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Works by world-famous soothsayer Nostradamus mentioned the Northern King. Nostradamus wrote about the ruler of Aquilon, whom specialists correlate with the Russian Federation

Journalists find Nostradamus prophecy about Putin

23.12.2016 - "The Northern King of Aquilon will help set things right," the' prophecy says, the Russian Dialogue publication wrote.

The specialists believe that the events described in the prophecy are related to something that is going to happen in Syria. The Russian leader interferes in the conflict in Syria to establish law and order there. Therefore, the specialists believe, Russian President Putin will become the person, who will relieve the world from the global threat of terrorism.

According to Nostradamus prophecies for 2017, military tensions between Turkey and Iran will exacerbate. The Year 2017 is not going to be an easy year for Christians and Muslims either. The clashes between the two countries will continue. The prophet also predicted the change of governments in France and Germany.

Earlier, mass media reported about the discovery of a new, previously unknown prophecy by Baba Vanga prophetess. The prophecy tells of Syria, the fall of Damascus and "a man from Russia."

According to journalist Dimitri Gachev, who was friends with Vanga, the prophetess predicted the war in Syria long before it started. The journalist asked her when peace was going to come. "Peace will come when Damascus falls, and the Bible says that no stone would be left upon another in Damascus. A man from Russia will come to save us all. Russia is a mother country!" Vanga said.


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The following is a short review of two (actuall 1+3) youtubes in Russian about the possible events in 2017.
One is a video by a clairvoyant from in Kasakhstan, about the situatuation with Trump. Last year she predicted (in August?) there would be assassination attempts, now she claims there have been what she would call attempts, but that they have not succeeded and that the situation is changed, that he will live live through it: "Казахстанская Ванга - Вера Лион"

Then there is this "2017 САМЫЙ СТРАШНЫЙ ГОД.ПРЕДСКАЗАНИЯ ПРОРОКОВ", (2017 the worst year, predictions of the prophets). There are three parts, the first one revolves around the possibility of comets:
The second is more about life of society and what it might be like in terms of war, peace and development:
The third is about the possibility of solar flare, space weather, earth weather, and earth changes:

The video has not english subs, there are ads inserted, frequent repititions, many cuts that get repeated, at times boring to watch, I turned the speed up to 1.5, unless the person interviewed spoke rapidly or I wanted to get what they were talking about. There are a whole lot of predictions: they interview Chinese masters, a shaman from the Irkutsk region, a lady who has been gifted all her life and who works with stones, a man who works with taro cards, several clairvoyant people, spirit communicators and on and on. Some pronouncements are contradictory, possibly misinterpreted, but still there is something to reflect on regarding the course of history and world events.

In the end of part three they pay and ask a shaman to aks the spirits about the destiny of the planet in 2017 (It appears the recording has been done in Autumn?, there is no snow in any case). He came out of his contact/meditation/ritual and told the spirits adviced to prepare for transformations, cataclysms, there will much more in 2017, that is floods, fires. It will affect especially the western regions (As seen from Buryati in central south eastern Siberia, I guess), Western Europe, where it could be warm there it will be very cold. He expects with great probability something like a major continental plate catastrophe, along the lines of what happened around the earth quake in Japan near the nuclear power plant. He says that it is still possible to evade these events, he mentions "добрый сознание.... чистый сознание" which can be translated as good consciousness, pure consciousness and some more, "взаимодействия"(?) which means something like "interaction" and says that this can prevent the event he foresees from taking place. Whoever cut the film into pieces probably did a nice thing letting this shaman get the last word.


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thorbiorn said:
The following is a short review of two (actuall 1+3) youtubes in Russian about the possible events in 2017.


Thanks for sharing, Thorbiorn.

I've also been hearing many Russian prophecies about 2017 over the years, some of those prophecies sound rather apocalyptic too. Don't know why many psychic people specifically in Russia are focused around this particular year, but I think it could possibly be connected with our tragic historic (genetic) memory connected with this date, for one example.

As we know, the year 2016 was a leap year and such years are considered to be very harsh to endure, astrologists say. So when 2016 finally ended and people felt some relief, the following sad joke went viral in Russia and is still circulating in Russian social media:

In 1916, everyone was also happy that the year has finally ended. And then came 1917...

1917 was the year of the Russian Revolution which was one of the most painful periods in the recent Russian history.

So possibly that's why Russian prophets feel so anxious about the year 17, who knows. I guess we can only wait and see what really happens, or not. FWIW


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Siberia said:

1917 was the year of the Russian Revolution which was one of the most painful periods in the recent Russian history.

So possibly that's why Russian prophets feel so anxious about the year 17, who knows. I guess we can only wait and see what really happens, or not. FWIW

I can understand that, for the area that was Ukraine the time of Revolution was also not easy, and it still isn't.

Here is one for "Predictions for Ukraine 2017" made by a Ukrainian woman, Valeria Kandaurova, Валерия Кандаурова, Предсказания для Украины на 2017 год on She has interesting comments on some virus or disease which will cause death to some people, one of the symptoms is red spots on the skin.

What she is saying was posted at the end of October 2016, but the content seems now three month later, to be a good estimate. Ukraine will this year, be left more on its own - she does not mention any names of countries, she is diplomatic, but I think we can probably agree to what is going on - that Trump will take the pressure away from UA, and the EU does not have a truly sincere interest to carry on. She expects the war to last at least another three years, but it will not come to strong conflict with victory to one side. She has many observations about how they, the Ukrainian people will feel about the year and what they can expect.

In another video, which she filmed on the way to her grandmother's house (not excellent sound quality), Blog about the war in DONBAS, Влог о войне на ДОНБАССЕ she mentions that the conflict may last for years, so it is not something quick. She recommends people in the area as well as visitors to pray for safety and foregiveness of sins even if they are not involved directly in the conflict.


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thorbiorn said:
Here is one for "Predictions for Ukraine 2017" made by a Ukrainian woman, Valeria Kandaurova, Валерия Кандаурова, Предсказания для Украины на 2017 год on She has interesting comments on some virus or disease which will cause death to some people, one of the symptoms is red spots on the skin.

That could be anything, even the usual infectious diseases which might manifest more strongly in the current environment.

The flu was highly successful this season, that is, several health care systems nearly collapsed. Here is an overview for Europe:


Week 1/2017 (2 - 8 January 2017)

Influenza activity remained high across the region with high or very high intensity in 10 out of 43 reporting countries.
The proportion of influenza virus detections among sentinel surveillance specimens was around 50% for the third consecutive week.
The great majority of influenza viruses detected were type A and, of those subtyped, 99% were A(H3N2).
The number of influenza cases from hospital settings also increased, markedly for predominantly adults aged over 65 diagnosed with influenza A virus infection.
Excess all-cause mortality seems to have been increasing among the elderly, notably in France and Portugal

There were some working shifts where I saw one case after the other of flu. It seems to be winding down in this region of Spain though, but according to prediction models based on current data, the worst might still occur.


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I read Sott article yesterday about psychic Craig Hamilton- Parker who predicted flu like disease by the end of a year

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I mentioned in another thread about the symbolism of the Saturn position around the time of 9/11. Saturn, which rules structures and buildings amongst other things was in Gemini (the twins) both at the time of the opening of the Twin Towers (it's "birth," and on 9/11 (its "death"). It was the Saturn return for the Twin Towers at the time of their collapse). The Saturn return around 29 years of age usually corresponds to a symbolic death if not literal. Also, at the time, Pluto (hidden forces) was moving through Sagittarius in opposition to Saturn - it wasn't exact at the time but it was close enough.

