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mamadrama said:
There are many factors to consider if one is concerned they are under psychic attack. Foremost is the nature of the attack. Whether it be from a human source or a Neg entity and if it is a psychic influence, psychic attack (unintentional or deliberate), long-term, or random, single or group, etc.
Well these were my primary concerns.
Some people say that attacks can easily come from 3rd density, i.e. that there are people who are skillful in astral projections and similar tehniques and utilize them for their own pleasure. There is very interesting book by Colin Wilson called Mysteries if I am not mistaken.

Is there any way to tell where does the attack come from?

In any case I am not that woried cos in my case it seemed to be two isolated events and I am somhow under the impression that I invited them with my particular state of mind, openess or as he says increased sensitivity

mamadrama said:
I'll post these definitions later if desired.
please do so

mamadrama said:
The other very important element to consider is how the Neg is manifesting and breaking through your natural defenses. According to Bruce, our fears are our greatest weaknesses and Negs will always exploit these to their own ends.
I have to say this seems to be right as when I look back I would say the main culprit in both of the cases was fear.

When I first started learning about alien abductions I have experienced tormendous fear. I dont know if I have ever been abducted but I remember that while other children use to love adorable aliens like alf or ET I was teriffied beyond any measure with whatever reminded me of aliens , the ones from Spilberg movie Close Encounters of 3rd kind, triggered preety bad reaction and I couldnt sleep for days utterly terrified that they will come and take me.

In any case I managed to overcome this strong fear with deliberate ignorance and I stirred clear from the subject for years. Ocassionaly I would be caught by surprise- like when I by pure accident saw the movie Lights in the sky which catapulted me back to the horror of my childhood which took days to shake off.

Since encountering Cs's and Dr. Karla Turner's work I decided that I have to face these fears and maybe in trying to deal them I have opened myself for the attacks.
This is just a thought...

Now on the brighter side when I think of my life I think that I was more or less constanty under some sort of attack due to the family and genetic situation I was born into so I am thinking what are few cowardly astral scums in comparison with RL 3D problems and that is a reassuring thought :)


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mamadrama said:
Deckard said:
Well, this sounds slightly contradicitve , but lets say its true.
I agree and his point would have been better served if he had said Negs seek psychically sensitive victims rather than the victims must be sensitive. But he may have had his reasons and at any rate I think he is making the point of degree here.
Deckard said:
Would that mean that if we offer them keen scientific interest instead of fear and curious indiference instead of anger that we would be able to counter these attacks on the spot?
According to Bruce, our fears are our greatest weaknesses and Negs will always exploit these to their own ends.
I think Deckard's statement is probably a good idea. C's say knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. Humans are naturally afraid of the "unknown" and "mysterious" and "unpredictable". I think maybe a more useful approach would be caution and vigilance and an open mind. But try to keep actual emotion of fear at bay if possible - just because something is unknown does not mean it intends to do harm, or even *can* do any harm. Sometimes the worst and only harm IS fear itself, which generates energy, which can potentially drain to the entity, which might be all it wanted in the first place.

Although I am not familiar with any specifics of how to deal with any particular spiritual entities, I can think of a few general things that might be useful in most such situations. Just thinking about this logically to separate the knowns from the unknowns, here's what I can come up with:

We know that STS interacts with others for its own benefit - to get something from them. Energy, in whatever form, is probably the most popular. Sometimes it is done by deception and manipulation, sometimes simply by directly triggering emotions like fear, etc. So it makes sense to me to limit the amount of energy we're mechanically giving off - to prevent other beings (including people or hyperdimensional beings) from manipulating us to give them what they want like by triggering our emotions etc. So even if we might not know exactly what the entity wants, assuming it wants something (and if it is STS, that's most likely the case), we can simply protect ourselves by "closing all our ports" (using a computer term here) -- we can create the condition where it is difficult to get anything out of us without our permission, and so might be successful in warding off an entity without ever specifically knowing just what it wanted. This is kinda like putting a firewall on your computer. You might not know exactly what a hacker wants, but just by taking certain universal precautionary measures, you limit the ability for the hacker to get anything - regardless of what he wants.

