Photos and videos of our amazing 2D residents


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On dirait que la tortue monte le poisson comme on le ferait avec un cheval...
Merci pour tous vos partages que j'apprécie vraiment beaucoup...

It looks like the turtle is riding the fish like you would a horse....
Thank you for all your sharing which I really appreciate...


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I'm used to look at video from "the dodo" youtube channel recently, this seems to be a natural way that helps me to counterbalance what we are all experiencing at this moment.
I liked this last one i just watched, they way he plays at a moment with the squirrel is funny, and as almost all the time in such video from this channel, these filmed moment of tenderness provokes a strong positive feeling inside me. Can we be addicted to good emotions ? ... seems to :lol:
If you love something set it free...

I read something recently, it’s not that when we notice animals that express emotions that they are like us, it is that some of us are like them.


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These dogs are amazing. I am always surprised by the strong capability of concentration they have and also the strong link with their human leader. I love these shows to study how they are doing all this so well? It is for me incredible. Anyway, enjoy this show avec a beautiful dog and the Witch!

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