Then last year, I decided to look at the US chart to see what I could find. I had already noticed that when Pluto entered Capricorn, (the sign of the patriarchal society/business/old structures/tradition, etc.) around 2008, it coincided with the economic collapse. Pluto's discovery coincided with the Great Depression (another Pluto term) in 1928.
I decided to see what Pluto has been doing with all the changes that have been going on.
Pluto, currently moving through Capricorn has been opposing the natal Sun in the US chart, The US Sun is at 13º Cancer and the Pluto opposition was exact thru 2015/16. Pluto is known as the "transformer" of the zodiac, the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto “removes the mask,” or"strips you to the bone" as it were. So the whole Russian intervention seemed very symbolic to me. Pluto brings things up from the past to be healed (kind of like the Dark Man as discussed by Clarissa Pinkola Estes) and also brings up dark secrets as well as treasures. With Pluto, change is inevitable.

What really got my attention was that at the same time as all this was going on in Syria, Pluto was also opposing the star Sirius, which is located at 14º of Cancer not even a full degree from the US sun at 13º. The US was unmasked in Syria where symbolically Christians and Muslims were united in fighting the real evil. Putin's Sun is also at 14º Libra so he was also transformed by the Pluto square and his own sun is in square to the US sun (sorry if this is a bit technical but I'm sure some of you will understand).

Something else that struck me was that the US invaded Iraq as the sun entered Aries (the sign of the warrior) back in 2003 and Russia intervened when the sun was in Libra (US meets its match - balancing) back in 2015. I noted the date of the US invasion many years ago but needed to see the Russian intervention to understand it.

There's more to come. The US is about to experience its "Pluto return" which is when it comes back to the point it was at when the US was "born". And the last time that happened was the time of the American Revolution. Pluto is a slow mover, taking 248 years to complete a revolution. I recently thought about the Boston Tea Party and the effort to end British rule and I wondered if we'd see the same efforts here in Europe to end US/NATO rule. The Pluto return will happen in 2022 but the US is definitely in a period of death and rebirth - it's already dead and now it's time to see what rises from the ashes.

I don't know a whole lot about the nodes but I remember reading about the importance of the 19 year nodal cycle of the moon in Secret History, I think it was. The moon's nodes are usually associated with karma and destiny. Anyway, I learned last year that all the other planets have nodes too and Pluto's nodes are at 21º Cancer/Capricorn, on the midpoint of the US sun/Pluto which might explain the importance of the US in world affairs. Again, apologies for the technobabble but I'm also kind of hoping other astrologers will make more connections. Maybe it would be helpful towards making connections or navigating the current wave? Pluto's nodes move very very slowly so this could tie into other cycles of history?

I just found this while searching for info on Pluto’s nodes:
The Nodes of Pluto are currently at 21° Cancer/Capricorn (N-S), and moving very slowly (one arc-second per day). In 2018-2019, Pluto will be conjunct its own South Node, at the very degree where the Uranus-Neptune conjunctions occurred in 1993. Pluto was discovered in 1930 on its own North Node, and was at 21°59 Cancer when the Third Reich was founded. This period of time saw the founding of 'Vatican City', the independence of Iraq, and the unification of the Saudi kingdom.

This may or may not be a prediction: I have thought occasionaly that Pluto's entry into Aquarius might coincide with the collapse of Internet and global communications and it happens almost in April (it's at 0º Aquarius for April 2023).

Added: Like I said, I'm no expert but I see these transits and make connections and another one I forgot to mention but¡t caught my attention with all this talk of Reality Shifts - Saturn is almost exactly conjunct Galactic centre these past few weeks - the aspect will be exact in the next few weeks. 2023 will also be the time when Saturn squares Galactic Centre, putting pressure on the structures that are currently being installed.


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The following is a video, about 80 minutes long, with a presentation of the predictions about possible futures from various seers. The artwork is colourful, some new age.... A few biographical data is given about the people that include Bruno Gröening, Slava Sevrukowa, van Rensburg, Baba Vanga, Mother Shipton with some critical comments on Nostradamus at the beginning and especially about the way it has been used by the mass media:


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thorbiorn said:
The following is a video, about 80 minutes long, with a presentation of the predictions about possible futures from various seers. The artwork is colourful, some new age.... A few biographical data is given about the people that include Bruno Gröening, Slava Sevrukowa, van Rensburg, Baba Vanga, Mother Shipton with some critical comments on Nostradamus at the beginning and especially about the way it has been used by the mass media:
Since the above video is long, I have tried to make a kind of content list of the various prophets she speaks about. This makes it possible to look those up that might be of interest, without spending inordinary amounts of time. Each section of the video is annotated with links to more information, both from what she posted in the notes to video, but also from other sources.

0-3:34 Introduction, Nostradamus, the role of prophets as messengers is covered. The author argues that Nostradamus has been promoted by msm both to ridicule and obsucure the messages of many other prophets. In the review she covers those she know and finds most credible.

3:35-7:11 Bruno Gröning (1906-1959). He was a German mystic, born in Gdansk and died in France: _ There has been various small circles of followers _ which links to a trailer in German that is less than 10 % of the lenght of the full version, but still 22 minutes long _ At the end of his life, he was put on trial for practicing healing without a license and as a result he concluded that he should not heal, that society was not ready and that it was time to move on. Shortly after he fell sick and dieded. In the notes to the video Sylvie gives three links:

7:12-16:51 Slava Sevrukowa (1902-1991) from Bulgaria _
_ It is in Bulgarian, just like the Wiki above, and the translation machines are not that good, but one can get an idea. Slava Sevrukova worked for years with a physicist, as she sucessfully could peek into the structure of matter at a time when the technology was not yet developed.
_ This is a video with her predictions for Russia, but in Bulgarian only. The quotes posted are from a book about her.

16:52-21:15 Jane Roberts, Seth Material
In the video notes there is a link to "The Nature of Personal Reality"
In another youtube note there is a linkt to Seth Speaks on audio _

21:16-31:47 Comments on floating cities, future life, karma, Past life regression Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Jane Roberts and Slava Sevrukowa

31:48-46:08 Baba Vanga (Vangelia Gushterova, 1911-1996) Another famous Bulgarian prophetess and healer.)
45:30 Baba Vanga on future of the education of children. In the people will attend more to the education of children, that they grow up pure hearted.
_ In Bulgarian, This Russian video: _ is a long drawn mixed bag. In any case it shows that Vanga experienced a difficult childhood, and that there were sides of her that raises questions about the benevolence of everything she did.

46:09 Mother Shipton _ which has What is read can be found on _ which has
It is now generally acknowledged that Mother Shipton was largely a myth, and that many of her prophecies were composed by others after her death, and after the events they predicted. Her prophecies were apparently recorded in a series of diaries but the first published book of her work did not appear until 1641 and the most noted work, by Richard Head, came out in 1684. Head later admitted to inventing almost all Shipton's biographical details.

Vladimer Putin clip at 52:16 gets credit, because he is one politician who let people know that all is not what it seems. In this instance he laughs at the reporter who claims that the US missile shield is to protect agains Iran.

56:22-56:54 Comparison of Mother Shipton and Slava Sevrukowa, mentions two passes of the dragon tail.