So to summarize, I can think of 2 ways STS gets something from others: First by deception and resulting manipulation, and second by triggering mechanical aspects of ourselves which instantly give them energy without having to necessarily deceive in any intellectual way. Often both ways are used together. If we can minimize our susceptibility to both tactics, we minimize our usefulness to any and all STS, for any and all purposes. To do that it seems there are 2 things we need to do. First, minimize our assumptions and seek knowledge. If we do not have knowledge in a certain area, that's still better than having assumptions in that area. The C's say that false knowledge is worse than no knowledge at all, and I frankly agree because all data supports this statement when viewed in the context of looking for truth aka objective reality. Second, minimize our mechanical reactions - become more conscious and in control of ourselves by doing the Work on self that Gurdjieff speaks of.

Although we may not yet know of direct ways to combat some non physical entity, by putting up a general "firewall", we might be able to basically become useless and a waste of time/energy for the entity, and it may simply move on to someone that is susceptible to it by having no such firewall. Knowledge protects.

P.S. - I dont' mean to suggest that we should ignore or repress any negative emotional reactions. Just try to minimize them if they happen for no good reason, and if we do have them, channel their energy to conscious/useful effort, don't let that energy escape and go to waste, or feed some entity or person that wants it.


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Well I have posted many times on this forum about 'attacks' which have been undergoing for several months now. Recently I was thinking about the fact that I had not experienced anything for an unusually long time, and that very night one such event occurred. I have noticed before this correlation with my thoughts, but it is difficult to draw any conclusions from it - although some might suggest that it adds weight to the theory that these experiences are a creation of my mind triggered by something I am unaware of.

What Scio is saying about emotional reaction to 'psychic attack' is exactly the approach I have taken. While the first few events scared the hell out of me, many times in recent months I have simply mentally defied or shrugged away pestering entities, if this is what they are, and they have elicited almost no emotional response from me. I have become somewhat used to this, and it may be one reason that they have decreased in both intensity and frequency. They are no less bizarre, however.

My two cents on Robert Bruce - 'Practical Psychic Self-Defense' is an amazing series of account by the author which reveal his process of discovery of techniques to deal with all kinds of paranormal experiences. It is excellently communicated and mostly very rational in its approach, and I think much can be gained from his work if one combines this approach with an understanding of how knowledge protects and why the internal protection is to be desired over the external.


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Ben said:
Well I have posted many times on this forum about 'attacks' which have been undergoing for several months now.
Didnt manage to find these, could you providr the link pls


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These are the main threads as far as I can remember, although there are references in others.


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Here's a little more from Bruce:
Neg type, age, experience, an intelligence account for the variations in how Negs treat humans. These factors are responsible for variations in patterns of psychic attack and how Negs will react when countermeasures are applied. Some Negs have an "animalistic" intelligence and react on "instinct," but some are highly intelligent; the more intelligent Negs are, the more dangerous they are. However, because all Negs are bound by certain limitations, some semblance of a standard pattern will always emerge, and this is their greatest weakness. It's clear that Negs do not share the same emotions as humans. Higher emotions like love and compassion are alien to them. They do not have the capacity to comprehend these. My overall impression of all Negs I have come into close contact with are that they have an insect-like intelligence and are incapable of higher emotions. All Negs I have encountered so far have been interested in humans in much the same way as most humans look upon cattle, or upon wild game and/or playthings.The bold is my emphasis.
Oh, geeze, does that sound sickeningly familiar? Here's more:
Bruce said:
The most powerful "weapon" I have in my anti-Neg repertoire is education. The knowledge of what can happen and how Negs work can help armor people against their effects...
There you have one of our favorite mantras, Knowledge Protects :)
Bruce said:
Strength of mind will not, in itself, protect you from psychic attack and Neg related problems. It's an invaluable asset, but will not alone generate immunity. However, combined with an understanding of the psychic attack and Neg problems, its defensive worth improves. No matter how strong a person is inside, if one does not recognize a problem, one cannot deal with it. This is why Negs take great pains to hide their presence. People who do not believe in, and hence do not recognize Neg activities are easy to interfere with, whereas aware people are a much more difficult proposition for Negs.

