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Alana said:
I don't think there's a better place than the forum here, to discuss personal matters. It's like having a family you can go to, with any type of trouble/problem, and just share with them what's going on. And the family is comprised of so many siblings, aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers, etc, you will get a very well rounded advice in the end. So why ask the C's if you can simply type about a personal matter here? And this is a research forum: everyone's experience is helping everyone else when shared, increasing everyone's level of knowledge.

Just wanna emphasize that, and agree emphatically. :cool2:


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Huh, 43 students disappearing certainly sounds strange. That must be terrible for the families.

The following comments were written as I read this thread so aren't relevant to the most recent discussion...

Anam Cara said:
Perhaps it is like watching your Mom struggle to carry water from the well, then wasting the water instead of gratefully drinking it; which is particularly inconsiderate knowing that Mom toiled for years digging the well also.
I agree. It's easy to think of the C's as "just being there", when by their explanations it is implied that they would have had to do a lot of work to reach that level of knowledge and being. Their communication might be like trying to condense a textbook or encyclopedia into a brief series of Twitter posts, only giving what is asked while also respecting free will. Sounds hard! Or, at least, an investment of valuable energy.

Anam Cara said:
Would questions relating to subjects that were potentially beneficial to the Fellowship and/or others generally, be deemed of 'universal importance' I wonder, and thus be appropriate for asking?
My impression is that questions that are only relevant for a particular group could also be constrictive. "All" and "universal" suggest questions that may even expand beyond the scope of what would merely interest humans on Earth. So, insomuch as FOTCM activities might be relevant to all, maybe that's okay. I guess the point is not to restrict the information to benefiting only one person/group, because the people and groups will always be those interacting with you or chosen, perhaps arbitrarily which is controlling and STS.

Maybe there is a way around this, in a certain sense? If we can take our personal questions and rephrase them in a way that is likely to benefit all, then that's fair game, right? But it must be done in the right spirit, osit; putting a rigorous effort into making the question as universally relevant as possible. You may have to sacrifice the specifics of your original question in the process, but maybe what is collectively gained/given will be far more valuable!

gdpetti said:
True, but you have to get out of the muck before you can really assess the situation you are in... .and the 'muck' is always personal, even if others sense the similarity of the situation.
Well, the C's helped Laura et al with a fair number of personal difficulties, and then due to their personal efforts inspired by the communication we have SOTT, this forum, EE, and all sorts of info useful for sorting out all sorts of personal issues, like others mentioned. I'm thinking the more universal questions might allow them to send more information-rich (better compression) "packets" through, which can then be "decoded/unpacked" on our end via work. And that results in these sort of amazing results that we could never predict, and which are resulting in more help to people than could ever result from the C's merely addressing personal questions one-by-one.


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In spite of the cautionary statements by the Cs, there has been nonetheless a plethora of personal questions in the subsequent sessions up to this date.
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