58:00-1:02:42 Milosh Trabich (1829-1899) Apparently he is also called Dimitry Tarabich and Mitar Tarabich. There are translations of some of his predictions here:

1:03:00 Nikolass van Rensburg (Known as Siever van rensburg) 1862-1926) was a religious Boer from South Africa.

1:04:35-1:07:50 A healer from Brasil, John of God (1942-) There is a video of him doing some healing that really looks gross and also incredible.

1:07:50-1:08:33 Will of Princess Olga year 6454 after the peace treaty (year 946 in modern times). If 946 is 6454, then today all else equal will be 6454+(2017-946)=6454+1071=7625 ?

1:07:34 Comment on the Mayan prohecies, Native American.

1:09:34 Disclaimer and final comments, refers back to work of Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss on past life regression:
Journey Of Souls by Michael Newton, and Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian I. Weiss. In the notes there is a link to the last book. This is the end of the video.

There is another and newer video by Sylvie Ivanova: "Prophecies by Otrok Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov (????? ???????? ?????????????) - Biblical End Times"
_ who lived from 1982-1993 _

There are very many videos about this boy fx:
_ The Russian Angel Vyacheslav - His Life (Eng Subtitles) Includes interviews with his mother and others.
_ [The sound is very poor, it helps to play at 0,75 of normal speed.] In the last 30 seconds of this video, it is mentioned that small communities of the faithful will be covered by God and invicible to the servants of evil and that people who wants to betray the gods won't be changed. They will just remain ordinary people. This video is related by "Return of the Tsar", who is a journalist, according to what she says on _ "The prophesies of Tsar Nicholas" which tells a story about an orthodox Russian soldier who has an experience of the Russian Tsar family and received some message about the future.... (Well, from whatever the source was/really was.). About the last tsar family of Russia, see: _ ).

Another prophecy from Russia and related by "Return of the Tsar" is "The prophesies of schema nun Nila" on _

Just like when various weathermen interpret the future weather in different ways, but still agree on some trends, there are diffences but many recurring themes in the above prophecies. If the timelines described are similar to the one we will follow, then there are a lots of changes ahead, just as the C's keep saying From a cosmic perspective the changes happen in an instant. From our perspective much is still years ahead, even if it will happen within the currently statistically probable human lifespan of 70 to a 100 years of age.


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thorbiorn said:
1:07:50-1:08:33 Will of Princess Olga year 6454 after the peace treaty (year 946 in modern times). If 946 is 6454, then today all else equal will be 6454+(2017-946)=6454+1071=7625 ?
No! 6454+1071=7525 and that turns out to be the same, as they say on the web sites about the old calendars:

_ЛетоотВеликогоПереселенияизДаарии has said:
7525 Summer from SSH - Creation in the Star Temple (5 508 BC)
13025 Summer from the great Cold and (Great Cooling) (11 008 BC)
40021 Summer from 3rd arrivals Wightman Perun (38 004 BC)
44561 the Summer of the Great Creation Colo Russenia (42 544 BC)
106795 Summer from the Foundation of Asgard Erie (9 Tilety) (104 778 BC)
111823 Summer from the Great migration of da'arias (109 806 BC)
143007 Summer from the period of the Three Moons (140 990 BC)
[... several more events ...]
957525 Summer from the Time of Gods (955 508 BC)
1.5 billion Summer from arrival on Midgard first vaitmar great Race rod heaven
See also _ The question of the calendar and how the day and week and month were organised is interesting, but outside this topic. Still, I will attempt to tie the topic of calendar into the topic of prophecy about the future

The old calendar existed in Russia, until the year 1700 when Peter the Great changed it to the Julian calendar. How this happened is described below:

_http://историиземли.рф/kak-petr-i-kalendar-ustanovil.html or _http://xn--e1adcaacuhnujm.xn--p1ai/kak-petr-i-kalendar-ustanovil.html said:
In 1700 ad, Peter I issued a decree on the abolition of the old calendar that existed in Russia, and enters the Western Julian calendar from the birth of Christ. However, he shifts the origin of the calendar (new year) from the date of the autumnal equinox (the Slavs-conservatives) and the first of September (Christians) in the first "of January" (January). In 1700 he chooses as the start date.
December 25, the whole Christian world celebrates Christmas. According to the Bible, on the eighth day the infant Jesus was circumcised according to Jewish rite, i.e., the first "of January," the Christian Church celebrated the Circumcision of our Lord.
At the court of Peter the great, in Russian almost did not speak, as it was considered the language of the common people. Basically all communication went in German and Dutch.[...]
Before the reform in 1700, the new year was celebrated the 1st of September _http://историиземли.рф/segodnya-1-sentyabrya-s-novym-godom.html and still before that (1492) on the 1st of March _http://историиземли.рф/kak-novyj-god-na-rusi-menyal-datu.html

And there is another version:
_http://xn--e1adcaacuhnujm.xn--p1ai/kak-petr-i-kalendar-ustanovil.html said:
Old believers still now the chronology is conducted from the autumnal equinox (22-23 September).
In addition, Peter did not simply replace the old with the new calendar. He stole from the people 5508 years of Great Heritage and ordered the foreigners to write the History, which did not exist before. Now few people remember that before the date of the initial letter Annals recorded the ancient language, not numbers, that introduced by the order of Peter.

Before the introduction of the new calendar Russian people celebrated for their Christmas carols Gift 7208 Novoletie, and dates are always written letter. This proves that writing existed among the Slavs long before the "monks of the enlightenment" Cyril and Methodius. If not for the reform of Peter I, the tale of the education of the illiterate heathens of the Western monks would have looked like somebody's stupid joke. No wonder that the Empress Catherine II said: "the Slavs for many thousands of years before Christ, their writings had." The event, which was conducted by the count of years of our ancestors — World Creation in the Star Temple (5508 BC). Under the implied Creation is not the creation of the universe, the biblical God, but literally: the signing of a peace Treaty in the year of Star Temple at Krugolet Kikoboga after winning Power great Race (in the modern sense — Russia) over the Empire of the Great Dragon (in the modern sense — China). By the way, the symbolic image of a rider on a white horse spearing a dragon, known in Christian tradition as George, actually represents just the victory. That is why since ancient times, this symbol of honor and so widespread in Russia among the Slavic-Aryan peoples.
I'm not sure the dragon they mention is necessarily China, but that it another story.

For a people with a long memory, with legends that go back tens of thousands of years, who know history has been edited, the whole concept of prophecy about likely or possible future outcomes make a lot of sense.


One REASONABLE prediction of a new attack in NY (the new 9/11 is 9/2 !!!), especially when viewed in the context of the latest News. _ and _

The author is 888freehumanity from Croatia, his Yt channel (_ is mostly in Croatian, there are 2 videos of 4 and an hour on this topic

From this address _ you can download the pdf version of Assumptions 9/2 (in English.), and below I will copy the text, in case the web site is removed.