Some Negs require permission before they can significantly interfere in your life. This factor is illustrated by legends, like stories of vampires needing permision to enter homes. Once permission is give, even if obtusely or as a result of trickery, it can be difficult to revoke...
The level of permission needed, and what Negs are capable of doing after getting it, varies a great deal. In the experience in which I became possessed, which I related earlier in the book, the Neg in question did not strike me until the moment I gave it permission. I gave it mental, not verbal permission, which indicates the Neg was aware of my thoughts at that time. Therefore, I urge caution with what you think, as well as what you say aloud.
Sex and fear are the two main devices Negs use to gain access to a victim's inner sanctum during attacks. Sex and fear involve primal instinctive reactions. With sex comes physical surrender and emotional bonding; strong emotional bonds form between lovers during sexual union and are reinforced with each subsequent union. This may explain why some Negs approach humans through sex.
Fear produces the fight-or-flight reaction, which is a powerful instinct. But when fear reaches the point of terror, another deeper instinctive reaction occurs: surrender and submission. This is a plea for mercy. Victims open themselves to attackers physically and emotionally; it's a last resort in hopes of mercy. Many animals exhibit this same behavior-a dog rolls over, exposing its belly and throat as signs of submission.
Another way of describing how fear and sex are used by Negs is to say that eliciting these powerful reactions causes victims to open up their minds and drop defenses, providing a window through which Negs can penetrate.
Some Negs require permission to enter your space, so it's reasonable to suggest that at least some of them operate within guidelines. There seems to be unwritten conventions that constrain many higher-order Negs from using direct force to do or get what they want. Because of this, some Negs will obey direct orders, if commanded in the right way. Incidentally, this is the basis of ritual exorcism and banishment. Commanding Negs can give unpredictable results, but it is always worth a try.
To React or Not: When a Neg problem arises, a decision must be made. You must decide whether or not reacting is wise, and if so, what level of action is warranted. While a psychic attack can last hours or even years, the average campaign lasts about thirty days. Sometimes, if problems are mild and no direct attacks are taking place, it can be wise to do nothing but keep track of what is happening. Inaction can be fruitful, simply because action may exacerbate an otherwise mild situation.
If Neg manifestations are not severe, ....and you decide on action, it's usually best to start with passive countermeasures. Apply these and wait to see what happens before doing anything else. This will often discourage whatever is happening without causing Negs to overreact.
However, if a direct psychic attack occurs, both active and passive countermeasures should be applied immediately. This should be done as fas as possible without letting Negs know countermeasures are being used. If Negs suspect their presence is known and that countermeasures are aimed at them, problems could escalate.
It's an unwise practice to openly challenge and/or abuse Negs verbally or mentally. This could antagonize them to the point where they will retaliate instead of leaving. The idea behind countermeasures is to make life difficult for Negs. Make the home atmosphere as uncomfortable for Negs as possible, but do not antagonize them. This will encourage negs to vacate peacefully, leaving your home and family alone. As said previously, it's not wise to let Negs know that you know about them. They may stop trying to hide their presence, and their manifestations will be much less subtle. Bold emphasis mine
I realize I haven't gotten to the definitions I mentioned before, Deckard. My apologies they are not included in this post but I will get to them next time.


