Padawan Learner

Pride is a braggart
Who tarry's in fear
He makes everything grander
Than it really appears
He's good friends with arrogance
And a narcissist too
He desires attention
And he wants it from you
Pride is a liar
Cos he feels insecure
He won't settle for less
Wants nothing but more
He'll tell you he's worth it
He gets what he deserves
He believes that he earns it
The only self fit to serve
Pride is delusional
Convinced he knows best
He thinks all that matters
Is a score in a test
He will not concede
And this hard headed rule
Reveals underneath
An intransigent fool
Pride is a cheater
Who cannot bear loss
The goal is to win
No matter the cost
He sees it as failure
And weakness in him
Not realising loss
Grows a strength from within
He'll work with deception
To get what he wants
He covets protection
A shield to ensconce
Pride is misguided
He'll follow the crowd
To look up to its leaders
Is the law of the proud
A sense of belonging
But more precious than you
With pretensions he’s thronging
Such a status accrues
Pride is a feeling
An over sensitive chap
The thoughts he's been stealing
Plug more doubt in the gaps
He inflates an ego
Filled with hot air
And preventing it bursting
He determines as care
Pride is a wronged child
Still possessive of toys
He sees Quiet and Humble
As the kids to avoid
They're unassuming and open
But he's loud and closed
They do what is honest
That's the threat that they pose
Pride is stubborn
Refuses to yield
To prove every point
Bitter anger he'll wield
Cos he thinks his identity
Was built by his hand
He's the great civilised
In a poor foreign land
He's the will of the people
And the rule of law
He's the doyen of science
The industrial claw
Pride is abandoned
Hopeless and afraid
He seeks to account for
What can never be paid
For his handshakes are hollow
And his word is a debt
Pride is a fellow
Full of pain and regret
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