From _
"9/2 Megaritual and
08/08/17 (updated: 26/08/17)
According to so called “predictive programming” distributed through various media sources for quite
a while, the main plot goes like this, - the “disappeared” (hijacked) Malaysian plane, Boing 777, Flight
MH370, will reappear on 9/2/17 as a “delivery vehicle” for a nuclear device (one or more?). The
plane should be remotely guided from somewhere to US and crashed probably in the Hudson river,
between Manhattan (Hells Kitchen) and Weehawken (exact location still not clear and it may involve
more od them, like the sea, a few hundred miles off the eastern US coast and some other targets
may be attacked on that day, like the Hoover dam (as implied on some dollar bills.) This would cause
a tsunami. The damage made should be enough to justify a nuclear retaliation against those, who
will be painted as the perpetrators (probably Iran which, of curse, could obtain the nuclear weapon
only from N. Korea?!), while the real perpetrators will be the same those who were behind the first
911 operation. There is also a possibility that the physical plane would not be used, just the scenario
involving the Malaysian plane (hijacked by Iranians?), where a nuclear device (or more of them?) will
be planted into the Hudson river or the sea, while the footage of the incoming plane, which will be
shown to us by the completely controlled MSM, will be, in fact, a “CGI-version” (that would not be
the first time, would it!?).
And, btw, if we look at 9/11 as 9/1+1=2, it could be easily turned into 9/2 or if we look into 11 as II,
as a Roman numeral, it would mean 2, so the same symbol would be applicable to the next 911
event, scheduled for 9/2.
As we know, the symbol 911 was expressed in various ways and through various sources BEFORE the
event, and we were able to see it, as such, only AFTER the event happened.
and some images with embedded symbols, made prior to 9/11/01…
may still be applicable in the near future?!
Now, it seems that the same should apply when 9/2 is in the question?! Or, should it?! Though, in a
case they manage to execute such an operation, we should not be surprised if they take the internet
down (imagine the various excuses), as well, and what we will be only hearing and watching, it will
be MSM’s verbal, visual and emotional diarrhoea, with the official story being repeated endlessly
(brainwashing). And, that would last for a while, i.e. till the beginning of the WW3, so there will be
no time for any discussion or collecting the evidence against the real perpetrators, with a hope that
they will be publicly exposed and persecuted. Anyway, we know very well what happened after the
first 911 event. While we quite comfortably have swallowed “binladen explanation”, the whistleblowers,
witnesses and truthers were those who suffered and who were persecuted, not the
perpetrators and the ridiculous story about the background of the event is still the official one.
What follows here are some excerpts and screen captures from the material on this topic, which was
available on YouTube for a while, made by a user from Croatia.
Here, we will start with what seems to be the main symbol of the planned false flag operation, - the
trident, or better to say - the double trident.
Another one is in the 911 Museum, across the Hudson river and the third one, may plunge
somewhere, between them, together with its payload?!). As we know, the trident is the main
weapon of the Greek god, Poseidon, or the Roman god, Neptune. When he gets angry, he hits the
bottom of the sea with his weapon and then we have tsunamis, earthquakes and all sorts of
The double trident is a logo of…
(they say it was a kite, however, try to find a “kite” looking like that?!)
Please, note, when decoding the symbolic messages from the movies, we have to take into account
the main plot, the context of a situation, wording, the numbers, letters and images around that…
Maybe, the best place to start would be the movie NEXT, where we can find some possible info
about the NEXT 911 event. So, just after the main actor says: “when you look at the future”… in the
next future frame a car arrives with this plate:
On the plate we can see the trident symbol in a form of a cactus. Just reading from the
cactus/trident, we see the following: 928 QRS. So, we have 9/2 and the only way to express the year
2017 in one numeral would be the number 8 (1+7). This would mean: 9/2/17; the letters QRS (in the
alphabet: 17th, 18th, 19th may refer to the length of the WW3?! However, when we put them into
the gematria calculator (at in eng. gematria, we are getting the value ‘324’ and the
first match there, associated with the number, will be - ‘reptilian’, which may point to some sort of a
As we can see, the model of the car was ‘Tahoe’, which in the language of the Washoe Indians
means: “Big Water” (it may refer to a tsunami?).
Now, we may take into account the two accidents, which happened to the Malaysian planes, Flight
MH17 and Flight MH370, powered by the Rolls-Royce engines named Trent - (abbrev. for
(September in Croatian language = rujan/rujna)
…we may see in the left upper corner, the clock from the movie Knowing, car plate from the movie
NEXT, and in the frame at the right top corner, we can see a sequence of numbers taken from the
famous list of the past (and future) events, from the movie Knowing, which also may contain the
date and the coordinates of the next 911 event?! (We should come to that a bit later.)
So, what we have above, would be some messages which could be read as the following:
Flight MH370; passengers 227 (2/2+7=2/9); fatalities 239 = first association: plutonium-239; the
message: “it will carry nuclear bomb(s) on 2/9”
Flight MH17; numbers of fatalities 298 (2/9/1+7) and the engines, pointing to the date: 9/2/17,
when read from the back (as it was said, the number 8 would be the only way to express 17, in one
[note - European date format: dd/mm/yy; both formats seem to be commonly used when coding the
date in various sources.]
Similarly, the accident which happened to Tupolev, TU-154, the last year, which crashed into the
Black Sea, close to Sochi.
There, again, 92 fatalities (9/2); the colours of the plane the same like on the MH370, just in
different order. And, some more symbology was involved there, as well.
Not to mention, that the accident happened just a few kilometres away from this Poseidon statue!?
Movie: KNOWING (2009)
In the list of the past (and future) events from the movie Knowing, one can find the dates, such as
the one of the Fukushima disaster (not in the list but on the clock and read in the context with the
images seen on TV) and the disappearance of the Malaysian flight MH370 (though, 3/8/14 was
expressed as 14/3/8, with coordinates 12.12 81.35), although the movie was made BEFORE those
And, there we find the planned date of the next 911 event, as well, along with the geographical
coordinates (of course, the number of victims would be missing, as in the usual format, which
involves the date, the number of victims and the coordinates, because they can not know that
So, the date and the coordinates were expressed as: 9217|40.20|69.45, and the sequence of the
numbers was positioned right in the middle of the list (21st row, counting from the above and
below; 0+2+0+9+2+0+1+7=21!) and by some strange “coincidence”, geometrically and vertically
placed just above the 91101?!
[Here, we have to note that the above sequence was supposed to belong the the EgyptAir crash,
Flight 990, in 1999, however, it has been cleverly manipulated by adding number 9, and by
positioning it appropriately, just to send a message. )
…and it seems that the glass was deliberately positioned on the paper so that the number sequence
comes just above its impression:
…and, where are the coordinates pointing?
…which might be an ideal spot to “activate the package” (allusion to the instruction from the movie
the Man of Steel, when the incoming plane had “passed the red line”) in order to generate a tsunami
targeting New York.
This movie is heavily encoded with 9/2 symbology, referring to the attack on New York (Manhattan)
by the Malaysian plane (“double trident”)!? So, in the movie, we have 2 tridents in the form of alien
ships attacking Megapolis (New York) and a spot in the Southern Indian Ocean (where MH370 has
disappeared). The coordinates of the attacks, given in the movie…
…by some “coincidence” are pointing to New York on the northern hemisphere…
…and the New Amsterdam island, located at the southern hemisphere.
And, from the history, we should know that the first name of New York (Manhattan area) was - New
Amsterdam. (*The coordinates in the movie were deliberately adjusted to the location of the New
Amsterdam island, as they would be different if the “trident” was supposed to land at the southern
hemisphere, right opposite of the location of “Metropolis”, on the northern hemisphere!)
Just before the 2nd trident landed in the Southern Indian Ocean, we could see a fisherman throwing
a net, which may symbolically refer to the “Kingfisher”, which would be a translation for Shaldag i.e.
an Israeli special earth-air unit, capable of hijacking or “making disappear” any plane, especially if
helped by an electronic cover of an AWACS plane!?)
So, in this way, New York was symbolically attacked at once, by two “tridents”!? In the reality, it may
be attacked by a “double trident” (the Malaysian plane with the double trident symbol on its tail)
which should act as a Trojan Horse, bringing inside itself something which would be unexpected
from a Boing 777?! (At least, that could be an official story, while a CGI version of an incoming plane
may be used or, even, another boing 777, repainted into the Malaysian colours, may be remotely
guided from a base in America to NY).
[I do not think that Russians would spoil the plot, by shooting down the plane, somewhere above the
ocean, on its way to NY or, even to try to prevent it, in any other way!? Their elite would know this
“secret language” and it would be familiar with the plot. And, the non-human-entities-in-humanbodies,
which belong to the elite are in the same bed, regardless in which country they reside. For
them, it is all just a ritual, one of many which repeat in various forms, over and over, throughout the
