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Thanks for the show guys, and you hit a number of subjects, including how to measure human beings with a 2 meter 🦠 stick.

Over in Canada, many members, mostly from Galicia region of the Ukraine, have been making demands such as these:


Of course, these demands are being made to PM Freeland (Oops) Justin Trudeau, who does not seem to be saying very much at all in headlines, although Maclean's had a recent piece Will Canada help save Ukraine?

When President Joe Biden got off a video call with his Russian counterpart on Tuesday, he started working the phones: Paris, Berlin, Rome, and London were all on his call sheet. He was building a unified front of countries looking to send a strong signal to Russia that an incursion into Ukraine would come with dire consequences.

Ottawa was conspicuously not on his list.
Ottawa’s attention seems to be elsewhere, even when the conversations are happening in its own living room.

Freeland's (Oops - darn keyboard) Ottawa's attention probably is on Ukraine (UNIFER for sure), however they are simply too busy locking down their own citizens due to their vaccination status, or just for their status of being simply Canadian (hard to tell).

Concerning the tornado at Mayfield, KY, oh my. That is a devastating event for people to have suffered through, with so many injured and lost loved ones.

The Doppler Radar image of uplifted debris, tells quite the story:



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Latest episode: "This video contains content from FA Premier League, who has blocked it on copyright grounds"
(I wonder if that's the real reason it was censored)

Can you upload it anywhere else? Like Bitchute or Rumble plz
I also went back today to check the video and saw the censorship. I caught the show live, but usually it is uploaded somewhere else (Rumble) so access shouldn't be a problem.


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Wasn't that video with football player with chest pain played from Twitter or something?
It was, from here:
Notice that it was blocked there too.

Anyway, the latest show is now up on Rumble and Odysee, linked here: NewsReal: COVID And Mind Control - Do People Fear The Virus, Or Their Government? --

The show is still on our YT channel, and will supposedly become 'unblocked' and 'visible' again once the 'trim' I did to remove the offending clip is 'processed'. So much fuss over nothing!


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This is the book I referred to at the beginning of the show:

Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties

Brilliant book. It's been mentioned on the forum before, and we published a review about it on Sott when it came out in 2018 or so, but it deserves its own thread. It's similar to Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon series, only written by someone more serious and conscientious about his research.


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In reference to fertilizer, food shortages, and mass migration, I found this J. R. Nyquist interview with David DuByne of adapt2030 pretty interesting. Its 1.5 hours long and not in adapt2030 format just David being asked a wide range of questions.

Points of interest:

Fertilizer being cut off amidst 20 percent crop loss already. (The ladder is being pulled up)

According to David (historically) 1 billion people would now be migrating, but they are locked down.

The magnetosphere is not holding the jet streams in place as it used to so, wonky weather from here on out.

He believes the smash and grab, store looting is to make acceptable the military in the stores, especially food stores and begin rationing. It won't be funny anymore if they start emptying grocery stores.

A short, and pretty good explanation of the electric universe theory.

He goes over Carolina bays and 12,000 years ago impact. (In ref. to sudden changes)

Russia has 11 monster ice brakers. 6 of them nuclear powered. Near double the power used on a US aircraft carrier. Some of them are “cargo ship” ice breakers. David believes they also can be used as mobile power plants.

David shares his idea that this ice age/starvation/destruction scenario is going to happen soon, and faster than anyone knows, and all this “stuff” we are experiencing is TPTB trying to clear the decks before it gets out of control. At one point he muses that maybe they are trying to save as many as the can. I think that giving them a little too much credit, but whatever.

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