Phosphorus and The Frequency of Light


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In relation to Neutron Stars in the 1 March 1997 session, this has been published today in ScienceMagazine: Astronomers spot signs of weird quantum distortion in space _

Since the invention of quantum theory in the 1920s, physicists have known that the vacuum of empty space is not a sterile, static thing. Thanks to quantum uncertainty, the vacuum roils with particle-antiparticle pairs that pop in and out of existence too quickly to be seen. Although these virtual particles cannot be captured directly, they can affect the properties of the vacuum. For example, by interacting with those pairs a strong electric field can change the vacuum and, hence, the inner workings of atoms.

In the 1930s physicists realized that a very strong magnetic field would affect the virtual particles in the vacuum and make light travel at different speeds depending on the direction of polarizations. The two-speed effect is known as birefringence and it is used in many optical devices. It gives the crystal calcite its famous ability to produce double images of objects. But the effect arises through quantum effects. In the vacuum, the virtual particle pairs can move more easily along the magnetic field than perpendicular to it, Heyl explains. So light polarized along the magnetic field interacts more strongly with the virtual particles and is slowed ever so slightly compared with light polarized perpendicular to the field, Heyl says.

It still is not definitive but interesting and timely nevertheless.


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Aeneas said:
Thank you for posting this, it is very interesting.

Regarding supernovae, the C's seem to put the attention on the feet of Orion:

5 Sept 98
Q: (L) Having done my homework on supernovas to some extent,
and having discovered that either supergiant red stars are
in the process of going supernova, or supergiant blue
stars are getting ready to be ready to go supernova, as
well as eruptions of massive interstellar clouds, I note
that Betelgeuse, in the right shoulder of Orion, is a red
supergiant, and Rigel, in the foot of Orion, is a blue
supergiant, both of which could go supernova. Am I going
in the right direction?

A: You have begun to trek down the right path.

12 Sept 98

Q: (L) Okay, when reading about the Great Nebula in Orion,
there is a kite shaped area adjacent to the Horsehead
. I wondered if there was any relation between this
and your previous mention of kites. Are we looking at
something in that particular area of the sky that is going
to go supernova?

A: For supernova, look to the "foot."

Q: (L) Rigel.

A: Maybe.

But then there is this curious remark about horseshoes:

9 Jan 2005
Q: Wasn't Rigel meant to go supernova?

A: Rigel already went!

Q: When?

A: We already said look, listen and no dice!

Discussion on when we thought Rigel went supernova, around 1229, actual distance in light years is disputed however

A: R U playing horseshoes?

Were the C's dropping a hint disquised as humor about the feet of Orion in connection with a supernovae, as they had been hinting at feet of Orion previously and also pointing to the 'feet', when the discussion was on the Horsehead nebula?

In the article of Leo Constellation in Wikipedia it is mentioned that a gravitational lens was found in that constellation called "Cosmic Horseshoe"

The Cosmic Horseshoe is the nickname given to a gravitationally lensed system of two galaxies in the constellation Leo.

The foreground galaxy lies directly in front in our line of sight to a more distant galaxy. Due to the passage of the light from the background galaxy through the gravity field of the foreground galaxy, the background galaxy's light is lensed by the warped spacetime environment of the foreground galaxy. Thus giving the background galaxy a warped appearance. Unlike most lensed galaxies, the shape of the lensed light of this background galaxy appears shaped like a horseshoe.

The foreground galaxy, LRG 3-757, is found to be extremely massive, with a mass a hundred times that of our galaxy. It is notable because it belongs to a rare class of galaxies called luminous red galaxies, which has an extremely luminous infrared emission.

The system was discovered in 2007 by an international team of scientists[2] using the comprehensive Sloan Digital Sky Survey and is greatly studied by the Hubble Space Telescope.

So the C's seems to imply that there is a connection between Rigel and the Leo Constellation.

I started to play in google sky, and plot a line between Rigel and Leo, passing through the cosmic horseshoe (orange point) and I realized that extending the line you reach the constellation of Cassiopeia. I know that this is just a projection from a spherical sky into a plane but it is curious. had it been noted before? take in account that there is much Uncertainty on the line. The line touch the lion's paw which also recalls a horse and touch also the head of hercules.



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The line also passes through Orion's belt where the horsehead nebula is.

The Horsehead Nebula (also known as Barnard 33) is a dark nebula in the constellation Orion.[1] The nebula is located just to the south of the star Alnitak, which is farthest east on Orion's Belt, and is part of the much larger Orion Molecular Cloud Complex. The nebula was first recorded in 1888 by Scottish astronomer Williamina Fleming on photographic plate B2312 taken at the Harvard College Observatory. The Horsehead Nebula is approximately 1500 light years from Earth. It is one of the most identifiable nebulae because of the shape of its swirling cloud of dark dust and gases, which bears some resemblance to a horse's head when viewed from Earth.

John G

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Galaxia2002 said:
So the C's seems to imply that there is a connection between Rigel and the Leo Constellation.

I started to play in google sky, and plot a line between Rigel and Leo, passing through the cosmic horseshoe (orange point) and I realized that extending the line you reach the constellation of Cassiopeia. I know that this is just a projection from a spherical sky into a plane but it is curious. had it been noted before? take in account that there is much Uncertainty on the line. The line touch the lion's paw which also recalls a horse and touch also the head of hercules.


