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Kay Kim said:
If some members think they can make to next density without effort to work on self, that will be illusion.

This reminds me of the "faith vs. works" religious discussions/arguments about salvation.

Seems to me that both are needed.

As for the chakra comments, that is interesting. It sounds like the 3 lower chakras relate to densities one, two and three. The connection, via the chakras to 5th, the contemplation zone, sounds like the connection allows knowledge available on the 5th density (as it relates to life experience available on those 3 densities) to be accessed and integrated into our being (if we are open and aware of this possibility) in this current life. I guess that works with chakra 4 as well which allows accessing knowledge expressed as feeling or expressed through feeling (if we are open to feel it!). EG, maybe like some sort of pathos felt as a response to the human condition. (but I don't mean pathos defined as pity. Kind of like a big sigh. LOL, the Charlie Brown sigh)

Kay Kim

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I think "faith and work" go side by side together, because, if person has "faith" then try every possible way to work on self to fit in ones own belief.
And Cs have said that, we are just a 4th density candidates, so we needs to raise correct frequency vibration to meet the Wave.

Laura said:
January 14, 1995

A: You are a 4th density candidate.

Q: (T) As 4th density candidates, anyone that is, when the wave comes, if they have reached the correct frequency vibration, and have raised themselves up to the point that the wave will take them, they will, at that point, move into 4th density, true?

A: Close enough.

So, we uses various methods to raise vibration frequency, such as EE for stimulating vagus nerves, cleans emotional blockages and karmic burdens. And taking Iodine for get rid of parasites, etc...

Laura said:
Session Date: July 18th 2015

A: Questions about "The Great Work" and "work on the self" and the preparations for "graduation" and so forth. Most of the clues and even direct answers have been given in the past, however we will summarize and give examples. All such aims concentrate, in essence, on or in awareness! Awareness is knowledge in action. Now, think of the concept you know as transmarginal inhibition.

Q: (L) Okay. Transmarginal inhibition is when an organism is stressed or pushed to the point where they break. It's like they become blank slates, and then they can be easily reprogrammed. Is that what we're getting at here?

A: Yes. Now think of the superimportant bit of data we sought to get through to you some years ago regarding parasitic infestations preventing a "quantum leap in awareness."

Q: (L) So you're saying that awareness is the key to the Great Work, work on the self, graduating to 4D, or whatever. Awareness involves knowledge, and quantum leaps in awareness can be prevented by parasitic infestations, which is somehow related to transmarginal inhibition.

(Pierre) How does it relate?

(Perceval) It makes people easy prey. Like toxoplasmosis in cats.

(L) So, okay... Continue.

A: The recent discoveries you have made in terms of the causation of chronic and other deadly diseases is the gathering together of the keys to the opening of a door to greater awareness!!!!

(L) When you made that remark, that was years ago... That was in 1997?

[Break for finding session transcript from August 9, 1997]

(Andromeda) So we get rid of all of these bugs, all the right DNA turns on, and then we become more aware and get superpowers. That's what I'm getting from this.
(L) So... Are you suggesting that, for example, if there are people who get infectious diseases that cause atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, or any of these so-called autoimmune diseases, that these diseases are not genetically caused as they have been saying for the last 50 or 60 years, but that perhaps they were designed for people who carry certain genetic markers in their DNA, which then get labeled as the causative gene? Is that what we're getting at here?

A: Very close indeed. There is also the "tinkering" that can take place.

Q: (L) So in our particular reality and time and place, the so-called "Great Work", the alchemical self-transformation, must necessarily include work on diet and health issues and a vast increase in knowledge in those areas in order to cancel out the effects of transmarginal inhibition?

A: Yes.
A: Getting free of parasitic microorganisms is one of the first orders of business for transformation.

Q: (L) So, it is important to acquire knowledge, information, and to do it in a way that builds your brain power because that's your receiver. Your receiver receives...

(Galatea) Cosmic information.

A: Higher energies!

Q: (Chu) I would also think that the efforts are a key because that's like the enemy of a parasite. A parasite lives off other cells or other living organisms for free basically. But if you make an effort, you're actually using opposite information to what you’re wired to do.

(L) Yeah, when you make efforts, you're putting information into the system. They make no efforts, so they are tending towards entropy and chaos.

