New show: NewsReal with Joe & Niall

It appears there was a glitch in the supression of views 2 hours after the show on Sunday. When i started watching i noticed 23 views and 35 likes. :headbash:After 6 hours it moved to 220 views and 48 likes. So we cant rely on youtube to evaluate the impact of the show.
Anyway continue to share knowledge guys..Who have ears to hear....
NewsReal emergency broadcast coming up in T-10 minutes:

The (real) president's been shot...

Funny thing just happened on my end!

I just turned on the live feed/podcast on YouTube and the first thing that happened was:

The following exact beginning sequence of the podcast was repeating in a loop over and over again (maybe at least 5 times in a row!); from the time Joe puffed heavily into the microphone and says "you had one job" and Niall follows up by saying "you missed" while simultaneously showing his middle finger into the camera.

That scene of Trump yelling "FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT" was truly epic. It brought tears to my eyes I think because it came from such a deep place from him and basically captures the sentiments of all people who feel this foreboding sense of the PTB plotting to kill and/or control them. It did not seem like Trump was doing it for the politics.

Q: (L) Is it because there is too much resistance against the increasing control, or not enough?

A: Not enough for balance.

Q: (L) So, based on things you've said in the past, does that mean there needs to be more suffering so that more people wake up?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Well, swell!

(Joe) So the meeting that they're having, the decision that they're coming to will determine the future of Earth in a definitive way, or is it just another step?

A: Not as you suggest, no.

Q: (Gaby) It's more about the future of humanity...

(Joe) Or the future trajectory, or the next step in the...

A: There needs to be balance.

Q: (Joe) There needs to be balance, but they said there's not enough resistance from people, right?

(Chu) Yeah.

(Joe) And there's not enough resistance for balance. And there needs to be balance. So...

(L) They need to make more resistance.

(Joe) Well, these people aren't intending to produce more resistance. They're probably intending to create more control, but by trying to do that, they'll provoke more resistance.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So the controls may get tighter.

(Joe) And then people will rebel more.

(L) Well, swell! There went my retirement!

(Joe) It's kind of funny how someone would want more control, but that to get there, and in trying to get more control, they're not aware that they're going to get more resistance.

(L) Yeah, well, isn't that what Mephistopheles said in Faust? You know, he who intends evil, but... something along the lines. Somebody find that quote from Faust. "He who intends evil but ends up doing good..." or whatever. ["I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good"].

(Joe) So does that relate to the program change that they talked about in the last session?

A: Yes, indirectly.

Q: (PoB) Does "future of Earth" also involve things like Earth changes, climate and...?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) So, what is within the purview of this Quorum people is basically control of human beings rather than...

(Chu) Well, if they're in 4D, they might be controlling the weather too.

(Joe) But can they effect changes like cataclysms? Can they induce or provoke cataclysms?

A: Yes to all.

Q: (Joe) So we're looking at something more along the lines of Earth changes then... [Laughter]

A: No dice!

Q: (Joe) So, we're looking then at stuff more along the lines of more control over human beings, which provokes Earth changes because of the...

A: Close.

Q: (L) If you can't create without, you create within.
Perfect analysis gents, thank you Joe,Niall and Scotty.

Indeed, that was great, thanks guys. I really liked Joe's speculation about how the divine interference might lead to the mother of all election rigging, and thus simultanously more control/fascism (as the Cs alluded to) and more people "waking up" and switching to late-Soviet-mode where everybody knew what was going on.
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