Petition against prohibition of autohemotherapy in Germany

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When you click on the above on-line petition, in the green box where it asks for name and e-mail address, is that where you sign., Sorry but not computer savvy.

After you write your name and e-mail address you go to another web page which asks you for a Post Code + City and Adress + Number (you can fake them for privacy issues, osit). On another web page, then you can write a comment (optional) and check 3-4 combos with some options. Finally you can click on SIGN but it will not be effective till you click on a link you will receive by e-mail. I hope to have explained myself properly :halo:


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I signed it too.

Jens Spahn is most likely well-known to German members of the forum, but my knowledge of German politics isn't very thorough so I was wondering why the Health Minister thinks it's necessary to ban something this niche. It prompted me to take a closer look at Jens Spahn and it looks like he's a big pharma lobbyist. To me, if someone with big pharma money behind him wants it banned, it puts another quality stamp on AHT.

Many people who signed the petition said AHT helped them when conventional medicine failed. No surprise there at all and I hope the petition gets some exposure so the attempt to ban it will in the end be marketing for AHT.

Excerpts translated with an online translator:

Angela Merkel's new coalition 'won't address lobbying in Germany' | DW | 26.02.2018
well, he is the one who promotes mandatory e.g. measels vaccines.. if THAt isn't niche, i do not know what is.


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Signed as well.

The main law (GSAV) was already released on the 15th of August with a coming correction this September. With this law they plan to change it. Also some blogs report, that it is still allowed, but you need some kind of permission.



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I signed it as well. I have no experience with the therapy myself but I read on the forum about the experiences of others, and anyway a Verbot isn't the right way and sounds suspicious.


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If any of you have friends who are not forum members, but would be interested, how about sending the link to sign the petition around via email? Post on Twitter and FB???

Yes, I've already been doing that. Now what's left to do is social media. There are lots of groups, e.g. in FB and XING, who are into such and similar topics. Will write to a couple of them and ask their admins whether I can post the link in their groups.
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