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Hi Mike,

Two questions, did this thing happen to you just after sending the email or was there more to it?

Also, when you say you are doing meditation, do you mean EE or something else?

edit: Just wanted to say that whatever is happening, it is feeding off your understandably terrified state. If you can find a way (hopefully with the help of EE), you may be able to get whatever is happening to stop.


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This happened to me at about 1:55 am. I got up at 1:58. By the time I finished sending the email to this lady it was like 2:30ish Then I looked around on the web for some answers. Finally came here.

As far as meditation like man I just try to quiet my mind and breathe. I've had many strange things occur to me while meditating in the past.
I have no formal training or anything like I just do it.

Because I had such a terrible upbringing I was a very closed up child. I never made any meaningful connections with anyone. I was emotionally dead for I'd say about 17 years. This last year of my life has been so great. When I was younger and under seemingly constant neglect and solitude I would have terrible dreams and nightmares. I would have constant thoughts of suicide - I got through them by knowing that that wouldn't accomplish anything and it would be throwing away something that I knew I shouldn't. I kept telling myself If I couldn't be happy maybe I could make others happy. That thought got me through truly dark times. I related myself like the Tinman in the Wizard of Oz. I felt like a robot with no emotions and no lust for life. I Hardly knew my parents on anything but a superficial level. I am finally starting to open up and life has been good even though I struggle with money problems. I have been happy that I am opening up. I am no longer shy and feel uncomfortable in the presence of others. I've pretty much just started living life. I've been told my heart chakra is opening up and I feel like this thing was trying to rip it out or close it. Either way My chest feels tight uncomfortable hard to take deep breaths. They are shaky. Like man I ain't prepared to experience any of this crazy shit. Like I feel like I got huge blockage in my chest. I don't ever get stressed out. Like never but this has shaken me to the core and I am DEEPLY troubled. If you knew me you would know that I am really a good guy a good bieng if you will. I am an honest man with no intent to do harm to others. I often think nowadays what I can do for others. Honestly I wish I could have a so called energy worker help sort this out for me. But it I think everyone will want money for the deed and that is the one thing I don't have. I feel like I was specifically targeted for whatever reason. Can you offer me any help!?

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I too have experienced some unusual things in my life and found them scary although I'm not one to spook easily. What has helped me greatly is having a network to talk about these things with people who "get it".

The other thing that really helped my stress level was meditation. The one that has worked for me is EE.

These things that happen are designed to keep us afraid because it is food for "them". Unfortunately, "they" don't care how nice a person you are. What I'm telling you is from personal experience. It really has helped me.

Just so you're aware, we don't give out personal information of forum members for their protection as well as your own, so I can't help you there. The good news however difficult to see at this time is that you can help yourself by trying the meditation.

Hope this helps.


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Okay I finally calmed down and did some deep breathing. I dunno what happens to other people when they do frequent deep breaths inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. For me in the past and the more pronounced than ever at the current moment when I do I feel tingling/vibrations starting in my nose than my teeth and mouth and this time I even felt it in my hands arms and shins. I like it when that happens. But although I am calm and collected right now I still feel like an evil/dread/intense turmoil in my chest (best way to describe it). I am not pleased. I want to get back the part of me that has been stolen. I know it took something from me and put something no good in. I want to confront this entity whatever it is. In the past month I my life has turned around and I have been experiences unexplained things and I have been trying to live a life of love and eating healthier. I don't think this thing is trying to stop me from doing that - I KNOW. Sure I may be uninformed of much that this frum has to offer and what you guys know but when you know something you just know it - it's intuitive.

Anyways, the lady that I was talking about earlier, the one I sent the the above italicized email to. I sent her an email previous to that one. I had to just lookback on my life and let it go ya know? She was an entire random stranger (self proclaimed psychic) that I stumbled upon through the web. My life is going good now and I feel I have made leaps and bounds of progress in the past month or so. I love being alive nowadays.

Here is what I sent her and is a biography of my life (as brief as I could make it) I feel that it is important to know as much about who I am so people can relate and understand and possible help me more.

Well I'm just gonna go for it... Recently I had a huge realization that changed my entire outlook and I suppose I'm emailing you because no one I know can relate or understand where I am coming from. Been staring at this screen for quite some time thinking but uh yea.. so. This is prolly going to almost be a biography of sorts but some things I will say I have not shared with anyone, but I need to finally say them regardless if you get this or not...When you don't know where to start it is best to begin at the beggining so that's what I'm gonna do ;)