If you extend that line further, you get to the horseshoe shaped tail of scorpio aka the foot for someone viewing from the Northern hemisphere.

Laura said:
Q: In reading the transcripts, I came across a reference to a 'pact' made by a group of STS individuals, and it was called 'Rosteem,' and that this was the origin of the Rosicrucians. In the book 'The Orion Mystery,' it talks about the fact that Giza was formerly known as RosTau, which is 'Rose Cross.' Essentially, I would like to understand the symbology of the Rose affixed to the Cross. It seems to me that the imagery of Jesus nailed to the Cross is actually the Rose affixed to the Cross. How does Jesus relate to the Rose?

A: No, it is from the Rose arose the Cross.

Q: Oh.... I see...

A: Said the blind man.

Q: Elaborate, please. Are you saying that what I am seeing is not correct?

A: No, mirth!

Q: It is from the Rose that the Cross arose... and, therefore, the cross symbolizes...

A: Ask.

Q: What does the cross symbolize?

A: The symbology is not the issue. It is the effect.

Q: What is the effect of the cross?

A: All that has followed it.

Q: Could you list some of these to give me a clue?

A: You know these.

Q: In the same vein, I have noticed that there are two classes of arachnids. There are scorpions and there are spiders. The zodiac was changed by taking the pincers away from the Scorpion and creating out of them the sign of Libra. This image was one of a woman holding a balance scales, usually blindfolded. This was done within recorded history, but was probably formalized through the occult traditions of Kaballa. Now, in trying to figure out who has on what color hat, if there is such a thing, I have come to a tentative conclusion that the spider, or spinner of webs, is the Rosicrucian encampment, and that the Scorpion represents the seeker of wisdom... because, in fact, the word for Scorpio comes from the same root as that which means to pierce or unveil. Therefore, the Scorpion is also Perseus, per Ziu, or 'for God.' And the Rosicrucians are the 'other,' so to speak. Can you elaborate on this for me? Or comment?

A: What a tangled web we spin, when we must not let you in.

Q: So, the Rose is the Spider?

A: Different objective.

Q: So, the Rose, with its thorns... can you help me with this Rose image... is the Rose the Scorpion?

A: No. Different objective... Rose is a stand alone symbol.

Q: So, the Rose can be used by either side, is that it?

A: Maybe.

Q: Another derivation of the word root of Scorpio is 'skopos,' or 'to see.' You said that the human race was seeded on a planet in the constellation Scorpio, and, therefore, when the zodiac was set up and the clues were laid out, it seems to me that the insertion of the sign of Libra was designed to take power away from human beings, to take their hands away, to prevent them from seeing, to make them defenseless. Is this imagery close?

A: On track.

Q: And the Scorpion is represented in four ways: the scorpion, the lizard, the eagle and the dove. So, there are four levels of experience. Also, Minerva/Athena was the daughter of Zeus alone. She was known as the 'tamer of horses,' and was a Virgin Goddess. She was also known as 'Parthenos' meaning separation. Is this part of the imagery of the creation of Eve from the rib of Adam, so to speak, or the separation of knowledge from soul, or the veil between the world of 3rd density and 4th density?

A: Close.

Q: Along this same line, in the astrological symbology, the different stars are designated as being located on different parts of the body in a rather arbitrary way that does not seem to necessarily have a lot to do with the actual configuration of the stars themselves. King Cepheus in the sign of Aries, the consort of Cassiopaea, has a star in the right shoulder. The name of this star in Arabic means 'redeemer. In the imagery of the crucifixion, Jesus is depicted as carrying the cross on his shoulder as if to say that he is the old king who must die to make way for the new one... Additionally, many of us have been experiencing the pain in the shoulder, arm, and shoulder-blade for some time. You have, on occasion, related this to DNA changes. Is it that certain individuals are connected to other densities through the windows of the stars in certain constellations, and the clues are found in the location of the stars in the figures of the constellations relating to the areas of the body where pockets in the etheric field are points of activation of DNA, and that these relate to certain pains and discomforts?

A: Okay.

Q: Is that okay as in I am onto something?

A: Maybe...

Laura said:
Q: (L) The next question in the list is: You indicated that we should study the legend of Orion, and I looked it up in several sources, and basically the legend is of the perfect man, who fell in love with a woman, and her jealous father caused him to be blinded. The only cure was to gaze at the light, the goddess Aurora, to regain his sight. Can you tell us how this relates to the idea that Orion was the indigenous home of humans?

A: It is up to you to look for answers.

Q: (L) There was an interesting reference in one of the books of the relationship of Orion to Scorpio, that Orion's bow is drawn at Scorpio. And, at one other point, you said that the physical bodies of mankind were molecularized, and ARE being molecularized, on a planet called D'Ankhiar, which is in the constellation Scorpio.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is the relationship of Orion to Scorpio? The Orion "bad guys," shooting at Scorpio which is the place of origin of the physical manifestation of the human race...

A: Bad guys?

Q: (L) Forget I said bad guys. "Shooting at Scorpio." Is there any relationship, symbolically, to the fact that the human bodies...

A: It is all interrelated.


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Interesting to realize that the word phosphorus in its original Greek meant "light bearer" or "light bringer", calling to my mind the book Bringers of the Dawn where the P's refer to the reader as being part of the "Family of Light".

Also that our DNA has a sugar-phosphate backbone - and suddenly it doesn't seem so farfetched that the P's, in the same book, refer to our DNA as "light strands".

