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Hey there ; )
just to sharing here my amazing experience in Pamplona, Spain, years ago. (April. 2013) Due an intent to contact people in Spain for an art project, I found a group friends running a basement of an old house as an exhibition room. I'm from Mexico and was more familiar to comunicate with them.
Now I am deeply grateful for these kinds of experiences that are very enriching in every way. The whole group welcomed me having a meal-talk and offered me a place to sleep, the 5 days for to work on site. Contact this site via online and then by skype. I offered the idea of my project which was about visiting the city, taking a tour of the city center, registering it and interviewing some local people to get their impression about their own locality and the collected documents, notes, photos and videos show them in a showroom. It is very simple, even saying that it is art can be almost an excuse to have the experience of being there, sharing live there in Pamplona.
It is a small and super interesting locality that has some constructions that date from the Roman Empire. You can also find architecture from small medieval buildings, gothic, etc. It is a journey through time in its architecture, highly recommended. And restaurants, bars, handmade shoes stores, among other things.


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