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Fun and easy-going review of the big sh*t rolling in" to the heat of the summer time haha ... FBI brains will melt down hopefully by September ... haha, she was hilarious... Thank you guys for keeping up the good humor and objectivity together. :perfect:
Coming up... Abortion firestorm in the USA!

Are you hysterical about it? Might wanna see your doctor about that!

Nice summer evening with the nice crew again ... and this is what I call metaverse haha ... you blended well in all details in our Sunday working-thinking evenings ... I am sure Zuckerberg will be jealous seeing how cross-over in the same time in all possible existing realities works really well .... :wizard::cool2:


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Thanks for the show, very interesting and especially your take on the whole AI thing. I wonder if it isn't similar to the way it's portrayed in those dark romance novels, where the version of the AI that is publicized is actually nothing compared to what's already developed behind the scenes. The C's hinted something to that effect in one of the sessions, but it was in a specific context so I don't know if it's applicable:

And, we must tell you that “secret world government” technologies are approximately 150 years in advance of anything that you have access to.


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For the SOTT crew, I'd like to suggest an interview for you all: Eliza Bleu. I think with the collective knowledge you all have, it would make for a great interview and discussion. She's a survivor of human trafficking and is quite vocal on social media. Here's her twitter page:

I realized that I put the onus on you all to find out who Eliza Bleu is. I apologize, that was inconsiderate.

To add to the above: Eliza is in her early 40s and had kept her trafficking experiences - and advocacy for the same - pretty quiet up until the lockdowns for Covid. In April 2020, she saw another survivor on some MSM news outlet that helped her to understand what was happening with her and decided to be vocal about her experience. She contacted various news organizations to talk about it and has been active in discussing human trafficking and child sex abuse ever since. She's done interviews with a variety of newsy content creators on YT: TimCast, Dr. Drew, Adam Crigler, Michael Malice, Zuby and others.

She has written a couple of articles for The Blaze recently:

(6/17/2022) Commentary: Alleged child sex abuser operated for four years on Twitter. He had 290,000 followers.

It’s not rare for arrests to be made of people distributing child sexual abuse material on Twitter. Evil exists in the world, but it’s great when it’s stopped and not allowed to continue.

A female former child care worker was arrested for trying to sell child sexual abuse material on Twitter. Savannah Noel Hawthorne, 22, was arrested for distribution of child sexual abuse material and possession of child sexual abuse material, according to the Stillwater Police Department in Oklahoma. “On Friday June 3, 2022 SPD detectives, along side with Enid and OSBI, served a warrant in Enid in the Hawthorn residence where Hawthorn was arrested,” said Lt. T.J. Low.

Unfortunately, every single piece of child sexual abuse material imagery includes a minor being sexually abused. It is something stolen from each victim that they can never get back. To make matters worse, it’s been documented and often shared. In some cases, for the child being sexually abused in the imagery, time is of the essence. It can be a matter of life or death to locate them and get them out of an abusive situation as quickly as possible. In 2021, Twitter made 86,666 reports of child sexual abuse material to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

This next case stood out to me right away, because it’s particularly egregious on multiple levels. On June 9, 2022, Nitikorn Manop, 29, was arrested in the Cha-am district, Phetchaburi, of Thailand. The suspect was charged with human trafficking, child exploitation, and production and distribution of child pornography, Pol. Maj. Gen. Wiwat Khamchamnarn, head of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division, said on June 12. What stood out about this story is that this predator operated on Twitter for four years and had 290,000 Twitter followers. He allegedly used Twitter in some cases to lure minors. He would sexually abuse minors, film them without their consent, and often post the abuse on the Twitter main feed. He also reportedly sold links and access to a subscription model for others to have access to view this abuse. Why did it take so long to catch this predator? How much advertising revenue was created for Twitter by this profile, specifically using child sex abuse as the content?

In four years of operating openly on Twitter, there were no reports on this specific account made by concerned Twitter users or survivors? If there were reports made on this account, were they ignored or, worse, reviewed and left up, as we’ve seen in the cases of John Doe #1 and Joe Doe #2 Twitter case?