When I was born my mother and father were still married. However, I have no memories of my mother and father bieng together. Only of the house we lived in and a few other things from the house. Anyways, my father and mother got a divorce and my father worked and was consequently out of state. I ended up living with my mother in San Francisco. We lived in a one bedroom apartment owned by my mom's side of the family. She was intended to be the building manager and consequently recieved free rent and cable, along with water and garbage, which were free for everyone in the building. A couple years in with living with her she bought a cat, all black, called him Max. Anyways, for whatever reason- most likely family problems, my mom was quite the alcoholic. I often found myself eating cereal or tv dinners. Sometimes she wouldn't go shopping for awhile. I made due with ketchup sandwiches and the like. She would always have the blinds shut so she could sleep, it was always dark with very little natural light. She was always sleeping or watching tv in bed. Many days she would only get out of bed to go to the bathroom or eat a tv dinner. As soon as I came home from school she would force me to do my homework, she would be awake because she picked me up froms chool and such. I remember crying because I didn't understand the work or why I got something wrong and I didn't have any help. It made no sense to me to do the work with wrong answers yet I still had to do it. Also sometimes in the morning I couldn't wake her up though and I would have to get rides to school from my grandfather. A few times she just never came home. Just gone for 2 days. This affected me greatly just overall lack of love. I only met with friends during school because there was no way to meet with them because of how things were. I endured this for 8 solid years at which point I got accepted to a high school where my father lived. He had moved back to California and I had been visiting him on weekends before my acceptance. However, I never really knew him because all I knew was how to be alone and closed up. I would just stay in my room all day playing video games or doing something alone. The cat didn't make it out unscathed either. I believe he ended up equating food with love. My mother had travel feeders for the cat so it could eat all it wanted without her having to do anything. Max ended up topping the scales at 28 pounds.

High School wasn't to great either at least the first 2-3 years. I had gotten decently skilled at faking emotions by that time. Faking smiles and laughs while being empty inside. It was really the only thing I could do to survive, at least that's how I saw it. I had friends and occasionally did things with them outside of school. I made due things were at least better than before. In my third year my mother went to the Betty Ford Clinic in Palm Springs for alcholism. She came out sober but she still had many unresolved problems with her family and I still didn't like her. Anyways, by the 4th year I was starting to feel a bit better. I was used to high school I could ease up and even relax a bit. I was doing more with other people. But I still didn't have a enthusiasm for life. I was just going through the motions.

During my years living with my mom, especially, and the first couple with my father I had very frequently considered suicide. However, I knew that if I did that it would be a waste and that that is not a real option. The way I got through it in my younger years was that If I couldn't help myself or be happy maybe I could make other people feel happy instead. That concept kept me going through some very dark times.

So I continued going through the motions because I myself was lost. My moms side of the family put up the money for me to go to an expensive college, USF. College didn't really make much sense to me though. I didn't have enough interest in any subject to want to persue it for the rest of my life. The whole concept of college didn't make sense to me either. The idea of spending sooo much money and then coming out of college only to work a 9-5 seemed crazy to me. A normal job is rediculous. Hours and hours of time and effort to only be rewarded with so little. A person could build wonders with the amount of time lost. The whole system didn't make sense to me and I knew there was something wrong with it. So before I had started USF I decided -flick- all this bullcrap I am gonna start to take control of my life. I ended up in a townhouse with a former elementary schoolmate. (Should have mentioned started smoking junior year high school and it made my life much more bearable and even enjoyable) Looking back I can't believe that 2 18 year olds with no jobs ended up renting a townhouse haha. To top it off Michael Jackson died on the day we signed our lease. Those were some wild times and I had some fun and learned a lot. Dropped out of USF as you can imagine.

Anyways fast forward... still 18. But now I have my own apartment and I've realized the illusions of this physical world. So now let me go into my experiences... I just felt it was important to give a background because it isn't the "norm."

Its worthy to note that I don't remember my dreams. I go to sleep and wake up. If I do remember a dream it is out of the ordinary for me and thusly important to me. When I was younger and living with my mom I would have horrific nightmares. Truly terrible dreams. I think they didn't bother me too much because I was so numb to everything by that time anyways. Although I did have a reocurring nightmare for 3 nights and I will never forget that. But anyways onto better things...

So the very first unexplained experience I had was when I was living at my moms. I don't remember why but I was having a really hard time. Worse than normal. I was up on her bed and she was watching tv. I was right next to her crying seriously conflicted. It pained me that she didn't even try to comfort me. Anyways I may or may not have asked for help in my mind because life was torture. I can't really remember too well the specifics. There are bifold doors seperating the bedroom from the living room and the hallway to the front door of the apartment. So I look over and see this blue orb floating steadily in the air outside the bifold doors near the hallway. It was also nighttime at the time and I looked around to see if it could have been an outside light but wasn't. It also had I guess what you would say was an aura. It was a dark smoky aura though. One that almost blended in with the darkness of the other room. But I could distinguish it because of the smokeyish flow of it. I immediately stopped crying because this was strange to me. I asked my mother if she had hung a blue crystal or something or anything blue and she said no. I might have pointed to it and asked her, like I said can't remember specifics. However, she was oblivious to this blue orb. Maybe because she couldn't see it from her angle, or she didn't look, or she couldn't see it period. Now that I think of it the orb was at about the height of a persons head and the smokey aura surrounded the orb and went all the way down to the ground. After a minute or two I got the courage to get up off the bed and go to this orb. So I get up and I take a few steps toward it and then all of a sudden it was gone like it had never been there. I did feel better afterwards though because I thought something was looking out for me.

