous around a person, each time I see them, I might take it as a sign that I don't want to be around them, whether I'm able to leave or not, and often there is a cause for it in terms of how they have acted or how I have acted around them. This has happened in the past not only with people I think might be pathological, but additionally people I care about and people whose characters I don't judge one way or the other. They were just emotional situations. So it is hard for me to differentiate in terms of types of people, usually things are 'on the surface,' and more observation of a person would be necessary for me before knowing for sure, at least usually. There are always outliers. If I am nervous around a person I barely know, I chalk it up to being a bit sensitive emotionally, for that short time.

To bring a different topic in: There is a sensation I remember and it happened while reading the Wave. I was getting tired, zoned out a little bit, and felt some sort of energy 'munching' at my upper back/head. Very brief, but kind of striking. After that it happened a few times again for a week or so, while I was thinking alone and trying to recall the sensation. It was probably my brain's way of internalizing a concept I was reading. I don't doubt the power of the mind, considering such books as Operators and Things (at least the author's interpretation in the latter half of her book), especially during generally lower-energy and slightly more meditative states.


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I'm not sure where to describe this so I'll put it there. A few years ago I had a difficult moment in my life. I couldn't sleep. One night when I got sleep (an unconcious but shallow sleep of exhaustion) I had a dream that someone with rather dark and egotic personality catches me astrally at where my 2nd chakra is supposed to be. It was helpful but rather dark and a loss.

Now since two weeks after an argument I experience this chakra's emptiness and last night after another dispute, at the moment I would fall asleep I experienced painful electric shock through my spine from heart chakra to 2nd. I was sensing these (2nd, 3rd and 4th) chakras on my spine and my back but it's funny that while I write it I start to experience 4th chakra in my chest, not as some emotional wound on my back.

I understand it's emotional symptoms.
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