And when foot/feet was brought up in this thread, I immediately recalled this, about grounding oneself, and the "lame king":
Q: So, if you have a king whose feet are not allowed to touch the ground, that becomes an altogether STS mode of existence, I would think...
A: Puppetry, as one sees today.
Q: Then, when the individual has been lamed, they have become a puppet.
A: Yes, and who is the puppeteer?
Q: They have become part of the Chain of Command... STS.
A: Yes.
Thank you so much for starting this thread Laura, and everyone that has contributed as well.. what a trip down memory lane it has been.
I first started following your work on the val valerian site in 1998.
At the time I was in a deep dark depression and was searching for a reason to live, the transcripts and books have helped me find many reasons.
I have a question about this exchange:
Q: (T) We're not blockable? (L) Is there anything we can do to avoid this blocking? (T) We're not being blocked...
A: You are not blockable.
Q: (T) We are not being blocked. We're beyond the blocking.
A: If you were, would you be doing this?
Do you think that this pertains to those of us that are attracted to this material as well?
I have found so many times through out the years that when a new session comes out there are a lot of things in them that mirror the way I had been thinking about for weeks before.
I wonder how many of us feel this connection? It used to shock me when I would read what seemed like my own questions and thought processes, but, not so much anymore, I just let it flow and feel grateful for the link.
I don't post much but I read a lot.
Look how much we have all grown through this sharing.
We are truly Blessed.


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While I do think that those of the population who are drawn to seek out such information are somewhat apart from the ordinary (for whatever reason), nevertheless our awareness can be veiled or "blocked" in many ways, by causes both artificial and natural:

A: The blocking technique is for many things.
Q: (T) So that people do not understand what's going on around them.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What else?
A: That is it, in a nutshell. See and know and think or... See, know and think that which is desired.


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Laurelayn said:
I have a question about this exchange:
Q: (T) We're not blockable? (L) Is there anything we can do to avoid this blocking? (T) We're not being blocked...
A: You are not blockable.
Q: (T) We are not being blocked. We're beyond the blocking.
A: If you were, would you be doing this?
Do you think that this pertains to those of us that are attracted to this material as well?
I have found so many times through out the years that when a new session comes out there are a lot of things in them that mirror the way I had been thinking about for weeks before.
I wonder how many of us feel this connection? It used to shock me when I would read what seemed like my own questions and thought processes, but, not so much anymore, I just let it flow and feel grateful for the link.
I don't post much but I read a lot.
Look how much we have all grown through this sharing.
We are truly Blessed.

I think that what the Cs were referring to is the fact that those in that group had a lot of knowledge about what was going on, understood it, used the knowledge and were aware. Reading about things without really understanding it objectively, nor putting it into use is not the same as what this group was/is doing.


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Laura said:

Which makes me think that phosphorus is a key here: defense against the blocking being produced by the "sophophoric screen alteration of the magnetic belt overlay".

So, that gives some clues about the possibilities involved in Earth Changes related to weather. If a flood is caused by "Sopophoric screen alterations of the magnetic belt overlay", we suspect that this is a side-effect of the use of sophisticated technology to interrupt light frequency waves that can directly affect human DNA. There was further discussion on this topic in the 23 Sept 2000 session which, at the time of the session above, was still three years in the future but I will include it here to try to complete the picture:

