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Hi everyone, hope you are all remaining strong during these bizarre times.
I have a good friend of mine who had a terrifying experience last night that she was able to share with me.
It reminded me of one I had read in 'High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions and the Process of Alien Abduction'.
I would appreciate you all to comment on what you think and give advice etc so that she feels more at ease.
I told her to read the Cassiopeans because as we all know: "Knowledge Protects & Ignorance Endangers".

Here is her experience:


I woke up at 01:35am.

That very night, I fell asleep relatively quickly into a deep sleep. I vaguely remember my dream but at some point, I was in a van with 4 of my friends and a driver, who I knew very well. When I spoke, no one replied, no one acknowledged me. Suddenly, we all begin to float, it was impossible to talk and it was challenging to breath. Everything went quiet, the sound was muffled as my perception of reality shifted into slow motion. I felt stuck in glue and abruptly possessed by some sort of powerful energy, a rather dark and gloomy one.

All of a sudden I wake up in a creepy hotel room, I remember the sky being dark blue. I was alone and vulnerable. I hear voices in the corridor, I tell myself that I was safe, that I had managed to escape the viscous energy in the van. However, something was not quite right, I do not recall checking-in to a hotel, this was simply another dream, another plane of reality.

I start to fight with my inner demons to open my eyes, as I manage to subtly open them and grasp awareness, I find myself in my bedroom but the energy was still present and trying to suck me back into the dream - it quickly turned into a battle. I realise that this energy was present and had been following me in all the realms: the van, the hotel room and my bedroom.

My instincts tell me that I am familiar with this energy, that it’s not the first time that it tries to possess me - every time I had the impression that my spirit is going to leave my body like a 4th density bleed-through. However I wanted to understand this energy so I decided to let myself go and let it take over but I panic as an intense vibration pulsates around me. I feel as if my eardrums are about to explode, I have pins and needles throughout my body, from the head to my toes.

Suddenly, I feel as if I shifted into another dimension/ density in which I see black, blue and white. It’s a terrifying universe in which I do not have full conscious. I hear millions of voices simultaneously and see countless strangers’ faces. It's at this moment in time that I acknowledge that I was in danger. I tell myself ‘WAKE UP!” But those energies I fell prey to were chaining me to this dark realm of reality. They were trying to suck my soul and take control of my entire body.

I wanted to wake up and escape this mortifying environment. The intense clash with this energy continues - I could feel it trying to take hold of my spirit and steadily take control of my body, it was extremely bizarre.

I am simply overwhelmed by this experience but I am certain that this energy wanted to invade my mind/body/spirit.

The conflict continues, I knew that if I managed to open my eyes, I would have won. As I barely manage to get a glimpse of my bedroom - my whole body starts to shake, like a seizure, I feel this pressure, a hand on my right leg. There is this sound that resonates so powerfully that I am under the impression of becoming death, it was as if I was travelling at the speed of light. I continue to hear voices from afar. I wake up, the energy is still present, I won but this was not the last time…


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However I wanted to understand this energy so I decided to let myself go and let it take over

This is probably not a good idea when dealing with something like this.

It is difficult to say whether this is some sort of lower astral entity attack or something else.

In my experience, what ultimately helps against these dark or low vibrating entities is to do whatever you can increase your habitual frequency or vibration. This needs to be done on all levels:

Mental: stopping negative thought loops, letting go of limiting or negative beliefs, visualizing a better future for yourself, etc.

Emotional: clearing low-vibrating emotional baggage in general, such as processing emotional charges, self-healing emotional wounding in meditation. Also things like meeting emotional needs, doing fun things, etc.

Physical: good diet, exercise, detoxing if necessary.

Energetic: It seems that these attacks usually happen when there are significant “holes“ in the energy body. These can be created through a previous illness in some part of the body and you can usually tell which part of the body has a lot of “stuck energies“ or problems.

For short term solutions, it can help to burn sage or something similar and let the smoke take away the lower energies before meditating and asking for help from your Higher Self again and again.


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Hello Wisdom Seeker,
Your friend's experience must have been terrifying. It is likely that she'll have trouble sleeping the next nights with all the anxiety and the fear of living the experience again.
What she could do in the short term is to salt around her bed and room, with the intention to erect a protective barrier (maybe a shower too), and also to visualize a protective shield (a dome for instance) around her before sleeping, while breathing deeply and slowly.
As for the long term, like axj said, body mind and psychic hygiene, starting with diet, meditation, cleasing of emotional issues, will help a lot. These aspects are discussed in many threads of the forum so you may help her when she asks.
Hope it helps.