history of this planet. As “non-humans”, they serve “something-non-human” (symbolised by Saturn)
and they manipulate us on behalf of it, and sacrifice us, in the name of it. So, by now, we should be
well aware of the role WE play in their rituals!]
Furthermore, in the movie, when alien gravitational weapon was activated, we could se an ‘airborne
bus’ with number 370 on its roof.
And, we could see it right after the Superman said something like: “If I do not stop the device in the
Southern Indian Ocean…” So, would not the ‘flying bus’ symbolise an airplane, the Flight 370, which
will come soon, if not stopped!?
“Guardian on the way to Metropolis. We have a package”.
By some “strange coincidence”, in English gematria the word “guardian” has a value ‘450’ and what
calculator’s match do we get at the first place?
So, in other words, Neptune is coming to Metropolis/New York with a “package”!?
Superman’s real name was Kal-el, which is the root of the Greek word ‘Kalista’ (meaning, “most
beautiful one”) and it is frequently used as a name. By some “strange coincidence”, if we look at the
Croatian calendar of names , the name Kalista falls exactly on 2nd September!?
“Man of Steel” in gematria:
Malaysia Airlines in gematria:
Instead of us, saying, long ago: “Enough is enough” and doing something about this manipulation of
the humanity, the elite will say it in our name and then run into their underground bunkers, while
we will be killing each other on the surface of this planet, again?! Later, they will come out with a
mask of sanity, telling us what to believe, how to think and how to behave, in order to prevent
future wars. So, WW3 survivors will get an opportunity to “enjoy” the NWO, established by the same
those who engineered the WW3 (and all the previous wars), depopulation and devastation of this
TV Series NCIS; Episode: Trojan Horse
Here, one needs to look at the plot and the associated imagery to see that the episode was heavily
encoded with symbology related to the attack on America (NYC) by an aircraft, symbolised by a cab,
which will act as a ‘Trojan horse’.
The letter ‘H’ is the 8th number in the alphabet which, as mentioned before, can be translated into
1+7=17, while we already have ‘92’ (9/2); the year can be obtained in another way, by summing up
all the numbers from the plate: 9+2+6=17. Letters ‘HJ’ may mean an abbreviation for ‘HiJacked’. We
can see on the right side the number ‘218’, as well (2/1+8=2/9); the taxi driver was talking about
‘bombs’ and ‘bin Laden’; other combinations of numbers from the plate: ‘9263’; 9/2+6+3=9/11; 92
6+3=929; 9+2+6+3=20 and H=17, so, we get: 2017.
On the roof of the taxi, we can see the word “Air”, so the taxi could be associated with a plane.
And, in front of the taxi, we could first see this van:
What we have here is the rego: C=149N2 (C=3, so 3+14=17, then we have the familiar ‘92’ and ‘N’
inbetween may mean ‘Nine’ or should confirm ‘14’; or, for they year: C+N=3+14=17; then, a sign on
the left side side: “Seat Belts enforced” (‘Sea’|’bel’|’ts’ enforced=”sea enforced”; ‘ts’=”tsunami”;
‘bel’ may indicate a “bell,” as a warning?!), “thumb(s) up” (in gematria, whichever version of
‘thumb(s) up’ you enter, you will get, as first matches: ‘Apocalypse’ and ‘End of Days’, so, take your
favourite pick) and “Buy America” (“bye, bye, America”!?); the American flags at a couple of spots
may indicate the target. Or, if one wants to be more accurate regarding the target, the 3rd letter may
be obtained just by adding the numbers this way: 14+9+2=25 and the 25th letter would be ‘Y’, so
from the letters, we could get this: CNY=NYC?!
In the boot of the van, there was Fanta, which in commercials is often shown as “exploding”
In the series, there were some references to Iranians, as well, which may indicate who is going to be
framed as the perpetrator?! Maybe, it was not by chance that the Iranians were photoshoped into
Kuala Lumpur’s airport CCTV footage with an invented story that
two of them boarded the Flight MH370 with fake
(Have a look at the legs!) So, the story seems to be stored for a later use?!
The yellow colour (here, presented in the form of yellow cab) has a gematric value ‘92’ (9/2) and the
‘CODE YELLOW’ is ‘119’, which may be read as ‘911’, ‘2/9’ or ‘9/2’. So, when seeing a yellow colour
sticking out in some scenes, we may look in which context it was presented, listen to the words and
images around it, etc., because, it will mean ‘9/2’ or ‘911’. E.g. in the move Jumper, we could see the
yellow colour sticking out in the apartment, with the image of Manhattan in the background.
When a movie is encoded with ‘92’ symbols, there will always be more references, than one. So, in
the movie Jumper, we would see some images of flood in New York and big waves (referring to
‘tsunami’?) and some interesting numbers, as this one on the car, which the main character entered
with his girlfriend:
Here we have: ‘Yellow’-‘Tsunami’-‘Manhattan’ (The Day After Tomorrow)
Movie: The day The Earth Stood Still
“Here 29-17… who is…?!” (and we can see… Manhattan….)
And, by the way, the main actor, Keanu Reeves, was born on 9/2!?
Person of Interest, Episode 79
Here, we have a strange clock showing everything, however, we will have a look only at the date
references. The camera will focus on it, after some words, like ‘911’, were spoken. (Generally, one
needs to pay attention to imagery in a scene after hearing words like: ‘New York’, ‘911’, ‘bomb’,
‘explosion’, ‘terrorists’, ‘plane’, tsunami etc.)
I am Legend
663+687+695=2045 and not counting zero, we would get 245th day of the year, which is September
nd and 2/4+5=9 (2/9)
...and look where and how Will Smith plays golf!?
Movie: Left Behind
(If there is an actor personally familiar with the plot, it must be Nicolas Cage!?)
This movie is heavily loaded with 92 symbology, however, here we will have a look only at some of
the posters, knowing that, in the movie, there was just one plane shown above New York and that it
landed safely. Why, then, on the various posters, we could see a plane, as if it was plunging into
Hudson river, somewhere between Weehawken and Manhattan?!
And, regarding the “miraculous” disappearance of “the god’s chosen people” just prior to some
disaster, as a theme of the movie, we have already seen it once, microcosmically, in the case of the
911 event, (look at the heading: Miracle of Passover)?! No one of them was among the casualties.
Taken by god, or just – well informed?! So, we should not be surprised if the “miraculous”
disappearance of the “chosen people” repeats on 9/2. Should we?!
And, what do we have here:
When exactly “the end begins,” we could see by looking at the above poster and a calendar, and
when we are looking ‘left behind’ from October, we will see – September, and if we are looking
further ‘left behind’ from the 3rd, we will see the 2nd. Or, just coincidences!?
I can go with the movies on and on… however, the intention, here, is not to prove anything, just to
bring an attention to the issue and to show the pattern to those who are interested.
From other sources, we may look at this front cover of the Rotchild’s Economist Magazine 2015:
If we split the page in two parts and count the active fingers (doing something), of the ‘funny
puppets’, we get the following: 20|17, which means the year – 2017.
By multiplying numbers seen on the arrow tails: 11x5 and 11x3 we get: 55 and 33
This means that the arrow tails will represent the tail of the plane MH370. And, if we remember, in
the movie Knowing, those last two figures on the famous list were a bit awkward written as ’33,’ but
read as ‘EE’ (‘Everyone Else’), as well?!
When we add 55 to 33, we get 88 and by adding to it the (small) number 4 (‘A’ indicating where from
to start counting), which stands on the other side of the right leg,
…we get the following: 4+88=92 (9/2).
The vehicle below also represents the Boing 777, Flight MH370. It is aerodynamic and it has Rolls
Royce engine.
The turtle next to it, means, - “it took it a long time to arrive to the ‘final destination’” (3.5 years
from the time it “disappeared”). We may see that Alice (you may have a look in gematria for: Alice in
Wonderland) is standing in the water (by reflection of her legs), where the the arrows points are
stuck and the plane’s nose, as well. The water can be only the Hudson river or the sea.
By going vertically above that location, by two parallel lines, we may connect the area on the globe
where MH370 disappeared, the nuclear explosion and its location (the town where Spiderman lives,
which is New York).
(From the Economist Magazine 2017, with tarot cards on the front page, it is also possible to
calculate coordinates of New York and the date of the attack, as 9/2.)
Dollar bills
On the 10 dollar bill we have 29 tens (reversed 9/2) surrounding Statue of Liberty (indicating New
York as a target; and Alexander Hamilton died in Weehawken and there is Hamilton Memorial
9 small tens, 2 big tens=tsunami on 9/2
Or, some images, like the one showing Prophets of Rage
22+70=92 (9/2); 1 (visible) hand up, 7 (visible) hands down=17
Or, this one, ‘92Y’
92=9/2; Y=25; 92 (looked as a year)+25 years=2017
We can look at ‘OO’ as number 8, laid horizontally (1+7=17), 92 is there and we all know what
“Boom” means.
At the end, we may have a look at some ‘innocent’ news coming from the elite, like this one, and try
to decode it by looking at the key words and the numbers:
Reading 5pm as 17:00, we have: 17-9-2 or 17/9/2; (even July as the seventh month would
correspond to Roman “Septem” as it was originally 7th of 10 months)
Translation: “Prepare to pack your staff and go underground by 9/2/17”.
“8-year priming”
Marking or priming the 911 events has started by World Trade Centre bombing in 1993; after 8 years
911 event happened, then, after 8 years, we had “Miracle on Hudson”, a plane Airbus, Flight 1549
ditching into the river and after 8 years is - this year. It seems that the Miracle on Hudson was an
engineed event just to set a mark?!
The difference between January 15 2009 and 9/2/17 is 239 days, which associates with Plutonium-
So, there is a great possibility that the geographical coordinates of the plane ditching in 2009, would
be about the same as the coordinates of the plane plunging, in 2017!?

