New meditation music coming soon


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I will. Just incredibly busy at the moment, and away from all of my music equipment. It has been on my mind, though. When I get a chance I'll finish it up.


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Great work!
It is actually very relaxing and helps a lot in meditation.

Thanks a lot!


[Edited]: BTW: As I'm listening to it I feel as if I want to cry out for something really deep inside my self, as if there's something wanting to come out... Unfortunately I don't know how I manage to block it despite the heaviness of this feeling and no tears come out... The feeling is as if there is a heavy stone, somewhere between my heart and my stomach, made of fears and other stuff which I just can't put into words... And the acknowledgment of being constantly lying to myself. So... I guess I'll keep on repeating the track hoping that IT can find its way out somehow...



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I just listened to it, and it is very beautiful... I hope the project is still going on, looking forward to get it on CD.
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