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In Japan as always very late decisions to be made to the public. The amount of people complaining about the health authorities in Japan is growing steady. Not only people are getting injured by the shot, there are also people who died. The government and the media trying to cover it up with potentially contaminated doses. Japan’s health ministry announced last year that two people, both in their 30s, died days after receiving their second doses of the Moderna vaccine.

On November 20th there were already 1325 deaths. Article here but Japanese government can not evaluate the cause.

Yesterday someone tweeted.

I think that the fact that people who recommend vaccines are starting to block people who call them anti-vaccine probably means that they have begun to strongly recognize the reality of vaccine damage. It's a little bit more, the awareness of the current situation of vaccine damage is spreading.

Another tweeted.
The woman who lost her husband was a newly married couple who had just given birth to a 6 month old child.
A 20-year-old husband who has just built his own house.
After having a child and building a house, an accident happened just before the start.
My husband, who was fine, developed a fever after the vaccination and died three days later.
Isn't it unreasonable to say that the vaccine isn't the cause?
People start to see the obvious but still do not react. Tweet
The interval between vaccinations ○ is reduced from 5 months to 3 months.
Various irrelevant explanations have been given, but the point is that they want as many shots as possible so that there is no inventory left before the end of Corona.
I just saw the minister gave new numbers 1800 but it is probably more then 18000. Reaction.
That is amazing. More than 1,800 people have died, but the causal link is unknown, so it's a national funeral. .


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The Bank of Japan on Thursday maintained its ultra-low rate policy to support the pandemic-hit economy as widely expected, sticking to a dovish stance despite the yen's sharp decline in a global policy-tightening wave triggered by surging inflation.

After the policy decision, the yen breached the psychologically important 145 level versus the U.S. dollar, and Governor Haruhiko Kuroda ruled out rate hikes in the near future. To stop the yen's relentless slide, Japan intervened in the currency market by buying the yen for dollars for the first time since 1998.

The effect of such a unilateral act is questionable, market analysts say, as the recent rapid yen depreciation toward a 24-year low reflects the widening gap between Japanese and U.S. interest rates.

This are probably just drops on the hot stone. I think this will not last long and the yen will go further down.

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Russia Detains Japanese Consul in Vladivostok on Charges of Espionage.
There is also a video appeared on telegram.
Operational video of the FSB of the Russian Federation.
(The video file is in h.264 format )
Footage of the detention of the Japanese consul in Vladivostok. Caught red-handed when receiving classified information.


  • Japan lodges protest after Russia detains diplomat in Vladivostok | Politics News | Al Jazeera.pdf
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The new statement of the Prime Minister of Japan sounds really like a kindergarten talk.

"Prime Minister Kishida, in principle, wearing a mask outdoors is unnecessary"

"You don't need a mask outdoors" is on the level of "No need for an umbrella on a sunny day", but what is the intellectual level of the Japanese people who have to say such things to the Prime Minister? As expected, it is a country where 80% of the people were in favor of declaring a state of emergency that would do more harm than good. Tweet

Here the same prime minister with Bill gates


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Today a Passagier of the ferry tweeted:

On the ferry to Yaeyama, if you don't wear a mask, you can't sit inside the boat❌, so I was given a seat in front of the toilet outside the boat😂This is my first time...
I don't feel comfortable with being treated as unpleasant special just because I don't need it because I'm healthy, or because I don't want it for medical reasons. It's sad, or rather, it's a feeling of fatigue that will never end.
It ridiculous to do so, but they spent a lot of money to do this and to end this preventions is so hard.


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What an unexpected move. The relationship is worsening day by day.

Japan to Expel Russian Consul in Sapporo in Retaliation

The Japanese government has declared a Russian consul in Sapporo in the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaido as a "persona non grata" and ordered the diplomat to leave Japan by Monday, Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi said Tuesday.

The move is a countermeasure to Russia's detention and deportation of a Japanese consul in Vladivostok late last month.

Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Takeo Mori summoned Russian Ambassador to Japan Mikhail Galuzin to the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo and informed him of the decision.

Speaking to reporters at the ministry, Hayashi stressed that the detention of the Japanese consul is a "clear and serious violation of international law" and "extremely regrettable and unacceptable."

"We notified (the Russian side of) the decision as a commensurate measure," Hayashi said. "We urge them to properly follow the decision."
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