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Bruce said:
Psychic Influences A negative psychic influence can be defined as a negative thought, urge, or compulsion that is inconsistent with the true nature of a person. This is caused by a telepathic, hypnotic, or emotional broadcast orginating from a mind other than the mind of the person experiencing it.
A low order of psychic influence, for example, can be experienced by talking to any good salesperson. However, anyone who is passionate, selling goods or ideas, will exert some level of psychic pressure on an audience. The more skill and natural ability salespersons have, the stronger will be the psychic pressure they broadcast, and the weaker the defenses of people experiencing this pressure, the more they will be influenced by it.
Psychic influences among humans are a natural part of life...Each time a person succumbs to a psychic influence, its source gains power. The reverse applies, and each time a psychic influence is resisted its source loses power.
Psychic Attack Psychic attacks involve related but stronger influences than these and involve more energy and direct pressure. The energy involved can generate various types of paranormal phenomena; the degree of phenomena experienced is stronger if the victims are mediumistic, thereby providing a source of energy to power the phenomena.
Typically, people under attack will first experience nightmares and other such nocturnal sleep disturbances, plus anxiety attacks and symptoms of stress...Telepathic and psychic sensitivity increase during sleep, as does hypnotic suggestibility. This makes sleep the prime time for Negs to interfere with humans, to insert core images (real life traumas, bad experiences and painful unresolved issues or implanted ones), to form attachments, and to insert posthypnotic suggestions... They (people under attack) can also experience a variety of unusual ailments such as dietary intolerances, sudden illnesses and infections, stomach and bowel disorders, muscular cramps, pricking and jabbing pains (especially in the feet), depression, plus misfortune and bad luck in just about everything. Typically, the lives of people under strong psychic attacks start to fragment and come undone.
Psychic attacks always include some form of influence. Peculiar, unhealthy, or socially detrimental urges are common. Preexisting weaknesses will be exploited and magnified often to obessional levels...Direct attacks normally happen inside buildings. They are far more likely at night because Negs are always more active at night...Typically, psychic attacks will start with some kind of nocturnal interference, like obsessive looping thoughts, nightmares, waking paralysis, cold shivers, and "things that go bump in the night." The incidence of phenomena like astral lights and pings, strange noises, and unpleasant atmospheres will increase. Seeing frequent shadowy movements in one's peripheral vision is a sure sign something is wrong... Public places such as movie theatres and malls are also more likely to contain roaming Negs.
Direct attacks can be temporary affairs, especially if victims are only briefly exposed to Negs. But even short exposures can be exhausting; Negs can drain sensitives of vitality in minutes. Victims of circumstancial direct attack will often be tagged and targeted for future Neg invasion. In a way, it could be said some Negs memorize the psychic scents of new victims so they can be tracked down later.
Long Distance Attacks: Using a method similar to live remote viewing is one way Negs manage to overcome travel limitations (running water) to invade people from a distance. In this case, the Negs in question must either be highly experienced or hosted by someone with natural clairvoyant ability. However, the clairvoyant host (the human host of the attack) may not be aware they have these abilities nor that they are being used by Negs to attack others.
I hope some find these definitions and descriptions helpful. Bruce offers much advice and suggestions if one is under attack and I found his book extremely helpful. The main deterrent, however, as we have been discussing, is self-mastery. :)


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thank you

this is very informative and so are the links ben provided


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I was reading through some other thread, not sure exactly which one

If I dont have specific question I usually follow threads chaotically , following one link after another
- if I am not mistaken I think it was the discussion about Barbara Bush being Alistair Crowley's daughter

In any case someone has mentioned that sexual encounters if not driven by higher emotions very often can serve as good port for psychic attacks or even spiritual attachments

In addition to this very often I have found a reference that our emotional attachment can serve as a port of psychic attack

I would be interested if anyone has a better understanding of this aspect of psychic attacks?

Actually it would be interesting to discuss place of sexuality in The Work, namely how these two relate to eachother, maybe on a separate thread


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I have worked with people with schizophrenia. Whether what they were experiencing were called hallucinations, for them, they were reality. There was no way to explain to joe that there was no policeman following him, which scared him to death. He saw it, I didn't. I might have been the blind one. He was labeled crazy though. We listened to all their stories with interest but without reinforcing the theme, and then our goal was to eliminate the frequency and intensity of their occurance. This was done by us through the use of creative expression. All creative arts therapies are based on the premise that creative expression is stress reducing - among various other benefits: focus, problem solving, etc- which absence/elimination of stress has shown reduction in manifestation of positive symptoms in schizophrenia (hallucinations for example).

Where I am getting at:

Whether hallucination, psychic attack, a subconscious part of the person's psyche making itself manifest, some of us (including myself) cannot distinguish and are not in a position yet to tell. I personally call these moments "going crazy", "loosing my mind" moments. I usually get under the shower and it does go away, but it's probably because I relax under running water, in the sea, etc. and when I relax, I can gather my mind and focus easier. Whatever energy running water has that wards off entities, I don't know about.

Our mind is vast and full of all types of "monsters" itself and it can definitely drive us crazy, especially when it brings up to us things that scare us, which can have the physical paralyzing effect. Petrify is a word coming from the greek petra which means stone. Whoever saw medusa was literally petrified. And to my understanding so far, it's our internal medusas we are to battle with first, which may or may not be products of hyperdymensional influences.