(Pierre) For proper acquisition of knowledge, you need a sufficient amount of time and effort and... suffering, basically.

A: There is no free lunch except maybe for parasites!

Q: (L) And we're their lunch as long as we think there's a free lunch!

A: Yes!

From reading some of post, It seems some members still using too much alcohol or Mind altering substances. They might think they have "Faith" to be saved.
And I understand that physical craving is STS profile to satisfy oneself.
"A:Those of you who are waiting for "The Wave" to save or change you should be aware that you are really like the frog being gradually cooked".

Laura said:
December 12, 1995

A: When you see the futility of the limitations of 3rd density life, it means you are ready to graduate. Notice those who wallow in it.

Q: (L) Some people obviously wallow in extreme materiality. And there seems to be another kind that is more subtle, which has to do with saying that you want to grow and become enlightened, and yet such a person is unable to pierce the veil of their own illusions about how to become enlightened, and this illusion is the wallowing...

A: Wallowing takes many forms.

Sometimes I feel so bored and so sad because everything seems not worth to do. Then I do EE several times days, especially Pipe Breathing then I feel better. And So, Nowadays I just have one purpose to live for, that is to see the Grand Cycle of Wave.

Laura said:
August 17, 2000

Q: Everyone is talking about the Wave: what does it mean, what is it, when is it coming,... We would like to have a little bit of a clue about the progress of the wave.

A: So many questions rolled up into one. But, one way it might go is that all of a sudden, everything that ever was is new, everything that IS is new, and everything that will be is new. Programs change, oh we suppose, what an awesome event indeed!

Q: In other words, doesn't really matter what we are doing. The Wave will happen, everything will change, become new, and that's that?

A: What matters most is what others are doing, have done and will do.

Q: Who are these others that it matters most what they have done, are doing and will do?

A: Program rewriters, i.e. you and us in the future.
Q: When I post material on the website, those people who resonate to the material believe that this refers to them also. I have been of the opinion that Unified Thought Form being must mean a very large group as represented in this density. I know that we are dealing with limiting terms. But, is this applied to people who CHOOSE the Cassiopaean option?

A: Maybe it is best to say it applies to those who recognize the application.

Q: So, if they recognize it, if they know it is them, they are part of it. (A) But, thinking in nonlinear terms, its up to us to work to make this precise. You are asking this question which implies that the answer exists. But, exactly what the answer is may be it is not yet chosen, and it is up to us to make it this way.

Divide by Zero

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Kay Kim said:
From reading some of post, It seems some members still using too much alcohol or Mind altering substances. They might think they have "Faith" to be saved.
And I understand that physical craving is STS profile to satisfy oneself.
"A:Those of you who are waiting for "The Wave" to save or change you should be aware that you are really like the frog being gradually cooked".

Laura said:
December 12, 1995

A: When you see the futility of the limitations of 3rd density life, it means you are ready to graduate. Notice those who wallow in it.

Q: (L) Some people obviously wallow in extreme materiality. And there seems to be another kind that is more subtle, which has to do with saying that you want to grow and become enlightened, and yet such a person is unable to pierce the veil of their own illusions about how to become enlightened, and this illusion is the wallowing...

A: Wallowing takes many forms.

These substances are a way of numbing down the feeling of futility about 3d. Like the allegory of the cave, we sit in the cave and believe that it is the outside- we become comfortable in it. Those substances are part of that and I believe why some have become more and more popular and pushed to be legalized- while tobacco demonized.

Waiting for the wave to change us, is giving up free will. Evolution does not happen by a creator. "God" does not improve us to handle different conditions of life, or realize new things- that would defeat the purpose of consciousness in itself. It's like the C's said they are a future possibility. If your future self time traveled back and told you what to do - and you listened... that would negate that future self (*unless you want to be in a self fulfilling loop- which sounds like STS!). No shortcuts to free will. If you try to get free will from something else, you gave up your own. But in our 3d state, it seems to be the name of the game- to find the next big thing that will save us. Again, we forget how futile 3d is, how fragile and temporary things are to sustain life.

It's humbling to feel so small in this huge world, perhaps a lesson that we are not to change the whole thing- futile, but to work on ourselves- ridding ourselves from illusions: beliefs, expectations, and anticipation of things to come.