In a situation where there are no reports, why didn’t Twitter’s proprietary tools catch this predator? The technology that Twitter uses can most certainly scan for keywords, account behaviors, and suspicious activity. We’ve seen very real examples of how advanced this technology is during COVID-19, the Hunter Biden story, and anything to do with election fraud, so why would Twitter fall short in this case?

Those issues would have been classified as “harmful” by Twitter, but isn’t child sexual abuse imagery harmful? It’s harmful to the victims and harmful to people who inadvertently stumble on this content. It’s not as if they didn’t have a heads-up that this type of behavior was a problem. In May 2020, a similar case occurred with Twitter. “The man, Thai media reports as ‘Kittiphong’, uploaded and sold the child pornography on Twitter and the messaging app Line. He had a membership fee of 350 baht, or around $11 USD. Authorities gained information through the online reporting system CyberTip, the Chiang Rai Times reports. Police from immigration, anti-trafficking division and the Thailand Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force raided Kittiphong’s room in Bangkok and found 8 cell phones with photos of children. The background of the photos matched the man’s room. He was arrested and charged with child pornography for financial exploitation. He is also facing charges of sexually abusing children 13 years old and younger.”

I suggest that Twitter stop trying desperately to control the political narrative around the issues of the moment and innovate around these issues that matter. Invest in this issue of detecting, removing, and reporting child sexual abuse material, because it has real-world consequences when platforms fall short in response time. I spoke about these issues and possible solutions in a recent article for TheBlaze.

The children abused often have no voice, so we must speak for them until they have the opportunity to speak for themselves. Speaking about these issues applies pressure on tech companies like Twitter to make changes. Hopefully we can start to prevent these crimes before they happen, and if they do happen, tech companies must act in a timely fashion.

24-Hour Call Center: To report information about a missing or exploited child, call the 24-Hour Call Center: 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678). Report child sexual exploitation online at

(6/3/2022) Bleu: How Elon Musk's vision for Twitter might solve the platform's most vile problem: Child sexual abuse

I believe that Elon Musk's vision for making Twitter a completely free speech-promoting platform could help to solve one of its most egregious problems: the abundance of child sexual exploitation material.

This global issue has been practically ignored by the platform for years. Twitter has done the bare minimum to stay in compliance with government regulations when firmly pressed on the issue, but other than that, the tech giant is behind its competitors regarding the removal and reporting of child pornography at scale. Twitter put a lot of energy behind designing the algorithm to control conservative speech, while failing to prioritize the removal and reporting of child sexual exploitation material. There is a vast difference between mean words, outrageous ideas or misinformation, and an adult raping a child, documenting the crime, and sharing it to the world.

I don’t blame Twitter for the initial assaults against children. Twitter can’t fix all the evil in the world. I do blame Twitter for receiving reports of child sexual abuse material and not addressing the reports in a timely fashion. Time is of the essence when these reports are received. In some circumstances, it can be a matter of life or death for the children being abused in these images and videos.

Typically when I start speaking about these issues, folks think to themselves, “I’ve never seen it, so it must not be that big a deal.”

It is.

Let’s look at the numbers and some examples.

In 2021, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) CyberTipline received 29.3 million reports of suspected child sexual exploitations, an increase of 35% from 2020. In 2021, over 29.1 million of the 29.3 million total reports were from electronic service providers.

In 2021, Twitter reported 86,666 child sexual abuse material images to NCMEC. I believe that number could, and should, be higher.

In Twitter's latest transparency report, including relevant data from January 1, 2021, through June 30, 2021, the platform says, “In these six months, Twitter permanently suspended 453,754 unique accounts for violations of our child sexual exploitation (CSE) policy — 89% of those accounts were proactively identified and removed by deploying a range of internal tools and/or by utilizing the industry hash sharing (e.g., PhotoDNA) prior to any reports filed via the designated CSE reporting channel.”

