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Quite the montage then...
Just to be clear, I just Googled that title "france high strangeness". 🎬 With "Quotes" and without.

I welcome filmmaker and cryptid researcher Seth Breedlove to Arcane Radio. Seth has written, edited, produced and directed shorts and features about a variety of topics, but is best known for his production company and the films they've produced under the Small Town Monsters banner. Before film, Seth wrote for a number of websites, newspapers and magazines and learned some of the skills he employs as a director while working as a reporter. Seth has also appeared on numerous television and radio programs. Since 2013, Small Town Monsters has released over a dozen productions, including 'The Mothman of Point Pleasant', 'Boggy Creek Monster', 'Invasion on Chestnut Ridge', 'The Flatwoods Monster', 'The Bray Road Beast', 'On The Trail Of...UFOs' and most recently 'The Mothman Legacy.' His website can be found at Small Town Monsters
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4 witnesses report observing a 'tall man with wings' while fishing near a nuclear power plant in Marseilles, Illinois in LaSalle County.The following report was received by Manuel Navarette at UFO Clearinghouse:
Date of Sighting: October 10, 2020
Date of Submission: October 15, 2020
Time of Sighting: 1800 (approximately)
Source: UFOCH Reporting Line


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On the late evening of Sept. 5th I stepped outside to investigate the reason why a neighbor's dog (below), had become quite agitated. accompanied also were the sounds of a cow mooing.

Within a few minutes above me (as with sounds of interest were below me) came the distant sounds of screeching the likes of a barn owl.

But the screeching was more reminiscent of this audible impression, as there were 3 vocalizations that gained distance, and elevation. Unseeable as it all happened at night.

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T3M Specials | Security cameras record mysterious entities around the world | October 25

On Sunday, October 25, 2020 Jaime Maussan and Carlos Clemente presented on the Mexican television channel Tercel Milenio images of extraterrestrial entities, shadow beings and other mysterious life forms captured by surveillance (night vision - infrared) cameras from all over the world.

Carlos Clemente who investigated the cases and analyzed the images of all these strange beings comes to the conclusion that they are not spirits or humans but suggests that these entities are more likely multi-dimensional beings or other intelligent life forms who have the capacity to travel through space and time.


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So since my original post here, I've had 2 more experiences and it's the last one that now makes me question their authenticity.

I was by myself during the experience I mentioned in this thread, meaning I only had my point of view as the data point.

In the second experience, my partner was present but asleep. I didn't wake her up but told her about it the next day. During this experience, I saw 2 - 3 cherubs in the room. I know, weird!!!!

During the 3rd experience, I saw a man who seemed to be a giant, stood in the room but hunched over as he was too tall. This time I was pretty sure I was seeing something that wasn't there but regardless it was there for me. I hovered between freaking out and trying to maintain some sense of calm.

I woke up my partner but to me, she didn't really appear to wake up. She more shrugged me off and went back to sleep. In any case, I remained awake with my eyes transfixed on this man. We seemed to be having some sort of dance. He was waving frantically at me as if to try to warn me of something - he seemed somewhat distressed or worried. Seeing this made me less worried. Also I was pretty sure he wasn't real as he was somewhat see-through. I couldn't understand though how he looked like a man, fully connected in his body parts and moving coherently though hunched over in what to him and his size was a very small room.

In any case, that was that. After awhile he slowly dissipated into thin air and I drifted to sleep.

Fast forward to the next day where my partner asks me about my "nightmare". I've been having some weird dreams lately - one which had me trembling that she got me up in the middle of the night (I knew I was trembling but in the dream it made sense so I didn't freak out! Ps, it wasn't really a nightmare!).

In any case, back to the story... So I'm talking to my partner about this man and she flat out insists there wasn't a man in the room. She says I got her up and she stayed awake for at least 10 minutes. In addition, from her perspective she says I was fast asleep, not awake!!!

I was like that can't be true as I stayed awake for at least 20 mins watching this man and she shrugged me off when I tried to wake her up.

So this is interesting!!!

If this happens again, we've agreed on a course of action - I'm waking her up, we're acknowledging both are awake and we're illuminating the room. This should put to bed any strangeness at play, real or not.


This is such an interesting and thought provoking thread. I am very pleased that SOTTREADER initiated it. One question that comes up on my end is . . . are these visual manifestations always deliberate? Is it possible that 'they' are occasionally as surprised as we are when they encounter . . . 'us'? I am thinking that "Night Time Encounters" is somewhat of an umbrella term for visual encounters that do not fit in our perceived reality and that perhaps in this 'now', we will experience an increase in this type of experience. :huh:


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This is such an interesting and thought provoking thread. I am very pleased that SOTTREADER initiated it. One question that comes up on my end is . . . are these visual manifestations always deliberate? Is it possible that 'they' are occasionally as surprised as we are when they encounter . . . 'us'? I am thinking that "Night Time Encounters" is somewhat of an umbrella term for visual encounters that do not fit in our perceived reality and that perhaps in this 'now', we will experience an increase in this type of experience. :huh:

Interesting and who knows!