Kay Kim

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Some years ago, when I was reading new-age books, I thought that at the end of this Earth's cycle, all the good people would be saved and all the bad peoples will be destroyed.

But after I have gained truth knowledge from Cs and this Forum, this whole Universe is constantly balancing by two forces- positive/negative or good/bad or STO/STS.

So, that means, when we crossing Realm Border Wave to 4th density, there will be STS candidates also crossing Realm Border Wave too.

Laura said:
June 22, 1996

Q: (L) Is it, in fact, that exactly half of all that exists, is moving into imbalance, while the other half is moving into balance?

A: Close.

Q: (L) All the cosmos? All that exists?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it possible that one area of the cosmos has more of the balance seeking energy while another has more of that which is seeking imbalance?

A: Oh yes!

Q: (L) Is the Earth one of those areas that is more imbalanced than balanced at the present time?

A: Yes, but rapidly moving back toward balance.

Q: (L) Is the Realm Border part of this balancing?

A: Yes.
Q: (L) Okay, let's go back to the "balancing" of Earth. How can this be done?

A: Vague question.

Q: (L) Let me try this: the "buckets of love and light" group say that it is going to be balanced because everyone is going to think nice thoughts, and all of their buckets of love and light are going to eventually reach a critical mass and spill over onto all the rest of humanity and all of the bad guys are going to be transformed into good guys. This is the standard version. Is this what you mean?

A: No.

Q: (L) Swell! Is the energy that is being manifested in the positive, on and around the planet, is it going to reduce the level of negativity in the beings existing on the planet?

A: This is not the point. When "Earth" becomes a 4th density realm, all the forces, both STS and STO shall be in direct contact with one another... It will be a "level playing field," thus, balanced.

Until some months ago, I thought that it would be equal numbers of both sides, but I was wrong, and found right answer from this session.

Laura said:
March 30, 2002

Ark, Laura, BT, VG

Q: (L) Well I just want you to know our side isn't doing too well. (V) Why do you say that? (L) Well I mean if these conflicts are reflected in many levels and many ways all over the planet just the general overview of the planet at the moment, the so-called good guys aren't really doing too well right now. (B) Yeah, this reality is their own truth. (V) I see it a different way, I think we are in this situation because we are not of this reality; we have made a different choice. (L) But there are so few of us.

A: Help is on the way.

Q: ..... (B) If this is the given status of this environment and this density level, this lesson, anybody that breaks free from that is a plus, because there is undoubtedly a counterbalancing thing.

A: And it will balance in the end.

Q: (L) Well that will be nice. (V) Is this balance necessary for our transition to 4th density?

A: Balance is the result.

Q: (V) Balance is the result of transitioning to 4th density, is that what you're saying?

A: Yes.

Q: (V) If 90% is negative and 10% is positive...

A: But all will not transition.

Q: (V) Balance would mean 50-50...

(B) No because we're not the only ball game in creation. This is not the sum total of creation. This reality is only one aspect of it. There can be other realities where it's as heavily weighted the other direction.

(L) I think another factor is that when people network they share their insights and they share their growth and it becomes more than the sum of its parts. You know when they really open up to their network, that what one learns - if they share it with others - it becomes that other's learning in at least some sort of way. This way, people can learn a lot of things by the experiences of their group if they are connected to that group. So, a group of people who are individually each incapable of making it to 4th density on their own - by virtue of the fact that they have this shared symbiotic group - they kind of go together.

On the other hand, the STS alignment, since they don't do anything in terms of groups or sharing, don't have that advantage. It takes more energy for each one to individually advance since, in their chain of command, they are all being constantly drained by sharing and believing lies.

So, the advantage seems to be on the side of an STO group even if they seem to be smaller in numbers. The added together energy of a larger group of people who are individually, maybe less ready STO-wise, will graduate anyway, as opposed to the very small group of those who are ready STS-wise. Most of the STS gang will have to just go back and do 3D over again.

(A) You must understand that the very concept of balance depends on what exactly has to be balanced. When you have a scale, and you have a lot of wheat or something on one side, and a small piece of gold on the other, they balance each other even if the quantities are completely different.