Whenever discussing this issue on Twitter, one can’t ignore the case of John Doe #1 and John Doe #2. In 2021, Twitter was sued by minor survivors of sexual exploitation. Their sexual exploitation video, which had already racked up over 167,000 views and 2,223 retweets, had been reviewed by Twitter after multiple reports. The platform said that it wouldn’t remove the content, claiming that it “didn’t find a violation” of the company’s “policies.” The minors were both 13 years old in the video. It took the Department of Homeland Security stepping in to get Twitter to remove the content.

A Delaware school custodian was recently charged with dealing in child sexual abuse material on Twitter, according to court documents. These types of individuals need to be apprehended quickly so that they don’t have access to children.

Governments have been pushing back against Twitter about this issue. Child exploitation is an easy excuse for tyrannical governments to clip Twitter's wings (and its potential for supporting free speech) and slow down service or block the platform altogether in the country. Blocking Twitter in any country silences the voices of survivors, activists, political dissidents, journalists, and whistleblowers.

From March to April 2021 Roskomnadzor [the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media] considered a ban and the removal of the IP of Twitter from Russia completely. The government agency was met with denials and lack of urgency from the social network. Roskomnadzor has the necessary 'technical capabilities' to completely remove Twitter from [the] Russian domain. The severity of the situation occurred when over 3,000 posts containing child pornography in violation of Community Guidelines have been detected in 2021 by the agency that was later sent to Twitter regulatory board for verification. However Twitter sent no response back to the agency concerning the illegal content and has thereafter been charged of withholding its duty to maintain the social network's Community Guidelines. ~ CBS News

Russia has fined Twitter multiple times over its refusal to remove banned content, threatening to slow down service and/or remove the platform entirely from the country. In 2021, India opened multiple cases against Twitter because of child sexual exploitation material. The country has continuously threatened the platform with action if the platform doesn't clean up its act.

Domestically, Apple could, at any point, remove the platform from the App Store for failure to remove child sexual abuse material content. It has taken a hard-line stance on this issue in the past. In 2018, Apple removed Tumblr from the App Store because of child sexual abuse material. In February 2018, Apple removed Telegram and Telegram X, encrypted messaging applications made by Telegram Messenger LLP, from the App Store due to content it deemed inappropriate. The company specifically cited instances of child pornography that was made available to users and subsequently banned the apps until the situation could be dealt with.

There are some ways that Twitter could address child sexual abuse material that won’t violate digital privacy moving forward. The platform recently made the reporting process for this content slightly easier, but it needs to be made even easier for Twitter users and survivors. When a platform thinks about creating ways to report child sexual exploitation, it needs to think of a very young child in a panic trying to figure out how to report their own exploitation. It should be very clear and easy to report, not a vague labyrinth for the minor to stumble through. When a report is received, the minor should be offered safe, trauma-informed recourse. The platform should prioritize these reports. Innovation will be the key to addressing the reports at scale. As much as I hate to say it, Elon Musk should reach out to Mark Zuckerberg about this.

Meta (Facebook) has implemented proprietary tools to combat the issue of child sexual exploitation material specifically and has amazing proactive detection, removal, and reporting rates. Meta isn’t perfect; it still needs a lot of work, but its latest data collection around this specific issue has been a welcome change.

If a piece of content is flagged on Twitter as child sexual exploitation, the account should be immediately locked with an opportunity for appeal if there was an error. If a user continuously falsely reports child sexual exploitation, the individual making the false reports should have their account locked. We all make mistakes, but false reports can clog up the system, and we need to make sure that the most egregious reports are handled quickly.

I’d also like to see images blurred or grayed out and a warning put on any content that could be child sexual abuse material with an option to appeal the warning. Twitter started offering this for potentially disturbing images of war, and it should expand on that technology.

Twitter flagged all types of content during the pandemic, showing it is capable of locating and identifying text and imagery. If content is flagged as child sexual abuse material, it should not be able to be retweeted, at the very least. This would help to keep the content from spreading. Twitter will need to hire more staff to review the child exploitation material content that the AI doesn’t catch. The staff should be using the latest technology to reduce harm to employees while reviewing content. Terms of service should be clear about content shared by those who mean well but often miss the mark. Sometimes individuals share the content to get folks to report, but that’s spreading the content. Individuals who share the content should not be allowed to remain on the platform regardless of intent. It sounds harsh, but the goal is to minimize the harm to the victims, not perpetuate the crime.

