New show: NewsReal with Joe & Niall

Niall post-processes the vids before uploading (or re-uploading). The trick is to figure out what's wrong with the live steaming setup so that:
a) the audio is perfect for streaming
b) then Niall doesn't have to do any post-processing of audio
I'm gonna see if the Xsplit Audio Mixer Extension is any help.
Excellent! I installed YouTube 4K Downloader and as soon as your show comes out I download it from YT (small size 700MB~1.4GB, because prolly YT "optimizes" it)

((WOW! First time I hear here that there is some thing like "Youtube Pro" that graciously allows you to download videos? WOW.. I do it for free man, from anywhere..))

or Odysee = usually large, ~10GB+ download. Then I immediately load the downloaded MP4 into Avidemux or nowadays just VideoProc and hit the MKVMaker button, / save as into the MKV container. This riddles the original MP4 with searchable positions - search keys - and saves it as MKV. This is not any encoding-processing, because that would take many-many hours on my 10 year old computer. Just a straight save (direct-copy), nicely filled with search keys.

So when I open your video, now MKV, in MPC-HC = Media Player Classic, it can now fully fast-seek, fast forward and rewind-backward with astonishing speed - in a fluid / sped-up Chaplin-Like motion / manner - : the sped up video doesn't lag, like in the bad-bad original keyless MP4 mode, but instead it is fully spoolable / windable forward and back WHILE I can see what is happening in beautiful fluid-sped up detail, so I always know, where I'm winding the playback.
In retrospect if I need something - a graph, or look for an old section especially interesting for a post here to quote = key information I need to quote here or on RT, etc.. any article or interview = politicians face or any famous persons face that is shown for at least 1 minute in your video NOW I can see-analyze / fast search forward and back. COMB the video for hunted content I need.

Because the original MP4 I download from you is a slow, laggy, unprocessable, unrewindable, hell. At least on a 10 yr old PC. Above process makes your video superfast for:
1. Analysis.
2. Stop the playback ==> like you see in Hollywood investigative movies
3. - ENHANCE! - remember the famous Hollywood exclamation of investigators? When they want - investigate - find a CCTV camera footage and PAN+LOCATE and ZOOM IN the criminal / sought for person's face and do an [in real world non-existing?] ENHANCE operation on the face or car license plate, so the Movie Investigation can have an AAH-HA!-moment and immediately go forward?
4. This FREEZE and PAN and enlarge function of MPC-HC gives me the infinite advantage of actually being able to see GRAPHS or people's faces or smaller details ZOOMED IN on a FROZEN VIDEO FRAME and look at it, analyze the face / graph - what is written in small letters usually always small letters in videos, name-plates, politicians titles, names, etc... any INFO that can be gotten from a video by freezing the picture and analyzing it!
I always do this.

This needs the above fast-seekable MKV format "conversion".

This is how I get my information, like a "one-man NSA".

In old days of Hardware Video Editing Machines in Studios - do you remember that large Wheel on the video seeking machine that fit the video-engineers palm and he-she could rotate it back and forth - very sensitive wheel - and have the entire footage SMOOTH forward or rewind at various speeds? Yeah.. the technological possibilities of Professional Studio Video Analysis & Creation!

This is why I said that Sott-Chateau needs a Houston-Center like large hall with massive picture screens analyzing Earth Atmospheric Conditions in Real-Time via Live Satellite Footage - a large information analysis center.

In the Best Possible Version of the Timelines. The perfect - maxed Up QFG with Maxed-Up, max-financed latest / top notch technology / for Planetary Atmospheric and Unidentified Flying Object Analysis as well as a real-time display of all airplanes in air with all their License-Plates = Plane Flight Identifiers moving on the large screens shown in real time Picture + Radar + Infrared + UV Camera so we can see the large cloaked UFO motherships as well. Also we can ZOOM-INTO Thailand onto the ground and see the FLOODS / Volcanic eruptions in Real-time and also we can Fast Rewind and Analyze volcano outbreak footage for the last 10-78-256 hours, etc... then do a SOTT Earth Changes Summary from our real-time footage taken by logging into any available satellite flying over and fetching its footage..

This purple section is [the etalon] what I hold before my eyes as a Financial-Technological-Target for FOTCM / QFG. Its nice to have an ideal, where I'm working toward.. to approach / approximate / move forward to.. on a scale of 1%--100% technological-financial [group-possibility] advancement.
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I'm gonna see if the Xsplit Audio Mixer Extension is any help.

Er, no... It's now built in to Xsplit. The audio mixer in Xsplit has plenty of options and sliders, but jacking them up does exactly nothing - for reasons I don't quite understand. Why have a slider if it doesn't do anything?!

However, I did re-discover the Per Scene Audio extension, which we have installed... It has its own mic volume control. When I turned that up to 100% (from 50%), the audio now hits 0dB (red bars on audio meter) when speaking. So I'm hoping that extension's control was overriding the built-in one.

We'll see if that does it soon enough!
Er, no... It's now built in to Xsplit. The audio mixer in Xsplit has plenty of options and sliders, but jacking them up does exactly nothing - for reasons I don't quite understand. Why have a slider if it doesn't do anything?!

Sounds like the signal is not being routed through the audio mixer portion of Xsplit.

The is the path from two mics -> physical mixer (with phantom power? which mixer if I may ask?) -> VoiceMeeter mixer -> Xsplit -> output?
New Year, New War?

With war in Ukraine still raging, it's too soon, surely?...

Perhaps not for desperate Empire Builders.

They need to 'contain' China, and they need to do it NOW...

I also often hear this podcast on car audio, and I must say there is a considerable difference in volume between others. I've opened an mp3 file in DAW, and the peaks look like this:

Zrzut ekranu 2023-01-8 o 15.53.44.png
The signal compression looks OK, but the overall volume could be pushed by 10dB without any issues like clipping:
Zrzut ekranu 2023-01-8 o 15.53.18.png
Maybe you guys can experiment with the limiter on a sum? For example, these settings worked for me to bring up podcast volume to a satisfying level:
Zrzut ekranu 2023-01-8 o 16.11.31.png
You can see how far I pushed the threshold, but the resulting signal is louder (the lower one is after the processing with settings above):
Zrzut ekranu 2023-01-8 o 16.13.29.png
MindMatters seems to be louder than NewsReal by ~6dB, and the signal appears to be more compressed, which is more practical when hearing in an environment with moderate noise (but it also can be pushed louder):
Zrzut ekranu 2023-01-8 o 16.22.59.png
My 2c :-) Really like the show, especially after the length got reduced, big thumbs up!
Great show and indeed, the volume is now comfortable, no need to turn my equipment to the max volume and got killed by system sound or the next autoplay track! I don't want to be "that smart ass", but have you looked at Krisp for a noise cancellation (that background microphone hiss)? It has support for Xsplit, and it appears that it's by far the easiest noise suppressor to work with. Not that it's needed, but it could be another step toward perfection (as was the volume boost).
Three days later, YouTube removed the 'Biden classified documents' show, because:

There may be an issue with your content
We found something that may violate YouTube’s guidelines. To help keep the community safe, we’ve removed it.
Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the U.S. 2020 presidential election is not allowed on YouTube.
I don't recall us even briefly mentioning such, although we did so regarding the 2022 Brazilian election. It's as if someone watched the show, or skipped through parts of it, and made such a call based on 'a flavor' of what we were saying to extrapolate that we are 'unbelievers' in 'Murikan democracy.

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