And, you may already heard that the famous London’s clock, Big Ben, was stopped (“for repairs”) at
12 o’clock, 12 days prior to 9/2?!
An important issue, which we all need to be aware of is that the main ingredient of, so called,
‘chemtrails’, to which we were subjected for over 17 years, were nanocrystals of barium-strontiumtitanate,
obtained by spray pyrolysis in jet engines from special fuel additives. Now, we all have
them in our bodies. It is a piezoelectric substance which, when exposed to certain electro-magnetic
fields and waves, generated through the HAARP, mobile towers or microwave radiating antenna
systems, can disturb communication on the level of our cells, damage them and kill them. Under the
cover of WW3, this may play a big role in the depopulation of the planet. People would think that
there were dying from nuclear radiation, while they would be dying from something else.
The symbol ‘911’ seems to be derived from the number of letters of Hebrew name - Har Hermon=9
and English – Mount Hermon=11, where so called “watchers”, Ben Eloha or Elohim have landed
(after the event, the fall of humanity has started). So, maybe, the date 9/11 was not picked up by
chance for the execution of the attack on WTC, as a part of the manipulation of humanity. ‘911’ is a
symbol for a megaritual and we should be very well aware of the role we play in their rituals. If we
put any of the two terms, Ben Eloha or Elohim into the gematric calculator, in English gematria we
will get the value ‘372’ and the first match we will get by the calculator, would be – ‘Rotchild’.
Those “sons of god” as a technologically advanced species without a human essence (or the “soul”)
were able to create human bodies and use them to interact with the “sons of man”, which was
symbolically shown in the movie Avatar, where we were those “blue people”. After the ages of the
manipulation, we were turned into something…
…what we are not, by our essence. This is why our history has become, something, like a history of
an ordinary slaughter house.
So, in the movie, we won, but in the reality, we did not. At least, not yet!? Now is the time for our
awakening and the final battle…
Mount Hermon has been located at the geographical coordinates of 33 degrees latitude and 33
degrees longitude, which seems to be the origin of the masonic 33 degree hierarchy.
(Masons would be one of their main ‘vehicles’ for the manipulation of the humanity)
So, the executioners of the anti-human activities: Rotchild/Elohim/”fallen angels”/“sons of god“,
would be entities in human (and/or alien) physical bodies who lack the human essence. (Often,
brilliant actors, but without the feelings of the humanness and conscience.) Throughout the ages,
they have managed to impose their psychopathological deity on us, to worship it, under various
Once a human being has been turned into a follower of anybody/anything (from above or below), he
has been automatically disabled for any awakening, individualization and liberation from the slavery!
„The Sons of Man“, those who have the human essence in themselves, derive their origin from the
First or the True Source, which does not present itself as a deity. It does not request to be
worshiped, it just expresses itself in its eternity as a creative and humane force. And we are
supposed to express it through ourselves.
A long time ago, we did it and we can do it again.
On the other side, those fake humans and their fake deity, can only create fake realities, trying to
mimic the True Source, with a more or less success. Fake as they are, they can only make an
“advancement” through, so called, “transhumanism”, or merging with the technology. But, we do
not need it in our natural state. We are not artificial. We do not need machinery and implants to
‘911’ as a symbol does not refer only to the megaritual committed on 9/11. It is the mathematical
root of the number 829,921; this number has been designed so to express the date and time of the
next megaritual; looking from the comma, on the left side, we may find - the date, reading
backwards: 9/2/1+7=9/2/17; the right side may give us - the time: 9+2+1=12:00
At the end, for us, the human beings who have forgotten who they were and who they are, all these
may mean, - to be or, not to be. To exist, or not to exist. Unfortunately, in the meanwhile, many of
us have lost their human essence. Such people may only work for the “elohim’s system”, consciously
or unconsciously. So, do not get confused by the reactions of some of those, whom you will try to
make aware. And, it is not about the intelligence, it is about the essence and the human
consciousness. The consciousness which comes from the True Source and not from some fake
We are true by our essence, and they are fake. They can not win if we are aware. Just, do not get
confused by their apparitions and the noise they make.
If sufficient number of people gains the awareness of the planned operation, that awareness may
prevent its execution. So, we may gain more time, but our position and the state of mind, would not
change much. However, if they blow up the nuclear weapon(s) in New York, as per the plan (or the
program?!), that would be a blow for us, but it could be a blow for them, too. They will get exposed,
finally. That would be a “revelation.” They would publically demonstrate who they were, together
with their sick symbology. When the elohim puppets from their political, military, MSM’s and other
positions of the power, start pointing fingers towards the “enemy” we will have to fight, we should
be aware enough of who the real enemy of the humanity is and whom we will need to fight. So, they
themselves may finish in the hole they prepared for us. Those of us, who still have the human
essence in themselves, will have to demonstrate it now and only by - doing.
In fact, we do not have any other option, if we want to survive as the human race…"