> Q: ... You once said that the core of DNA is an as yet undiscovered enzyme related to carbon. Is that correct?
> A: Yes.
> Q: Here in this book it says: "Evidence is accumulating that only a relatively small portion of the DNA sequence is for so-called structural genes. Structural genes lead to the production of protein. There are an estimated 50,000 structural genes with an average sized of approximately 5,000 base pairs, which then accounts for only 250 million of the estimated 3 billion base pairs. What is the rest of the DNA for? Some of the DNA is so-called repetitive sequences, repeated thousands of times. The function is unknown. The ALU, repeat, for instance, contains over 300,000 copies of the same 300 base pair sequence. Certainly this DNA is not junk and plays some important role in the gene regulation chromosomal architecture or chromosomal replication. Until 1977, it was thought that genes were single sequences of DNA that are coded into RNA and then into protein. However, further study has shown greater complexity. It is now known that there are pieces of DNA within a gene that are not translated into protein. These intervening sequences, or INTRONS, are somewhat of a mystery, but appear to be a very common phenomenon." Now, is this thing they are talking about, these INTRONS, are these the core that you were talking about?
> A: In part.
> Q: What about this ALU repeat with over 300,000 copies of the same base pair sequence. What is it?
> A: Tribal unit.
> Q: What is a tribal unit?
> A: Sectionalized zone of significant marker compounds.
> Q: What does this code for?
> A: Physiological/spiritual union profile.
> Q: Could you define "tribal" for me?
> A: You define.
> Q: What does the rest of the DNA code for that is not coding for structural genes. What else can it be doing?
> A: Truncated flow.
> Q: Truncated flow of what?
> A: Liquids.
> Q: Okay. Truncated flow of liquids. I'm not even sure what that means. (A) Maybe something was flowing and something cut it off and stopped it and it cannot be developed. It means that something was cut. (L) Does truncated flow mean a flow of liquid that has been stopped?
> A: Yes. Because of design alteration!
> Q: Is this liquid that has been truncated a chemical transmitter?
> A: Yes.
> Q: And would this chemical transmitter, if it were allowed to flow, cause significant alterations in other segments of the DNA?
> A: Yes.
> Q: So, there is a segment of code that is in there, that is deliberately inserted, to truncate this flow of liquid, which is a chemical transmitter, or neuropeptide, which would unlock significant portions of our DNA?
> A: Close Biogenetic engineering.
> Q: I assume that this was truncated by the Lizzies and cohorts?
> A: Close, but more likely Orion STS designers.
> Q: Okay, can you tell us what this specific liquid or transmitter was truncated?
> A: Think of the most efficient conductor of chemical compounds for low wave frequency charge.
> Q: (A) Well, gold is one... (L) Acetylcholine?
> A: No.
> Q: (L) Water?
> A: No.
> Q: Saline?
> A: Closer. It is a naturally bonding combination.
> Q: (L) Well, I'll have to research it. The fact is, we've got 3 billion base pairs... do some of these so-called segments of "junk DNA," if they were activated, would they instruct chromosomal replication to take place with more than 23 pairs as a result?
> A: In part.
> Q: Is there anything we can do in terms of activities or...
> A: No. Biogenetic engineering.
> Q: Was my insight that I had one night that, at some point in time something may happen that will turn genes on in our bodies that will cause us to physically transform, an accurate perception of what could happen at the time of transition to 4th density?
> A: For the most part, yes.
> Q: Are there any limitations to what our physical bodies can transform to if instructed by the DNA? Could we literally grow taller, rejuvenate, change our physical appearance, capabilities, or whatever, if instructed by the DNA?
> A: Receivership capability.
> Q: What is receivership capability?
> A: Change to broader receivership capability.
> Q: (A) That means that you can receive more of something.
> A: Close.
> Q: (A) It means how good is your receiver.
> A: Yes.
> Q: (L) What is your receiver? The physical body?
> A: Mind through central nervous system connection to higher levels.
> Q: So, that is the whole issue of gaining knowledge and developing control over your body. If your mind and CNS are tuned to higher levels of consciousness, that has significance in terms of your receivership capability?
> A: Close.

So, at this point, I think that what was truncated may have had something to do with phosphorus and "chemical energy" flows because of the connection of phosphorus to ATP.

This might go off on a bit of a tangent but when I was reading this, something about the comment on neuropeptides stood out for me. I found some interesting stuff on neuropeptides:

Neuropeptides are small protein-like molecules (peptides) used by neurons to communicate with each other. They are neuronal signaling molecules that influence the activity of the brain and the body in specific ways. Different neuropeptides are involved in a wide range of brain functions, including analgesia, reward, food intake, metabolism, reproduction, social behaviors, learning and memory.

Neuropeptides are related to peptide hormones, and in some cases peptides that function in the periphery as hormones also have neuronal functions as neuropeptides. The distinction between neuropeptide and peptide hormone has to do with the cell types that release and respond to the molecule; neuropeptides are secreted from neuronal cells (primarily neurons but also glia for some peptides) and signal to neighboring cells (primarily neurons). In contrast, peptide hormones are secreted from neuroendocrine cells and travel through the blood to distant tissues where they evoke a response. Both neuropeptides and peptide hormones are synthesized by the same sets of enzymes, which include prohormone convertases and carboxypeptidases that selectively cleave the peptide precursor at specific processing sites to generate the bioactive peptides.[1]

Neuropeptides modulate neuronal communication by acting on cell surface receptors. Many neuropeptides are co-released with other small-molecule neurotransmitters. The human genome contains about 90 genes that encode precursors of neuropeptides. At present about 100 different peptides are known to be released by different populations of neurons in the mammalian brain.[2] Neurons use many different chemical signals to communicate information, including neurotransmitters, peptides, and gasotransmitters. Peptides are unique among these cell-cell signaling molecules in several respects. One major difference is that peptides are not recycled back into the cell once secreted, unlike many conventional neurotransmitters (glutamate, dopamine, serotonin). Another difference is that after secretion, peptides are modified by extracellular peptidases; in some cases, these extracellular cleavages inactivate the biological activity, but in other cases the extracellular cleavages increase the affinity of a peptide for a particular receptor while decreasing its affinity for another receptor. These extracellular processing events add to the complexity of neuropeptides as cell-cell signaling molecules.

Many populations of neurons have distinctive biochemical phenotypes. For example, in one subpopulation of about 3000 neurons in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus, three anorectic peptides are co-expressed: α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (α-MSH), galanin-like peptide, and cocaine-and-amphetamine-regulated transcript (CART), and in another subpopulation two orexigenic peptides are co-expressed, neuropeptide Y and agouti-related peptide (AGRP). These are not the only peptides in the arcuate nucleus; β-endorphin, dynorphin, enkephalin, galanin, ghrelin, growth-hormone releasing hormone, neurotensin, neuromedin U, and somatostatin are also expressed in subpopulations of arcuate neurons. These peptides are all released centrally and act on other neurons at specific receptors. The neuropeptide Y neurons also make the classical inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA.


At the end there they mention the arcuate nucleus. Didn't know what that was so looked it up.

The arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus (also known as ARH,[1] ARC,[2] or infundibular nucleus [2][3]) is an aggregation of neurons in the mediobasal hypothalamus, adjacent to the third ventricle and the median eminence. The arcuate nucleus includes several important and diverse populations of neurons that help mediate different neuroendocrine and physiological functions, including: neuroendocrine neurons, centrally projecting neurons, and astrocytes. The populations of neurons found in the arcuate nucleus are based on the hormones they secrete or interact with and are responsible for hypothalamic function, such as regulating hormones released from the pituitary gland or secreting their own hormones. Neurons in this region are also responsible for integrating information and providing inputs to other nuclei in the hypothalamus or inputs to areas outside this region of the brain. These neurons, generated from the ventral part of the periventricular epithelium during embryonic development, locate dorsally in the hypothalamus, becoming part of the ventromedial hypothalamic region.[1][2][4] The function of the arcuate nucleus relies on its diversity of neurons, but its central role is involved in homeostasis. The arcuate nucleus provides many physiological roles involved in feeding, metabolism, fertility, and cardiovascular regulation.[1][2][4][5]

Pituitary gland? That was mentioned in the December 1996 as well...

Laura said:
December 21, 1996


A: Do you want to invite Ark to the discussion?

Q: (L) Of course. (A) What is the function of DNA, other than coding protein production?

A: Conductor of electricity.

Q: (L) Is that the only other function?

A: Well, as you know, electrical energy can have nearly endless applications. Examples... radio waves, neuro-transceiver for thought pattern programs facilitated through electromagnetic wave transmission, etc. Method used for creation and maintenance of program illusions, such as the perception of linear time as reality.

Q: (L) Is that it?

A: Send that.

Q: (A) Should I follow the Newtonian electrodynamics thread?

A: It is up to you to follow that which you are guided to follow. This is elementary. If we were in your "shoes," we would shelve it.

Q: (A) Should I study the cold fusion problem?

A: Not in area of search.

Q: (L) Any further comment about cold fusion?

A: No.

Q: (L) What is cold fusion?

A: Theoretical, some recently claimed breakthroughs of dubious validity, though.

Q: (A) Which part of a human extends into 4th density?

A: That which is effected by pituitary gland.

Q: (L) And what is that?

A: Psychic.

Q: (A) Are there some particular DNA sequences that facilitate transmission between densities?

A: Addition of strands.

Q: (L) How do you get added strands?

A: You don't get, you receive.

Q: (L) Where are they received from?

A: Interaction with upcoming wave, if vibration is aligned.


I wonder if there might me some relation to receivership capability in terms of how our pituitary gland is our "uplink" to 4D and psychic abilities considering how it plays a major role in homoeostasis. I think all the front end work of optimizing the diet, body and resolving emotional issues has the effect of allowing one the possibility to tune into higher levels of consciousness.

Then there is also the comment on "neuro-transceiver for thought pattern programs facilitated through electromagnetic wave transmission" made with regards to DNA being a conductor. So perhaps they (PTB) have someway to take advantage of solar storms control the populace via the magnetic belts and HAARP? I also wondered if phosphorous has any particular effect on electromagnetism and found this paper but was unable to read the whole thing. From the abstract:

White phosphorus (P4) is a small molecule that is mainly used as a starting material for the large-scale synthesis of most of the suitable phosphorus derivatives. The process starts with the direct reaction of P4 with Cl2, and the resulting phosphorus chloride is further treated with the adequate organic substrate. This industrial process is very primitive, and for economic and environmental reasons the first oxidation step should be avoided. The observation that the conversion of white P4 to the red allotrope is accelerated by ultraviolet light showed that the P4 molecule is able to be activated by electromagnetic radiation. Metal complexes can also mediate the functionalization of P4. The participation of electromagnetic radiation in the reactions that involve P4 and metal complexes has provided new procedures for obtaining new and interesting compounds that contain phosphorus atoms. Very significant and interesting reviews have summarized, classified and discussed the reactivity of P4 but until now none of them have distilled the relationship between white phosphorus and electromagnetic radiation.

Sounds interesting! So many threads to pull on here, thank you for the insights.


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Really intersting stuff!

I do wonder if this is related to what the C's said?
So, I was there cleaning all the dust out of this
> crevice in the side of this mountain, and using water
> to clean even the very last bit of dirt, and suddenly you
> came to me with tears streaming down your cheeks and said "I
> know the answer! I have seen it with my own eyes! I never
> thought I would see it with my own eyes!" and you were crying
> tears of joy, and not sadness... and your tears were like a
> river flowing out of this crevice and we realized that a spring had
> been opened somehow.
So, you took my hand and said: "Let's go home
> now, we have work to do. We can always come back again." And, I was
> hearing music: the song "He Hideth my soul in the Cleft of the
> rock..." And the music was swirling around almost like something
> tangible, with color, like the drapery on the figures in the Arcadia
> painting.

> Q: What does the rest of the DNA code for that is not coding for structural genes. What else can it be doing?
> A: Truncated flow.
> Q: Truncated flow of what?
> A: Liquids.

> Q: Okay. Truncated flow of liquids. I'm not even sure what that means. (A) Maybe something was flowing and something cut it off and stopped it and it cannot be developed. It means that something was cut. (L) Does truncated flow mean a flow of liquid that has been stopped?
> A: Yes. Because of design alteration!
> Q: Is this liquid that has been truncated a chemical transmitter?
> A: Yes.
> Q: And would this chemical transmitter, if it were allowed to flow, cause significant alterations in other segments of the DNA?
> A: Yes.

