New Nike alien-themed campaign - Thor's Pantheon at work?


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Nike's new promotion of a French basketball player is decidedly creepy.

Nike Unveils Victor Wembanyama's Alien Logo​

Victor Wembanyama x Nike Logo

Victor Wembanyama's Nike logo made into fake crop circle.

In an event that mirrored the celestial spectacle gracing the skies, Nike chose the day of the total solar eclipse passing over the United States to introduce the world to Victor Wembanyama's official logo. The French basketball prodigy, who has been turning heads in the NBA with his astounding rookie season performance, is likely the next male basketball athlete to receive his signature sneaker with The Swoosh.

Standing tall at 7'4", Wembanyama, affectionately nicknamed "Alien" by basketball legend LeBron James, has lived up to this moniker through his otherworldly skills and stature on the court. The unveiling was as mysterious and awe-inspiring as the player it represents. Nike released a video across its social media platforms showing a crop circle "somewhere in south Texas." This was no ordinary crop circle, though. Upon closer inspection, it revealed the intricate design of Wembanyama's alien logo, precisely etched into the earth, heralding the arrival of his first sneaker with Nike, a GT Hustle 2 PE.

Nike GT Hustle 2 Victor Wembanyama PE

At the heart of Victor's logo is an alien head, a design personally drawn by Wembanyama, which is not just a nod to his nickname but also an embodiment of his unique perspective on the game. The logo ingeniously incorporates a basketball motif, transformed into a celestial body, with its segments adorned with Nike's iconic Swoosh logos.

With the unveiling of Victor Wembanyama's logo, Nike continues to cement its position as a brand that recognizes and celebrates the next generation of athletic greatness. A signature sneaker will likely be in the works, and this alien logo is expected to be connected to his brand over the coming years.

SNEAK PEEK: Nike Unveils Wembanyama’s Alien Logo in Epic Eclipse Ad​

In the vast, interconnected world of sports and advertising genius, Nike just pulled off a stunt that’s been turning heads faster than a buzzer-beater at the NBA finals. With a flair for the dramatic and a clear nod to the extraordinary, the sportswear giant launched a new advertisement that’s as cosmic as its star—Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama.

Aligning the stars, quite literally, with a solar eclipse, Nike has woven a narrative that transcends the conventional, tapping into themes of extraterrestrial existence and celestial events. Here’s how they did it, and why it’s got everyone talking.

On a day when the sky turned a shade darker along the IH-35 corridor in South Texas, Nike seized the moment with impeccable timing. As thousands turned their eyes upwards to witness the solar eclipse, an equally mesmerizing spectacle unfolded on the ground.

A crop circle, undeniably intricate and mysteriously captivating, made its debut. But this was no ordinary formation.

Etched into the crops were symbols not typically seen in agrarian landscapes—a basketball intertwined with what appeared to be an alien head. This cryptic ensemble was no coincidence, but a clever nod to Victor Wembanyama, the Spurs’ latest prodigy, affectionately dubbed “The Alien.”

Wembanyama’s unique blend of talent and physical attributes has already set him apart in the NBA, much like an otherworldly being among mortals. Nike, seeing the potential in this parallel, has not only celebrated it but immortalized it through their latest campaign.

What adds layers to this narrative is not just the timing or the imagery but the personal touch from Wembanyama himself. The rookie sensation, who has quickly become as much a cultural icon as a sports phenom, is at the center of this interstellar saga.

In a move that unites his personal brand with Nike’s innovative spirit, Wembanyama will release personalized alien-themed shoes in May. What’s more intriguing is that these shoes will feature a logo crafted by none other than Wembanyama, adding a personal dimension to the partnership that fans rarely see.

This fusion of creativity, sports, and personal branding signals a new era in athlete endorsements and marketing genius. Nike’s ad campaign goes beyond the conventional playbook, tapping into narratives that resonate on a deeper, more universal level.

It reminds us that sports heroes like Wembanyama are not just athletes; they’re cultural icons with the power to inspire beyond the court. As we await the release of these alien-themed shoes, one thing is clear: Nike and Wembanyama are not just marketing products; they’re crafting legends.

