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Hi, I am not asking you to come to my site just for the hit factor, my blog is in many ways similar to SOTT, I will be adding the link to Sott within the next 24 hours but in the mean time I am hoping to spent tonight anyway having a good look around Sott and its forum. #

Oh I would appreciate a comment or two on my posts if you have a chance that is, this way I will know if I am posting useful info, general stuff or just a load of rubbish which was already known.



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well there are many things that make this virtual place totally unique and for many of us it is a second home, so welcome and take your time studying all the materials

btw cool avatar, somewhat eerie especially when you realize that she blinks :)

Finaly to end I find totally absurd how a laboratory at the center of a foot and mouth outbreak can still profit from something they have caused out of their negligence. Any other company who is under investigation by about half a dozed government agancies would not at the same time of the investigation “Sell” 300,000 units of an antidote for an outbreak they caused. you only see this kind of stuff in a movie, picture it. The Chemical company releases a virus on a small town and then sells the antidote for the virus to the government. Am I the only one who thinks that this is kind of weird?
well it seems anything goes in our world,
remember the fear mongering relating to bird flue, when it transpired that Rumsfield is one of the major shareholder in Tamiflu, most of the people didn't even raise the eyebrow.
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