Don't know this is stretching connections too far, but the following also came to mind:
The word "sopophoric" is an odd neologism of the Cs'. It is composed of the combination of soporific, meaning: "tending to induce drowsiness or sleep" and, one might assume, a form of "phoria" meaning: 1.suffix meaning "(condition of the) visual axes of the eye": anophoria, esophoria, exophoria. 2. suffix meaning an "emotional state": adiaphoria, euphoria, ideaphoria. However, a question or so later, the Cs relate this "phoric" to phosphorous which the dictionary tells us is a "substance or organism that shines of itself," 1640s, from Latin phosphorus "light-bringing," also "the morning star" (a sense attested in English from 1620), from Greek Phosphoros "morning star," literally "torchbearer," from phos "light," contraction of phaos "light, daylight" (related to phainein "to show, to bring to light;" see phantasm) + phoros "bearer," from pherein "to carry" (see infer).
When the last illusion was stripped away and I was left with nothing but the skeleton of my being, I reached what Kafka describes as “Von einem gewissen Punkt an gibt es keine Rückkehr mehr. Dieser Punkt ist zu erreichen.” “There is a point of no return. This point has to be reached.”

When you have been stripped of all your illusions, when you have nothing left to believe in, there is no one there at all but yourself. It felt rather like falling endlessly in icy, black, meaningless space. No rhyme nor reason, no truth or beauty, no anything that I had ever believed in could be seen anywhere. I had peeled away the layers of all the warm, fuzzy, comforting beliefs and found that it was all a lie, a deception, a mask for feeding and manipulation.

By believing the lies, I had participated in the feeding and manipulating to so great a degree that my grief and regret became an ocean in which I was drowning. No wonder we resist giving up our beliefs! Without them, we have to face the truth about ourselves! And, as much as we think we are loving, caring, giving beings, when we see the truth, when we see that most of our ideas about loving and caring and being have been manipulated to deprive us of our free will and to pass the infection on to those we love the most, it is like looking into the pit of Hell.

And when you look into the pit of Hell and realize that you have been feeding that black and bloody, sucking and gaping and gore filled maw waiting to swallow you, and that you have taught those you love to feed it as well, the horror of the realization is enough to drive you mad with grief and despair.

You search for a meaning, some little point of illumination, and there is no light anywhere, not even a single candle to dispel the darkness.
And I realized, “I am just one single, solitary, lone being in the darkness, and there really and truly might never, ever, be anyone or anything in existence of real love, truth and beauty.” And the sadness and despair vaulted from my soul into darkness that enveloped me. But nothing answered except that my attention was drawn back, again, to this small thing that was growing inside me which had now begun to glow and give off warmth in that soul-chilling blackness. Somehow my thoughts were making it grow. My thoughts were aligning me with it.

Resolution and steadfastness began to blossom. And then I realized that it was connected to some greater source of Light and by my penitential love and compassion for the Dream of Love and Truth, the light was increasing. And I understood that the darkness, the predatory nature of our reality, was also God!


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Very interesting connections and insights. With all the references to supernovas, light, and DNA could the light/energy reaching us from a supernova and its possible effects on DNA be related to the "help" which the Cs say it's on its way and getting close?


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Following Keyhole's recommendation in this post,43288.msg691323.html#msg691323 , I was just reading Dr. Jack Kruse's article, Reality #1: Holes In Reality Create Time. Much of it is over my head regarding physics and biochemistry concepts, but I think I got the gist of what he's saying--and it's quite amazing to consider the interplay between our bodies and our environment on an atomic/molecular level.

But what stood out to me was his comment that phosphorous is the link between animal/human harvesting/harnessing of light (i.e. photosynthesis), and proteins, which do most of the work in cells and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of all bodily tissues and organs.
Exciton theory is mainly considered for small molecular aggregates like dimers and ring-like structures etc. and how light makes them. Exciton theory deals with linear and non linear polarization properties of the absorption and fluorescence spectra...In humans we now have people using NIR spectroscopy to study how water, chlorophyll, and hemoglobin work with sunlight and how animals went further than plants and linked the process to phosphorous-laden proteins to use an “animal version” of photosynthesis in the blood.


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This article points out the possible role phosphorous plays in quantum mechanical functioning of the brain: phosphorus nuclei have a quantum property called spin, which makes them like little magnets with poles pointing in particular directions, which in turn allows for the coherent superposition of entangled states.

The strange link between the human mind and quantum physics

BBC Earth website
By Philip Ball
16 February 2017

…The most famous intrusion of the mind into quantum mechanics comes in the "double-slit experiment".

…The physicist Pascual Jordan, who worked with quantum guru Niels Bohr in Copenhagen in the 1920s, put it like this: "observations not only disturb what has to be measured, they produce it… We compel [a quantum particle] to assume a definite position." In other words, Jordan said, "we ourselves produce the results of measurements."

…If nature seems to be changing its behaviour depending on whether we "look" or not, we could try to trick it into showing its hand. To do so, we could measure which path a particle took through the double slits, but only after it has passed through them. By then, it ought to have "decided" whether to take one path or both.

An experiment for doing this was proposed in the 1970s by the American physicist John Wheeler, and this "delayed choice" experiment was performed in the following decade. It uses clever techniques to make measurements on the paths of quantum particles (generally, particles of light, called photons) after they should have chosen whether to take one path or a superposition of two.

…It turns out that, just as Bohr confidently predicted, it makes no difference whether we delay the measurement or not. As long as we measure the photon's path before its arrival at a detector is finally registered, we lose all interference.