And in this case, the legend is as vast and mysterious as the universe itself.
Interesting that this relates to a French basketball prodigy, on the approach to the Paris Olympic games in July, with 'drip-drip disclosure' going on in the background. Another spectacle courtesy of "Project Awaken"?
Here's the relevant session excerpt:
C's Session 21st Sept 1996 said:
Q: (T) Is there any significance to the ID4 movie?
A: Sure.
Q: (L) What was the primary intention of the makers of this movie? The primary message that they attempted to convey?
A: Infuse thinking patterns with [planchette swirled a few times here] concept of aliens.
(L) They intended to infuse thinking patterns with concept of aliens... was there any particular slant on aliens, per se, that was seen as desirable in the making of this movie?
A: Slant?
Q: (L) Slant, in other words, did they wish to present them inaccurately to confuse people, to present them as something to be feared and fought against, or to make them appear so completely erroneous, so that when actual aliens do appear, that they will not be perceived as negative?
A: Infuse.
Q: (L) Infuse. Just the concept, the concept of aliens in general. OK...
A: Part of a larger project.
Q: (L) And what is this project?
A: Called "Project Awaken."
(L) And who is behind, or in charge of, this project?
A: Many.
Q: (L) Who are the primary group, groups or individuals? I'm sure you're not going to give us individuals, but just the grouping.
A: Thor's Pantheum.
Q: (L) And what is Thor's Pantheum?
A: Subselect trainees for transfer of enlightenment frequency graduation.
(L) What is enlightenment frequency graduation?
A: Think!
Q: (L) Enlightenment frequency graduation... so, subselect trainees...
A: Self explanatory.
Q: (L) Well, is this group STS or STO?
A: Both.
(L) OK... (T) Are they working at cross purposes?
A: No.
Q: (T) They're working together? Bipartisan?
A: No.
Q: (J) Are they aware of each other? Working on this?
A: Yes.
Q: (J) Are they screwing each other up? (L) No, that's going in the wrong direction...
A: There is more to all of this than you could dream.
(T) There's more to all of this...were you referring to... Who are they? Thor's Pantheum. And they're subselect trainees...That's the group behind this movie; OK...
A: An army of Aryan psychic projectors.
(T) Well, that explains a lot more than Thor's Pantheum of subselect trainees! An army of psychic projectors. (L) And what do they project?
A: Themselves... Right in to one's head.
(T) Into one's head... this is better than 'Must See TV!' (L) Project right into one's head... is anybody subject to this projecting?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And, when they project themselves right into someone's head, what does that someone perceive?
A: Inspiration.
(L) Inspiration to what, or to do what?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Yes? To do what, to do something?
A: And...
Q: (L) To do something, and to understand or perceive something, is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (J) To believe something? (L) Yes. So, how many are in this army?
A: 1.6 million.
(L) When they're doing this projecting into someone's head, where are they projecting from?
A: Mostly subterranean.
(L) Subterranean, so these are the people of the tunnels, the underground bases and all that sort of thing. Are they 3rd or 4th density beings?
A: Both.
(T) Let me back up to a question here. If they can do all this projecting on their own, what was the point of the movie?
A: No, you misunderstand... This is an intense activity, directed towards influencing the high level creative forces.
Q: (T) Projected against? Because this movie, if you've been following the reviews and the people talking about it, this movie has had more repeat business than any movie in years and years and years and years. People have seen it ten and twenty times! (L) Was there something subliminal in the movie? That opened something? (J) That's a good question!
A: Sure.
Q: (L) And was this subliminal activity with the movie designed to create an opening for this further...
A: Not for you, but for others.
Q: (L) Why? Do you mean me, personally, or us as a group? (T) Well the movie didn't affect me.
A: Group.
Q: (L) What made us immune?
A: You already have the knowledge.
(T) The movie wasn't meant for us; we already know. The movie was meant for all of those who don't understand.
A: Say hello to Gene Roddenberry.
Q: (L) Is Gene Roddenberry present?
A: No.
Q: (L) In other words, say hello to him because he was doing that sort of thing a long time ago?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is Gene Roddenberry one of these people from Thor's Pantheon...
A: No.
Q: (L) Why did you bring up Gene Roddenberry? (J) Because he was doing it in Star Trek?
A: Yes. [..]

Q: (L) What are these high level creative forces that are needing to be influenced, or desirable of being influenced?
A: Those in the creative arts.
Q: (L) So in other words, I see, this group is using their projecting ability to influence those in the creative arts to do creative things that will therefore influence the people on the planet. Is that it?
A: Yes. [..]

(L) So, there's probably a little of both. And you say that we are immune to it because we already have knowledge. Now, when you say we have knowledge, do you mean just knowledge in particular about aliens and alien realities and alien potentials and so forth?
A: Yes.
Interesting that this relates to a French basketball prodigy, on the approach to the Paris Olympic games in July, with 'drip-drip disclosure' going on in the background. Another spectacle courtesy of "Project Awaken"?

Could be, or just advertising gimmicks. I suppose it could easily be both and most people would never know.

As with almost everything else, the Simpsons has something for this:

Nike's new promotion of a French basketball player is decidedly creepy.

Interesting that this relates to a French basketball prodigy, on the approach to the Paris Olympic games in July, with 'drip-drip disclosure' going on in the background. Another spectacle courtesy of "Project Awaken"?

In the video you can see lines indicating a tractor has mowed down the grass. Curious.
Nike's new promotion of a French basketball player is decidedly creepy.

Interesting that this relates to a French basketball prodigy, on the approach to the Paris Olympic games in July, with 'drip-drip disclosure' going on in the background. Another spectacle courtesy of "Project Awaken"?

The logo reminded me of the Romulan Empire symbol from Star Trek. Nike isn't being terribly creative (imo).

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