(V) Maybe STO candidates carry a larger...(L) Charge? (V) Yeah. (L) Something like that, because they share very deeply - at the level of their core being. (V) So there could be 90% of STS and at 10% STO candidates as they gain knowledge gain more weight. (L) Could be.

A: Very close. But don't get stuck on numbers in that sense. Help is on the way!


A Disturbance in the Force
Hello everyone. I want to put some fragments of the book 1 and 2 of The Law of One. In these they tell us how it is possible the acscención for 3D beings; the Wave that arrives.

If our nature is the service to reach intelligent infinity, be it STO or STS, then the ability to move to 4D correlates with the way we do that service.

Questioner: I think that it would be appropriate to discover how the Law of
One acts in this transfer of beings to our planet and the action of harvest?

Ra: I am Ra. The Law of One states simply that all things are one, that all
beings are one. There are certain behaviors and thought-forms consonant
with the understanding and practice of this law. Those who, finishing a
cycle of experience, demonstrate grades of distortion of that understanding
of thought and action will be separated by their own choice into the
vibratory distortion most comfortable to their mind/body/spirit complexes.
This process is guarded or watched by those nurturing beings who, being
very close to the Law of One in their distortions, nevertheless, move
towards active service.

Thus, the illusion is created of light, or more properly but less
understandably, light/love. This is in varying degrees of intensity. The spirit
complex of each harvested entity moves along the line of light until the light
grows too glaring, at which time the entity stops. This entity may have
barely reached third density or may be very, very close to the ending of the
third-density light/love distortion vibratory complex. Nevertheless, those
who fall within this octave of intensifying light/love then experience a major
cycle during which there are opportunities for the discovery of the
distortions which are inherent in each entity and, therefore, the lessening of
these distortions.

Questioner: I’m trying to understand how a group such as the Orion group
would progress. How it would be possible, if you were in the Orion group,
and pointed toward self-service, to progress from our third density to the
fourth. What learning would be necessary for that?

Ra: I am Ra. This is the last question of length for this instrument at this

You will recall that we went into some detail as to how those not oriented
towards seeking service for others yet, nevertheless, found and could use the
gateway to intelligent infinity. This is true at all densities in our octave. We
cannot speak for those above us, as you would say, in the next quantum or octave of beingness. This is, however, true of this octave of density. The
beings are harvested because they can see and enjoy the light/love of the
appropriate density. Those who have found this light/love, love/light
without benefit of a desire for service to others nevertheless, by the Law of
Free Will, have the right to the use of that light/love for whatever purpose.
Also, it may be inserted that there are systems of study which enable the
seeker of separation to gain these gateways.

This study is as difficult as the one which we have described to you, but
there are those with the perseverance to pursue the study just as you desire
to pursue the difficult path of seeking to know in order to serve. The
distortion lies in the effect that those who seek to serve the self are seen by
the Law of One as precisely the same as those who seek to serve others, for
are all not one? To serve yourself and to serve others is a dual method of
saying the same thing, if you can understand the essence of the Law of One.

At this time we would answer any brief questions you may have.

Ra: I am Ra. The harvest is now. There is not at this time any reason to
include efforts along these distortions toward longevity, but rather to
encourage distortions toward seeking the heart of self, for this which resides
clearly in the violet-ray energy field will determine the harvesting of each
mind/body/spirit complex.

Questioner: Yesterday you stated that “the harvest is now. There is not at
this time any reason to include efforts along this line of longevity, but rather
to encourage efforts to seek the heart of self. This which resides clearly in
the violet-ray energy field will determine the harvest of the mind/body/spirit
complex.” Could you tell us the best way to seek the heart of self?

Ra: I am Ra. We have given you this information in several wordings.
However, we can only say the material for your understanding is the self:
the mind/body/spirit complex. You have been given information upon
healing, as you call this distortion. This information may be seen in a more
general context as ways to understand the self. The understanding,
experiencing, accepting, and merging of self with self and other-self, and
finally with the Creator, is the path to the heart of self. In each infinitesimal
part of your self resides the One in all of Its power. Therefore, we can only
encourage these lines of contemplation or prayer as a means of
subjectively/objectively using or combining various understandings to
enhance the seeking process. Without such a method of reversing the
analytical process, one could not integrate into unity the many
understandings gained in such seeking.
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