It is as if nature "knows" not just if we are looking, but if we are planning to look.

…the delayed-choice experiment implies that the sheer act of noticing, rather than any physical disturbance caused by measuring, can cause the collapse. But does this mean that true collapse has only happened when the result of a measurement impinges on our consciousness?

…Wheeler even entertained the thought that the presence of living beings, which are capable of "noticing", has transformed what was previously a multitude of possible quantum pasts into one concrete history. In this sense, Wheeler said, we become participants in the evolution of the Universe since its very beginning. In his words, we live in a "participatory universe."

What if, Penrose asked, there are molecular structures in our brains that are able to alter their state in response to a single quantum event. Could not these structures then adopt a superposition state, just like the particles in the double slit experiment? And might those quantum superpositions then show up in the ways neurons are triggered to communicate via electrical signals?

Maybe, says Penrose, our ability to sustain seemingly incompatible mental states is no quirk of perception, but a real quantum effect.

…After all, the human brain seems able to handle cognitive processes that still far exceed the capabilities of digital computers. Perhaps we can even carry out computational tasks that are impossible on ordinary computers, which use classical digital logic.

…In his 1994 book Shadows of the Mind, he suggested that the structures involved in this quantum cognition might be protein strands called microtubules. These are found in most of our cells, including the neurons in our brains. Penrose and Hameroff argue that vibrations of microtubules can adopt a quantum superposition.

…Physicist Max Tegmark calculated that quantum superpositions of the molecules involved in neural signaling could not survive for even a fraction of the time needed for such a signal to get anywhere.

…Quantum effects such as superposition are easily destroyed, because of a process called decoherence. This is caused by the interactions of a quantum object with its surrounding environment, through which the "quantumness" leaks away.

Decoherence is expected to be extremely rapid in warm and wet environments like living cells.

…In a study published in 2015, physicist Matthew Fisher of the University of California at Santa Barbara argued that the brain might contain molecules capable of sustaining more robust quantum superpositions. Specifically, he thinks that the nuclei of phosphorus atoms may have this ability.

Phosphorus atoms are everywhere in living cells. They often take the form of phosphate ions, in which one phosphorus atom joins up with four oxygen atoms.

Such ions are the basic unit of energy within cells. Much of the cell's energy is stored in molecules called ATP, which contain a string of three phosphate groups joined to an organic molecule. When one of the phosphates is cut free, energy is released for the cell to use.

[VIDEO in original article: animation of ATP production in a cell which is dependent on an enzyme which derives its energy from drawing protons through it in a process called “chemiosmosis”-- absolutely amazing worlds functioning within us on an atomic level !]

Cells have molecular machinery for assembling phosphate ions into groups and cleaving them off again. Fisher suggested a scheme in which two phosphate ions might be placed in a special kind of superposition called an "entangled state".

The phosphorus nuclei have a quantum property called spin, which makes them rather like little magnets with poles pointing in particular directions. In an entangled state, the spin of one phosphorus nucleus depends on that of the other. Put another way, entangled states are really superposition states involving more than one quantum particle.

Fisher says that the quantum-mechanical behaviour of these nuclear spins could plausibly resist decoherence on human timescales. He agrees with Tegmark that quantum vibrations, like those postulated by Penrose and Hameroff, will be strongly affected by their surroundings "and will decohere almost immediately". But nuclear spins do not interact very strongly with their surroundings.

All the same, quantum behaviour in the phosphorus nuclear spins would have to be "protected" from decoherence.

This might happen, Fisher says, if the phosphorus atoms are incorporated into larger objects called "Posner molecules". These are clusters of six phosphate ions, combined with nine calcium ions. There is some evidence that they can exist in living cells, though this is currently far from conclusive.

In Posner molecules, Fisher argues, phosphorus spins could resist decoherence for a day or so, even in living cells. That means they could influence how the brain works.

The idea is that Posner molecules can be swallowed up by neurons. Once inside, the Posner molecules could trigger the firing of a signal to another neuron, by falling apart and releasing their calcium ions.

Because of entanglement in Posner molecules, two such signals might thus in turn become entangled: a kind of quantum superposition of a "thought", you might say. "If quantum processing with nuclear spins is in fact present in the brain, it would be an extremely common occurrence, happening pretty much all the time," Fisher says


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Here is something that might help and give a new perspective to the supernova issue.

I saw it too. It is from the same channel where he (Gareth) comments in another video about the bessel function in a birkeland stream, and that I had associated in the other topic of the geometry of the 4th density.

This is the complete video that explains the movement:

Now and here something I have noticed, curiously a pattern. The first thing is that when you take the parsec distances from Arcturus these are between 11 and 13 parsec. Only by a difference of 1 or 2 parsec in some stars but approximately the same distance. (Attention to number 11!)

View attachment 38945

I have the idea that the pattern that emerges from the current in the form of an electromagnetic wave reaches our planet and that frequency is the determinant for the geometric pattern that we observe in fibonacci, phi, golden ratio.

Perhaps changes in the force, charge, etc. of the current can alter the course and motion/pattern of the star cluster and from there downwards cause all sorts of changes in the geometric patterns.

Another interesting thing is Arcturus (I know I'm throwing a lot of things around at the same time, but when the subject comes up I start connecting the dots and if I don't do it, it becomes nothing).

