New vaccination requirements in Russia.


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Just to add some more details and observations to what has already deen said, fwiw.

First regarding the current situation in Russia. As already described by @aimarok, @Keit and others above, the authorities' official position underwent almost a 180-degree turn literally overnight. Just a few weeks earlier the head of Russian public health watchdog promised that the vaccination in Russia will remain voluntary. Then Putin left to Geneva and the Mayor of Moscow immediately declared mandatory vaccination for certain categories of workers and access to restaurants only with a QR code for vaccinated or recovered people. The timing was interesting, because Putin was away and couldn't react to this decision right away (presuming that he was unaware of this decision beforehand).

It should also be noted that Moscow is more than just the capital of Russia. Unlike some other world capitals like Washington with the population of ~700 ths people, Moscow is a megapolis of ~12 million people and has the status of a federal unit with its own government. The Mayor has the power to unilaterally issue orders as permitted by the Federal Law, which he did. The 1998 Federal Law (adopted before Putin became the President) allows for mandatory vaccination for certain categories of people in certain situations.

The Mayor of Moscow is now constantly repeating that "the situation in Moscow is very serious", yet their official statistics shows that the so-called third wave of Covid is similar to their second wave (see the graph below). Somehow they managed to deal with the second one without mandatory vaccination and QR codes. 🤷‍♀️

Covid Moscow.png
The media is also promoting fear. The head of RT Margarita Simonyan is writing in her personal blog that during the past year nobody died of Covid at RT, whereas in the past month alone 4 of their journalists died of Covid, the last one been a 46-year-old man who refused vaccination. She proposed significant cash amounts to her journalists for voluntary vaccination.

Another example of media hysteria is the situation around the famous Russian pop singer Maksim. About 15 years ago Maksim was very popular, something like a Russian Britney Spears. Now she is 38 and she is in coma at a hospital with Covid. She was admitted to a hospital with a 40% of lung damage, and now two weeks later she is still unconscious and hooked up to a lung ventilator with a 80% lung damage, her condition is critical. The media are hyping her story as an example showing that even such young and beautiful pop icons are helpless against Covid. But the truth is that Maksim has a history of chronic alcoholism, reportedly chronic liver damage, she barely recovered after a car crash a couple of years ago, and was admitted to a Covid hospital after she was performing at a live concert despite severe fever. I do hope that she will recover, she is a talented artist, but let's be honest here, her condition is not very surprising all things considered.

Now after the bold move by the Mayor of Moscow several other regional governors decided to introduce similar measures. The governor of Krasnodar region introduced the new rules for tourists: from next month only vaccinated people may stay at the local hotels. The federal authorities asked the governor to soften the rules, which he did. Now not only vaccinated, but also the recovered people are allowed, but it didn't help the situation. The tourists continue to massively cancel their reservations, over 70% have been canceled already. The tourist region will undoubtfully suffer significant economic loss as a result. Other tourist regions like Crimea, Altai, etc. have not introduced such measures so far.

In Novosibirsk region, with a megapolis of 1.6 million people, there are no strict restrictions so far. The number of hospitalizations here is growing, yesterday another two hospitals were turned into Covid centers, but the governor is against mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns, so far at least. The Mayor's office has launched a poll to figure out people's opinion about mandatory vaccination. According to the current results (about 17 ths votes), the majority of Novosibirsk citizens are against vaccination (both voluntary and mandatory) and lockdowns. Hopefully, the local authorities will listen to the people.

Now, as for Putin's position in this situation. I think he noticed what happens when leaders like Trump or Lukashenko start openly opposing the global status quo. He probably decided that he will avoid the confrontation where he can't change the situation, and focus on those areas where he can achieve real progress. Which means sadly that yes, we are on our own in this situation.


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Thanks for that detailed and lucid report Siberia.

The covid hysteria seems to be taking hold, at least in the population/power center.



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For french speaking people (or who understand), Xavier Moreau gives detailed information about this recent turnover in his 2 last videos - note that both are dated before Putin spoke the 30/6, and i'm waiting to hear him commenting what Putin answered recently.

Just watched the first one, he gives interresting details, like the one that @Siberia gave in regard to the Krasnodar region (which is south-west and the most touristic region, where there's Sotchi). In this region the year 2020 was a good year for tourism, and a lot of new investments were made to adapt the infrastructure in order to arrive to the same level of facilities than in Greece/Turkey, and indeed, it's gonna be a disaster, the new measures described by Siberia wil start the 1st of August, and the month of Augut is the most important one of the year on the economical point of view, 25% of the sales turnover is done during this month, it's like if the authorities decided to kill its economy. He also said that as there is no regulations at the federal level, there will be no compensation.

The consequences of these decisions are probably known by the authorities, but they anyway decided to apply them.
Linked to what Putin answered in his last speech and from what we know of him, there seems to be critical moves done actually in this 4D chess in Russia. What happened ? Linked to Putin & Biden meeting, it's like if the PTB knew that they would make to Putin whether a strong blackmail or a proposition he could not refuse. I have in mind a kind of "cake sharing", as @axj mentionned : we let you Nordstream, maybe Ukraine was also on the table and other things related to the pressure the NATO makes on Russia, but on the other hand, you get in tune with us in regard to covid measures.