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This sounds super scary. In this situation I would think it is difficult to decide what is dream and what is reality. Perhaps the two are combined and bleeding into each other. I used to experience some sort of psychic attack at night (and still do very occasionally). I distinctly remember waking up sometimes and fighting off something I could not see. I now pray for protection and visualise a dome of light over my room. The apex being in the highest density levels and the base going into the centre of the earth. I also used to use this for pendulum work. I think the burning of sage at night would be very useful for your friend. The advice given by Axj sounds comprehensive.

There is no way I would have relaxed and let it take over though. I cannot think this could possibly be a good idea. I hope she finds some resolution to this horrible situation.


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I agree with mkrnhr, Wisdom Seeker. Diet, meditation, dealing with emotional issues helped me a lot in the past and it still does. I don't know whether your friend is capable of the following, but what helped me a couple of times was to take on the role of being an observer. I just watched the strange visions I was having while lying in bed with some kind of curiosity. It enabled me to take a step back and not give in to fear. It's like studying psychopaths, which we can do from a distance without getting emotionally involved.

If your friends knows there are ways of dealing with these terrifying experiences it will help set her mind at ease and give her confidence and make her feel stronger.

Your friend mentions 4D bleed-through though, so I assume she has been reading about high strangeness? Is there anything she did in the past which could have invited these 'energies'? As Laura often says the 4D realm is a jungle which is much more dangerous than an ordinary jungle here on earth. So, perhaps the axiom knowledge protects, ignorance endangers applies here? FWIW.


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Gosh, that sounds like a scary experience! You have had some good advice so far, I'd just like to second the advice to encourage your friend to read high strangeness. Perhaps she would like to be involved in the forum and the Work? Passing on the advice here can help, but I think they would get more out of it if they were to become involved and seek/apply the knowledge themselves. I wish her the best.



Wisdom Seeker,​

The hardest part of your friend's experience is her lack of knowledge of these "entities" that can attack us in our dreams. It is important to know that as 3D beings, it is impossible for us to fight with them, since we are unable to know who they are, how many of them there are, what their energy level is, and so many other things. At one period of time I was attacked by dark beings during the night, as soon as I started to fall asleep, men walking in front of me, or arriving in a black van, trying to take me by surprise to kidnap me, I woke up with a start, trying to find a way to stop them from doing so. It is possible that my determination to resist them, to refuse their maneuvers, protected me for a long time.

It is thanks to my "stone of protection of dreams" that these attacks stopped in 2017. It is a beautiful green stone, bluish in the sun, which I love very much and which bears scars, marks of blows, which allow me to guess that it had to fight quite often, during its life of stone. It protects me really well, and it stays under my pillow every night.

Your friend mentions 4D bleed-through though, so I assume she has been reading about high strangeness? Is there anything she did in the past which could have invited these 'energies'? As Laura often says the 4D realm is a jungle which is much more dangerous than an ordinary jungle here on earth. So, perhaps the axiom knowledge protects, ignorance endangers applies here?
I agree, knowledge protects.


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This gives me a sense that something was trying to download. The description reminds me of Neo transitioning into the Matrix, you know?
It’s a very sudden and very forceful rewriting of sorts, experienced by the individual as slow motion.
I agree, the bit about the energy feeling “familiar,” and the empathy involved with “wanting to understand it,” are serious warning signs. They become the doorways to the pitfall of “letting go.”
We must resist. If we die, we die without giving our consent to the download.

Different analogies work at different times, in my experience.

Demon, invader, computer virus.

Get those firewalls up, friends!


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While psychic attacks can happen, it sounds to me like this is just as likely, if not moreso, to be a case of alternating between a dream and a hypnogogic (body aware) state. It is common to hear reports of hyponogogic states describing sensations like electricity and tingling, like consciousness and body are loosely anchored and creating the sensation when they touch. It's also common for people to say that they feel the necessity of waking up to break the spell (because it's scary!), and that they might sense a presence or energy from outside themselves. Maybe sometimes that sense is true, but it's hard to tell because if the person is particularly sensitive to any stimuli (external or internal, thought, feeling, or physical) at that time, things can be confused. Especially when fear is involved. To add to that, if someone is alternating between that state and dreaming, all sorts of dream type interpretations can be put on those sensations. And dreams can interpret things funny!

That being said, the advice to work on diet, meditation, dealing with emotional issues, and keeping awareness up and fear at bay is just the ticket for whatever the cause.

And a little salting never hurt, but I'd advise not to get stuck on the idea that this was an attack.
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