Filled with Divine Will, Arcturus, as the bridge between the seven main stars of the Great Bear and Virgo the Virgin, stimulates great evolutionary changes to all in its influence. Close by Virgo is then the Holy Grail that receives the Will of God.[...] The origin of the name Boötes is not certain ~ the Greeks knew this constellation as Arctophylax or Bear Watcher, Bear Keeper or Guard. It probably comes from a Greek word meaning "noisy" or "clamorous," referring to the herdsman’s shouts to his animals: the Hunter in pursuit of the Bear. Another explanation is that the name comes from ancient Greece and means "ox driver," from the fact that Ursa Major was sometimes visualized as a cart pulled by oxen, "The Wagoneer or Driver of the Wain ~ Boötes with the Wain the North unfolds."

According to a story that goes back to Eratosthenes, the constellation represents Arcas, son of the god Zeus and Callisto, daughter of King Lycaon of Arcadia. One day Zeus came to dine with his father-in-law Lycaon, an unusual thing for a god to do. To test whether his guest really was the great Zeus, Lycaon cut up Arcas and served him as part of a mixed grill. Zeus easily reconized the flesh of his son. In a burning rage he tipped over the table, scattering the feast and killing the sons of Lycaon with a thunderbolt, as he turned Lycaon into a wolf. Then Zeus collected the parts of Arcas, made them whole again and gave his son to Maia the Pleiad to bring up.

Mythology from Star Tales
by Ian Ridpath, Universe Books, New York, 1988.

If we connect the actual study of the movement represented in the video, and the mythological history we see that it makes sense. Apparently, in the past, there was already knowledge of the stellar movement Sun/Sirius►Arcturus►Pleiades.

As Laura mentions in this thread, the Super Giants red stars are about to become supernovas. Arcturus, is a Super Giant.


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Q: Is this liquid that has been truncated a chemical transmitter?
> A: Yes.
> Q: And would this chemical transmitter, if it were allowed to flow, cause significant alterations in other segments of the DNA?
> A: Yes.
> Q: So, there is a segment of code that is in there, that is deliberately inserted, to truncate this flow of liquid, which is a chemical transmitter, or neuropeptide, which would unlock significant portions of our DNA?

I started researching this, regarding phosphorus and carbon.

On one hand I found the Pyridoxal Phosphate and on the other the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. Pyridoxal Phosphate acts as a co-enzyme for various cellular mechanisms.

Pyridoxal Phosphate is part of the vitamin B complex.

Pyridoxal Phosphate
Pyridoxal phosphate (MC-1) is a naturally occurring substance evaluated as a cytoprotectant in myocardial infarction, ischemia, and stroke.

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid
GABA plays important roles in the transmission of sensory messages through the thalamus and also in bringing large ensembles of thalamic cells into collective oscillations that underlie changes in conscious state.

Following the search I found the following paper:

Pag 21 (the paper it is a resume)

The above hypotesis is only a tentative one, however, since pyridoxal phosphate is a coenzyme for many enzymatic reactions, some of which are involved in the biosynthesis of many physiologically active substances such as serotonin and epinephrine. Therefore, a deficiency of vitamin B6 whether induced by dietary or chemicals means, might produce a rather complicated imbalance in the cerebral drug store. [...] When the dentrites and cell body are depolarized by stretch, an impulse is set up in the axon near the cell body. GABA and the neural transmitter increase the conductance within the cell, thereby reducing the stretch depolarization reaching the site of impulse origin. Thus, the excitatory "drive" (or "generator potential") which leads to the setting up of conducted impulses is effectively reduced or removed, although the excitatory stimulus persists.... It is suggested that part at least of the GABA action take place in the large portion of dentrites and in the cell of the body.... Although GABA is found in the nervous system, the role of an inhibitory transmitter cannot be assigned to it on the basis of avaliable evidence. [...] The results obtained in the mammalian experiments have proven to be more difficult to evaluate. Since GABA has at most only very limited ability to pass the blood-brain barrier, numerous studies have been made of the effects of surface aplication of GABA on various manifestations of cortical electrical activity. All of the studies agree that GABA acts as a depressant of neuronal activity in the cortex. Surface negative components of the local cortical, the transcallosal, and the recruiting responses were shown first to be inhibited and then reversed in electrical sign. The interpretations of the data are not yet in agreement as to whether GABA activates inhibitory synapses or block excitatory synapses. In any event, the discovery of GABA and its use in neurophysiology has provided renewed impetus in experimentation dealing whit possible identification of simple naturally ocurring chemicals substances which might act in the capacity of inhibitory transmitters or modulators of neuronal activity.

Vitamin B6 is now responsible for:

Vitamin B6 refers to a group of chemically similar compounds which can be interconverted in biological systems. Vitamin B6 is part of the vitamin B group of essential nutrients. Its active form, pyridoxal 5′-phosphate, serves as a coenzyme in some 100 enzyme reactions in amino acid, glucose, and lipid metabolism.

PLP, the metabolically active form of vitamin B6, is involved in many aspects of macronutrient metabolism, neurotransmitter synthesis, histamine synthesis, hemoglobin synthesis and function, and gene expression. PLP generally serves as a coenzyme (cofactor) for many reactions including decarboxylation, transamination, racemization, elimination, replacement, and beta-group interconversion.

Role in human body
Pyridoxal phosphate has a plenty roles in human body. A few examples below:
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