All my other experiences have been recent - all during my current age. I had previously listed many on a vispanna meditation forum and so I'm simply going to copy and paste. This whole discourse has taken 3 hours to write so far and has seemingly brought up a lot of repressed energies, seeing as how tense my heart chakra is right now, along with my throat and how fatigued I am...not to mention this random pain in my elbow that just started.

"Hey, My names Mike. I'm 18 and from California. I'm self employed got my own place in California's biggest industry.

Back in the day my father, ex blackbelt, would meditate. He often told me stories about his experiences. The one I remember most had to be the his out of body experience. He had been counting his breath regularly for months and then one day while he was walking outside late at night it hit him. He was in an entirely different place. It was a light glowing blue he claimed and there was this strange shining bell. Understandably, it freaked him a bit and he snapped back to earth. I think he stopped meditating after that.

Anyways, so I guess that was to tell ya that I have had the thought of meditating passed onto me. So fast forward to 09. I got a few books from him. Namely this one real good one. I think it was called A meditator's guidebook written by Ram Das. It was a real good expansive book I enjoyed reading it. So not too much much later I ended up getting some real bad poison oak. So being stuck at home I ended up meditating for a solid week. I continued meditating on and off before and after that. So I will share with you a few experiences I had...I will try and tell them in order as well.

Well my first experience happened I think roughly after a week of on and off meditation and just getting the basics down. This session was a bit different I managed to meditate longer than normal - the sun was still up albeit starting to get low in the sky but plenty of light in the room. So I really was deep in my Self for the first time. Then all of a sudden I felt a sudden buildup of energy/excitement. It came surging up from I guess you would say my stomach and erupted into an uncontrollable and spontaneous laugh. The laugh was accompanied by an incredible just fulfillment and ease. It was probably the happiest moment in my life so far. Don't get me wrong I tried to stay focused and keep going but this energy was just too strong so after I realized I couldn't stop it I tried to hold onto it and the harder I tried to hold onto it the more it eluded me. This whole event was no more than 6-8 seconds. When I looked around though it was dark the sun was setting.

My second experience I was able to keep going though. I meditate with my eyes closed. After about 10 minutes I'm guessing I starting seeing visuals. I can only describe it like a swirling energy. Think of it like if you looked at a lightbulb and then closed your eyes. Except the afterimage didn't flash and it started to swirl and flow. I've had this happen twice to be precise. The flow is always yellow and always circles about. The more focused I am seemingly the more expansive and moving the flow is in my vision. Now the first time I had this happen I was trying to mediate with my eyes open in a very very dimly lit room. After focusing for about 10 minutes the flow started circling and passing through my center of view. The second time I was meditating in my bathroom with all doors closed and all lights off eyes shut like normal and it start happening as well.

My third experience was during the times when I had poison oak and was meditating for a week on regularly many times a day. I started trying to meditate laying down. I thought I could relax better although the literary sources said I shouldn't citing I might fall asleep. However, I find myself very focused while meditating. But It was before I was going to sleep so I planned on just meditating myself to sleep haha. The craziest thing happened to me then that really surprised me. I don't dream or well I don't remember my dreams. Like maybe I'll dream a dozen times a year maybe less. I used to dream more when I was a kid. Anyways, I started dreaming and I was asleep yet awake at the same time, I knew it too. I think the term is called lucid dreaming. It was great. Everything that I did in the dream I could feel while laying down. Like when I was running in the dream I felt my feet hitting the ground as if I really was running. The dreams were the most vivid and intense dreams I have ever had in my 18 years of life. I think this experience really made an imprint on me because it lasted for so long. I was dreaming for awhile. This happened a couple night in a row. Then all of a sudden it stopped happening but I started waking up at 2-4 am instead of the regular 6 am. When I woke up I felt great ready to kick some butt haha. At the time I was doing construction work so sleeping less and feeling more rejuvenated was a huge change.

I ended up stopping my regular meditation at the time. It was interupted by drinking, smoking, and some wild nights.

Fast forward to 2010 almost present. I was laying down trying to go to sleep. Started meditating because hey calms you down you can sleep easier too. Then all of a sudden I started getting a tingling in my hands. It felt kinda like the tingling you feel when your bones are growing, if anyone knows what I'm talking about. It started off like that. So I kept my focus because when I have new experiences I really like to see where they go. So as I kept focusing on my breath the tingling steady increased. So much so that it seemed to quadruple in effect and I could only describe it as if I had a thousand bees vibrating in my hands. It had started around my knuckles/palm but had quickly spread throughout my entire hand. My hands were also resting on my stomach so they were shaped around it almost like a r ya know? So it reached a point where I had to look at my hands. So I opened my eyes and brought my hands in to have a look see. I tried to straighten them and was actually having a hard time. It was like they didn't want to bend straight. Almost as they were stiff but I felt more like they were resisting me - especially my thumb it was the last finger to straighten. So by now I'm totally awake not meditating and it started subsiding quickly after doing some hand stretches. So that was pretty recent..."