Okay, it's obvious that the new 9/11 did not happen on September 2.
But there remains the possibility that in the game of numerology, 9/2 can be 9/20.

Especially, looking at the light of current apocalyptic events in America.

As Cs said in a session of 23.7.94
September both will happen.

And something else, related to another topic from the forum. "Vedic astrologer: September's many noteworthy planetary aspects",44782.msg730929/boardseen.html#new

September Predictions 2017: Floods of Emotion bring Devastation
Posted August 28, 2017 (21 minutes)

Based on her Vedic astrological viewpoint, she discusses the expected effects of many pivotal planetary configurations/transitions in September, particularly as these energies interact with those from the recent total eclipse. Many of these pertain to leaders, communication, upheaval, anger and revelation of secrets.

At 8:20 she notes a Mars’ configuration related to the eclipse matches a similar configuration on 9-11-2001.

At 13:00 she speaks of the latter half of September being a time of “faded destiny”, with one of the planetary features being a New Moon on September 20, which is followed by all the planets being on one side in what she refers to as a “Kali (age) Sarpa (serpent) yoga which means the things which occur will seem like events that will make the history books. This is a very poignant month that contains events that will change the future of our planet.”


A Disturbance in the Force
Predictions and prophecies are big words.

People learned to ignore certain things, they started to make a difference in many ways. Everyone knows that psychology is related to science but "the study of the soul" (people made this difference) is equally "the study of the mind". There's no point to make a difference if there's no differences. Let's say... This idiot known Freud made a difference by separating this mind into three pieces such as subconscious, conscious and unconscious that makes no senses at all. Three pieces are concepts, concepts are illusion.

Again... I repeat... subconscious, unconscious and conscious are the MIND too! You don't need eyes to see the future as well as you don't need eyes to see everything. Blind man can see everything from his mind, that's scientifically proven.

Just lay on the bed, sleep and dream (don't force, control or whatever.. just let the mind alone to make a process), the more you build your "know", you'll be able to see the future from the dream, I warn you, when you see this future... sometimes you see real things but it depends on your feelings.

This sounds simple but not really because you always lose memories.


Jedi Master
Thank you, Thorbiorn, for introducing me to otrok Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov.

I have never heard about that boy before. I watched with fascination a 5 hours recording on youTube and a few others over the weekend. These were motly conversations between his mother and some Russian Orthodox Christians, where she reminiscented about Slavochka and answered many questions.. They were all in Russian and had no English subtitles. Although, there is a short one with English on-screen translations. His knowledge and depth of perception are astonishing. No wonder, he was silenced at a tender age of 11.

Somehow, that person has never been mentioned by anyone on this forum before. From what I heard and read, in that short period of time, I have no doubts that he is a real prophet.

He is my namesake by the way.



The Living Force
FOTCM Member
Predictions from India
In the south of India there was an astrologer and saint in the 17th century, Sri Veerabrahmendra Swami, that wrote some poems about the future of India and the World, to be found in his Kalagnanam. Some of them were prescient, at least compared to the background of 17th century India that he was living in:
36. A comet/meteor will appear in daylight and goes on expanding from north to south resulting in change of earth's axis and motion thereby people may feel the Sun is shivering; a male shadow form (of Lord Sun and in another incident, of Lord Vishnu) is visible in Sun at the time of Solar Eclipse(02.08.2027) in Plavanga(2027-28), a comet appears for 33 days, probably in the year Subhakrit (2022-23) or when Saturn in Aries or in Bhadrapada month of the year Kalayukti (2038-39).
Basically there are a lot of dates, or that is how it has been translated and ends with the remedy which is to recite a mantra for 12,000 times. Overall it is such a mixed bag that it is difficult for me to maintain interest.

"Asiatic Richness, European Poorness, American Instability"
Searching other predictions of Indian origin, there was one that appeared to be more recent, more realistic and related in the world we live in. I found two sources for this A Modern Nostradamus - Prophecies of Himalayan Yogi Acharya Sri | Facebook reposted on
It is a megatrends analysis and forecast concerning the period until 2033 written by Nitin Dixit, supposedly and engineer, who had been asked by an acquaintance, Yogiraj Acharya Sri Maharshi (Acharya Shree) to share some insights. It was published in connection with the New Year of January 1 2018. I have put a couple of headings, highlighted some parts which stood out and decided to include the whole text to provide the reader with some material that can be taken into consideration when evaluating it.
Introduction and background
A Modern Nostradamus - Prophecies of Himalayan Yogi Acharya Sri

I never thought I would write an article with this subject. I was a sceptic since the age of 8, have been in search of “Truth” since my teenage years, and was trained as an engineer from one of the top universities in the world. However, I have stayed open to aspects of life that are beyond conventional understanding or current accepted norms. This has exposed me to a lot of mysterious phenomenon over the last two decades, some of which I am sharing today with a sense of openness. I am asking the reader to reciprocate the same openness as they read this. I am also only a messenger, at best, someone entrusted to pass this on to you.

On the dawn of 2018, the world seems to be entering an era of great uncertainty. It is in this context that I am sharing the predictions of a person I would call a modern Prophet, someone who I have known for almost a decade and someone who has been silently working on helping humanity overcome the great hurdles that we face.

I met Acharya Sri in Rishikesh, India – the so called yoga capital of the world – in early 2009, at an ordinary cafe. He struck me as not an ordinary spiritual aspirant but someone who was well heeled on the path. An informal conversation gave way to him telling me many things about myself that no one knew – not even my immediate family. There was only one other person that I had encountered before in my life who had that ability to see through me in that way – that is my spiritual master Sadhguru. Acharya Sri had my attention.

I have always been very concerned about the state of the world. This is what drove me out of a very comfortable job in America and brought me to India to start addressing the fundamental issues that I felt had taken humanity off track and down the road of self-destruction. When I met Acharya Sri, I found someone who shared the same concern. It is in this context that we started talking about the future and when he started to make some of his revelations.

I should clarify that I am still skeptical about both astrology and prophecies. I don’t believe that our future is pre-determined as that would take away any impetus for the human will to affect change. However, I also believe in consequences of action and in that sense, we are collectively and constantly shaping our future with everything that we do - both in thought and deed. I believe that people like Acharya Sri have the ability to perceive the fruits of those actions along the dimension of time and communicate that back to us in the present. But why? Not to feel comforted. Nor to be apprehensive. But to realize that a certain possibility already exists and if we were to take the right actions today, we could indeed create that reality.

It is only with this hope that I agreed to share this message for the first time with my community. For all those who aspire to create a world that is loving, compassionate, inclusive, equitable and sustainable, this message is for you. India takes a special place in this note. This is not because we are attached to our Indian identity, but because there is an important role that this country has to play in the time to come.

