New Mini-mini Opera - a Psychological Study of 2020?

Michael B-C

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I was asked to direct the following straight to film (thank you Scandemic!) It's a circa 6 minute new 'mini opera' (or rather a standalone aria that is still a world entire to itself).

I kept my thoughts to myself whilst making this project with the company and team involved, (don't you just love collaborating with people muted and muzzled by masks!) but the more I worked on it the more it seemed - through the use of metaphor and implicit psychological trauma - to capture something of the prevailing yet unspoken state of being that I suspect many people out there are unconsciously carrying as they face up to the end of 2020 and into the unknown beyond. It was one of 20 such pieces in the whole project but somehow I know why I ended up with this one!

The music may not be everyone's cup of tea (its not pretty or soothing for sure!) but I think its gripping and wholly appropriate to the landscape it portrays. And as a mirror into our time, the lyrics are strangely prescient and revealing... e.g. for bridle read Programming/Predator's Mind...!

Anyway, I thought I'd share. Thanks to this forum I don't think this character's implicit turmoil and fate awaits anyone here! But for those not in the know.....

The waters keep rising...

The Wait

I saw a horse drown this morning.

From my upstairs window.

They’d tied it in the yard next door.

And then left it when the waters came.

And such a picture it made.

Churning up the flood.

Throwing its head violently

Trying to keep it above

The torrent that was rising

But held fast by its bridle

It couldn’t break free

And tumbled through water

Getting caught up further

And pulling its snout under

The legs kicking out

But the fight leaving it

The flickering pulse

Ticking down…

The poor creature

Until still

And then…


And the water keeps rising

I hear it lapping on the stairs

And the water keeps rising

Rainfall incessant

Keeps rising

Keeps rising

And I am here myself

And I am here

And I am here

I am still…

Still here.

Still here.


Still waiting.


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oh wow...

if you were going for tense and terrifying, you've accomplished it! :-0


The Living Force
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Amazing. I like the music, and the singer is excellent! Everything is scary, reminds me a little the movies of David Lynch. congratulations. It is very good. Gave me chills. That's a good sign.
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