About a week ago I came to the realization that this physical world is really just an illusion, what you see with your eyes isn't what is underneath it all. Everything is simply energy and it is all part of the One. I eventually came to this conclusion through research on the Illuminati. That research was then linked to many other unexplained/paranormal things. Each subject didn't seem to hold any ground on its own but when everything was combined it formed a full picture. It literally blew my mind. I knew that everything I had read was most likely true as the things I have personally experienced would have me locked up in a psych ward or something which only said to me that what is bieng fed to the masses is lies and deception for control.

During this process of "awakening" I had begun to get chills down my spine. They really culminated a couple days after I realized the Truth. I was woken up by a phone call. Afterwards I decided I ought to meditate. So I began to meditate. Often times I cannot sink very deep into meditation. However this time I got more than usual. During this stillness, I made about 30-40 "chills" down my spine. I instantly realized that there was almost a rewiring going on of some sorts, or simply a lot of energy going through. I then decided that I should try to condense my energy into a ball of sorts, which I had never done before yet I had seen and heard of. So I ended up going for it and instead of slow long breaths I began short strong breaths. The bones in my nose and my teeth begain to tingle/vibrate. I then started condensing this energy in my hands moving them closer and farther apart. There indeed was an energy there and it was thick. I stopped a little while after...

I've also had many times when I would think of someone and they would call me within a couple minutes. A couple times I have even been in mid process of dialing someone only to have them call me. The most startling synchronicity that I had though was when my friend and i were talking about how everything is really just energy and such and how the Illuminati run the system and -flick- everything up. If you don't know the Freemasons are a group also involved in the Illuminati. So we go down to the car right after this with all of this still going around in my mind. We pull out of the garage into the alley, only to have another car pull in front of us right at the end of the alley. On the back of the car was a Masonic symbol. This to me was just like a slap in the face from the universe. I literally said well this just proves everything I've learned is true. No such thing as a coincidence. Even if someone were to analyze the hypothetical odds of that happening it would be 0. Another event that happened to me, which I find hilarious, is the fact that a few years back some of my friends ended up stealing a bunch of buddhas and putting them on my lawn. All of them were in meditation and had the third eye dot ya know. I just find that cosmically funny looking back at it now. It was the most random thing when it happened too.

I also had a very strange encounter with an older Indian women while walking in the city. This was before I had realized everything though or else I wouldn't have dismissed her. I was walking along and I always look at people in the eyes at least for a glance or two because I strongly dislike peoples aversion to others in day to day. Anyways, so I look at this lady coming towards me in the crosswalk. As I look at her I hear "I adore you." Now thinking back to that moment I believe it was only possible for me to hear that if it was telepathically because of the distance between the two of us. She wasn't too far but at the volume it was it must have been some telepathy of sorts. I heard it in my head but I didn't listen to it if you understand what I mean. When we got closer within a close talking distance she said to me vocally, "I have seen you before." I didn't even stop walking and simply turned my head as I passed her and said I don't think so. If I knew what I know now at that time I wouldn't have the regret of not acknowledging her. I truly feel I missed something important, looking back on that day.

Whew I don't think I have anything else to say. This is truly a long email... 4 hours to write sheesh! A lot of relection involved in every sentence. I do wish my memory was better though I forget much of the past. Maybe you can relate in some way as no one I know can. I really just wanted to share with someone without someone thinking I'm insane so... thanks.



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First off, thank you so much for sharing your story. Second, I would invite you to read the forum guidelines. For the protection and comfortable environment of the forum we don't allow profanity or references to substance abuse. Third, I would also like to invite you to introduce yourself in the newbies section. It doesn't have to be long as you've stated your history here.

Based on what you've written, I'm going to give you another link that will hopefully give some clarity as to why you may be experiencing some of the things you wrote about. This may give you some idea of what this forum's ideas are regarding the mixing of substances and the supernatural.

Last, I think you'll greatly enjoy reading the Wave series and follow with Adventures With Cassiopaea. These two books will answer many of the questions you currently have.


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Oh sorry about that. As you can imagine I was just looking for immediate counsel. I do feel a lot better now - not the same but much much better. Thank you for the links! I don't smoke or drink anymore that was in the past - I have been trying to just clean out if you will. Thanks for your help. I cant' imagine what the future holds for me good or bad. I will never forget tonight though - I wonder if I will ver encounter the same thing again or learn what it truly was.



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I have been reading the links. I was already aware of the 4th previous to this experience. I will post the link to where I found it previously.


I do admit I have been on this forum a few times briefly because when I did learn about it I stayed up all night researchng everything and seeing how things were linked. That was actually the epiphany that I intro'ed the original email to Lily. Although, I will most definitely be reading the entire wave series now as a result of what has happened in the past hours. So in that effect I am making more progress. Although, I am not happy to have my heart eaten ...I'm reminded of Indiana Jones and the temple of doom (I think) where they rip out the one guy's heart while it is still beating. Then they lower him into lava ...If my memory serves me right. That's how I feel :O. Also I don't know if it matters or not but there was a strange storm in the city. Lotsss of rain, with thunder and lightning and the works...