We start, therefore, with India. One of the most ancient advanced civilizations, India has also been one of the most prosperous. Until just a couple of hundred years ago, when the British colonized and plundered it, India had been one of the richest regions in the world for well over two thousand years. But more significantly, for thousands of years before that, it was regarded as the most significant place for spiritual learning and philosophy. So the crisis of India over the last few centuries is still just a small blip in the expanse of time. However, India’s current plight always troubled me and as I found out from Acharya Sri, it was something of profound concern to him and his Himalayan coterie of sages and mystics as well.
Nixit and Acharya Sri are Indians and India are their concern first of all, naturally, but there is also much of relevance to other areas of the World. [/QUOTE]
The situation in India 2009-2019
The year was 2009 and India couldn’t have been in a worse position. Rampant corruption and greed among the political class and bureaucracy had all but destroyed any hope for the ordinary people of the land. It is during this time of despair that Acharya Sri predicted confidently that change will come to India in 2014 and a ‘few good people’ would enter politics. He said specifically that 40-50 good parliamentarians would enter the Lower House and things would start to change for India. He also referred to the period of 2014-2019 as ‘Corrective India’ or a period during which many fundamental shifts would start to happen. All this has almost come to pass.

I remember in 2013 when India was experiencing somewhat of a revolutionary moment and people felt like Anna Hazare was the “new Gandhi” who would lead India out of its quagmire. Even I was taken in by the euphoria and the sense of optimism. The country’s social, religious, business, and even political leaders were lining up for photo opportunities with the new Mahatma and appealing for change. I called Acharya Sri at one point when things were reaching somewhat of a crescendo and asked him for his view. He stated in a very matter of fact manner that all of this would literally fizzle out by December of that same year and that by February of the following year, new leadership would come at the forefront that would start to take India in a different direction. By now we know that new leader to be the current prime minister of India who literally took the country by storm in early 2014 and hasn’t looked back since.

I should point out that Acharya Sri is not necessarily a supporter of any particular political party or leader. While he has been largely supportive of the BJP, he has also questioned many things that were implemented. I remember vividly the night of November 8, 2016, when demonetization was announced and the country went into a tizzy, I called him and thought he would be really happy. To my surprise, he was quite upset and remarked immediately that this was not a good move and that the policy would ultimately fail. Many objective observers including those that sympathize with the current government would now concede that at best the impact of demonetization has caused a lot of confusion. Still, he is largely sympathetic to the current government and is hopeful that they will play out the role that they need to in India’s larger rise to its former glory.

He had told me that 2016-2017 would be very “sensitive years” for India and the world at large. In the context of the prime minister, he said that if he was able to navigate through this period, that the future looked quite promising. It is safe to say today that the prime minister has passed that test. So there is a sense that things are now going to be even more in favour of the ruling party going into the elections and more critically beyond that.
Not totally off and Modi won again. He mentions that 40-50 good parliamentarians would signal a difference; this is a very low number compared to more than one billion in India.

Outlook for the World until 2033 - moving towards equilibrium
Next is the outlook for the global situation in the coming years where they talk about moving toward equilibrium between the forces that seek their own self-interest and those that seek the interest of eveyone including the planet, and that while the risk of human inflicted loss of life will decrease; the dying at the hands of nature will increase, and it will happen through natural catastrophes and contagious diseases.

I tried to find out more about the astrologer, but at least he is not one of the many many hindu gurus listed on this page Can anyone give me list of spiritual gurus alive in India ?
More significantly, on a global level, I was interested in our fate as a humanity given the rapid downward spiral that we have been on – especially in the context of climate change, destruction of natural resources, and the rise of inequality. Acharya Sri was more optimistic about the collective future. In 2012, when people were worried about the Mayan apocalyptic prophecy of doom and gloom, he not only remarked that none of that would come to pass but also made a very prophetic declaration in the months to come. He said, “Asiatic Richness, European Poorness, American Instability – in the coming Twenty”. This is his larger prophecy within which many other events are foretold. This was before the European Refugee crisis and at the peak of the Obama years. He was making a prophecy for the period 2013 to 2033.

He has said that things will deteriorate further in America after 2020. Europe will also continue to have its economic challenges to bear for a long period of time. In fact, 2020-2022 will again be a very sensitive period for the planet – uncertainty will rise again. While America and Europe will continue with their predicament, there will be a massive Asiatic struggle for leadership. As India continues to grow, it will come to a head with both China and even Russia. While traditional alliances may prevail, each country will try to establish its supremacy. There may even be moments where it seems inevitable that the countries could go to war. There will be a sense of confusion among the global community as to who is truly the natural leader among these three. However, as we come out of this period, the world will increasingly look towards India to provide that leadership. Europe too, on its part, will recognize that its future is completely linked with the region and will create very strong bridges towards India and other Asian countries.

In 2022, India will also undergo a crucial and substantive internal revolution of sorts
which is likely to leave behind the last of the elements within that are attempting to hold back this transformation of the country. The picture of ‘New India’ will emerge very clearly for all to see. During this time, world over, people will increasingly look to India for its culture and lifestyle (including yoga and spirituality), systems of health and healing, and food and heritage. From 2022 onwards, India will play a critical role in global affairs and by 2025, there will be clear signs that the country is returning to its long running ‘Golden Era’.

Globally, for this same period (2013-2033) and his main prophecy, Acharya Sri made some bold predictions with regard to technology and culture which I find fascinating. He stated that the development of technology (and also our fascination with it) will plateau out by 2033. Most significantly, by then, the world will come into a state of ‘equilibrium of consciousness’. Simply interpreted, this implies that those who have a consciousness that implores only their own self-interest will be equally countered by those who seek what is in the best interest of everyone, including the planet. Once this equilibrium is reached, the destructiveness will automatically cease and we will slowly rise towards a brighter future of humanity.

In this era, post 2033, people will be less interested in technology and more interested in the arts and philosophy. The so-called pop culture that enamours and occupies most people’s time and imagination would have declined significantly. A spiritual culture, reminiscent of the Vedic Period in Ancient India, will take root globally. There will be a global spiritual resurgence led primarily by India, because this is the unique place that she has occupied for millennia. India will not be a superpower in the classical sense, but it will exert tremendous soft power that will continue to influence people and nations everywhere.

However, this period will not be without despair. Unfortunately, the period from 2020 onwards will be characterized by frequent occurrences of natural calamities which could inflict an enormous loss of life. Water, fire, earthquakes, and communicable diseases are likely to wreak havoc. So ironically, the loss of life will come through the hands of nature and not by way of human hands. He has said repeatedly that humans will not be able to ‘fix nature’. Nature will make the corrections it has to make in due course and the results could be catastrophic for humanity. So for those overly concerned with superpowers and hostile countries that are the focus of conversation today, Acharya Sri professes that it will no longer be possible for countries to inflict the kind of loss that we saw to human life in the previous century given the balance of power that is emerging globally. Of larger significance and consequence will be the corrective action of Nature.

The next decade and a half will be more dynamic than any other period of history. So as we embark on the new year, as this new era continues to dawn upon us, we need to have the courage to brace for the enormous challenges that we have caused as self-inflicted wounds, yet work towards a brighter future. Show deep reverence to nature, think of your self-interest but think more of others, develop a character of integrity, show leadership regardless of your position, and live with a profound sense of purpose. Above all, nurture love and compassion for all.

May God bless all of you. We are all the same God’s children, one humanity with a shared future, let us live with that awareness.

In fraternity and with love from the foothills of the Himalayas,

Nitin Dixit

for Yogiraj Acharya Sri Maharshi (Acharya Shree)

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

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