But if you think that our mind has no limit and the whole of creation has no limit, just as the C's said something similar if my memory serves me well, and if you also take into account the predators mind we all posses, then perhaps our mind and the hyperdimentional influences are the same thing, because the atrophy lords influence us first and foremost through our minds. Until we get to a point where we have enough knowledge to KNOW about the nature of these things, it is probably best by practice, to learn to control our thoughts, and when events such as "seeing" or "sensing" entities occur, to just observe them, make a note of them (perhaps one day we can explain them if need be), and continue doing what we are doing and push ourselves to concentrate harder at the task at hand, like what SAO says 'closing all ports". In philokalia books, I read that the "devil" wins just by allowing the thought to enter the mind.

Just some thoughts and brainstorming while reading this tread, and thank you Deckard for bringing it up, some of these thoughts took shape while reading what everyone had to say. usually people are afraid to talk of these things because they afraid of the "crazy" label (moi!) and it greatly helps when one sees that other people think and experience things like these that we cannot even name with accuracy what they really are, where they come from.


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Hi Irini
while I totally agree with your remark about limiting our interaction with negs to observation, there are certain points in your post that did not sit well with me or maybe I missunderstood ...

I am not psychiatric professional,but my sibling suffers from Bipolar disorder so growing up next her has made me aware of different states of mind from an early age. I use to think that this was my great misfortune but looking back I can see it was a great opportunity for learning and development.

Serious illness will inevitably leave the scars of pain with each and every family member, but only those who have had family member suffering from this type of affliction would fully understand the remark that there is no other ilness which can bring so much emotional strain on the whole family. Suck so much energy from every single family member, as no other illness this one will establish itself within the family like some sort of malevolent entity and rule not just with the one that is afflicted but also everyone else who is emotionally connected.
It takes years of enormous emotional pain, psychological work and selfawarenes to escape the clutches of this family demon.

But to cut the whole story short, my sister has been diagnosed with manic depression when she was 17. During her course of illness she has had several strong psychotic episodes and by observing these episodes I couldnt help but notice the dynamics of it. In short during the manic phase it does look like she is being possesed.
Well not in the way it has been shown in the Exorcist. I gave it alot of thoughts I think that due to the biochemical deficiency in her brain she has acces to certain portals which are normally shut in other people. The lithium closes this portals and she becomes perfectly normal person again.

I guess I wanted to say that although I agree with you that power of our mind is infinite I also belive that there are enitites which dwell in different dimensional reality which sometimes overlaps with ours, and also that some of these entities need our energy in order to perpetuate their existance.
I think this has nothing to do with the fact that we all have many segments of our Self and not necesarily all of them in one dimensional reality

In any case looking back I can see how such ilnesses can be used as a plug hole for enourmous energy drain, for those on the receiving end or as we call them here negs this must be like killing few birds with one stone and you get steady energy supply not just from one but from few people and over extended period of time


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Here's more to consider on paranormal vs mental:

Bruce said:
Paranormal phenomena cannot be explained away,or even explained at all, by modern science. (I would add that much of what is known is suppressed at any rate) Consequently, all Neg incidents are considered to be mental problems because science cannot conceive of them being anything else. Because of this widespread denial, Neg problems spread unchecked.
Many psychological problems are caused or exacerbated by Neg influences. A lot of darker things that plague humankind are Neg-related. In my opinion, many serial rapists, murderers, and other such human monsters are possessed. An autopsy might find such persons have brain disorders, brain tumors, or bio-chemical imbalances, but which came first, the chicken or the egg, the physical symptoms or the Neg possession?...
In my experience, psychic attacks always cause some degree of mental instabillity in victims,
and often in the people around them. During psychic attacks, many strange influences and pressures are at work, and often a great deal of fear and tension are involved. This is especially so if direct psychic attacks and heavy phenomena are occurring.
Dealing with unknown and unseen forces is destablizing for anyone. These days, many people do not believe in spirits or Negs, so the advice and support of friends and loved ones is usually minimal. This alienates victims of psychic attack and fills them with self-doubt; most think they are having breakdowns or delusional episodes.
When this happens, it's time to slow down and take some time out, to have a good think about what is happening. Write everything down; list all the events and phenomena; examine your thoughts and actions as they relate to the situation; apply logic and common sense. If you can examine the situation calmly and honestly, without becoming emotionally charged, this can be helpful.
Here's a slightly different approach to the topic by Joe Slate, PhD. licensed psychologist, author, professor, and founder of International Parapsychology Research Foundation. This is from his book, Psychic Vampires which concentrates on Negs of the human variety.