Link to both video (in french, sorry) :
The one of 27 June, 28m
The one of 28 June, 13m


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Here is another wild possibility that may have influenced Putin, leaked 2 weeks before the summit in Geneva. For any lays person this radar footage may be incomprehensible but for military expert, it may change the whole picture. Think about back room negotiation during the summit.



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Since we’re speculating:

I can’t imagine that Trump and Putin are not aware of the game that is afoot. So why are they in on it?

Could they have been borged? Sure, no question.

Could they have capitulated because of extreme threat to self and or family? Sure.

I just want to put one more (mundane) possibility in. Could they (all the world leaders) have been given the life boat scenario?

“IF” the world leader were made aware that hell was coming to earth, and the human race. That is to say: comets, ice age, no food, magnetic issues, volcanos, tsunamis, fire & floods and a general population driven into murderous hysteria. A scene where it is questionable whether anyone is going to survive. Then they were given the chance to 'do the right thing'.

You see Mr. world leader; we have 100 persons in our life boat. And it is 100% certain we will all die soon. Please, look at the facts. However, if we dump 90 persons out of the boat the 10% left have a 50 50 chance of survival. Isn’t the vax scenario we are preforming now better, more humane then letting them suffer the cruel ravages that are coming? And, in the process, they will ruin the chance of anyone surviving? The human race will be gone! But you can stop it. Now please take the documents we gave you home and check all the fact with your advisers, and get back to us next week.

That would allow the world leaders (puppets all) to believe they are being big people, and making the tough decisions, at this historic time, and saving humanity.

Interesting way of using truth for an evil agenda.
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I'm of the mindset that he's being 'setup' too. There are more figures in any country's government pulling strings apart from the leader. But if he did pull this 180, it certainly keeps life interesting. Great info in this thread everyone thanks.


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But if he did pull this 180, it certainly keeps life interesting. Great info in this thread everyone thanks.

But that's unlike Putin. Unless new information came to light or some group, for now, has the upper hand over him.

But I think we missed something big. The upcoming plague the C's talked about. What if Putin has been made aware of this and is now simply taking preparations against it.

See the 2 following posts I copied from the corona thread.

3. combined with the yellow Biosuit employee spraying disinfectant in Russia as if The Plague itself broke out suddenly:
‘We are living through an emergency’: Kremlin says tough new Covid-19 rules required as country grapples with rise in infections

Could it be that they are actually training for a situation just like that?

If this is true. Putin simply can't open up Russia.


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Here is another wild possibility that may have influenced Putin, leaked 2 weeks before the summit in Geneva. For any lays person this radar footage may be incomprehensible but for military expert, it may change the whole picture. Think about back room negotiation during the summit.
Keep in mind: it appears, ATM, that the Lizzies are - determining - geopolitics on this planet with the goal of deliberately slowing down the arrival of their Victory Saucer Day Parade on Earth. A physical invasion with massive amount of ships is a ridiculous human idea anyway.
No invasion?
I think, the Lizzies & Co. don't wanna go Independence Day on our arses, because they would **lose** this [currently] gloriously enlarged wedding-table feast of a Covid-Fear: this quintessential Feeding on Fear & Pain Opportunity they are currently getting from the 'Covid-Jab-Hell_on_Earth'-faucet. Its life or death for them to gorge on fear & extreme pain, this is how they survive. So, no invasion for now, I think. Only the intensification of fear and pain is what we can expect.
Once they churned every ounce of Fear-Essence out of the Covid-Fear situation, - then the Black Plague-Chaos-situation - when they cannot feed on fear and pain from the current plandemics and plagues anymore, then I see a strategic viability for them to invade: to start some kind of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre / Soylent Green operation on this planet using the biomass of the severely weakened remaining humans running around in panic or hiding in bunkers.
This is where we 'part ways' with Putin. He has set sail aboard 'the Coronavirus Cruise'. I don't care if Sputnik V is just vitamins and minerals. It's the overall package that is evil - the mandatory factor, the barcodes, the institution of 'medical apartheid'. And it's not just that. He also said at the 'Direct Line' virtual townhall yesterday that the recent extreme weather is evidence of climate change and that 'we must radically overhaul the economy, fast', which plugs Russia into the 'Build Back Better' nonsense too.

Putin saying 'well, I'm against mandatory vaccinations, but the regions want to do it' is political weasel-speak. He is helping this happen, even if by just stepping aside to let it happen. We can debate whether or not he 'has to do this because of...' The fact is, Covid-1984 is happening in Russia too. When it came down to 'the final battle', Putin yielded.

[Remember, what we see and think about world events is one thing; what we do about it is another. If you have to navigate the 'new reality' where you live by accepting one or another of their vaccines, do it. Carefully, by taking counter-measures. This need not be 'the hill we die on'...]

And thus we must all come to terms with the fact that there is no power on Earth capable of 'defending common sense against pathocracy'. It is down to us, individuals the world over who See, to 'hold the line' and refuse (internally) to submit and kneel.
Dear Niall, while I agree with you in certain things you wrote, about others I am not so sure what to say. But even if it does not need to be a "hill we die on", what if some of the people on the forum die as a result of taking the vaccine, even if they took counter-measures ?
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