As we move ahead, I’m not really sure whether Elon Musk is the answer to these problems. I know that some love the news of Elon Musk owning Twitter and some hate it, but I believe that we can all agree on one thing: We should be prioritizing the protection of our world’s most vulnerable. When it comes to Twitter, those are the minors being sexually exploited on the platform. We don’t need any government to overreach; neither do we need to violate digital privacy to get there, we just need aggressive innovation and attention on the issue.

I've watched a few interviews with her and I think this one is the best. It captures something (I think) about her that the others don't... and I like Viva and Barnes. It's about a two-hour interview.

My notes from the interview:

Discusses who she is and how she became public regarding ther trafficking experience. They then go into her background, family and childhood. She was homeschooled and talks about her views on public education.

She describes how she became trafficked (i.e. headed to LA to be a model & actress.) She talks about her first experience being trafficked and the manipulation that ensued.

Discusses her drug use and overdoses and subsequent trafficking experiences. The psychology and trauma bonds of a trafficked person and a trafficker.

They discuss the shelter system and services for trafficked people.

Talks about her insecurities of speaking out.

They discuss human trafficking and child sex abuse in the context of Big Tech and how social media empowers it. They discuss the Facebook lawsuit (3 minors are sueing FB) and other social media lawsuits (Twitter & Reddit). She talks about the effects on the victims of republishing the videos or photos and that it would effect them forever.

They discuss the Nxivm case.

The difference between sex trafficking and consenting adults (i.e. prostitution).

Discusses lawsuit with Twitter re: child sex abuse and how Twitter denys requests to remove content including her own.

Discusses "Cuties" and the grooming and sexualizing of children. Freedom of speech vs art.

Discusses why she went to the Locals platform.

Discusses what she would tell parents re: what to look out for.

Discusses how the MSM contributes to child sex abuse and human trafficking.

Discussed the reaction from people when she decided to talk publically.



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I realized that I put the onus on you all to find out who Eliza Bleu is. I apologize, that was inconsiderate.

To add to the above: Eliza is in her early 40s and had kept her trafficking experiences - and advocacy for the same - pretty quiet up until the lockdowns for Covid. In April 2020, she saw another survivor on some MSM news outlet that helped her to understand what was happening with her and decided to be vocal about her experience. She contacted various news organizations to talk about it and has been active in discussing human trafficking and child sex abuse ever since. She's done interviews with a variety of newsy content creators on YT: TimCast, Dr. Drew, Adam Crigler, Michael Malice, Zuby and others.

She has written a couple of articles for The Blaze recently:

I've watched a few interviews with her and I think this one is the best. It captures something (I think) about her that the others don't... and I like Viva and Barnes. It's about a two-hour interview.

My notes from the interview:

That was important -thanks for posting Meg


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Loved your resent discourse. something that popped in my mind was this essay regarding auto genocide. it is related to he US, published in a blog post in 2006 (have it archived as a reminder). of what may come to pass, from history and what we are witnessing at This time nowadays, is not just an essay, it is reality as we living it today, throughout the world in winch we live,

Autogenocide is the arbitrary or ideologically inspired mass murder of a country's citizens by its own ethnic group against its own ethnic group.[1] Auto comes from the Greek reflexive pronoun while genocide comes from Greek genos meaning "race, tribe" and the Latin word -cidere meaning "kill".

As for the blog post, call it prescient or not. for those interested, IMO it is and eye opener. It was posted on SOTT, many years ago, but deserves a a further examination., because to my mind, this was a glimpse of what we have come to realize and witnessing this reality we have lived in and are living in at this time. To my mind it is the most concise essay I have ever read on the subject.

Just extrapolate to the world we are living at this time with all the propaganda, starvation, too may people, fuel and energy shortages, the list goes on and on as the weeks and days go by, and of course it is all because of Russia. Psychopathology will never admit weakness, and failure, It is always some minions fault.
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