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i want to thank you Deckard for starting this thread the information that i've read here from all who participated whom i also i'm thankful,helped me to understand many things about psychic attacks,also Black Swan provided very useful information about NEGs ,i just want to say that whole my life i've experienced kind of psychic and emotional attacks ,at a very fragile age since i was 11-12 years old ,i remember that when i was i child i was always very sensitive not emotionally but more psychically or more correct would be psychically sensitive and very opened minded with a big imagination and a very strong adventurous spirit even i remember that on few occasions i even remember that when i was a child i had a strong intuition ,could "see" many coming events in symbolic images at that age i didn't knew how its works but interestingly the symbolical images i could with no difficulty interpret i'm writing all of this to make more clear the upcoming events ,after i started to be interested in religion at a very early age 11-12 years being "inspired" by my grandmother who was a very religious person,i started to change little by little ,more sensitive emotionally even i would say very deep emotionally sensitive ,obsessed with religion,every day i was praying and crying don't know why ,i started to change quickly from a very energetic boy ,opened ,adventurous to a passive,emotionally sensitive with very strong headaches even depressions at a age of 11-12 years and i'm very sincere and i don't lie , little by little more i was praying and seeking for God more depressive i became ,more headaches i even dropped almost a semester at school because i couldn't concentrate ,focus on other things , i visited a neurologist ,the doctor didn't find anything ,prescribed some medicine which didn't helped me much because the things started get even worse,i stopped to eat normally ,to talk to my friends ,day by day,month by month i was in a continual depression(indeed a very real depression),very often i started to have doubts about my sanity and maybe it could get even worse but at that time being problems in the family my parents get divorced and i with my brothers and my mom had moved out (all these horrible depressions maybe had something to do with problems in the family but like i said all started when i began to be interested in religion i'm very sure of it )after we moved out things started to change a bit but not for long,my mom not being supported materially from our father had to go to work outside the country for a couple of years ,i with my brothers meantime lived with a cousin of ours ,a good person,when my mom had gone for work ,i being in a new place ,having no friends,not being fully cured of depressions i had ,at school kids being hostile with me the old story had began ,headaches,depressions,couldn't concentrate at school,and at that time i've noticed that i became to think a lot,a lot, a lot , and i want to say i'm ,was and would be always a good person because this is my nature , i don't claim that i'm a saint and didn't do any mistakes or hurt anybody but i want to say for sure i always didn't like and didn't respect to judge somebody,to be arrogant,nasty,dominant or intentionally to manipulate or hurt , NO au contraire i made my mistakes in life but i know that i would not hurt anyone even if he hurts me , i would try first to resolve the conflicts with words not with the muscles, all of this i wrote because it relates to the story ,like i said i started to think a lot,a lot and most of my thoughts weren't nice ,no,they were very scary,dark,depressive all these altogether lead me to try to make suicide at a age of 12 years,after the attempt i've realized that huge mistake and pain i could do to my mom and my family after that i'e started to change,i dropped " per moment " the religion ,stared to make friends,go to school, but,the attack have started in a new way now,like i said before i've started to think a lot ,(now that i'm thinking i always think a lot) and almost all my thoughts like before to try to make suicide were very dark,horrible,thoughts that made me to have doubts about my true spiritual nature and my mental sanity,i remember that after that suicide attempt i i started to receive more horrible,dark thoughts ,day by day,month by month and year by year i've struggled with my thoughts ,i remember that almost every day since i had 12 to 17 years i stayed per hours home in a quiet place and struggling with my thoughts,trying to understand why all this is happening to me,i don't remember a day between age 12-16(17) without being attacked, under pressure and all of this because of my thoughts ,i remember that in this hours o struggle ,pain, i was feeling lonely,hopeless and like living in a nightmare ,even i had some thoughts at that time that if hell exists then i'm in it and at that moment i was thinking that i don't wish kind of torture even to my worst enemy ,at the age of 16-17 i've started to take a dangerous road ,with the friends i make i started to ruin my life little by little ,to be a false personality,i've started to drink,to consume .... to escape from the reality and life i lived during this period which was about 6-7 years i've noticed a radical change in my thoughts ,no more pressure,no more depression,no more hell and i want to say that one the one hand this period of my life somehow i could say that helped me, "peacefully " living finally but on the other hand i lost very much time and the road i had take leaded me straight in the darkness and maybe destruction,living like this about 6-7 years suddenly i started to feel that if i don't change my life style i could finish bad,i stopped to drink,stopped to be friend with people i felt i'm influenced ,started to have an deep interest again about spirituality but at this time i had take another approach ,starting my searching for answers was one question that i was worried about a long time ,at that time i was more like an atheist because since the all that happened when i was a child i "dropped" the religion thing,the question i was worried was so strong that i started very often to think about it and just couldn't let it go the question was: if really nothing don't exists after death then how come ,we are just MEAT? I remember then i was thinking about this question the answer in my had being always : Yeas we are just meat, it horrified me so much that i just couldn't accept it ,i was feeling that this is not true that it has to be something there,i had a very strong feeling about this and thinking very often about this question i've start to seek answers i remember one day i talked with my brother and one of my friends about many things including mayan calendar,Nostradamus ,for me being these themes of discussion foreign at that moment ,from curiosity i've started to seek on internet about these ideas and i found many ideas ,many interesting things,i started to be more curious about paranormal phenomena,2012 idea and other things after a period of time o one day i've found russian forum dedicated to paranormal phenomena and 2012 idea ,there i've found one section called Cassiopaea and Cassiopaeans ,there i found a link to a russian site with a couple of wave chapters translated in russian language and a explanation from the author of the site who are the C's ,i was intrigued when i read the introduction then i started to read the chapters translated in russian and after a read 1 chapter from the Wave Series i felt that this is what i was looking for whole my life, i know how silly and naive it seems this attitude but i felt a very deep connection and even trust after reading next chapters(7 chapters were translated in russian) ,after i read the material aviable on that site i found a link to the original site at that moment i was very bad with reading in english language ,but little by little reading ,practicing i improved my reading skills (unfortunately i'm still bad at grammar and practical,speaking level :( )after reading first 7 chapters from the Waves Series i want to say that after a couple of months i started to make radical changes in my life,to change my behavior ,get rid of the friends and people i just felt that have an influence over me of course it wasn't simple at all let it go the friends and people with i had been close for a long period of time but i just felt that even before reading first chapters of the Wave Series that i want to make these changes in my life and after reading the material it was just the perfect moment to start to make those changes ,after a year maybe more after reading the some chapters of the Wave Series and other Laura's work ,i had i can say one of the most terrible and painful psychic/emotional attack,i don't want to tlak what kind of attack it was but it took to me almost 2 years to free my self of this terrible experience ,the design of the attack were an "old song" ,the same old technique of bombardment of very dark,horrible thoughts like when i was younger but at this time i felt that i'm stronger ,even i had doubts about my spiritual nature or soul nature again at this time thanks to Laura's work i knew that these thoughts can't be mine ,fighting against these horrible thoughts telling to myself that i know who i'm and that these thoughts aren't mine after about two years i could finally to free myself from i could say the most horrible attack i ever was under, now i keeping to work on myself to learn to study this psychic phenomena and learn how to deal with it ,all i have learned from my experience in all these years is the fact that the most horrible and scariest thing was for me (and not just for me i think) THE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE ,not knowing what is happening to you is very painful and very dangerous i felt that on my skin, all these painful experiences ,attacks and i'm sure that these were attacks don't know what kind of attacks precisely (psychic,emotional... ),but they were i repeat i'm sure of it ,i didn't see any dark entities,beings in whole my life but i felt the anxiety, the HELL,struggling with thoughts which i knew didn't belong to me, thanks to Laura and the team thanks to members of this great forum and thanks to Cassiopeans ,all have helped me very much and i can say it for sure that couldn't make it to this point without all of you so thank you from all of my heart.


