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This week on NewsReal: 'Good Nazis' vs 'Bad Nazis'
Thanks each of you three for the Sunday 📰headline world tour.

At one point, the Holodomor famine revisionist business was brought up, set to be revised again around the globe. Here is the cross reference to the MindMatters show (with transcript) on the original subject for anyone interested:

Enjoyed the Sunday show! Thank you! :flowers::cool2::rockon:

I have one question - suggestion?

While watching the show this Sunday, what crossed my mind was to have with you guests from your pool of international thinkiers from the countries which are more difficult for most of us to be informed objectively about what is going on there, and to see how the pattern of global transhumanism is implementing there and how the ordinary people are reacting to it. Like for example how the globalists' scheme is spreading those days in minds of ordinary people in Malta, Gruzia, ex Yugoslavian countries, Romania, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Peru, Chile, Tonga ... etc ... I don't know, I just mentioned countries that I find interesting ... I feel it will make better and stronger awareness and interconnectivity of mindlike people in the 4D level if we will get to know more about the other parts of the world that are not all the time at the global media focus.

I feel that maybe leaving them mentally and turning our focus to the rest of the world like Lavrov is doing, will bring some good connections at least, and will make us feel the power of the Earth as a super creative sandbox to live and create together.

Or if there is already such a platform I will be very thankful for recommendations and links.

thank you
Yet another outstanding show guys. Thank you for you perseverance in the face of the Unspeakable.

As in a sense the weekly NEWSREAL recap is a much needed antidote to the perpetual rolling thunder of globalized propaganda, I thought I'd post this link here. The indefatigable Prof. Mark Crispin Miller (once of NYU) gives his latest, consummate masterclass evaluation of the history of propaganda and its road to insidious all pervasiveness today. The first hour is gripping enough but the second, in which he does a Q&A with young academics, is just as worthwhile - and gives one hope that somewhere out there some young thinkers are slowly coming to grips with this mind-munching monster.

I tried out the clipping feature on Youtube on the most recent podcast and named it 'Who's war is it? #Ukraine'. It's the part where Joe says that it's basically USA's war, and I think that's a helpful view point for a lot of folks who are suspecting something dodgy is going on with this conflict.

Anyway, I'll add it here and keep an eye out for other clips in case they're useful to post around.

Puppeteer's maneuvered Zelensky into the WEF to make address:

Zelensky presented an aggressive wish-list, that only spoke of more violence, more death, more misery, more killing, not a single word of Peace, of mediation, of seeking an armistice agreement, of asking for WEF's help with Peace Negotiations.

Zelensky, the new mascot for the global hegemony until he (and the people of Ukraine) become disposable. For that, he received standing applause.
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