Slate said:
My interest in psychic vampirism began over twenty-five years ago when I received a research contract to study the human energy system from a seemingly unlikely source-the US Army Missile Research and Development Command. Although the purpose of the project was to investigate the energy field enveloping the human body, it became increasingly evident during the thirteen month study that the body's external energy field, commonly called the human aura, is but an outward manifestation of a dynamic internal energy system. Conducted at Athens State College (now University), the study, along with several follow-up projects, found the human energy system to be a highly sensitive, complex phenomenon that is affected by the mental and physical state of the individual as well as a host of external factors. Of particular relevance to the system are a variety of social influences, including our interactions with other human energy systems.
Taken together, the evidence is clear - the human energy system, with its complex structure and functions, is flawlessly engineered to energize and sustain our existence as an indestructible life-force entity. It transcends biology in essence, function, and design. Without question, the deeper our understanding of that energy system and the forces that affect it, the richer the quality of our present lives and the greater our potential for future growth...
Psychic vampirism is a widespread yet often unrecognized human energy phenomenon that can interrupt our growth and impede our progress. As already noted, it exists in a variety of forms, each of which subtly consumes its victims' energy and over the long haul, erodes the the energy system itself. Consequently, understanding psychic vampirism, and equally as important, mastering the psychic empowerment strategies related to it are critical in our struggle to realize our growth potentials and achieve our highest level of self-fulfillment.


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Deckard said:
In any case someone has mentioned that sexual encounters if not driven by higher emotions very often can serve as good port for psychic attacks or even spiritual attachments.
Here's what Bruce has to say:
Bruce said:
Sexual contact with a new partner is probably the most dangerous time for anyone in relation to picking up Neg attachments. During sex, a strong energy bond temporarily forms between partners. This allows Neg influences to spread. Through this link, a Neg resident in one person can easily sink attachments into the other person. The average person will not be aware this is happening...
Unusual sexual arousal is a reward and punishment device used by many Neg types, depending on host susceptibility. Telepathically stimulated fantasies are reinforced with direct stimulation of the genitals. Negs can have more than a little to do with a person's sexuality. One's sexuality over time can even be altered by Negs, who reinforce certain types of sexual fantasies and weaken others. Natural sexual inclination, orientation, and behavioral triggers can be compromised.
The physical symptoms of direct Neg stimulation are different from normal sexual arousal. Sensations are deeper, more intense and urgent, often accompanied by deep gential burning sensations. Neg-induced sex compulsions are rewarded with heightened sexual arousal, enhanced orgasmic pleasure sensations, and feelings of comfort and well-being. Pursuing Neg-directed sexual activities can become obsessive in some people...
Of course, sexual imagery and urges are a natural part of life, but those related to core imagery and Neg influence are strange... All hormonal excesses aside, they can also occur unnaturally. For example, say a sexual fantasy pops into your head while doing the dishes or thinking about gardening, and there is no identifiable visual or mental stimulus to explain it. This is the most suspicious type of spontaneous fantansy. A Neg-induced compulsion should be considered possible here... The sign to watch for is when a spontaneous sexual scenario becomes mildlly obsessive,with pressure mounting to physically act on the fantasy - to have sex or to masterbate - especially if the fantasy is aberrant or out of character. This fantasy scenario should be noted in your journal as a suspect core image. This helps you to locate the root of the core image it sprang from.


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so much for one night stands eh :)

this is all very interesting as few years ago I attended several times this Gestalt psychological workshop (gestalt -A physical, biological, psychological, or symbolic configuration or pattern of elements so unified as a whole that its properties cannot be derived from a simple summation of its parts. Also called gestalt phenomenon)
which is called Family Constellations. This is the system invented by Bert Hallinger, ex missionary priest from switzerland turned psychologist. After he has spent years amongst certain tribes in africa and south america and studied their shamanic rituals he came up with this therapeutic system which he calls Family Constelllations or Order of Love.