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Ruth said:
If a person choses to use these rituals as a focus for their intent (to get rid of entities/attack ect) it might work a lot more effectively than just doing the rituals and thinking that it is the rituals that protect them. Therefore, it should be possible to 'fight' psychic attack with purely the mind. Some people like props, though as a focus for their intent.
I thought rituals fed sts?


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SAO said:
lonenutter said:
yes- intent is the most important thing-and if you have something tangible to focus on like incense-or sugilite-sage-or a candle
Why that? Why not a pen, a tv set, a hammer, maybe a pair of tweezers, or a basketball? Why is it always incense, sage, and candles? And how often are you attacked by entities - I don't remember ever being aware of this happening to me. Does this mean that I probably was but was not aware of it, or is there some reason why you'd be attacked more than others? If it is the former, how do you know you're not just imagining that you're being attacked, that your brain is not simply hallucinating? And did you have to train yourself to become aware in some way, or were you always aware of such attacks? And how often do they happen to you?

I'm just curious because I don't remember ever being attacked by anything. I'm sure there are hyperdimensional "attacks", but that is most likely in the form of draining of energy and manipulating my "feelings" and events in my life in various ways, but not in the way where I'd be aware of any entity as far as I know.
I have experienced these type of attacks, but only when i am in "sleep paralysis". I wonder if it is imagined, but it is so vivid.
When i finally learned to stop being afraid, and fighting, i was able to use the state i was in to meditate and come out of my body.
I have never had trouble with these "things" since.


