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The Force is Strong With This One
Just offering a site that has some good information about abilitys that are natural but forgoten by the mainstream in psi energy, also known as psychokinesis, may help in awakening peoples natural abilitys...

hope it helps in your search


Thank you for the link John. Maybe I will find some answers there, just as I was referred here by a friend for the same reasons, finding answers to my time 'distortion' experiences.

Throughout my life, I have been looked at and thought of as having 'special' gifts. A personal talent or quality I have always rejected offhand. I have always considered those 'gifts' as being something natural and within everyone's reach. Throughout the past decades, my search looking for an explanation brought me through New Age material, metaphysics, spiritual insights and finally to science. New theories in modern physics is where I found the most plausible answers for understanding the phenomena if only in terms of time or causal loops.

The time distortions and this ability to 'know' certain things began after a unprovoked kundalini experience when I was only nineteen. I refer to the moment as a Kundalini event only because throughout my readings, it is the only explanation which resembled it to a T, a rapid rising energy from the base of the spine, exploding into an array of lights like a fiery fountain above my head, taking me to another level of understanding as for my presence in the 'whole scheme' of matter perception in this world of ours.

Time distortion events have nothing very grand about them. They usually, not always, concern personal matters, like this time when taking daily walks along an urban riverside footpath. After a few days in a row, I noticed feeling a general tingling throughout my body whenever I came to a specific spot. I finally stopped to look around me wondering where this tingling came from and looking up the slope on my right side, I suddenly knew without a doubt that I was inside the red brick building found at the top of the slope, looking out a window and saying 'Hi' to myself walking below on the footpath. So I said Hello back and continued on my way I figured I'd somehow find my way into that building one day, it was just a question of 'time'. Six months later, I was called by a headhunter offering me to apply for a position in this new firm in town. I did, got the position and found myself in that same red brick building where they offered me a beautiful office overlooking the river, the park AND the footpath below.
Time distortions not only happen in regards to the future but also to the past where (when?) I can truly feel my presence from the past as if it was still very much here and 'present', ending up counseling and encouraging my own past-self to continue and persevere.

If anyone here has their own explanations and experiences about these kind of events, I would appreciate your take on them.


The Force is Strong With This One
Psi energy really is abilitys of the mind using energy of the soul that is why they work through the charkas as mankind call them, really in lameman terms you could call the energy which comes from the soul magic, for it is a creative force and is electromagnetic in nature, it can be felt and seen if one learns how it is just mankind in the masses see such things as in movies or in books and think themself are nothing but a piece of meat waiting to expire "this is most of those who are major skeptics", actually they dont feel there own connection to spirit through soul that is why its so hard to show them "super natural" without proof.

Even if they see proof they will try to discredit it themself as they arnt ready to understand it yet so wont. But Magic is something obtained through spiritual realisation of self and is abilitys oneself grants self through the energys of the soul when one becomes wise enough to use it, there are other ways to gain powers of magic but the darkside "starswars so revealing" comes at a cost like Darth Vader you give your power to the one who gives you such powers and they control you 'even if it seems like your one in control you arnt', magic is really misunderstood it is not evil itself it is a neutral force and the life-force of creation, it is in how the knowledge of magic is used that determins if it is darkside or lightside.

As have you I have explored all prespectives of view and connected dots to see a picture if my picture is right one that I do not know for you but for me it is and has shown itself in proof it has lead me too, my journey is different to the mainstream it could be considered more like a fantasy story, but in seeing things that are not normally seen because of the blindside mankind has aloud to be placed on can be stressful at times specially when one talks to others of it for they do not understand, but to one who does see it is more real than the world mankind lives daily, I have seen proof of my picture it has come to me from my search each will find there picture and follow it to there own destiny what ever that may be, you can make changes along the way what you wrote for yourself to do in life is only a option but it is designed to best benefit you in your time in life, choice is always present.

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