Out of the Bubble ... The Golden List


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It would be helpful if you gave a brief description of your post and why you decided to post it, Also why you thought it important.

Great point. I hope to know the answer to that someday.
Well, while you are contemplating, MA, why not err on the side of external consideration and do what Joan has suggested?
Since I was a young boy I’ve followed my inner authority, which over a long period of disciplined and honest work, helped me understand the best thing I can do is to hone that operation. So, in regard to the “why”, I commonly find understanding is one of several scenarios that I’ve considered in my mental simulations looking ahead. I write all the time and have thousands of articles I’ve not shared. Some of them pull at me and they’re often not popular and can make some people uncomfortable. My own personal experience is that I bring comfort to others and have deep empathy and have been instrumental in helping a number of other people accept life circumstances and aspects of themself that are normally rejected by social conditioning and norms. So I felt this particular article among several I’ve posted recently seemed to be potentially significant. If the message reaches just one person and makes a difference to them, it seems a win. Does this make sense in response?
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