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FOTCM Member
Black Swan said:
Bruce said:
Psychic Influences A negative psychic influence can be defined as a negative thought, urge, or compulsion that is inconsistent with the true nature of a person. This is caused by a telepathic, hypnotic, or emotional broadcast orginating from a mind other than the mind of the person experiencing it.
A low order of psychic influence, for example, can be experienced by talking to any good salesperson. However, anyone who is passionate, selling goods or ideas, will exert some level of psychic pressure on an audience. The more skill and natural ability salespersons have, the stronger will be the psychic pressure they broadcast, and the weaker the defenses of people experiencing this pressure, the more they will be influenced by it.
Psychic influences among humans are a natural part of life...Each time a person succumbs to a psychic influence, its source gains power. The reverse applies, and each time a psychic influence is resisted its source loses power.
Psychic Attack Psychic attacks involve related but stronger influences than these and involve more energy and direct pressure. The energy involved can generate various types of paranormal phenomena; the degree of phenomena experienced is stronger if the victims are mediumistic, thereby providing a source of energy to power the phenomena.
Typically, people under attack will first experience nightmares and other such nocturnal sleep disturbances, plus anxiety attacks and symptoms of stress...Telepathic and psychic sensitivity increase during sleep, as does hypnotic suggestibility. This makes sleep the prime time for Negs to interfere with humans, to insert core images (real life traumas, bad experiences and painful unresolved issues or implanted ones), to form attachments, and to insert posthypnotic suggestions... They (people under attack) can also experience a variety of unusual ailments such as dietary intolerances, sudden illnesses and infections, stomach and bowel disorders, muscular cramps, pricking and jabbing pains (especially in the feet), depression, plus misfortune and bad luck in just about everything. Typically, the lives of people under strong psychic attacks start to fragment and come undone.
Psychic attacks always include some form of influence. Peculiar, unhealthy, or socially detrimental urges are common. Preexisting weaknesses will be exploited and magnified often to obessional levels...Direct attacks normally happen inside buildings. They are far more likely at night because Negs are always more active at night...Typically, psychic attacks will start with some kind of nocturnal interference, like obsessive looping thoughts, nightmares, waking paralysis, cold shivers, and "things that go bump in the night." The incidence of phenomena like astral lights and pings, strange noises, and unpleasant atmospheres will increase. Seeing frequent shadowy movements in one's peripheral vision is a sure sign something is wrong... Public places such as movie theatres and malls are also more likely to contain roaming Negs.
Direct attacks can be temporary affairs, especially if victims are only briefly exposed to Negs. But even short exposures can be exhausting; Negs can drain sensitives of vitality in minutes. Victims of circumstancial direct attack will often be tagged and targeted for future Neg invasion. In a way, it could be said some Negs memorize the psychic scents of new victims so they can be tracked down later.
Long Distance Attacks: Using a method similar to live remote viewing is one way Negs manage to overcome travel limitations (running water) to invade people from a distance. In this case, the Negs in question must either be highly experienced or hosted by someone with natural clairvoyant ability. However, the clairvoyant host (the human host of the attack) may not be aware they have these abilities nor that they are being used by Negs to attack others.
I hope some find these definitions and descriptions helpful. Bruce offers much advice and suggestions if one is under attack and I found his book extremely helpful. The main deterrent, however, as we have been discussing, is self-mastery. :)

Thanks Black Swan, for this information as it has given me a much better understanding of what has left me trying understand of what has been passing my way lately as well what i have passing to this forum. I will keep better attention to the word, and meaning of "vigilance".


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docprism said:
I'm not quite sure how I found myself on this particular forum, but I was intrigued and continued to read further. Also, I did not understand the acronyms STS and STO. I tend to approach the subject of psychic phenomenon with some skeptism - which is prudent I think - because there are a lot of quacks out there who are invested in their own power agendas and other nefarious reasons. Deckard wrote (forgive me for paraphrasing) 'how could you believe me' and his words are valid - maybe in part bc of others agendas - but also bc writing about it somehow makes it more real, which for me would also be frightening. During my teens (and I remember reading once that there is strong psychic energy surrounding adolescents) I was very interested in the psychic. Doing things normal kids do: having seances, playing with the oiuja board...etc. But, I had a strong pull towards the paranormal - ESP and the power of the mind, which led me to read more and practice with my own development of ESP. I must say too that I was both drawn to this exploration and scared (I really am a scaredy cat). Anyway, I remember vividly one afternoon when I was still in High School I fell asleep in the late afternoon, which was very, very unusual for me. During my "sleep" I began to experience this pulling down feeling - like I was being pull down further and further. I began to hear this sound that got louder and louder and the only way I can describe it is that it sounded like electricity. I was "awake" but not. I was totally aware of my surroundings and couldn't understand why I was not able to move. The more I struggled to 'wake-up' the more I was pulled down. Since then (30+ years later) these night time experiences have become less frequent. Yet, the experiences I had throughout the years became more and more intense. Sometimes I 'thought' my eyes were open and I could see my surroundings, only to find upon wakening that something (like a lamp etc.) was not present in my waking state. The paralysis I felt was terrifying and I dared not tell anyone. I had to struggle so hard to wake up. More and more these experiences felt ominous and I could 'sense' a presence that was not good. Sometimes I would pray and that didn't help, sometimes I would allow myself to be curious and go with it, and that scared me more. The only way I could get out was to bring all my energy to my head - I learned over time that if I could move my head even just a little I could get out. I also had to get out of bed and fully wake up or else I would return to that state immediately. In the last couple years I have been reading about 'night terors'. A part of me wants to say "YES!!!! that's exactly what was happening...but there is another part of me that doesn't really believe that is what was happening to me - maybe "night terrors" provided people who were having these bizarre night time happenings with a bonifide scientific explanation. the middle of the night, when our defenses are down and our conscious minds are not on guard - maybe that's when some people are more open to whatever energy exists around us. Would I call it the devil? No...but I can say there is definitely something that does not feel good.