I'm now functioning under a few hypothesis at least with my experiences.

If I have another such experience, I'd like to test it's realness by sharing it with another person as it's happening. I think at the juncture of sharing the experience, its concreteness will dissipate at least in terms of it being something real outside myself.

Another thing that I'd like to test if it does happen again is whether I'm actually awake. So far, at least to myself, I've been awake but my partner questioning this last time has put some doubt in my mind.

The 3rd thing is the role of fear in the experience. In the 3rd experience, I was afraid initially but this disappeared as I was able to take comfort in knowing I wasn't by myself even though my partner was asleep. In any case, I observed the fear within the thing I was having an encounter with. It was in this reality but wasn't part of it, it couldn't act on it and seemed somewhat trapped. I also wonder if it was connected to my perception of it - I thought it might have been. In any case, I felt fear but I didn't feel in danger though I wouldn't want to actually ever experience something that turned out to be concretely real!!


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This was an interesting dream, not sure what triggered it.

I can't recall all the details but can recall enough to make the story somewhat coherant.

I was living in a town, it felt like somewhere in South America and in the past but I'm not sure. In any case, we got wind that giants were coming to conquer us having conquered a nearby town.

I remember being curious about this and wondering how they were going to come. As it turned out, they came through the river that fed the town. When I say through the river, I mean like they were walking in the river advancing on the town. They were strong and tall enough that the current of the river wasn't an obstacle.

Anyways, they arrive and subdue the humans. They were kind of brutal and ruled by fear and intimidation. It got to a point though where they needed the humans to accept their rule.

Around this time, my partner and I had reached the decision that we needed to escape the town. We came up with a plan however, as we were going to our escape route, she stopped to talk to someone she knew. As fate would have it, one of the giants appeared in the vicinity and was observing the situation from afar. I noticed this and started to play a role so as to not arise suspicion that we were doing anything odd.

In any case the giant instigated an interaction. It turned out this was their leader and as you can imagine fear went up a few notches. The detail of the dream gets fuzzy here but things played out such that I became somewhat of an 'advisor'. He wanted to know how he can effectively rule over humans and how he can extend his rule from our region to the world. I told him that to rule effectively his people can not use fear as the primary tool. Really, they need diplomacy, they need to compromise and work with humans. I said that for him as a leader, the biggest challenge will not be ruling humans but convincing his people to not rely on using fear and intimidation. That they had to compromise and rein their tendencies in. Likewise I said that he'd experience challenges on the human side as humans didn't particularly like the giants. In essence for the giants to rule the humans effectively and in a state of equilibrium, they had to use less forceful methods and also convince humans that the natural order was for them to be ruled by giants. I told him this was the most effective way for their rule to reach a global status.

In any case, elsewhere, humans were indeed planning a rebellion, a violent one against the giant. I caught up with the group as they were leaving one of their secret meetings. The group was stood outside talking, I knew a few and so I joined in. I was listening in and remember feeling anxious as I felt a violent confrontation with the giants wouldn't end well for humans. The giants were indeed bigger, stronger and had a natural tendency towards violence, brutality and warlike tendencies. The humans were more villagers, peasants and farmers if anything. Humans were good at organising civil society, not war whilst the giants were more the opposite.

In any case it got to a point where 2 humans had managed to capture one giant, one of the nasty ones to be fair. I remember observing this. They had subdued him and managed to tie him down and were looking to torture him for information. The giant was being defiant and didn't seem to have fear. He was egging the humans to torture him more but I remember it got to a point where the guy doing the torturing got uncomfortable and actually pulled back saying he couldn't do it. There was some more back and forth culminating in a gun (revolver) being pulled out and pointed at the giant.

As per usual the giant was defiant and told the human holding the gun to pull the trigger. Humans truly sucked at this as the gun didn't even fire. It looked like it was jammed. Some panic set it and the giant seemed to be empowered and broke free from his restraints whilst the human was fiddling with the gun. The giant then attempted to run away but as he did the human had managed to get the gun in order and let off a few shots which hit the giant and brought him down. This is pretty much where I woke up - the only thing that followed was a bit of talk on how to move the body as it was out in the open and it wasn't small or light in weight!

In any case, that was the dream.... VERY RANDOM.
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