In short the premiss is that when man and women form sexual connection ( same goes for for two men or two women) they have acces to divine energy and they create a field. This is also called family field in which love flows in certain order , i.e. from men to a women then from women to the first child and so on...
Unfortunately in real life situations this flow of love eis easily disturbed. For example. women has an abortion or miscarriage,she loses brother or sister in the accident, or she loses love of her life - consciously she will deal with this pain but on the soul level pain is still there, so if she has a child this child will pick up the pain on the soul level and in order to please its mother it will start living the life, i.e. assume the role of the person she has lost. Needles to say how destructive this can be if someone assumes the role of person which is dead.
Obviosly this is just simplified explanation as there are miriads of ways in wich family dinamics work and the balance or natural flow of love can be disrupted.
There are different entanglements and we can escape to the opposite endo of the planet from our family but we will not escape these entaglements and we will live them in our everyday life.
This is also true for victims of crime. One of the examples of very complicated faimly dinamics Hallinger discovered while working with survivors of the holocaust and their families. It appeared that next generation has assumed roles of the opressors. Needles to say this has created many problems in real life.

The work is done in a way that therapist recreates family situation by using representatives for each family member. Person whose family situation is worked on choses the representatives and forms the constelation by placing them in the way he or she thinks they relate to each other, in other words he places them according to obvious family dinamics The most extraordinary thing happens then , as if moved by some unseen force the representatives start moving and in the end they form diferent constelations in relation to eachother thus revealing hidden family dinamics. During this proces they experience strong emotions and are encouraged by the thereapist to express them so he can establish the exact situation. Therapist has to be very skilled and responsible because he or she is the person which holds enormous emotional energy of the whole group. After he has established the hidden family dynamics and its entaglements therapist then tries to solve the issues guiding representatives towards healing statments. After these statments are said and condition acknowledged very often we can litterally feel that the situation has resolved. In some strange way this has healing effect on the whole family, not just the person who is present and has requested the work on his family but also other family members which are not present. Psychologist cannot explain how this works but they are happy to go with the results which can be extraordinary.

I experienced most of this myself and I think just by watching your family constelation, including yourself - from a sofa - like a silent objective witness has a profound effect.
And once you transform your understanding of family situation and see the entanglments you start influencing other members of the family.

Also during this work I have been used as a representative in quite a few family situations and I have felt how powerful family fields can be, the moment the terapist opens constelation you are sucked into its energy feeld and while you are aware of yourself you start recreating the person you are substituing. Its almost like some sort of possesion. Which gives us interesting food for thoughs in relation to this topic.

The emotions are very strong and this work is certainly not for the week, but after the resolution has been achieved it feels very cathartic and you literally feel athmosphere lightened. Of coures there are certain family situations which remain unresolved even after hours of difficult work.

Very often during this work thereapist would also detect the entities which are connected to the family or certain family memebers. The therapist I have worked with deliberately avoids occult and esotheric terminology and wouldnt even dream of calling these entities demons or spirits ( It is quite obvious that she knows what they are she just choses to stay within boundaries of conventional psychology) she rather calls them energy attachments and sometimes deceased family memebers if this becomes obvious during the work.

The reason I am mentioning all this is that we have touched on an interesting subject. How important sexual connection really is?! After you have gone through such work you realize first how we are all connected, and then that by making love ( I prefer this term to the term having sex) to someone you are actually linking yourself with all attachments this person might have.

This is unavoidable but once the person is aware of this things are slightly different . You are aware that you are involving yourself not just with that person but also whole of the baggage - they might have- you see all their ancestors standing behind them and you know that you are now getting involved with all this bunch of people.

This has sense only if you form true emotional bond with a person.
Therefore you are willingly opening yourself to negative influences and as long as you are aware of them you can work on them and correct them.


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mamadrama said:
Quantum physics has long supported the existence of dimensional levels beyond the physical and if you are reading this forum, you are probably quite familiar with this probability.
I know that there are a lot of "popular" writers who promote certain ideas about physics via mass-market books, but many (most?) of these writers are failed scientists who just found another way to make money.

What is true from inside the scientific community is that Quantum physics says nothing about dimensions. In fact, quantum physics has problems with just four dimensions of space-time. Quantum theory is still incompatible with Einstein's relativity theory. Probably both need to be adjusted and expanded. The very concept of "probability" will most probably be developed beyond our current knowledge limits and replaced by "complexity" in the the future theory.

That doesn't mean that one of the popularized ideas might not later prove to be wholly or partly correct, but no one really knows at present.
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