This sounds to me like "sleep paralysis". I have experienced this since i was about 14, and it can be quite terrifying if you know nothing about it. Google it, as there is quite a bit of info out there about it. :)


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Herr Eisenheim said:
I do not know anything or very little about astral travels and astral entities
and to be honest I never belived in demons at least in the usual sense of that word.
On the other jhand evreywhere around us there are many indications of certain STS forces on higher planes of existance that can effectively be called demons.
Somone has asked why would these entities presented themself ugly and demonic if they wanted to decieve us. But the person which asked this has missed important point, we are talking about plain attacks, there is no any form of communication , just a simple predatory attack - so why they would bother disguising themself. When they want to reinforce one's religious beleifs then there is totally different story.

so what is your understanding - where do these attacks come from ?

what is their purpose?

If they are objective reality and regular occurence how come that certain people are aware of them and certain arent?

do you totally exclude possibility of halucinating or deceiving yourself as a result of certan psychological defects?

My first experience with sleep paralysis had an entity that seemed to be disguised. I was able to move only my eyes, and look around my room. There was a beautiful woman floating in the corner of my room. She came to me and i felt so loved.
Some how i realized i had a baby, and i had no qualms about handing it to her.(as you would let someone hold your own baby). She was gonna take care of it for me. This did not feel wrong at all, until i saw her true self. She turned into a very ugly old woman before my eyes, and cackled at me, as i realized that the baby was really my soul. I ended up going after, and fighting her until i was able to retrieve my baby/soul.
I subsequently found myself back in my paralized body. It seemed like i was fighting for several minutes to try to wake up.
I realize i was in like an alpha state, but anyone who has experienced this knows how real it can be.
very scary stuff


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ziggystarlust said:
Firstly to Deckard.

I have been psychially attacked in the dream world, in real life, and via experiences that relate to my life situation. Visuals in the dream state and physical forces in the wide awake state. Have fought back in the dream world but cannot tell you why. Sometimes I just wake myself out of a bad dream situation, but lately, if I am attacked, I fight them back and send them on their way. The attackers appear human, as part of the dream situation. Cannot explain what change occurred-perhaps have built up some energy or force of my own but it was not discernable in my everyday life, really. I prefer not to explain my situations, and have avoided typing my life story.

To some members...
Subconcous mind? No No. This is very real. Remeber, Laura has been under attack for many years. Maybe those big black triangles above her house in Florida were hallucinations. So why would one think that other members cannot have a similar experience as real? Do you really suppose that doing the work for a couple of months or years is going to negate the attacks? Sometimes I think that people don't even see the manner of the attacks. Memo to Anart-Subtle impressions these experiences are not.

Some people want to question or discredit other members opinions on what may help. Or offer sarcasm. How do they know unless they a)have the problem and b)tried to change the problem using the suggested methods. My view would be to try whatever means you come up with. Everything is "lessons". Jump over a hose, or burn some insence, sungaze, meditate and then report.

Right now, I have started doing the Hemi-Sync tapes from the Monroe Institute because meditation was not working for me. Couldn't get into the state as I have in the past. Nor focus on a diamond shape as the C's suggest. It kept spinning and messing up. So? Is this method of calming down, right or wrong? Don't know, but it is my way at the present moment.
Hello Ziggystarlust.
At least up to this date, my experiences have lead me to completely agree with you in this regard.
Personally, as i had said in an earlier post, it is only when i experience sleep paralysis.
It was about 10 years ago, (about the same time i came across the c's material), that i was able to control myself,and fight it off without fear. (The demon type hag that would always attack me). After it was gone, i was able to relax, and meditate.
I "willed" myself out of my body. I remember it sounded soo loud, like jackhammers, but it wasn't bothersome. I could actually feel myself pulling out (kinda like the mirror in "the matrix" after Neo takes the red pill) Next thing i know, i was about 2 inches from the ceiling.

Anyways,point is, once i conquered the fear, i have never been bothered by these ugly things again. It is so hard for me to meditate,so i enjoy this brain state i find myself in. As the c's say, i often use it for entertainment purposes these days. I look forward to it, but i still struggle sometimes to not panic, and wake myself.

Sorry; perhaps not the best place for this, but I thought some of it pertained.
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